In terms of teaching creative writing, I offer anything from either on-line support/advice and one day ‘one to one’ guided mentoring/workshop sessions – through to group work, lectures, feature interviews and presentations.

By arrangement, I can sometimes also be available for school and college visits, as well as campus tours, both here in the UK and abroad.

Already trained and examined as a Personal Trainer to REP Level 2, some years ago now, I developed life coaching theories and personal practice in the following areas that I am happy to share, either in individual or group contexts:

Fitness, deep breathing techniques, cardio exercise & running
Massage, body balance & well being
Stress management
Advanced Meditation Techniques
Spiritual awareness

Since 2020, I have developed a structured five step ALIVE AGAIN!  ‘one to one’ guided programme, designed to help anyone blossom out towards optimum well being and transform their life’s potential.

Programme 1 – Stretching & Breathing – morning workout (Video)

Programme 2 – Body Assessment: Alignment, Balance & Stress Points

Programme 3 – Cardio Workout Routines

Programme 4 – Lifestyle Reveal & Analysis, inc. all aspects of Nutrition

Programme 5 – Advanced Meditation

+ Healing for specific issues that surface during any point in the Programme


If you feel I may have something to offer you, feel free to contact me directly to discuss your needs/interests and what might be possible.


Additionally, I have now also undertaken certified training in the practice of Pranic Healing by The Institute of Pranic Healing (UK & Ireland) to an Advanced Level, with further specialised certified training focused specifically on Psychotherapeutic applications.

For more information about Pranic Healing and what I am be able to offer you, please go straight to the Pranic Healing page on this site.



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