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My poetry looks to positively explore human potential, with an emphasis on love, spiritual growth and self awareness. It is very important to me that my work remains as open, accessible and as simply expressed as possible. My influences vary from the great traditional English visionary romantics through to the distillation of thought and leanness of expression offered by the Japanese haiku tradition, the shining examples of Rilke and Gibran – as well as (being a fully committed free verse poet…) the later technical breakthroughs achieved by leading Scottish concrete poets Ian Hamilton Finlay and Edwin Morgan.



To write and sell poetry at a profit these days is a minor victory and a major achievement. Scott’s words gently unlock and force you to face and look at the world with a little more optimism. There are moments of deep joy and others, which take your breath away with simple incredible honesty”

G. White


Scott Hastie’s verse is sympathetic, humanistic and positively affirmative. Accessibility is the touchstone of all Hastie’s output. The spiritual element in his writing is clear.” 

G.E. Jones


“Scott writes meditative, reflective poetry that is steeped in the traditions of English verse. Concise and richly evocative, he should be widely read.”

R. Godwin


“Via an invisible gilded chain of perception, Scott Hastie generously leads us through an enthusiastic re-invention of the possibilities of new experience. His inspired words bestride the world with such ease, touching the deepest sensibilities of human beings everywhere.”

Sahar Tavakoli




Yolanda Izurieta on New Poem – Like the curiously…

It woke me up! Love deers and your poem is touching my heart.


Sandy Pallen on New Poem – Like the curiously…

Very nice


Nekabari Benson Nwika on New Poem – Like the curiously…

The absolute sum of all
That had gone before…

And down to the shore
The young deer drown in awe

Hahaha… Nice lines Mr Scott


Janice McLaughlin on New Poem – Like the curiously…

Great poem about leaving the best of ourselves behind.


Heather Pendley on New Poem – Like the curiously…

We can all use such nice reminders.


Ismail Rodriguez on New Poem – Like the curiously…

Well written poem. Very beautiful


Malvika Mishra on New Poem – Like the curiously…

I was reading your poems the other day; they are deep, beautiful and extremely spiritual.
I find so much of our Bhagwad Geeta in your poems and it’s amazing how such wise things are worded the same way.




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  1. Sarah Claudine Day

    While poetry is generally designed to connect us with beauty and emotion, Scott’s work goes beyond that in an important way: it gives readers the feeling that the teller himself is as lovely as the content, and elevates us to a sense that we are privileged to see things through his eyes. As his work gains a wider and wider audience, this phenomenon will become more fully recognized, but perhaps never fully explained.

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