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Shari LeKane-Yentumi on New Poem – when in love…

I like the way you compare romantic love to “an eternal kiss of the divine.”  This tells me that you see it as a heavenly gift to be revered.  Later you use the metaphor of the broken heart as a precious porcelain vessel repaired with gold to “glow again, crazed by life, more beautiful than ever before.” This also tells me that you see human love as imperfect and susceptible to pain, but not without remedy and redemption, and the ability to heal and overcome stronger than ever.



Louis Cecile on New Poem – when in love…

The tempo and ease at which the poem interweaves in each verse is very magical. Some good choice of metaphors. I particularly liked Shogun and porcelain vessels link. Love has such an effect on a poet.



Mahnaz Mohafez on Publications

I wish I could read them all since the world of poetry has always  enchanted my soul.



Mahnaz Mohafez on New Poem – when in love…

Great, just like the other times. Scott, this universe with all its greatness caused me to reach this conclusion:God created man for love, to love,to be loved.



Rayleen Western on Recent Writing

Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read something like this before. So nice to find somebody with such beautiful and  original thoughts – Thankyou!



Shriram S on New Poem – breathe and greet…

Lovely poem…esp. the lines ‘At a wind swept bus stop, On some grey rainy day’…how poignant!



Jennifer Mazur Lyall on Every new day

beautiful poem… thanks for sharing and shining xo



J.R. McRae Author on New Poem – breathe and greet…

Like this verse very much –

And in quite a mundane way.

Like a queue of regular folk

At a wind swept bus stop,

On some grey rainy day

That no-one cares for.



Sudakshina Bhattacharjee on Merry Christmas everyone

Indeed. Thank you for such words of wisdom.



Sudakshina Bhattacharjee on New Poem – breathe and greet…

Beautiful things often so simple, like this poem!:)



Clever Oliveira on Publications

Nice website. Very cool content. thank you!!!



Joanny Rowe on Recent Writing

Enjoyed reading several of your writings, especially your most ‘recent writing’



Ron Isaacson on Writing

Hi Scott,

I’m Harper, curator of I’ve visited your site and enjoyed what I saw and read. I’m looking for quotes from writers like you who are passionate about their craft, wordsmiths who have a love affair with the written word and explore their passion.



Lynne Thorson on Merry Christmas everyone

Lovely Scott, wonderful expression.



Claire Crossland on Writing

Such marvellous writing. Scott Hastie is truly extraordinary!



Shari LeKane-Yentumi on Poem – Every new day

The seasonal pictures match the poetic messages of each stanza and reflect universal messages that are both temporal and philosophical.



Shari LeKane-Yentumi on New Poem – within the life…

Gentle words of wisdom and caution are always appreciated by the youthful and naive.  I like that you are seated in a grassy field much like the Greek philosophers would do with their classes.



Shari LeKane-Yentumi on New Poem – within the life

Life is truly a gift.  It is only when we risk losing it that we appreciate what we once had; if we are given another chance, we see life through a different lens, and the faith in possibilities, in becoming more than ourselves, in the goodness of others, is a precious potential.



Cecile Ivieira on Merry Christmas everyone

Awesome website to read.I visit every day…



Mahnaz Mohafez on Every new day

Very nice! Fascinating indeed.



Maria Wheatley on Merry Christmas everyone

Yuletide greetings for the solstice. I’m sure this lot is more true than the world actually ending and no longer existing. Great minds think alike:)Have a great yule/Christmas/anything else celebrated this season and may 2013 bring us all enlightment.



Dr) Jelka Samsom on New Poem – breathe and greet…

There’s a “seed of self belief” in each and every one of us, even when we are filled with despair at times. If only we could all allow this little, tiny seed to grow inside of us and let us believe we are worthwhile…

Thank you, Scott!



(Dr) Jelka Samsom on Merry Christmas everyone

Oops, written on the 20th of December 2012 but I sense a different spirit coming too, a more joyous one!

Love and Light!



Milan Schmotzer on New Poem – breathe and greet…

Beautiful poem, my dear friend. But I feel a little more. Perceive music all the time when reading. Just smile.:-)

Beginning to understand. No longer have to wait. No longer need to be hoped.

When the time comes, I’ll be there.



Mahnaz Mohafez on New Poem – within the life…

Great! I enjoyed reading it.



Milan Schmotzer on New Poem – a busy city…

Your poetry indeed has a high degree of spirituality for people who are hungry for wisdom. Without love, without a feeling of our joy, happiness and goodness our souls will be lost. As you say: “Gifted by love, By light shared with others.”

“Light of love remains inside us and we can use it for healing the world. (It) does not matter who is doing what. He/she can shine.” Milan Schmotzer.



Milan Schmotzer on Writing

How nice, Scott,

I feel that it is your true feeling: “I am looking to speak to your soul”



Rochelle Soetan on New Poem – a busy city…

Scott, I must say that each time I read this poem, I become amazed all over again at its scope of simplicity – yet relevance. Our apprehensions of connecting with the unknown, learning to embrace the power of our NOW, a reservoir of brief moments in time we call “living,” …..however significant, we should seize these moments – as they are as they should be. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your “view” from a distance.



Mahnaz Mohafez on Writing

God bless you, Scott! Your poems are more than great.



Julie O’Yang on New poem – life collects…

Scott, let me try if this works after several failed attempts to post a comment. I think this one might be my favourite… History between the toes, as if I could hear the slumping geography.



Julie O’Yang on The edge of Chipperfield Common in winter

This is your photography?

Scott: Yes Julie, thanks for asking – the colour photography is entirely mine, taken on my trusty old Canon which has literally been all round the world with me now… The B&W author avatar shots were all taken on the one promo shoot this summer by Neil Stephenson, Creative Director of RayGun Industries, who put together this web site and also host it for me in the UK.



Jacqueline Lao on Publications

The world hungers for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. At all times go after your heart.



Maria Wheatley on New Poem – with joy…

This is beautiful. Truly touching.



Maria Wheatley on The edge of Chipperfield Common in winter

Lovely image. I love the way the light comes through the trees.



Mahnaz Mohafez on New Poem – with joy…




Mahnaz Mohafez on New poem – life collects…

God! How great you are! It’s wonderful!



Marika O’Baire Kark on New poem – life collects…

Dear Scott:  I enjoy your work. I love your opening line.  Yet, as a response, there seems to be a rhythm that is off.  I am not sure what it is without counting out syllables, or reading aloud for sibilance. I agree with you that readers and comments are very important to our work and that revision never seems to be done.  Sometimes we decide we like our pieces the way they are.  I am just beginning to read your work and am wondering if you would like to get more “out there” – nongrammatical, unchained by sentences, and outrageous.  Just wondering.  Marika

Scott: Thanks very much for your thoughts, Marika. I’ve had a look at this and think you could well be right. To me the words flow OK, as the poem opens, but I think I may have oversimplified with line breaks and a break for a second stanza. I have now adjusted so that 7-5-7-5 syllable pattern to open the poem is more explicit and becomes more naturally musical again, as one stanza? Let me know what you think…

As for being more “out there” thanks for planting that seed in my mind and I will that carry with me for a while, when approaching new beginnings and see what happens!



SL Morgan on New Poem – with joy…

Absolutely Beautiful & Inspiring!!!! Love this!!!



Mahnaz Mohafez on Recent Writing

I was impressed by these magical words , Scott. Wish you the best in your life!



Mahnaz Mohafez on New Poem – needing love…

Wonderful! Wish you happiness wherever you are.



Laura Laveglia on Recent Writing

Scott, I have only read two of your poems so far and I must say they are beautiful and well written. You are a talented poet!



Marika O’Baire Kark on Writing

Your website is beautiful. I enjoyed reading your poetry available here and will make comments.

Thank you, Scott for your beautiful work that definitely inspires me!



Linda Carme on New Poem – on the high road…

I loved this poem, it helped me a lot and I am really grateful to you. Thankyou so much for your beautiful insights.



Cecile Iviera on New poem – However beautiful…

I love this site, very deep and meaningful work.



Kim Supra on New Poem – however beautiful…

Some really wonderful poems on this  web site , thankyou so much.



Bebe Hapibo on Ta Phrom, Cambodia

Truly, you are my inspiration. “The soul that is within me no man can degrade.”



Judi Donahue on Great Pyramid – son et lumiere

Giza pyramid is not death star, it is visual science communication…in its original creation it was reflective thus Mirror of Heaven… Super volcanic looking reflectivity is ONLY ONE thing…The reflective vapor made in stratosphere by super volcanoes,,, reflects the sun back to heaven,,, cools earth….coincidentally it is also the ONLY thing that will stop 2012 solar flare! Not maybe death ray with no reason, to kill enemies long dead….Rather a message how to save a planet in the future from predicted annihilation…like the sphinx riddle…if we get the right answer we live!



Dr. Shardanand Tiwary on Recent Writing

Dear Scott,

“The experience of age is in your every move, Your every thought, your every instinct, Each breath you take.”

And I found it, felt it in every poem you have written, In every stanza, in every line, Even in every word!

May God bless you in every walk of your life! – Shardanand.



Lou Lou Parkin on Great Pyramid – son et lumiere

Good things here, so sexy!



Melissa Mantro on New poem – However beautiful…

I have never read anything like this before, it is beautiful.



Val B Russell on New poem – However beautiful…

It’s interesting where you’ve placed the lines on the page; spacing and size of stanzas specifically. I’m always fascinated by the way a poet will emphasize certain lines or stress particular words. This is clearly inspired and tells a passionate story. Lovely.



Annie O’Brien on New poem – However beautiful…

Your work pierced the core of my being and echoed around the hallowness within.



Susan Shuman on Reader Comments

Beautiful website! Your work is incredible. Thank you for sharing.



Elizabeth Mastin on Desert view of Pyramids at Giza and Poem – to kiss the fruit…

Scott, the civilizations of the past are extremely intriguing. I get to visit Mayan ruins every January and I feel much wonder. I think it is good to stay open to past peoples and cultures. I mourn for the native Americans and their loss in my country.”They were respectul of nature, to such high degree. I enjoyed your poem which begins “To kiss the fruit.” I am also very particularly fond of nature.



Yasmin Anderson-Smith on Reader Comments

How amazingly beautiful is your work! The photographs are so inspiring and inviting. Especially love the picures of the pyraminds. Missed a chance to connect with you during my visit to London ths summer. Keep up the good work.



Beverley Golden on New Poem – be you…

Yes to awakening each day and remembering that we have the possibility to infuse it “With good fortune and opportunity” regardless of the circumstances or what happened yesterday.  Lovely images here Scott.



Beverley Golden on Great Pyramid and Sphinx at Giza

Wonderful photo!  Looks like you had an amazing experience here.:)



Vanessa Toig on – New Poem – it was always there…

Extraordinary! I definitely love you!



Banu Bidarkund on New poem – be you…

Amazing site.and an insightful poem.

enjoyed reading it very much.Thanks Scott



Banu Bidarkund on New poem – However beautiful…

Wonderful thoughts.



Attendra Seboe on Bikers Rally in Glendale

I was very pleased to find this web-site. I appreciate all your positive energy Scott, your images and for such a great read! I definitely enjoyed each and every small dose of your writing and I have you bookmarked you, so I can take a look at any new stuff you post.



Issy Monclaire on New poem – However beautiful…




Angie Merriam on Recent Writing

Beautiful and touching. You truly have a talent for conveying words in a lovely and eloquent manner. Love it! Bravo!



Anne M. Beggs on New poem – However beautiful…

Lovely, evocative.  As an American I did have to look up ‘smelt’.  Keep my synapses sparking!  I will look forward to more.



Dread man on New Poem – the perpetual riddle…

Very good.Thank you very much



Micki Peluso on New poem – However beautiful…

Scott, I love your entire website. You a most gifted poet, with work well-crafted, expressing emotion in a flowing, intimate way–thanks for sharing it.



Laura Laveglia on New poem – However beautiful…

When I read “However Beautiful” I felt as though I was being whisked away to heaven.  Excellent writing my friend!



Laura Laveglia on New Poem – be you…

Your new poem “Be You” is just enchanting and beautiful!



Laura Laveglia on Tropical Butterfly,Chiswell Green

Spectacular picture.  I love nature!  I fact one of my hobbies is taking nature pictures!



(Dr) Jelka Samsom on New poem – However beautiful…

Scott, this, to me, is a refined and beautifully written poem of an instant feeling of a deep spiritual connection between strangers.

I love it!



Catharine Otto on New poem – However beautiful…

This is a very profound and well crafted poem, like a little jewel. So aptly expresses that feeling of being in love with a soul-mate. I love the inspirational words on the website’s masthead as well.



Mahnaz Mohafez on New poem – However beautiful…

Very Fascinating,I found it a reflection of your sincere emotions. Thank you Scott!



Vinita Agrawal on New Poem – be you…

Scott, your poems personify optimism! They are so dynamic, so positive, that one can’t help but  feel a new lease of life on reading them.  What I admire about your writing is the infinite core of energy in your heart-from where your words must surely stem! A rare quality indeed!



Vinita Agrawal on Image  The Great Pyramid at night




Vinita Agrawal on Great Pyramid and Sphinx at Giza

Great pic! Looks as though the sphinx will turn its head and look me in the eye any minute…:)



Deb Thompson on New Poem – be you…

Beautifully done, Scott – very emotive, wise and touching.  As always, greatly enjoyed and inspirational to me.



Mahnaz Mohafez on Another amazing sunset at home

It is a reflection of its creator’s power. Marvellous!



Mahnaz Mohafez on New Poem – on the high road…

Told myself when On the way to my dreams Take care girl, life is not so easy as it seems Never hesitate to choose the right one You are always the winner, please go on…

Thank you Scott!



Mahnaz Mohafez on New poem – sometime illuminations…

Very Nice! thank you Scott!



Mahnaz Mohafez on New Poem – be you…

Scott,what a pure emotion you depicted in this poem. I like it.



Mahnaz Mohafez on Great Pyramid and Sphinx at Giza




(Dr) Jelka Samsom on New Poem – be you…

“Gaze back and see a fluid pattern”. personally I agree with you completely, Scott, and beautifully said!

We all make mistakes but, hey, who doesn’t?

Being able to admit you made them, that’s even more important, I think.



Rochelle Soetan on New Poem – be you…

“A lover…storyboard…inspirations and ecstasies…And with it its tithe, both in its glory, and ultimately its tax upon you for life’s bequest.”  Magnificent Melodies!



Priya on New Poem – be you…

All poems by Scott are so beautifully written that sometimes i think what should i say in praise. Inspirational most certainly!

“Remember that everyday you still awake, With good fortune and opportunity, To the gathering warmth of a new day.” These lines are so true, unfortunately, not everyone realizes their good fortune.



Maria Wheatley on New Poem – be you…

This is beautiful.



Ronee Henson on New Poem – be you…

Love it!! Thank you…..



Jelka on New Poem – on the high road…

“The glimmer of a chance to shine”

An extraordinary delicate final sentence, which sums up the contents of a non-sentimental and yet hopeful poem.

Thank you, Scott.



Phyliss on New Poem – yes, our blood

Its like you read my mind!



Nancie on Image – Dehli, India

Greetings from Ohio! I’m bored to death at work so I decided to browse your site on my iphone during lunch break. Anyhow, amazing site!



Donya on Another amazing sunset at home

I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your blog.  Did you hire out a developer to create your theme? Fantastic work!



Maria Wheatley on New Poem – what are we…

Beautiful. So much feeling in this.



Rae on Recent Writing

Unbelievable. I swear on my life These are by far the most captivating words of art I have ever read. Apologies if that sounds a little exaggerated, but it’s honest and only way to express my opinion. Amazing Scott. Truly amazing.



Amedar Consulting on Publications

You could certainly see your skills within the work you write. The arena hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. Always follow your heart. “The most profound joy has more of gravity than of gaiety in it.” by Michel de Montaigne.



Reham Saeed on Scott Hastie

The poems, those words are so beautiful, so vivid and mind-tickling. Your photos are quite lovely. A lot of color and contrast makes for a lovely photograph and they’re beautiful I must say. Although your poems are what really touch my soul. I mean that.



Michael O’Dwyer on Bikers Rally in Glendale, USA

Looks interesting, Scott. Bikers often have a bad reputation but I have found this to be completely unfounded in my travels.



Michael O’Dwyer on New Poem – on the high road…

Excellent stuff, Scott. I have absolutely no talent for poetry but you seem to sum up my thoughts on my freelance activities in the lines quoted below. I can be lazy when it comes to seeking new clients;-)

“Not stolen from us

By any illusion of cruel fate

Or malign third party,

Wasted only by lethargy

And an appetite for self indulgence.”



Rochelle Soltean on Publications

Looking forward to reading your collection of offerings!  Love & Light, R



Rochelle Soltean on New Poem – on the high road…

Scott, you have managed to incapsulate the full meaning of life here.  The articulation of this poem is commanding, however lucid. It is beautiful.  It is reflective of us all.  It is real.  Thanks for sharing!



Louise Manjaji on Writing

I want to say that your poems indicate a keen sense of awareness of self and surrounding and speak so gently to the reader, inspiring trust.



Priyanka Sharma on Recent Writing

I read your poems. They are so beautifully written. Loved them all!



Luigi on Writing

Your post Writing is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards



Ronee Henson on New poem – Every new day

Scott, you are a kindred spirit…. You write about the things I feel. I’ve enjoyed reading your poetry, very much! Keep dreaming….keep writing….keep communicating.



Alexandria Infante on Downtown Cairo

I would love to see more photos. I live, breathe Egyptian mythology.



Gilda Evans on New Poem – on the high road…

Lovely, Scott.  Ah, to live a courageous life with little or no regrets…always moving forward, taking along the lessons without the baggage.  An inspiration to us all!



Christine Ghobrial on Downtown Cairo

Aaaaah I know the place!!! Egyptians =) I love Egypt I hope you were treated real well!!!



Sarah Mallory on Poem – Every new day

Particularly love your line, “Even the bird chatter at dawn”. Great image!



Geraldine Williams on Writing

I think your website is excellently presented, with pictures and poetry combination very suitable for style you are trying to portray. I wish you well Scott and continued success in your writing.



Lisa Newing on New Poem – on the high road…

Really is a true reflection of life, an illustration that you must live life to the full and live with no regrets x



Lisa Newing on Tribeswomen in Kenya

Brings back so many amazing memeories from travelling round Kenya. This is the perfect photo, you have captured Kenya perfectively xx



Sorhaula on New poem – Age gathers, colludes...

I love this!



Telsa Gillborn on New Poem – on the high road…

Fantastic Poem, very thought provoking, time for reflection on my own life journey so far.



sondra kelly-green on  New Poem – and still the darkness…

What a palpable sense of hope.  This poem leaves one’s soul/psyche as close to death as to life.  Masterful!  Thank you, Scott.



juicy couture daydreamer on Recent Writing

Wow that was odd. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again. Regardless, just wanted to say superb blog!



Lynne on New Poem – and still the darkness…

Love this poem – beautiful. Poignant without being melancholy.



Lynne on Recent Writing

So pleased that you are writing again – some made me hurry on, some made me pause and read them again, one caused a tear.



Alan Summers on New Poem – Bulstrode… 

I enjoyed this poem very much.



Deb Thompson on Another amazing sunset at home

I have just spent some time devouring your poetry. It moves my soul…



Emily Beck on Recent Writing

They are all such inspirational poems in their own way! I really like the poem that starts ‘A busy city”. Its something I can relate to. It’s funny how a smile from a stranger can make such a big difference to your day. This is how it should be! And if only it happened more often, the world would be a much brighter place.



Christine Morris on New Poem – a busy city

I love the first part of this poem (ending with “this is as it should be”). How many times have we been lost in a crowd of people only to suddenly make eye contact with one person. It leaves so many questions unanswered. Who are you? What is your life like? What are your thoughts in that fleeting moment of contact? The whole poem has made me think about how insular we all are, living in our own bubble, heads down. What a different life it would be if we just looked, head up, and smiled!



Debbie Stirling on New Poem – Marks are made…

I do believe that the “marks” we make  are significant , throughout history it is the marks in various art forms that tell the stories that touch us now. The drive to create and leave something behind is one of the kindest motives, believing you have something to share or pass on to those you leave behind. I am so glad the people no longer in my life have left their little marks ! Never to be forgotten ! But I guess you are saying it is not just the tangible stuff that remains but the spirit too?

Scott:  Yes, exactly – just a reminder of sorts that those (and maybe especially those!) whose humility perhaps discourages them from ever deliberately leaving behind any finite talisman of their own, can also – just by being who they are and honestly giving what they can – unconsciously create/bequeath us plenty that is precious, enduring and magical, whenever their heart sings true…



Debbie Stirling on New Poem – what are we…

This is so beautiful ! The last two paragraphs are SO true ! With all the pain life brings , those moments are surely what we all strive for ? Thank you x

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