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My poetry looks to positively explore human potential, with an emphasis on love, spiritual growth and self awareness. It is very important to me that my work remains as open, accessible and as simply expressed as possible. My influences vary from the great traditional English visionary romantics through to the distillation of thought and leanness of expression offered by the Japanese haiku tradition, the shining examples of Rilke and Gibran – as well as (being a fully committed free verse poet…) the later technical breakthroughs achieved by leading Scottish concrete poets Ian Hamilton Finlay and Edwin Morgan.



To write and sell poetry at a profit these days is a minor victory and a major achievement. Scott’s words gently unlock and force you to face and look at the world with a little more optimism. There are moments of deep joy and others, which take your breath away with simple incredible honesty”

G. White


Scott Hastie’s verse is sympathetic, humanistic and positively affirmative. Accessibility is the touchstone of all Hastie’s output. The spiritual element in his writing is clear.” 

G.E. Jones


“Scott writes meditative, reflective poetry that is steeped in the traditions of English verse. Concise and richly evocative, he should be widely read.”

R. Godwin


“Via an invisible gilded chain of perception, Scott Hastie generously leads us through an enthusiastic re-invention of the possibilities of new experience. His inspired words bestride the world with such ease, touching the deepest sensibilities of human beings everywhere.”

Sahar Tavakoli



Qamar Un Nisa on New Poem – Striking…

I loved this…


Munia Khan on New Poem – Striking…

Always a real joy to read your glorious work dear Scott. This is one of your fabulous pieces which will remain in your reader’s heart on and on and on to cherish~~ Thank you for this excellent poem.


Sahar Tavakoli on New Poem – Striking…

“This then the beauty

Of being alive,

Pared down

To its very essentials….”

Amazing… and this is the beauty of our friendship! I always enjoy unique and fragile motifs that you use in your lines.


Kevin George on New Poem – Striking…

I feel really happy to have found your webpage and look forward to so many more entertaining and stimulating times reading here.


Dr Jelka Sansom on New Poem – Striking…

The experience of non dualism is a fleeting joy for most of us, like the memory of first kissing someone and truly been kissed back….


Ravikant on New Poem – Striking…

Thank you Scott
Nice poem!


Laura Laveglia on New Poem – Striking…

Great piece of work!
There were mixed emotions for me here. I felt such lightness and joy as a warm Summers breeze passing by, but at the same time I felt sadness too.

Laura Laveglia on New Image – all by my Wonder Boy…

Exquisite pieces!!
Best to you Duncan!!


Laura Laveglia on New Poem – New Images – Paradise island hopping in the Seychelles…

Just gorgeous!
Bet there were some beautiful sea shells there!!


Richard J. Mann on New Poem – Striking…

Liked your poem – speaks to us, especially in this rather soulless century.


Richard J. Mann on New Poem –An old view seen anew…

Oh, l can relate to this.


Nivedita Yohana on New Poem – Striking…

I read your lovely poem which evoked beautiful warm feelings in me.


Rosalia Martin on New Poem – Striking…

I thank you for the spiritual help that you are giving us all.


Ashmum Ashwick on New Poem – Striking…

Full of fabulous thoughts and insights on life.


Ashkum on New Poem – An old view seen anew…

At the very outset, ‘An old view, seen anew’ is wonderfully and thoughtfully said. Optimism, hope and positivity in approach towards life and all. Rest of the lines are fabulous, making us cautious while we walk on various vistas of this lovely life.


Aria Ligi on New Poem – Striking…

Sweet and pithy. Well done. I love the stanza:

“Just as it was that day

You kissed someone.

And for

The very first time

They truly kissed you back.”

It hails as if from someone very innocent to life who is awakened to the first flights of love.


Janice McLaughlin on New Poem – Striking…

Illusions of vulnerability

Evaporated by pure spirit.



Janice McLaughlin on New Poem – Passing…

Beautiful, each thought so vivid, so thought provoking. I tried to pick favorite lines but couldn’t decide. Maybe — The lingering presence Of love Beneath the fragile,Needy contours of us all.”


Paul Bowles on New Poem – Striking…

Nice poem – very concise as usual and with a wonderful intimation of a returned kiss. The glow of it.


Rall on New Poem – Striking…

Aha…a stirring of the loins:)Spring is coming
I hear this aria from Handel’s Ottone. Thank you.

spring is coming
with sun and shower and blossom
lads are courting
lambs are sporting
nature sings to the hum of the bee
birds are singing
i hear them singing
i hear them ringing from every tree


Suzanne Staveley on New Poem – Striking…

Your words are always inspiring.


Wendy Bourke on New Poem – Striking…

Oh, I like this so much. It is tender and it is wise. It is well constructed and wonderfully rendered with a lovely clarity that is quite moving.


Margaret Nash on New Poem – Striking…

I love the poem


Susie Clevenger on New Poem – Striking…

Moments of pure joy, letting beauty settle in… this is beautiful


Neena Sharma on New Poem – Striking…

Wow Scottie sir…I loved the figurative ending with a suspense, a hidden message… The trigger point ..which leaves everybody guessing …Virtually it is The inner joy within, the inner divine core, which brings forth Joy tears, vulnerability , effusiveness altogether. Paradoxically speaking, you soon discover yourself via travelling through your short, yet intricate poesy with a subtle , sublime meaning and moral.

Congrats sir! Keep at it…A true marvel!

Divine greetings and regards
Thanks for sharing…

Divine sister


Rommy on New Poem – Striking…

Wonderful moments like that etch themselves onto our souls.


Don MacIver on NewArtwork – Fantasy Forest …

Having just read ‘Striking’, Scott, the title is a wonderful transition to this beautiful image! Best wishes with this new artistic endeavor of yours, Scott. Beautiful.


Don MacIver on New Publication…

Thoughts linger on the ‘Striking’ theme as I transition to this publication announcement. Such an engaging, compelling cover design, Scott. As with all of your written works, this novel will surely be very well received. Best wishes for its success!


Don MacIver on New Poem – Striking…

“This then the beauty
Of being alive,
Pared down
To its very essentials.”

Scott, you never fail to capture the essence, touching the heart and soul. ‘Striking’ made my day and with the glorious sunshine this day brings, and this reading, I can now set out to capture more of that essence. Beautiful.

Warmest regards.


Patricia Travis on New Poem – Striking…

Congrats on your new poem, Scott. I enjoyed it’s purity.


ZQ on New Poem – Striking…

“…love is in the air…”


Rosemary Nissan Wade on New Poem – Striking…

Ah yes, those are the essentials indeed.


Truedessa on New Poem – Striking…

Your poems are always so beautiful. You definitely have a way with words.


Audrey Howitt on New Poem – Striking…

Love, love this –the essentials of life–the beauty in your works just stuns me–


Kim M. Russell on New Poem – Striking…

Wonderful, Scott, the joyous revealing the fresh and glorious! I love the reassurance in the lines:
‘Illusions of vulnerability
Evaporated by pure spirit’
and the comparison with a kiss.


Sherri B on New Poem – Striking…

This was so lovely.


Sherry Marr on New Poem – Striking…

Yes, the beauty of being alive….wonderful, Scott.


Mary Kling on New Poem – Striking…

Ah, the very essentials indeed. If you kiss someone and they kiss you back, what joy there is in the reciprocity. The vulnerability between two people is a beautiful thing to behold and experience.


Donna on New Poem – Striking…

Life is indeed best lived when pared down to its essentials…..

‘Illusions of vulnerability

Evaporated by pure spirit.’



Lee San on New Poem – Striking…

A profound poem, Scott.
Yes, the beauty of being alive is reason enough.


Jae Rose on New Poem – Striking…

Beautifully written…


Neeraj Khanka on New Poem – Striking…

Beautifully expressed. Indeed, where there is true love – it will always remove the fears.


Thot Purge on New Poem – Striking…

The very essentials of existence… yes beautifully put.


Xerxes Aga on New Poem – Striking…

Poets often use many words to say a simple thing. You have avoided this pitfall. The last few lines of your poem say it all. Reciprocity of love is the fountainhead of bliss.
I salute you for your necessarily un-embellished homage to love. It matters not for who.


Kathy Reed on New Poem – Striking…

Wow….so straightforward, yet eloquent!


Bekkie on New Poem – Striking…

The trigger point is the ultimate! A stunning use of words that I thoroughly enjoyed, Scott!


Imelda on New Poem – Striking…

I can’t find the right words to express how this poem affected me. However, it made me smile and realize that beautiful glorious moments do not normally have heralds announcing how beautiful the moment can be. WE just feel it. We just know it. 🙂


Imelda on New Artwork – Fantasy Forest…



Paul on New Poem – Striking…

Thank you for reminding the old of the ‘Fresh and glorious,’ and the return of a joyous kiss, but that has, thankfully its parallels to appreciate. It is striking that your poem brings us closer to reappraising our moments with greater clarity.


Donna Lynch on New Poem – Striking…

Nice work! Simplicity infused with an intoxicating depth!


Annell on New Poem – Striking…

Yes, by Jove, I think you have it.


Dwight L.Roth on New Poem – Striking…Very nice poem!

Love how the mutual connections is what provides the trigger point!


John Rachel on New Poem – Striking…

“This then the beauty

Of being alive,

Pared down

To its very essentials.”

This aptly describes this poem.


Rose on New Poem – Striking…

Who could forget that first kiss when you were truly kissed back. A wonderful love peom Scott. Really enjoyed reading this.


Dominic Windram on New Poem – Striking…

Excellent poem Scott….the joy of living beautifully expressed!


Nidhi Singh on New Poem – Striking…

‘Illusions of vulnerability
Evaporated by pure spirit.’

Really very powerful and marvellous words. Love the poetry.


Laura Bailey on New Artwork – Fantasy Forest…

Glorious !!


Laura Bailey on New Poem – Striking…

What beautiful memories you conjure up in this wonderful poem !

Thank you, as always, for sharing. 🙂


Roslyn Ross on New Poem – Striking…

Yes, you have captured this artfully.


JT Smith on New Poem – Striking…

Even love is emotionally violent sometimes – a trigger point. Does love always return the favour? Yes there is sweetness in having positive experiences, but also a sense of melancholy in how the richness fades over time.
You have captured an existential and meaningful essence here. joy is above happiness. i read that somewhere.
The ultimate sacrifice is being able to lose ourselves in the waning moments in order to discover what we lost from yesterday. We need more healing, your words are a balm for our wounded spirits.


Hank on New Poem – Striking…

This then the beauty
Of being alive,
Pared down
To its very essentials

This then is the reality of life. The bare essentials feature most in all situations. Wisely said Scott!



Victoria Slotto on New Poem – Striking…

This made me think of the prayer of St. Francis: “It is in loving, that we are loved…”


Grace on New Poem – Striking…

I like that ending with the trigger point!


Frank Hubeny on New Poem – Striking…

I liked the description of the essentials being the “trigger point”


Lori Triggs on New Poem – Striking…

It is a beautiful poem, but I lost that feeling over a guy was true and he used me and abused me, so I just do not feel anything one.


Lillian on New Poem – Striking……

pared down to its very essentials….trigger points.”
I wonder if there are penultimate essentials that are universal? Or are we each struck, every time, by different trigger points? Paring down, within different perceptions and unique baggage within our psyches?


Lisa Miller on New Poem – Striking…

I like the line this then the beauty of being alive.

Keep writing. Your words are lovely.


Sanaa Rivzi on New Poem – Striking…

Its beautiful when two people can connect with each other and understand their fears and sense of vunerability. How wisely you depict that truth in your words!


Amaya on New Poem – Striking…Ooh, “Its trigger point.”

There is so much potential energy in this description and so much power as a “conclusion.” (But we’re just beginning, are we not?)


Charlie Zero on New Poem – Striking…

Scott, this is a perfect and brilliant poem that we as readers need.

Beautifully well expressed.


Bjorn Rudberg on New Poem – Striking…

Truly love this… somehow the image of that first real kiss is with me still after all this years. There was something perfect about that, but maybe also something that I never can feel again.


Julie Canfield on New Poem – Striking…

Once again you have crafted a deeply meaningful piece. Perhaps it is only me who feels a duality in this work. In fact, I probably am. On the one hand, I see and sense the beauty essence of remembering how it feels to kiss someone who you love who loves you back. But at the same time, I feel the sadness of remembering something beautiful that is lost, forgotten, left behind in the past. This work speaks to me. It tells me beauty can be painted from ashes. It comes from how you let a moment define you. I’ll be posting this link on my websites. Thank you for sharing.


Shari Le Kane Yentumi on New Poem – Striking…

Striking: like flashes of lightning, when bared soul(s) reveal authenticity without hesitation, reservation, or misgivings; to be truly present in the moment with genuine internal reflection/reaction to specific external stimuli/interaction; a confluence.


Mahnaz on New Artwork – Fantasy Forest



Mahnaz on New Poem – Striking…

What a brilliant start for a new spring. Thank you, dear Scott!


Rebecca O’Donnell on New Poem – Striking…

Beautiful. Your words are always such a comfort. Never stop writing.


Cynthia Saarieon New Poem – An old view seen anew

Freedom is the wonderful ability to speak or write what is in our souls. Thanks be to God for the opportunity to try. Beautiful work.


Mickey Morgan on New Poem – An old view seen anew

Another telling rendition from the wonderful Mickey Morgan
An old view seen anew –


Jan Persichetti on New Poem – An old view seen anew

I am very impressed with your profile. I wear many hats creatively, but I adore poetry and would love to promote you on my LinkedIn and Twitter. Your work is unique and noteworthy!


Bernard Jan on New Poem – An old view seen anew

I have read this, your latest poem and I really like it! It is a poem, a poetry with meaning and beauty, the one I can feel and relate to. Your writing is beautiful.


Christine Louise Brown on New Poem – Passing…

Oh, what words can say without even a paint brush… Alms to the words the soul in wonder; a thing called loss.


ola. A on New Poem – Passing…

Perfect I thought, I love this


Deep Thinker on New Poem – An old view seen anew

I can relate to this poem whilst I am contemplating my journey to the sunshine of my feeling. One of my feelings of inspiration might complement the smooth flowing nature of your poem and this is how it flows – poetical effect is like scent from a flower that can not be created by analysis but by absorbing.


William Fowler on New Poem – An old view seen anew

This is simply a great poem. I enjoyed reading it.


Blaine Youngquist on New Poem – An old view seen anew

I very much like your poetry! You are very talented, and I will check back on your website from time to time.


Colleen Henry on New Poem – An old view seen anew

I really love this, it’s pretty powerful…


Ola A on New Poem – An old view seen anew

This splits my thoughts… Love this…


Mark Dolamore on New Poem – An old view seen anew

I find your poems both powerful and sensitive.


Elaine Battersby on New Poem – An old view seen anew

I like the flow of this poem, Scott. Full of promise, he who dares gets and finds beauty all around.


Marie Bethel on New Poem – An old view seen anew

Very lovely poem, and good luck.


Akanksha Mishra on New Poem – An old view seen anew

Let me be honest sir, you just have the most beautiful compositions on the web.


Manuel Rivera on New Poem – An old view seen anew

Thank you so much for showing me the way. So heartfelt.


Micki Peluso on New Poem – An old view seen anew

Scottie, a lovely poem yet direct in its message.
And without such sparks
Time can pass by,
Like an empty whisper,
Meaningless and negligent.

Thanks for a timely reminder that life goes forward with or without us.


Bob Mitchell on New Poem – An old view seen anew

I always enjoy reading your poetry, both for the challenge of the genre and the beauty of your words.


Timothy Balding on New Poem – An old view seen anew

Your poems are really very fine and I liked them a lot. You are a good writer, even if, to tell the truth, I generally read little if any verse. You made me think of Auden, one of the few poets I occasionally read for pleasure. If I had to say anything critical? Unless I read the wrong poems, for my taste, at least, you might try to be a little more wicked, self-mocking and ironic. But if these characteristics are not at all in your nature, of course that would be wrong.


Nina on New Poem – An old view seen anew

Thanks, Scott, I like this poem.


Ositadimma Amakaze on New Poem – An old view seen anew

I saw it and now I see it.
It was seen and tomorrow is seeing it.
Yet, the essence of the dynamism of Time
is succinctly captured as in a motion picture.


Loraine Damonte on New Poem – An old view seen anew

A splendid poem, Scott. I think I will enjoy following your poetry. Clear and precise , refreshing with sentiment.


Banu Bidarkund on New Poem – For Dylan Thomas

Remarkable words and realistically true to our life. Indeed we ought to be living
“contentedly” as the poet says.


Banu Bidarkund on New Poem – An old view seen anew

Beautiful. Almost sounds as if one longs for being one with nature.


Jasmine Sroay on New Poem – An old view seen anew

I read your poem titled ‘an old view, seen anew’ The way you write, it looks like you, as a poet are quite hopeful and it gives an optimistic vibe to your work, contrary to me, as I usually write when I’m not having a great day. Your poetry is something which compels me to read it again.


Nivedita Yohana on New Poem – An old view seen anew

I read your latest piece of art and needless to say it’s wonderful and I was filled with awe. We are indeed timid to face the wonders of life. We need to embrace life with passion rather than with reluctance. We are usually gripped by our own prejudices, conditioning, hesitance, fear and ego which constraints us from living. If only we break these walls, take a dive into the gulf and swim across, we would die without having lived.


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  1. Sarah Claudine Day

    While poetry is generally designed to connect us with beauty and emotion, Scott’s work goes beyond that in an important way: it gives readers the feeling that the teller himself is as lovely as the content, and elevates us to a sense that we are privileged to see things through his eyes. As his work gains a wider and wider audience, this phenomenon will become more fully recognized, but perhaps never fully explained.

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