New Poem – An old view seen anew…

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New Poem – An old view seen anew…

An old view

Seen anew.



In morning perfection,

The illusion


Improves everything,

When fervour’s a resource

Used all too sparingly

And there’s

So much wonder

Out there

To even ruffle the surface of.


How often

Do we turn away though?

Timid, as we are.


And without such sparks

Time can pass by,

Like an empty whisper,

Meaningless and negligent.


Till, all at once,

There you have it,

Pulsing within you,

The day of days!


Whatever else

Might come your way,

This you will always know.


Never rewarded thus

Unless you sing so.

New Poem – Like some flutter…

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New Poem – Like some flutter…




Like some flutter

Of a fishing line,

Whose glistening hook

You’ve already

Been caught upon,

Don’t ever look to

Undervalue suffering

When it comes to visit.


Equal as it is

To any kinder, softer,

Sweeter experience.


For, taken altogether,

This is how

We are nourished,

How we grow into

The glorious spaces

In between.


Till some vital sense

Of mystery

Is at last dissolved,

The sun glints again

Through the forest

And our hearts are captured

In a blaze of  joy

And aching melancholy,

Like a memory of heaven.


From that moment on,

We become seekers.


And see how often

We lay down

To make beauty.

Then let it all go again



Trusting that these,

Our devotions,

Will somehow

Always endure.


With an acknowledgement to Peter Mattheissen

New Poem – For Dylan Thomas…

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New Poem – For Dylan Thomas…



“And death shall have no dominion”

Given all we are born to

In this gorgeous sunlit bower,

Whatever bonds we forge,

Even as charmed infants,

Or the more teasing passions

We might uncover later

In this deliciously viscous,

Verdant world,

They all come from this.


Our chance of flesh and blood

And there’s no coming back

From that,

Nor should there be.


For any alternative

Would be impossibly dry,

Like dancing endlessly

With tattered ghosts

Already decomposing

Before your very eyes;

The defeated drunk at the bar,

A broken hearted

Chalice of dreams,

As dry as dust…


And God knows!

Tis precisely

Such a luscious procession

Of fruitful opportunity

That keeps us aglow.



So, as one long,

Lazy summer’s day

Chases on another,

Let us indulge ourselves

As kings and queens of the moment.


Quaff deeply of all that is on offer

And in loving increments

Fill our vessel to the brim.


And surely,

Better by far to live like this?

As if without a care,

In good faith too,

Whilst our spirits are still eager

And bodies abundantly charged.


Knowing that when these,

The best of our glorious days

Have been and gone,

Then to sleep contentedly

With angels

Is all we could ever wish for.





New Poem – Passing….

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New Poem – Passing….




So often fruitlessly,

Through all the doors

To desire in life,

Far finer, faraway prizes

Twist and tease still,

Like runaway kites

Caught up

In a storm of being

That only more mindfulness

Can becalm.


Oh, for an end

To such struggles.

And with kind devotion

Comes just that.


An embrace

Of perfect peace

That never fails

To usher in

Its own mysteriously

Unforeseen reward.


Blanket upon blanket

Of selflessness,

Nestled now securely

In the glowing casket

Of your soul.

Where, deep therein forever,

Lies the warmest

And truest of dividends.


The lingering presence

Of love

Beneath the fragile,

Needy contours of us all.

New poem – We are all prophets…

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New poem – We are all prophets…



We are all prophets

Of our own existence

Are we not?


And come what may,

Tis always

Such noble ambition

To leave telling traces

Of ourselves

Wherever we can.


Thus do all our lives


An enduring tapestry

Of pointed moments,

Albeit seeded with loss,

The ache of which will pass

Whilst such sweet emotion



See how potently

That narrative runs on!


And to guide us on our way,

Amidst the endless sway

Of needs and desire,

Delicate patterns made,

Filigrees of real meaning.


The absolute truth

Of raw emotions

Etched on our heart,

Left behind,


As pathways to tomorrow.

A touching review of ‘Threads’ by Deborah Hodge

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A touching review of ‘Threads’ by Deborah Hodge

Sex Image

Oh, that mankind would love and finally understand each other…


This book is a true masterpiece.

Scott pours over every letter and syllable, breathing in their meaning conveying the essence of time itself.

What strikes me about his work, is that if humanity lived in tune with their souls as this, we would have an end to war, hunger poverty and distress. Mankind would love and finally understand each other.

The contents of this book are timeless and here is a significant wordsmith of the 21st century.

I liken his spirit whispering to the sweet essence of Toni Morrison and the pieces are steeped in culture, both ancient and modern.

Life stood still for a while whilst I read this. Threads brings together the essence of our souls and at last gives meaning. I cannot recommend this enough.