Recent visit to the Holy Land…


  1. Hi Scott,

    I have been to the Holy Land and the pics all look familiar and bring back amazing memories. When I went to the Wailing Wall a huge rainbow arched across the sky and the wall it was really magnificent.

    Hope you had a great time.

    Best regards,

  2. Laura Bailey

    Wonderful collection of photographs.
    Thank you Scott so very much for sharing !!

  3. Jt Smith

    i too have been seeking more illumination. the other evening The Darjeeling Limited was on the telly. it featured 3 brothers who are on a spiritual journey through the landscape of India. it evoked and made me rethink how precious our Earth is. i hope your own adventures in the Holy Land illuminated whatever enlightened consciousness existed in that space.

    Shalom Haver

  4. What BEAUTIFUL photos. I made a quick little trip there, while i looked at them. Smiles.

  5. Mary

    Hi Scott, I enjoyed very much your photos of the Holy Land. I was in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in spring. I recognized a few places on your photos. Smiles. I wish you had labeled the photos….as there were some that I wished I knew where they had been taken! I would love to go back again – loved the food!! And so much more to see. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you for sharing these striking images once again, Scott! You are blessed for this worldly travel and even a glimpse of the experience is most inspiring.

  7. Scott, Thank you for sharing your adventure and photos of the Holy Land Also, your most recent poem, so touching. Keep spreading the good!

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