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My poetry looks to positively explore human potential, with an emphasis on love, spiritual growth and self awareness. It is very important to me that my work remains as open, accessible and as simply expressed as possible. My influences vary from the great traditional English visionary romantics through to the distillation of thought and leanness of expression offered by the Japanese haiku tradition, the shining examples of Rilke and Gibran – as well as (being a fully committed free verse poet…) the later technical breakthroughs achieved by leading Scottish concrete poets Ian Hamilton Finlay and Edwin Morgan.



To write and sell poetry at a profit these days is a minor victory and a major achievement. Scott’s words gently unlock and force you to face and look at the world with a little more optimism. There are moments of deep joy and others, which take your breath away with simple incredible honesty”

G. White


Scott Hastie’s verse is sympathetic, humanistic and positively affirmative. Accessibility is the touchstone of all Hastie’s output. The spiritual element in his writing is clear.” 

G.E. Jones


“Scott writes meditative, reflective poetry that is steeped in the traditions of English verse. Concise and richly evocative, he should be widely read.”

R. Godwin


“Via an invisible gilded chain of perception, Scott Hastie generously leads us through an enthusiastic re-invention of the possibilities of new experience. His inspired words bestride the world with such ease, touching the deepest sensibilities of human beings everywhere.”

Sahar Tavakoli




James Linnane on New Poem – Remember…

Well done Scott, a nice one… Kind of magical in it’s moment – Moments that come and go and leave a world of love behind.


Yvonne Osbourne on New Poem – Remember…

I love your opening lines. The nostalgia rimmed with honest emotion and of course, those soft pillows metaphor. Super!


Vaccinius on New Poem – Remember…

Because, who wants to be left, is my thought. Indeed, it is a good thing, we can idealize.


Kim Russell on New Poem – Remember…

A moving poem, Scott. I love the image of the speaker standing along in the sun-lit meadow, and the metaphor ‘soft pillows of glorious truth’.


Bjorn Rudberg on New Poem – Remember…

I love the closing, those soft pillows is a great image.


Sanaa Rivzi on New Poem – Remember…

Stellar closing on this one, Scott! I especially love; “A lingering impression
within which all that was meant to be had been realised.”


Mahnaz Mohafez on New Poem – Remember…

So heartwarming and illuminating!
Thank you, dear Scott!


Marja on New Poem – Remember…

Just beautiful This poem will linger in my mind


Margaret Nash on New Poem – Remember…

Your poem, which I love, reminded me of a close friend, an American lady, who just died last week in Mexico, while I was here in London. I shall miss her, and we shared a lot.


Maxim Chernikov on New Poem – Remember…

A magnificent poem! For me, memory is my refuge. And you talk about it in your poem. How close it is to my soul! Your stanzas give me the greatest satisfaction! The memory of the feelings we experienced – pain, happiness, joy and suffering – is a real capital! Thank you for the precious thoughts that cause a series of wonderful, bright notes, suggestive of exciting insights! What happiness it is to see, hear, perceive all the shades of the world, the universe in the sounds of poetry!


Margaret Nash on New Poem – Remember…

Your poem, which I love, reminded me of a close friend, an American lady, who just died last week in Mexico, while I was here in London. I shall miss her, and we shared a lot.


John Rachel on New Poem – Remember…

And whatever
This might well
Have cost us,
My love,
Its lingering presence
In our hearts
Soon becomes our refuge.

How vital it is for all of us to carry this in the display window of our hearts.


Jim on New Poem – Remember…

And mothers know those smells too, whether they converse with you about it or not. From grasses in the meadows to a filched cigarette.


JT on New Poem – Remember…

I often feel like the romantic within me resonates even deeper with poetry that circles around the heart. All of these words are a testament to the wisdom of someone who has lived true and fully. It is beautiful in nature because the inflections are authentic and elegantly expressed. You often miss the meaning when you become consumed by semantics or context. This poem towers over most simple language. Thanks for these lovely memories here. Soft pillows of glorious truth indeed.


Eric Erb on New Poem – Remember…

Fantastic scott. The warmth, then the lingering, vivid yet missing, and then those last two lines, POW! Wow!


Michelle Lommen on New Poem – Remember…

I love the poem,the feelings are described honestly and truly.
The poem holds its breath….
Greetings Michelle


Mojo Bassey on New Poem – Remember…

Thank you so much for this beautiful piece! It’s so warm and really tugs at the heart. A precious moment in time indeed. Your poems are always so lovely, thank you for sharing them.


Neena Sharma on New Poem – Remember…

As Life Moves On …Some Memories Linger On… How Beautiful A ‘Remembrance’ Scottie Sir!

Yes, the Lingering memories remain etched in our Heart and mind…For Life Is Transient And Time Is Fleeting
How Soulfully yet subtly you have portrayed the true picture here…Wow!
Such a Tender and Sensitive Read!

Thank You For sharing this Profound and insightful Marvel, Scott Hastie sir…Congrats!

Warm Greetings and Regards


Debi Swim on New Poem – Remember…

Every love has a cost. To be a bit corny I’d say love is an investment and its memories the dividends.


Seddingheil Baddiel on New Poem – Remember…

I read this wholeheartedly


Jan Marquat on New Poem – Remember…

Powerful! This poem is so simple but explosive with emotion and tenderness.


Aria Ligi on New Poem – Remember…

Just beautiful with the light sprinkled meter in


All we spoke of

And all you shared

Of yourself.

How it warmed me so….

And, as you left me

In that sun-lit meadow,

The whispers

Of all we spilt together

Trailed on behind you.

A lingering impression

Within which

All that was meant to be

Had been realised.

One almost wishes they could print this out and place it in a book like pressing a leaf.



Sunra Rainz on New Poem – Remember…

A lovely sensory memory you share with us here 🙂


Rommy on New Poem – Remember…

Some loves were meant to shine only for a few moments, but they still have the power to move our souls.


William Bain on New Poem – Remember…

Beautiful, Scott. The expression of deeply felt life. Especially like:
So vivid/And illumiating
You’ve found a wonderful time window here


Lisa Miller on New Poem – Remember…

Another beautiful poem.Your poetry is lovely.


Rall on New Poem – Remember…

It was worth the cost…. Just beautiful !


Rajani on New Poem – Remember…

soft pillows/ of glorious truth.. we do need the good memories to support us as we move on…


John Lysaght on Recent Writing…

Rejoice in the gift of being alive and with our interconnectedness with others.
Our true joys along the way can absorb the melancholy that surely will come.


Sunaina Sindhwani on New Poem – Remember…

Just read it again…
Sometimes, Universe orchestrate our thoughts through someone’s else voice this poem is saying what I am feeling these days ..thanks for sharing.


Laura Bailey on New Poem – Remember…

Beautifully worded !
Thank you dear Scottie !


Cherie Ann Turpin on New Poem – Remember…

Very timely for now!


Colleen on New Poem – Remember…

I love those shining moments where it all comes together and feels right, both joy and saddness. The meadow is the star of this poem.


Sunaina Sindhwani on New Poem – Remember…

It’s lingering presence in our hearts .
Congratulations Scott for such a heartfelt, quite a tingling whisper it left in my heart ❤️
Lots of blessings to you…


Penelope on New Poem – Remember…

A memory this good must be savored and you have encapsulated it quite elegantly with words.


Banu Bidarkund on New Poem – Remember…

How nice to hear you again


Maureen Scanlon on New Poem – Remember…

Very Nice…


Jane Bartels on New Poem – Remember…

It’s getting rare good poetry.


Gillena Cox on New Poem – Remember…

This is wonderful…



Dee Ashby on New Poem – Remember…

Life is fleeing as are some relationships, but the memories… live on. Another beautiful piece. A precious moment in time, with traces of it’s memory to linger on.

I just love your work.


Jeffrey Patrick Bennett on New Poem – Remember…

Some poems leap, others (e.g., The Second Coming) leap at the throat. Scott, this poem is whisper, the sort preceding thunder. This is the peaty taste of Autumn’s regal procession, birds for the clarion, wind rustling golden leaves, clapping and waving until they fall to earth. This is the impact of tranquility. This is lovely. Thank you for sharing it.


Susan Rouchard on New Poem – What a slender…

Thank you Scott. How true to life and what goes on in many of our thoughts, as poets. Spot on, beautifully metaphorical with a richness of language handpicked and sensual. All the best. Susan. À très bientôt, merci infiniment.


John Lysaght on New Poem – Temple Meditation …

A cycling of positive memories can rejuvenate the spirit and
dispose us to embracing those yet to come.


Geetashree Chatterjee on New Poem – What a slender…

Heady perfume of choice is such an apt phrase.


Jossina Joseph on New Poem – What a slender

This is how our life is …seeming like insignificantly wasteful…yet with the intoxication of choices like a heady perfume


Frewin on New Poem – What a slender

A slender tightrope indeed – I was just reading a poem that referred to the “man on a wire” and how many times he walked backwards and forwards between the Twin Towers, life in the balance. A constant choosing, to keep on keeping the plates in the air, the outer appearance that holds all these dilemmas out of sight…
Great poem!


Kaykuala on New Poem – What a slender

Whilst, all the while,
The air fills illicitly
With the heady perfume
Of choice

Love the close Scott, great poem! Obviously she is close by!



Don MacIver on New Poem – What a slender

Scott, your words here breathe the essence of a time, a place, a fragrance honouring a presence of mind, and in our living.
Your expression bears the light of learned appreciation and the positivity you emote through your words.’Pivotal moments…’ most of us aspire and commit to while still others merely posture for their own reason. You truly inspire my friend.


Colleen on New Poem – What a slender

I like to think of choice as a heady perfume.


Helen Wood on New Poem – What a slender

Well worth a second read of this poem … Truly.


Jennifer Wagner on New Poem – What a slender

Truth in your poem, Scott! Good to read you again.


Paula Light on New Poem – What a slender

Oh, this is profound. Yes, that constant tension of choices made and abandoned. So good, Scott!


Dwight L. Roth on New Poem – What a slender

Well done! Life really is a tightrope for sure. The heady perfume of choice! I like that. We face it each day as we move through our lives. I like these lines as well…
Leaving behind them
Only endless echoes
Of wasteful insignificance.


Penelope Notes on New Poem – What a slender

Poignantly written, perhaps with a wry smile sometimes, because humankind with its hesitancy of choice can be doomed to wasteful insignificance.


Kerfe on New Poem – What a slender

“And the cumulative
Wisdom of the hesitant”
I love that! It pervades our lives.


Rajani on New Poem – What a slender

Love the imagery of air filling illicitly with the perfume of choice…between glorious and terrible…


Brendan on New Poem – What a slender

Connoisseurs are adept at leaping into savor where convention manages a retreat from it. How wickedly pure.


Rosemary Nissen Wade on New Poem – What a slender

Such a lovely culmination in that final verse!


Marja on New Poem – What a slender

Beautiful ‘the cumulative Wisdom of the hesitant’ which I translate as the wisdom of ‘think before you act’ and then this amazing line ‘The air fills illicitly With the heady perfume Of choice.’
Great poem with lots of food for thought


Gillena Cox on New Poem – What a slender

Stunning imagery Scott.



Merril D. Smith on New Poem – What a slender

You are so right that it is often a slender thread.
I was particularly struck by “A pyrrhic triumph,”
and I really love
“the heady perfume
Of choice.”


Sanaa Rivzi on New Poem – What a slender

This is absolutely stellar writing, Scott! I especially resonate with; “We know ourselves/Capable of deeds/Most glorious/And most terrible too.”


Eric Erb on New Poem – What a slender

I feel like this poem dipped me into tea. choice indeed! and so much runnig away from what i actually want! This poem really is a tightrope, stretched between the two. Nicely done, Scott.


Harshit Om (Hersh) Bhardwaj on New Poem – What a slender

‘The air fills illicitly,
With the heady perfume of choice’.
The free will Vs destiny and every moment forking into possibilities.


Neena Sharma on New Poem – What a slender

“Our eager spirits

Already dimmed

Too often

By notions

Of just such

A pyrrhic triumph”

The phrase ‘A pyrrhic Triumph’ did touch my soul, Scott sir;
Smilingly pinning down our hopes to live our dreams …So Right scottie sir!
What you call as apyrrhic triumph, treading our capricious life with uncertainties abound at every step…yet cannot help but smile amidst the travails of Life. 🙂
The choice is indeed ours…i.e. To flow up stream or downstream;
oscillating between Hope and despair, eventually it is our Wisdom our inner strength and resilience that navigate us through our Path…Salvaging us through our troubles, trials and tribulations

So emotively expressed!
Congratulations Once again for the sensitive portrayal of one’s Life(Our Thoughts-The Most potent energy, propelling us to move forward)

With Fond Regards


Jelka (Samsom) Parabirsing on New Poem – What a slender

Astonishingly beautiful…


Don MacIver on Temple Meditation

Scott, your words leave me with such a wonderful sense of balance and calm. The rhythm and flow carry the essence of a beautiful perfume! Your visuals reflect your inner conveyance in a reciprocal way.


Don MacIver on About

Scott Hastie has an innate internal instinct which flows through his published works, bringing each piece to the most eloquent, heart-rendering place of balance and light. Each poem fills a void, enlightens and inspires to the most positive end, a place that most of us would dearly love to be at any time in our lives.
Scott’s acclaim is most worthy; I have loved his work for many years! We are blessed to have experienced his poetry for the moving and highly engaging, healing, and resonant beauty his articulate and profound artistic expressions convey.


Pushkar Bisht on New Poem – What a slender



Maxim Chernikov on New Poem – What a slender

Nowadays, many poets are trying to attract the attention of readers by the pointlessness and meaninglessness of their poetry. It’s a completely different matter with you! Your poems make you think.
I can talk for hours about poetry. But sometimes some things flare up with such a bright impulse when words are not needed. This is exactly the case when I read about the fineness of the rope on which you step between shame and redemption.
Inspires the audacious novelty of the concept of Pyrrhic triumph instead of Pyrrhic victory. Going deeper into our fatigue, we catch every new gust
of air, reviving our hopes…
Maybe I misunderstood something, but it seems to me that’s exactly how your poems touched my heart.


Mahnaz on Temple Meditation 



Mahnaz on New Poem – What a slender…

What a sincere and endearing way of expressing emotions! I like it.
Thank you, dear Scott!


Ositadimma Amakeze on New Poem – What a slender…

Beautiful poem from an awesome soul.


Dee on New Poem – What a slender…

Another piece of who we are, and all that matters.
Thank you for sharing your vision.


Laura Bailey on New Poem – What a slender…

Ever true and so wonderfully expressed !


William Bain on New Poem – What a slender…

Scott, this is Wondrous! There is a rhythm in this that is highly attractive. Muchas gracias!


AJ Jeffrey on New Poem – What a slender…

I truly admire your writing talent and the incredible gift you possess. Would you mind sharing a link to one of your published books? I would love to explore your work further.


Gerri Duval on New Poem – What a slender…

Thank you for sharing Scott ~ You are one amazing man and so talented!!!


Rebecca O’Donnell on New Poem – What a slender…

Oh, this is exactly what I needed today. Beautiful, graceful and a sunny balm for a weary spirit. Love it so much.


Aria Ligi on New Poem – What a slender…

I love this one. It is so pertinent to our times, and the ending is completely needed and apropos.

The air fills illicitly

With the heady perfume

Of choice.

Often people get stuck in a loop of their own making, not realizing that the answer is right in front of them and that they have the power within themselves to change. Years ago, dealing with depression and feeling I was caught in such a predicament, I found the strength to get out of it, through such words, at that time written in Steinbeck’s East of Eden. His book saved me, and I am sure this poem will do the same for someone else.


Helen on New Poem – What a slender…

I enjoyed this deep dig into who we are, the good / bad … well done, Scott.


Laura Laveglia on New Poem – What a slender…

Your poem reads rhythmic beauty
That’s sort of what I am going through now
We do have choices and mine is trying to see through the eyes of angels, enlightenment if you will. I may be wrong but that’s what I am feeling your words are conveying
The way we view life can be challenging and yes that light and dark is so slender indeed❤️❤️❤️


Nekabari Benson on New Poem – What a slender…

Thanks Scott. It was actually a nice read.


Kapardeli Eftichia on New Poem – What a slender…

Great job my lovely friend Keep shining


Jeffrey Patrick Bennet on New Poem – What a slender…

So many powerful lines here. “Best not to dwell . . .” is a soothing balm. I could feel my whole being comforted in that line.

“. . . the cumulative Wisdom of the hesitant . . .” This is stirring. I am endeared to the sparrow soul, the badger heart, the earthworm determination in this poem.

Thank you for sharing this!!!


John Rachel on New Poem – What a slender…

“We know ourselves
Capable of deeds
Most glorious
And most terrible too.”

I only consider, promote and enact glorious deeds. Everyone knows that. Why would I do otherwise?


Lisa C.Miller on New Poem – What a slender…

Beautiful. The imagery in your poems is breathtaking. Outstanding.


Michelle Lomman on New Poem – What a slender…

Very Beautiful

Don MacIver on New Poem – What a slender…

Scott, dear friend, I have read and responded here several times. Nonetheless, in summation, I feel as though I have just engaged in the resonating beauty of life!
If we could only gather a collective anthology of your sense and sensibilities, your vision and truth, a cover-bound aggregate of your lasting words, therein rests the soul of a prophet, a teacher, a soothsayer of forecast and promise, and finally, your living legacy, land countless many of those treasured publications on the desk of every student of all levels, and all human beings in kind, urging their engagement with all due measure, what a very different world it would be. I hear your healing voice resound with every word, Scott.


Tonga Dew on Literary Conference Bangalore, 18th-19th May 2023

Oh, I loved this! Graceful, intelligent, passionate. Really well done. Love where you talk about poetry that you lived and how you refuse to box yourself in with rigid rules when you’re composing. Awesome….


Mahnaz Mohafez on Literary Conference Bangalore, 18th-19th May 2023

Congratulations, dear Scott!


Don MacIver on Literary Conference Bangalore, 18th-19th May 2023

I just finished viewing your Conference Profile and interview! I could feel the pride that you are brimming with for this project and that your beautiful words will be carried out into space! How ambitious and honourable is that? Wow!
I was on the edge of my seat as you read the poem. And, too, your references to your connection to the traditional poets of another time whose great works fascinated you at a youthful age!
I experienced the same, all the while many of my classmates were tearing down poetry as rubbish, they had no time nor inclination to waste a moment on it! I let that settle in as it would and over the years felt driven to read increasingly more from those heralded poets of centuries past.
All things in our lives evolve and we have forged new frontiers through our more contemporary writing style. This is another time and while truly respecting Keats, Browning, Poe, Emily Dickinson, Robert Frost and so many more, I like to think that we have come unto our own. Our journey is no less treasured but even more cherished.
Last but not least, I loved your reference to pink roses from scars! How splendid that is!


John Rachel on Literary Conference Bangalore, 18th-19th May 2023

I wouldn’t change anything. Except doing more of these. You come off as a serious artist, a true scholar, a real poet . . . all endangered species these frantic days.
It was especially fascinating for me as a writer learning about your process, and discovering how careful and meticulous you are.
Thanks for sharing this!


William Bain on Literary Conference Bangalore, 18th-19th May 2023

Good to see & hear what you’re doing.
Singin the light !


Jan Marquat on Literary Conference Bangalore, 18th-19th May 2023

It was fun watching you speak – in person – so to speak. What an enjoyable interview. It was great. I like the candid responses you gave. It was authentic and engaging.


Mahnaz Mohafez on Literary Conference Bangalore, 18th-19th May 2023

This such an impressive video conference presented by your good self. It was really absorbing to watch it.


Laura Laveglia on Literary Conference Bangalore, 18th-19th May 2023

Your interview in my opinion was perfect
Articulation and poise with a gentleman s tilt of a top hat!!
Perfection! what else would I except from you ❤️. Bravo

Your friend is very proud of Scottie! This is only the beginning…


Aria Ligi on Literary Conference Bangalore, 18th-19th May 2023

Lovely to hear you read your work. The interview is very nice.
For me, your comment on the muse to students is especially good. My thought on this is that I often get first lines (like little letters from the heavens) in the oddest places while driving, taking a shower, etc. I have taken to having a piece of paper with me, along with a pen, and emailed myself on my phone with them. (although I have been known to jump out of the shower, dripping wet, and write it down before it slips from my mind.) I also keep my writing journal by my bed with a pen because the best time for me to get lines is when I am drifting off to sleep.


Don MacIver on New Poem –In between…

Scott, your wonderful words here would seem so fitting for the trip that you and your dear wife just encountered at a faraway land and sea. The message breathes a sigh of release and a reminder of just how precious our living experience can be.


Rochelle Soetan on Beautiful Bali

Scott, you are such a gift to us all and a star, whose illumination will forever be evident.


Jelka Parabirsing on Beautiful Bali

My sincere thanks for sending us your absolutely stunning and paradisiacal pictures!!


Don MacIver on Beautiful Bali

Viewing these beautiful images felt really quite transformational, Scott! I could smell the fragrant ocean breeze and the sunset visuals…oh my. This seems so much my kind of ‘bucket list’ getaway! The lack of human hoards is my ideal adventure away. The stunning geography, ocean vistas, tour boats, monkeys and crocodiles(?)!

Thanks ever so much for gifting us these wonderful visuals of faraway land and sea! I am so envious.


Rachel on Beautiful Bali

Looks like you saw it all! I lived in Indonesia for almost three months. Gili Trawangen Island and Ubud were my favorite spots.


Laura Laveglia on Beautiful Bali

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures
This place sure is paradise. Especially loved the gila monster!! So cool!!

Beautiful family!❤️


Laura Bailey on Beautiful Bali

Beautiful places and lovely people !
Thank you Scott so much for sharing


Jan Marquat on Beautiful Bali

Thank you Scottie for sharing your amazing experience. It was just what I needed to shift my energy this morning. Thank you.


Pushkar Bischt on Beautiful Bali

Hi Scott,

I love all your Bali pictures. They are very beautiful.



JT Smith on New Poem –In between…

Planets orbit other objects and circle the Universe. Life is the essence no matter how small or insignificant. Shadows like suns are eclipsed by their weaknesses. The doors of perception are born here. Huxley would be so proud. Your recent output yearns for youthful memories of a sweeter time. Oh, to be young and open our senses to love, death, discovery, and loss.


Sasho Ognenovski on New Poem In between…

Thank you dear Scott. I will put the latest poem you sent me in the upcoming issue of my online literary magazine. It will appear end of April.


John Lysaght on New Poem –In between…

A beautiful pocket-poem that can leaven a person`s spirit.


Lorraine Hall on New Poem –In between…

Hi Scott I think that is an absolutely wonderful poem. Timeless with beauty and depth,so much so that I hardly know what you are saying. Is this a new epoch of post postmodernism. I have a word for this, Lyricism.


JT on Springtime…

Springtime is s a revival of all things winter-based. the grass rejuvenates from white to green shades. the flowers bloom & germinate too. meadows are an abundance of various plants & hues. the temperatures are an adjustment and the only risk is an April shower. Everything is new again. Thank goodness. These specks of wisdom are artfully complimented by mixed media.


Loiriam  New Poem –In between…

Beautiful soulful poem to read!


Neena Sharma on New Poem –In between…

In Between Hope And Despair Of The Known and Unknown, The dichotomies of
Certainty and uncertainty
Rise and Fall
We tend to oscillate;

Our Spirits wilt and wither And
Dampen with the Flow of Miasma hung around us
Nevertheless, We find a ray of Hope with every Rising Sun

Ending again on a positive note!…Waahooo Scottie sir!

Oh this creative piece Of Yours, litreally touched the chords of My Heart!
Splendid poesy; So phiosophical and Sublime!

Great Going Scott Hastie sir…Congrats!

With Fond Regards


Neena Sharma on Springtime…

A Beautiful Spring Quote!
Hope the Springtime Blossoms in everybody’s life…
Thank You For sharing Hope and wisdom!


Sara McNulty on New Poem –In between…

This poem carries hopefulness and warmth.


Munia Khan on New Poem –In between…

This marvelous poem reminds me of the beats of my own heart ‘In Between’ its chambers. Such a soulful work to reflect upon! Bless you dear Poet! Thank you with every breath for creating a priceless piece of peace like this, Scott. Pure emotion bleeding.. Touched by reading…Humbled! Thank you.
Very well done!


Munia Khan on Springtime…

As refreshing as the blossoms of spring this amazing work really is, Scott! I love it. I love the very artistic presentation of the piece here as well. Speechless! Thank you very much for yet another gorgeous work of poetry.


Margaret Nash on New Poem In between…

Lovely new poem!


Shari Roberts on New Poem –In between…

Another beautifully poignant poem of truth, warning, and encouragement. I love your poems so much but this may be my favorite! Thank you for blessing us all with this gift!

Keep on keepin on being you!


Punam on New Poem –In between…

This struck a chord with me, Scott.


John Lysaght on New Poem –In between…

An insightful rendering of what we all have experienced as being stuck,
going in circles stepping in place, yet finding trust in ourselves and
in the beauty of being alive


Saideh Pakravan on New Poem –In between…

“Such ardent yearning for fertile valleys never once fulfilled…”
Beautiful, thank you Scott. Wishing you well and continued poetry spirit.


Banu Bikarund on New Poem –In between…

Wonderful soul stirring thoughts to ponder on the time we have been granted here… and thanks to you for creating this miasma for us Scott!


John Rachel on New Poem –In between…

In between
The doors
To the known
And the unknown,
This where we can
Get lost altogether

It’s also where we can find ourselves and one another.

Great poem!


Susan Rouchard on New Poem –In between…

So much given and sometimes taken for granted. Time to navigate those doors and take care of others around us. Nature will always survive tragically wasted lives. Thank you Scott for the reminder, hope and compassion of this carefully crafted poem.


Sanaa Rivzi on New Poem –In between…

This is gorgeous, gorgeous writing Scott!


Bjorn Rudberg on New Poem –In between…

I love the way it leaves me feeling uplifted in spirit, to have that yearning is perfect


Shobana Gomes on New Poem –In between…

Beautiful spring, lovely poem, Scott.


Lee San on New Poem –In between…

Yes, seize the chances while we can, but most times we let that opportunities slip by.
Lovely poem, Scott.


Sunaina Sindhwani on New Poem –In between…

In Between, poem says all.
It is such a heart touching and beautiful one .

Thank you Scott for sharing


Jim on New Poem –In between…

Mind our P’s and Q’s and ENJOY!!


Don MacIver on New Poem –Springtime…

Scott, your words, and visuals are such a welcome refuge and promise for better things yet to come in so many ways! While I share in the message, we just got dumped on by two feet of snow this past week (hahaha!); still, your flavourful connection and spirit were not at all lost in its delivery; something truly to look forward to in the days ahead. The metaphorical essence was not lost on this old poet’s mind or enthusiasm! Blessings.


Don MacIver on New Poem –In between…

Truly moving and inspiring, my wonderful friend! I am always excited and so appreciative of your every new release. Your words here move me to a better place, to aspire to more incredible things, and a clear reminder of how delicate the balance in our lives can be. And, too, Scott, to see your words flow with such continuity and focus is most reassuring. Thank you for all the blessings that your written works bestow upon our conscious beings and aspirations.


Katy Jiang on New Poem –In between…

Keep shining Scottie! Beautiful piece of work


Richard on New Poem –In between…

I am pleased to see you use the word “blessing” in this poem.
Each day of life is a blessing. I appreciate your newest work.
~ Richard


Mary Dahl on New Poem –In between…

Beautiful, and full of depth as always, Scott. I am so glad you are back to sharing. This made my day.


Gerri Duval on New Poem –In between…

Beautiful words that really touch our souls. Thank you for sharing . YOU are amazing ~


Mrityunjay Dixit on New Poem –In between…

Oh this is so well written, I liked the analogy of planets circling the sun, you’ve really put serious thought in this poem, it shows in its depth.


Merrill D. Smith on New Poem –In between…

Yes, indeed, we should live life to the fullest as long as we can. Beautifully said, Scott


Magaly Guerrero on New Poem –In between…

I love the idea of a world where we can’t get lost, if we care… I think it would make caring for ourselves, Nature, and others the priority it should be.


William Bain on Springtime…

Very beautiful take on interim spaces–and times… And human smallness in relation.


William Bain on New Poem –In between…

Beautiful observed, very fittingly full of hope!


Gillena Cox on New Poem –In between…

Ah yez. Seize the day we should.


Mahnaz on Springtime…



Mahnaz on New Poem –In between…

Reading this poem,I think,it’s much like an enchanting journey to the heart of secrets where every soul can find everlasting hope.
What a praiseworthy endeavor! Thank you, dear Scott!


Sunaina Sindhwani on New Poem –In between…

In between.. Wow! Everything is in between…
Thank you Scott for sharing a masterpiece ❤️


Marja on New Poem –In between…

Wow inspirational and very beautiful Love it


Rall on New Poem –In between…

A beautiful and positive poem… Lovely to see you posting again…


Hank on New Poem –In between…

The unique and fabulous chances
We’ve been given whilst we still can

Great closing to a wonderful poem Scott! Love it!. It puts a finality to a situational situation in varied instances


Mnargaret Bednar on New Poem –In between…

Yes! Grasp life. Chances are opportunities. LIVE is the lesson here, not just exist.


on New Poem –In between…

Yes! Grasp life. Chances are opportunities. LIVE is the lesson here, not just exist.


Laura Bailey on New Poem –Springtime…

Beautiful thought and photo !


Laura Bailey on New Poem –In between…

Lovely poem with such great Content !
Thank you Scott so very much for sharing the beauty !


Rebecca O’Donnell on New Poem –In between…

You live deep in the heart of all that’s best in Humanity, my friend. What a beautiful poem.


Aria ligi on New Poem –In between…

* In a very Hastian way!


Aria Ligi on New Poem –In between…

This poem has an almost circular quality in that it bookends itself, with its haunting quality in the beginning, almost admonishing, and then at the end reminding the reader that they can still make amends.

“And for that blessing


We must always

Be looking to take

The unique

And fabulous chances

We’ve been given

Whilst we still can.”

There is still hope at the end, which lifts the piece delicately and very Hastian way.


Penelope Notes on New Poem –In between…

I like the soulful note of this piece. Between the known and unknown is where we sit at this very moment in space/time it seems.


Rajani on New Poem –In between…

Whilst we still can… how true that rings!! Somehow between known and unknown we pretend there is a forever.


Laura Bloomsbury on New Poem –In between…

Life itself is a unique and fabulous chance, isn’t it?


Laura Bloomsbury on New Poem –In between…

Love the philosophical voice of the poem – mixing yearning with learning. The pairing of doleful with majesty really struck a chord – A stanza to digest at leisure…


Brendan on New Poem –In between…

Death lets our miasmas be, but we can lift and unfold while there are still words to write it!


Colleen on New Poem –In between…

I’m inspired to take some of those chances!


Tricia Sankey on New Poem –In between…

Great message, and penned so eloquently!


Truedessa on New Poem –In between…

In between those doors can be a tricky place to reside. The positive message at the end reaffirms the need to enjoy life and the gifts it offers.


Grace on New Poem –In between…

Thank you Scott. Love the last stanza which speaks of gratitude for the many blessings while we still can.


Lillian on New Poem on New Poem – In Between…

A beautiful poem. So very glad you posted it to dVerse and especially for our Open Link Night in memoriam of Glenn Buttkus. He was one man who took advantage of all the chances given him….and in his career path, chose special education working with the blind. His was a powerful voice – he would like this poem very much.




  1. Sarah Claudine Day

    While poetry is generally designed to connect us with beauty and emotion, Scott’s work goes beyond that in an important way: it gives readers the feeling that the teller himself is as lovely as the content, and elevates us to a sense that we are privileged to see things through his eyes. As his work gains a wider and wider audience, this phenomenon will become more fully recognized, but perhaps never fully explained.

  2. Your poetry is simply beautiful, energetic, full of wit
    and exuberant vitality.

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