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  1. Scott’s writing is both beautiful & inspirational. His words have the ability to encourage all who seek beauty in all that surround us…

  2. Scott’s work is wonderfully surreal, motivational and well crafted!

  3. Nivedita Yohana

    Your poems reach out to people all across the globe and allow people to indulge in your wisdom and in all your beautiful stream words, from which emanate such a telling profundity that already defines your poetry as belonging to the classics.

    And how rare is it to find such true creative luminosity in a post and neo post modern world so dominated by deconstruction, meta-narrative, historiography and high sounding, but superficial new age philosophical and spiritual camp… In sublime contrast you directly defy all the conventions of modern day dilution of artistic sensibilities, reaching out directly to the heart and soul of all your readers who so obviously and enthusiastically hunger for your work’s purpose.

  4. Bryon Smith

    Your website is stunning. Very well put together.

  5. Your style of writing is not only outstanding, but stunning and engaging as well.

  6. Nick Howe

    Poetry can be very demanding on both the reader and the writer to make a connection; as can be seen from the other comments, Scott is able to bridge that divide.

  7. Scott is a wonderful poet. The lyrical voice and emotion in his work is lovely.

  8. Hi Scott, I met you via LinkedIn and I was wondering about posting your poem about Grace–sharing it with my followers and OF COURSE linking you and giving you credit. I think it’s breath-taking.
    (either on my PTSD blog http://ptsdcreativewriting.com or my main literary blog http://amyjosprague.wordpress.com )
    thanks, totally cool if not

  9. Scott ~ your writing is compelling and your website, very engaging. I’ve posted it on my social network pages and wish you every success.

  10. Dear Scottie brother new friend, poet and excellent writer. I am a young man still rising. I am humbled with your excellent way of using words. You have a mesmerizing art of words. You are committed and dedicated to your work. You inspire and whisper in us maturity and true literary fellowship.

  11. Hello Scott, I just read some of your Beautiful Poetry. Your words are Beautifully connected.
    Love how distance to closure each word has. Beautifully written look forward to coming back & reading more.

  12. Scott Hastie has an innate internal instinct which flows through his published works, bringing each piece to the most eloquent, heart-rendering place of balance and light. Each poem fills a void, enlightens and inspires to the most positive end, a place that most of us would dearly love to be at any time in our lives.
    Scott’s acclaim is most worthy; I have loved his work for many years! We are blessed to have experienced his poetry for the moving and highly engaging, healing, and resonant beauty his articulate and profound artistic expressions convey.

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