New poem – Remember…

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New poem – Remember…



All we spoke of

And all you shared

Of yourself.


How it warmed me so….


And, as you left me

In that sun-lit meadow,

The whispers

Of all we spilt together

Trailed on behind you.


A lingering impression

Within which

All that was meant to be

Had been realised.


So vivid

And illuminating

In the moment.


This, our one-time bond,

Our passion for life

Fully expressed.


And whatever

This might well

Have cost us,

My love,

Its lingering presence

In our hearts

Soon becomes our refuge.


Soft pillows

Of glorious truth.

New poem – What a slender…

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New poem – What a slender…


What a slender tightrope

It is we tread

Between disgrace

And redemption.


When, such as we are,

And, but for our fear,

We know ourselves

Capable of deeds

Most glorious

And most terrible too.


Best not to dwell

On this though,

Nor on the notion

Of restraint

For that matter!


Our eager spirits

Already dimmed

Too often

By notions

Of just such

A pyrrhic triumph.


Steeped as we are

In tired convention

And the cumulative

Wisdom of the hesitant

That habitually cramp

The moment,

Leaving behind them

Only endless echoes

Of wasteful insignificance.


Rather, for me,

In pivotal moments

Such as this,

I cannot help but smile,

Keeping these,

The best of my hopes

And my dreams, alive.


Whilst, all the while,

The air fills illicitly

With the heady perfume

Of choice.

New poem – In between…

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New poem – In between…














In between

The doors

To the known

And the unknown,

This where we can

Get lost altogether,

If we don’t take care.


Our spirit

Destined to wither,

If we hesitate

And let this miasma be.


See how

So many planets


Circle their sun,

Such ardent yearning

For fertile valleys

Never once fulfilled!


Truly, in the shadow

Of such doleful majesty,

We are forever young!


And for that blessing


We must always

Be looking to take

The unique

And fabulous chances

We’ve been given

Whilst we still can.



New Poem – by dint…

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New Poem – by dint…


By dint of

So many undulations

Of faith, of mettle,

Of resolve

On the surface of this,

Our mortal struggle.


What finely tuned


There is already

In the story,

The pattern,

The textured travail

Of our lives.


As if encoded


On some shiny

Lacquered disc.


Such that

One could imagine

We might well

Be tempted one day

To gather up

Some vast audience

And sing our hearts out.


But why

Should we

Ever need to,

My friend?


When all we love

We have given

Our hearts to…


All we honour

And still hold to be true…


Will still ring out

So loudly,

Long after we’ve gone.