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My poetry looks to positively explore human potential, with an emphasis on love, spiritual growth and self awareness. It is very important to me that my work remains as open, accessible and as simply expressed as possible. My influences vary from the great traditional English visionary romantics through to the distillation of thought and leanness of expression offered by the Japanese haiku tradition, the shining examples of Rilke, Eliot and Gibran – as well as  the later technical breakthroughs achieved by leading Scottish concrete poets Ian Hamilton Finlay and Edwin Morgan.

Here are examples of more recent work, not as yet  available in a printed collection…


See how

We find ourselves

On the very cusp

Of learning

How it’s the experience

Of just being here,

Joyfully in the moment,

That dissolves

Any disconnect.


As we meld together,

Again and again,

In our own self-made

Shafts of sunlight

That can so easily

Survive succumbing

To any melancholy

Along the way.


And with

The very best

Of intentions too.

At least, in our hearts,

Having been this once

To heaven!


How you bless me still…


For what is it

We’ll ever leave

Behind us in the end?


If it is not the best

Of ourselves

In each other.



Striking isn’t it?

How the joyous

Always reveal

Something fresh

And glorious

About themselves.


Illusions of vulnerability

Evaporated by pure spirit.


Just as it was that day

You kissed someone.

And for

The very first time

They truly kissed you back.


This then the beauty

Of being alive,

Pared down

To its very essentials.


Its trigger point.




Pain passes,

Whilst true joy



And with that certainty

Comes the bittersweet


Of another new dawn.


The re-making of everything,

The coming again of the light.


And so it is,

Each and every day.

Be it in the persistently

Joyful call

Of a lark at daybreak,

Or the lingering odour

From some foraging fox

The night before.


It’s at times like this,

The world grows modest.


Seems to shrink down

And, when savoured

Close to, intensifies

To such singular peaks

Of curious intimacy

That somehow embody

All that matters.


Remember that glorious

Moonlit swim?

Or the time, one pungent

And luminous

Late summers afternoon,

We ran so freely

Across the broad slope

Of the farmer’s

Newly harvested field,

Like wild horses forever.


We claimed those moments

For ourselves, didn’t we?



I can still recall how

It was the best feeling

In the world,

The first time

You asked me how I was,

As if it was the only thing

That mattered to you.


And at last,

Unfettered as we are,

See how far

We’ve come since.


Such again

Is the promise

Of tomorrow,

If we can be

Who we should be.


All we’ve since come

To hold dear

Adding real weight

To this, the onward journey

Of our souls.


A choice

To which we first

Exposed ourselves

In that precious moment,

Beyond any imperative

Of staying secure.


It was how

We bridged that gap.


And now, for sure my love,

We’ll know of the angels

When they come for us…



Come what may,

Good days and bad,

Ancient seeds

Of inbred fear

And lust to be



Shoot forth

With evolutionary purpose,

An illusion of progress

It’s hard to shake off.


Oh, that we had learnt!

Kept much closer

To mind,

All we and our forbears

Have since seen

Play out here.


The lessons of the past

Repeatedly urging

Upon us

A far more generous,

More forgiving,

Less acquisitive

Pattern of being.


And all the while,


The brooding moon,

An erosion of emotions

And ambition

Already misspent,

Leak into sorrow

And wastefulness.


But wait!

In our hearts

A far kinder dream

Speaks to us still,


It’s shape

Belongs to heaven.


Oh, that we could ever

Acquire the humility,

The lift of true grace

To claim it,

More courageously,

Here and now.



Whatever doubts

We might have

Of ourselves.

Such as we are,

We are capable

Of so much.


But perhaps,

Loving you as I did,

All too briefly

And in wonderful rallies,

If only I’d had the chance

To be more constant,

To cup

The very essence

Of your heartache,

Your sadness.


As if I were truly

Inside you myself.

And had the chance

To feel this too,

Also your glory.


So yes, these days,

The deeper regrets

Always gather,

As they will,

Much more around

What has been left

As yet unacknowledged,

Than ever they do

About sacred chances

Taken, even fitfully,

Such as this.


As Breathless,

I stand in the midst

Of your beauty still.




And sway in spirit,

As we sometimes


Our souls still touch.


And, year on year,

As the bonds

We’ve fashioned so

Begin to coil

And circle

Ever closer around us,

One cannot help

But notice

That ultimately

It’s the intimacy

That matters.


And when

We are together thus

Once more,

How elastic

Our existence



The indelible presence

Of precious times

Gone by.


Aglow again

In the promise

Of so many fresh blooms

Still to come.



Time is forever short,

When your world

Can turn in a second.

And everything,

Frail or not,

Be irreversibly

Swept away.


Yet, all the while,


By a gaze

That’s like

A soothing balm

To any such outcome.


We cannot help,

But reach

For comfort,

For purpose, for meaning.



An unending aspiration

To make the world



Which is,

In itself,

A rebellion

Against waste.


After all,

From the soiled earth

Fresh flowerings

Will come.


And in their

Glorious wake,

A re-energised belief

In redemption,

True beauty.


Life seen afresh

In iridescent

Colours of promise,

Long since hewn

From an abandoned sky.



Set against

A cavernously


Star-lit sky.


Consider your life,

As it is now…

The hollowed out


Of what was once

To be.


And marvel

At how


Can still fly!


What a wonder

And a great comfort

That is too.


Down here,

On this kind

Soft earth,


Each and every day,

Light fades

And the dark night

Still gathers up

Her fathomlessly

Sequined skirts

Around you.



Life is suffering

Speckled with joy.


So treasure it

When that blessing comes.


Bringing with it,

As it does,

A nourishment

That’s so rich,

So intense,

You could run a knife

Through it,

Like a slab of butter.


A sacred hamper

Of hope then,

For far tougher days


When storms

A plenty

Will, once again,

Seem to chide us so.


Yet surely

We’ve all lived

Long enough

To know

There’s no such thing

As mere coincidence.


Feeble creatures

As we are,

Somehow mysteriously

Never quite able

To see round the corner.


For whatever injury

And despair

We might inflict

Upon our world,

Nature has its own acumen,

Its own steady intent

And will show us

The way back home,

If we allow it to.



The spark

In a void,

Once only a shell.


A curl,

A husk of life,

A chrysalis

Waiting to burst.




A morning look

That welcomes


No sour or arid

Sleep now.


Such rising spirit

A swelling mound,

A fine, fresh

Moist prominence

Of sorts,

Eager to receive

Such gain.


Pressing, breasting,


To leave its mark.


And yes,

We all leave

Such stains,

Such energies

Behind us,

For there’s

No other way

To be generous here.


Giving back


At our own expense

Into a rinsing bowl

Of tears.


The sparkle

Of our dreams

Caught threadbare,

Between the cracks.


Come what may,

Good days and bad,

Ancient seeds

Of inbred fear

And lust to be



Shoot forth

With evolutionary purpose,

An illusion of progress

It’s hard to shake off.


Oh, that we had learnt!


Kept much closer

To mind,

All we and our forbears

Have since seen

Play out here.


The lessons of the past

Repeatedly urging

Upon us

A far more generous,

More forgiving,

Less acquisitive

Pattern of being.


And all the while,


The brooding moon,

An erosion of emotions

And ambition

Already misspent,

Leak into sorrow

And wastefulness.


But wait!

In our hearts

A far kinder dream

Speaks to us still,


It’s shape

Belongs to heaven.


Oh, that we could ever

Acquire the humility,

The lift of true grace

To claim this vision

More courageously,

Here and now.



By dint of

So many undulations

Of faith, of mettle,

Of resolve

On the surface of this,

Our mortal struggle.


What finely tuned


There is already

In the story,

The pattern,

The textured travail

Of our lives.


As if encoded


On some shiny

Lacquered disc.


Such that

One could imagine

We might well

Be tempted one day

To gather up

Some vast audience

And sing our hearts out.


But why

Should we

Ever need to,

My friend?


When all we love

We have given

Our hearts to…


All we honour

And still hold to be true…


Will still ring out

So loudly,

Long after we’ve gone.



In between

The doors

To the known

And the unknown,

This where we can

Get lost altogether,

If we don’t take care.


Our spirit

Destined to wither,

If we hesitate

And let this miasma be.


See how

So many planets


Circle their sun,

Such ardent yearning

For fertile valleys

Never once fulfilled!


Truly, in the shadow

Of such doleful majesty,

We are forever young!


And for that blessing


We must always

Be looking to take

The unique

And fabulous chances

We’ve been given

Whilst we still can.




All we spoke of

And all you shared

Of yourself.


How it warmed me so….


And, as you left me

In that sun-lit meadow,

The whispers

Of all we spilt together

Trailed on behind you.


A lingering impression

Within which

All that was meant to be

Had been realised.


So vivid

And illuminating

In the moment.


This, our one-time bond,

Our passion for life

Fully expressed.


And whatever

This might well

Have cost us,

My love,

Its lingering presence

In our hearts

Soon becomes our refuge.


Soft pillows

Of glorious truth.



My life

Founded on

Quicksand it seems.


And oft so.


As if beleaguered

By some spiky-clawed


Or the piercing scream

Of peacocks,

I feel beset upon.


So flay my skin


If you must,

Because there’s times

When I think

I do not belong

In such a world

That looks to cage me so.


Though here I am,

As ever,

Still splayed out here

For all to see.


My very being

A refraction

Of some shrill awareness

That is,

At the same time,

Most terrible

And most glorious too.


Especially when,

Whatever risks

I might take,

An acquiescence to passivity

Is the most

Terrifying prospect of all.


For I am like a kiss

Just missing a cheek,

A veritable treacle of desire.



To know

True beauty

Is to never

Be a slave again.


This such

Welcome music

To my heart.


So, shall

I do what I can

To settle here awhile.


Amidst treasures

That still prevail


As if to appease heaven.


Call me the breeze then,

As I pass on through.


Hoping I too

Will bring the best

Of my presence

To bear.


Leaving behind me

At least

Some sweet song

For others to hear.



  1. Emily Beck

    They are all such inspirational poems in their own way! I really like the poem that starts ‘A busy city”. Its something I can relate to. It’s funny how a smile from a stranger can make such a big difference to your day. This is how it should be! And if only it happened more often, the world would be a much brighter place.

  2. Lynne Fletcher

    So pleased that you are writing again – some made me hurry on, some made me pause and read them again, one caused a tear.

    • Jessica Slusen

      Some excellent stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting – Thank you

  3. Priyanka Sharma

    I read your poems. They are so beautifully written. Loved them all!

  4. Unbelievable. I swear on my life These are by far the most captivating words of art I have ever read. Apologies if that sounds a little exaggerated, but it’s honest and only way to express my opinion. Amazing Scott. Truly amazing.

  5. Beautiful and touching. You truly have a talent for conveying words in a lovely and eloquent manner. Love it! Bravo!

  6. Dr. Shardanand Tiwary

    Dear scott,

    “The experience of age is in your every move,
    Your every thought, your every instinct,
    Each breath you take.”

    And I found it, felt it in every poem you have written,
    In every stanza, in every line,
    Even in every word!

    May God bless you in every walk of your life!
    — Shardanand.

  7. Mahnaz Mohafez

    I was impressed by these magical words , Scott. Wish you the best in your life!

  8. Laura Laveglia

    Scott, I have only read two of your poems so far and I must say they are beautiful and well written. You are a talented poet!

  9. Joanny Rowe

    Enjoyed reading several of your writings, especially your most ‘recent writing’

  10. Rayleen Western

    Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read something like this before. So nice to find somebody with such beautiful and original thoughts – Thankyou!

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    Thankyou Scott, for your inspiring words.

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    I visited your website and enjoyed reading your inspirational poems.

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    I just love your site. It is a visual delight!! Read some of your poems and again enjoyed everyone. I love the way you write. You have magic in your words!!

    Best to you my friend, Laura

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    Scott Hastie’s poetry – a beautiful, soulful, spiritual read.

  15. Lina Ru

    Another fellow poet who is in a luminous quest toward the beautiful.

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    I adore your work and words so far on the web site. I am on a spiritual path myself and it can be difficult. Poetry is a creative outlet, I will visit your page often.

  17. Neena Sharma

    Went through a few of your poems. What an intense poet that you are… your unbridled creativity..replete with pleasure,pain, pathos …profound melancholy; yet plaintive ,sublime…genre of poetry;stirring the chords of our hearts…touching our very core…our souls.

  18. Charlene Redick

    Your work is quite beautiful!

  19. Natalie A. Moore

    I have to say, I am quite impressed actually……Did you have an experience or Epiphany of sorts that got you started in Poetry???? Not to be vain or assuming they are, but some of these sound like they are about me….I suppose it’s only because I think in comparisons and there are more than the usual likes with a similar alignment as my own. I find your work Brilliant and Understanding to others Deepest Parts of One’s Inner Soul and Care about another’s emotions.

    You can send me updates with more to my email if you like…I would like it…thanks

  20. As an editor, I see a lot of work. This has impressed me. There is a gentle nature in your poetry; however, I still found myself immersed. There are a few things that I look for in the mechanics of poetry. One is punctuation… it is nearly flawless. Another is word choice- your work demonstrates both variety and originality. My best suggestion would be to try new styles in poetry. Free-verse has a resounding voice with your style, but readers like to see a variety in styles. I’m not sure if you have ever tried haiku or Shakespearean style sonnets but your written voice would go very well with either. Overall, I was moved by the gentle voice of your words that balanced perfectly with emotion.

    Scott says: thanks for your detailed and thoughtful feedback Andrea – much appreciated… I find your understanding of where I am creatively to be quite disarmingly intuitive…
    Although I tend not to write haiku, they have long been a key inspiration – along with some concrete poetry of the 1970’s in terms of the effort to capture a distillation, within a spiritual sensibility… and I find myself slipping naturally into the form (tanka also..) from time to time in various short stansas. Re: WS – you have stumbled into one of my, till now, best kept secrets! Namely that an ambition I have had, rather bashfully, for a while now is to be looking to develop an appropriately humble degree of a ‘Shakepearian voice’ and run it through contemporary free verse forms – how clever of you to spot that!

  21. bbanu

    A very insightful and inspiring poem this is Scott-a thought provoking, versatile, rhythmic configuration of an event, or rather a journey called “life”

  22. How refreshing it has been to embrace your words, your gift…no pretense, no shallow nuance but skilled focus on the words. One of your newest fans, I will return often. You will also appear on my blogroll. Cheers

  23. Mark Oxford MA

    Your site and writing – I find it inspiring and reflects your thoughts and emotions beautifully. I can see through your mind and soul by reading your work… It is like you are drawing with words.

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    Scott I read your poems and was very impressed. I am not usually a person who reads poetry but it is easy to read and understand. Your website is delightfully beautiful. I am an artist also and your site speaks to my artistic voice.

  27. Wendy Waters

    From Shoguns patching wounds with gold to turning a busy corner and smiling into the eyes of a heart-stopping stranger whose soul wove threads of scarlet into yours eons ago to finding God in the eyes of a lover to realising with chilling certainty that every night in a lover’s bed has been a threesome, the third party — death.
    I cannot choose just one poem from this exceptional body of work…but couplets here and there that jumped from the illuminated pages like one of those Shogan seams of gold:

    “splash of wildflowers that freckle the shaded tawny look of ancient meadows”

    “music the gentle magic myths are made of”

    “muddled by prescribed faith and the ever-shifting tolerances of others that will hasten to judge or condemn you”

    “of those who were once staggering, bleeding and lost, who have somehow found their way back to their own angel within…”

    “we too can repair our cracks with gold and glow again crazed by life, more beautiful than ever”

    “patterns however intricate that fit, and between them gaps, potentials, knowing rhythms, inevitabilities that lock and spin…”

    …to name but a very few!

    Each and every poem a beautiful sermon in the highest temple of life! If your poems were read from the pulpit on a Sunday instead the dry old badgering and blaming there would be a flood of converts… Scott, your poetry takes me into a world at once familiar and yet marvellously unknown and even though I am a tourist in that magical terrain it’s a place I want to visit often.

  28. Daniel J. Harding

    Good day Scott, This is Daniel and I just wanted to let you know that I love where you coming from, even more I love where you’re going with it, you’re writing is wonderful within itself… I will be reading more, as my time allows.

  29. Nivedita Yohana

    Scott, your poems are wonderful and have a magical quality. I am great fan of your poetry which oozes such sensitivity and verve that it has the ability to transport its readers to different realm.

  30. Just recently I’ve discovered Scott’s poetry and I can say that I am delighted with what I’ve ‘discovered’.

  31. Sondra Kelly-Green

    I always find something I’ve been looking for, (“to dazzle in the light”), without knowing I’m looking for it, here. Thank you, Scott.


  32. Roman O'Long Gonzalez

    Your poetry is infectious. Your mind is pure genius. I hope with your help, I could be an ounce as talented and successful as you are. Writing saved my life!

  33. Robert A Kelleher

    Scott, Thank you for sharing and allowing me the opportunity to read and view your amazing works of creativity. For sure you must be published more internationally and promoted more widely so more people may enjoy and get to know of your writing.

  34. Yolanda Beukes


  35. I guess this poetry describes perfectly what a writer friend of mine named the “circus of life” in one of her novels. It’s a very powerful writing, which could be used as a life karma each and every day. Congratulations Scott!

  36. Robert Allen Kelleher

    As I continue to read through your portfolio, I am amazed at your unique talent. A rare gift indeed. And as I journey through your words I am also comforted. Thanks Scott.

  37. Jesse CRAIGNOU

    Great stuff… beautiful and beautiful pix too !

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    I do enjoy your page and your sweet things on here…

  39. The second poem is of course many want to achieve the success and not wanting to let anyone put them down. Good poem, Scott. I will read next poem soon.

  40. I like the fourth poem. It is beautiful to stay connected and far more nasty to disconnect…Beautiful write, Scott!

  41. Jennifer Westecott

    Hi Scott,

    I had a chance to read a few of your poems and they are beautiful.

  42. Corey Mesler

    Scott – Your work is very strong and your website is beautiful. I hope writing enriches your life the way it does mine, if that’s not a too high-falutin’ way to phrase it.

  43. Jackie Franklin

    Love your poems! Really moving and get you thinking.

  44. Micki Peluso

    You are an exquisite poet, capable of reaching people through the loving, deep melody of a poem.

  45. Suraya Dewing

    What lovely thoughts and images.

  46. T.J. Sally

    ‘While You Slumber’
    for Scott Hastie
    by T.J. Sally 9-4-13

    While you slumber thy words dance
    Together with thine stars
    Embraced as lovers within thy mind
    Behind lashed curtains to wantonly
    Undress for abandoned pretense
    Reveal oneself unabashedly carefree
    Explore without shame or restraint
    Within the dark there is light
    Inside, within deep you are ME

  47. Joanna Kurowska

    Have read some of your poems—very nice. They remind me of some of the “wisdom literature” I’ve read before. Looking forward to reading more! 🙂

  48. Asma Abdi

    Beautiful and inspiring.

  49. Brian Ernest Wakeman

    Scott, your work is beautifully evocative, full of deep imagery and assonance, quiet spaces for letting the words weave their tapestry. I have been deeply impressed with the quiet moments in your verse that speak to the soul.

  50. Deepak Vyas

    Dear Scott, Your poetry is very good and I appreciate it the most in the whole world…

  51. I adore the latest works. Your writing expands the subconscious view of life and gives credible observations. Poetry with substance is a double blessing. Wonderful. Nice work Scott.

  52. Richard A Jones

    Prowled around your site; lovely stuff! The site flows very well and it’s very well structured. Your pics and writing is all quite interesting; I shall read further.

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    Hola Scott,

    Explored your website and was overwhelmed by its richness and depth of your poetry. I will return soon and cogitate further on your offerings.

  54. Mark Davis

    Your work is exceptionally creative in content and style. When I read several of your poems my mind merged with them for a few seconds, as though I was involved in the scene you were describing. A wonderful array of work from a very talented individual. Thank you. MD

  55. Sarah E. Vaccaro

    Hi There Scott,

    can’t wait to check our your new poems!

    Happy New Year to you!

    • Your work is very insightful and imaginative. I get the sense that you are speaking directly to me in the way that music speaks to a person’s core being. Keep on keeping on…


  56. Layered and textured. And thought provoking. Enjoyed each piece very very much.

  57. Rebecca O'Donnell

    Just started reading your beautiful poetry last night and your writing is such a soothing balm. My emotions have gone from purple and angry red to a soft green and dappled forest, all because of your words. Thank you… I was all flood-eyed over a particularly beautiful one and was so thrilled to see it was for a Rebecca. I love sharing a kinship of names with her. Take care of your magical self, my friend, and your equally magical pen.

  58. Carolyn Bean

    Wow, love your website, looks very New England meets Kerouac – I was surprised to find you are a Hertfordshire lad!
    I admire anyone who can write poetry – not something I excel at. Certainly you have a flair with imagery in the relatively tight confines of poetry.

  59. Erin Brown

    Love your website — nice work. Yes, sharing as artists in networks is so valuable.

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  61. Chris Hawkes

    I enjoyed your latest collection, Meditations. ‘m a Plath/Hughes enthusiast and have frequently taught courses on both, so really responded to “Sylvia and Ted” in particular, A lot of the poems here also have a Yeatsian quality – reading them, I was often reminded of “Lapis Lazuli” and “Sailing to Byzantium”, for example, in the use of metaphor and allusion.

  62. Rochelle Soetan

    “Scott, the “presence” of your work soothes like the indulgence of a delicious Latte topped with warm caramel, sipping while lounging on a terrace that overlooks Barcelona.”

  63. Adrienne E.M. Koch

    Hi Scott

    Thanks for accepting my request. I love your website and poetry! I’m about to expand my publishing business to include more genres, so will post about that as it happens. Be sure to contact me if you have any writings you’d like us to consider.

  64. Carla Dawn Dunlap

    Scott, I very much enjoy your work.

  65. Your work always seems to reach so deep inside me, soothing me. Like a hand stroking one’s hair, promising that everything’s going to be okay.

  66. Marta Merajver Kurlat

    Scott, you are one of the best contemporary poets. Your work is a feast for the senses…

  67. T.J. Sally

    Scott Hastie is the Shakespeare of our time. His written word is something that should be pondered on … for within the prose there is meaning and understanding that goes well beyond the paper in which the letters were carefully placed. Scott is a gracious gentleman, eloquent indeed. Friendship, sincerity, wisdom and strength are all only a mere facet to this wonderful poet, writer, man. All that are lucky enough to know him will soon find that he is a precious jewel among men and a gift to all that he encounters.

  68. The first two poems here are breath taking. They definitely spoke to me. Your writing has such emotion to it. I can relate to the feelings in them. Wonderful.

  69. Boyace Harlan

    Love your poetry! Keep up the good work..

  70. Janice Towndrow

    I enjoyed these poems very much. Thank you.

  71. Munia Khan

    Dear Scott, Thank you very much for all your wonderful work..
    And you are, indeed, so heavenly to be able to compose such beautiful verses.
    Yes, I have been reading your amazing writing today and I must say- you are so very gifted! I have already become an admirer of your poetry.I feel so fortunate to be able to share the same planet with a wonderful soul like you, Scott.I loved the way how your heart beats out of your words.

  72. Jacqueline Touche

    As always I am always happy to read your beautiful Poems, so am looking forward to more..

  73. Deborah Hodgetts

    Thank you for your beautiful poems, they really brighten my day.

  74. Wow wow wow!!! I’m a fan…

  75. Nadia Kebboua


    I really like your poems, they’re fabulous!

    Many thanks again for the great poems, love them!

  76. Victoria Embree

    I very much like your style. I especially enjoyed Lost Puppies and Life Collects. I have a lot to learn as far as poetry goes, haha.

  77. Shardanand Tiwary

    Whenever I read you, I feel, very closer to my own Soul; as if you have penned my thoughts in your excellent style, better than me!

    May God bless you the fragrances of wisdom and knowledge; more and more…


  78. Pushkar Bischt

    Dear Brother,

    I admire you always… Also because your thoughts on my works are very encouraging and inspiring.

  79. Jack Haight

    “From my perspective, in order to appreciate Scott’s poetry, you cannot
    simply read them: you must be willing to dwell in them. There is nothing
    didactic about his work. This NOT a “How to Live a Meaningful and
    Authentic Life for Dummies” book. In that very sense, I believe the people
    who would be most attracted to his work are the people who already know the
    essence, the core of his work. The experience for these people is then
    going to be more like experiencing a written mantra. There is a great
    feeling of both confirmation and affirmation, that yes, this is the way,
    the truth and the light.

    I find that his work has a great affinity with
    the great Eastern traditions of thought. Although it is never stated,
    there is a note of passive resistance to his work. There is the assertion
    that in the face of this frenzied, materialistic world of ours, the meaning
    of life is NOT to be found in “MORE!” and “FASTER!” It is to be found in
    the silence of self-realization, that place beyond words wherein lies the
    most profound of our understanding and comprehension.

    Gratefully, I find no hint of evangelism in Scott’s work, no suggestion
    that “I am the keeper of truth, and therefore everyone should think and feel like me…”
    No, he is simply offering an invitation. I do not find it at all surprising that
    his work encompasses a great deal of photography. For me, the secret to
    great photography is to have what’s known as a “good eye,” to have the
    right focus, the right perspective. Scott’s message is that you will
    experience joy, serenity and a profound sense of meaning if you have the
    right focus, the right perspective. From this point of view, you will
    truly be able to celebrate being alive.”

    Jack Haight, President Seer Productions Inc.

  80. Arnost Vevoda

    There is true artistry in your work… In so saying don’t ever accept a person “labelling you as one that writes poetry.” Rather believe that you’re a ‘ poet ‘ in the true sense of the word.- Arnost-

  81. Terri Nash

    Scott I really enjoyed reading your poems. It is always an inspiration talking to someone who has stuck with it for twenty years and maintained their sense of self.

  82. Pushkar Bisht

    I have read your poems. All are beautiful, they come from your heart.

  83. I am taken tenderly to the splendor of hope, love, and the gracious reality of how temporal and painful this earthly life can be. Renewed in the beginnings of the Kingdom awaits and uplifted for certain that the links that bind us together hold the key to everlasting joy. Treasured energy and precious healing is gifted to us always. Breathe it in………and embrace it. I am happy with your poetry and welcome it with all my heart…

  84. Janet Caldwell

    Hi there Scott, I’ve been looking over your website and I found it very nice indeed. I love all of your stuff…

  85. I LOVE your writing… Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and images. : )

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    I just wanted to let you know that I am totally impressed with your website and, of course, your poetry.

  87. Mala Janardhan

    Greetings Scott, I have gone through some of your work on your website and found them both inspired and inspirational writing – with a simplicity that can only come out of deep understanding.

  88. Nancy Austin

    I have visited your site and enjoyed your poems…

  89. Diane Castigliono

    Thanks for your website. Beautiful photos and nice to pair some of them with your poems. Looks like you’ve put a lot of work into your site. Lovely….

  90. Ositadimma Amakeze

    “In Scott Hastie, you will discover a poet of blessed with an immense Muse – search no further and read him!”

  91. Lee Chottiner

    I appreciate you and your work much more now. I was a career newspaper journalist for 30 years until my position was outsourced two years ago. Now I write and consult on a freelance basis, hence Lee Chottiner & Associates.

  92. Diane Sizemore

    “Words of The Divine waiting 4 YOU HERE……………………….YOU WILL THINK AND FEEL AS YOU NEVER HAVE BEFORE…”

  93. Dee Ashby

    Thank you, I have been reading. After all, you are my favorite poet.

  94. Mahnaz Mohafez

    I read your most recent brilliant poem yesterday. It was a magnificent literary piece again. It seems to me that there is an inexhaustible source of inspiration in your heart that makes you pen such beautiful words on the paper, make a wonderful combination of them and create a work that can so easily touch hearts. Thank you, Scott, for your exquisite poems.It’s always a pleasure to read them.

  95. Ositadimma Amakeze

    There’s this magic in your words. I mean, a marvel you are, which permeates every single thought you share. Your travels must have been inspiring too. I can’t really wait to read your new works.

  96. Ritwij Mishra

    I have just been reading the poems on your site. The positive streak and the overflowing beauty that you imparted to those brief verses is (or perhaps, ‘are’ (concords holding no importance at the present moment) too overwhelming for me to feed you back my critique as a fellow poet. For a few hours, let me simply relish in them as a 22-year old. Once the reverie is over, once the crying and smiles are over, I would post a comment publicly. Thank you for the resonance. Lord knows, it is us cold young people who need moving verses like yours the most.

  97. Just a rendezvous.
    Who wouldn’t like coming back again and again.

  98. Nataly Saviska

    Hello Scott, I have read some of your poetry and found it really inspirational.

  99. I didn’t get a chance to read all of your poems Scott, but what I did read I liked. I must point out here that I’m not really into poetry, so coming from me, it is a great compliment!
    I think your website is wonderful too.
    Keep up the good work, I’ll be back when time permits to read the poems I’ve not yet read…

  100. Bill Waters

    I enjoyed reading your recent poems. Ironically! – your prodigious output left me rather speechless. LOL!

  101. Janene Marie Richardson

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  102. Jon Mukand

    Congratulations on another year of fine poetry.

  103. Lovely poems. It is such a privilege to be able to write full time.

  104. Helen Jones

    Such lovely words…

  105. Pam Wight

    Scott’s poems inspired me this morning. Also, his daily routine is enviable, and one I aspire to. “Monastic writing,” indeed. That’s pure heaven. So nice to meet him here – thanks Sue!

  106. boundlessblessings

    Superb poetry. An inspiring writer and a great read…

  107. As always very beautifully written, I love that journey of the soul.

  108. Sana Asif

    Hi Scott, Just found your website and I am really enchanted by your poems.

    I am quoting your lines that made me stop and think.

    “So tell that to the trees,
    Who’ve seen it all
    Countless times before
    And can only stand apart In the meadow of life
    And wait”

  109. Sukhneet Kaur Bhatti

    Hi Scott,

    Just been through your poetry. So deep and intense.

  110. Georgette Larue

    Thanks very much for touching my mind and fingers too! so deeply to start thinking about commenting on your work.

  111. Hilary Dawe

    I was quite taken aback by the poetry on your website – your work is sublime, and seems to reach so deep into the human condition to truths that belie all our existences somehow. I honour your creative process, dedication and productivity, as well as your ability to complete the cycle…

  112. Jay Schaffer

    Your poetry is lovely. I want to say more and will, after I have had a little more time to grasp and process the full effect of your poems; which in my case runs deep and may take a little time to fully surface. In the meantime I wanted to let you know your poems are stunningly beautiful to see, read, absorb and feel. A rare pleasure. Thank you Scott for blessing this world with your gift.

  113. Kimberly Mae

    Wow! You have such articulate talents! I really enjoy your sample writing. Your style seems to be short and to the point. Its an interesting and mind expanding experience! Thank you so much for sharing!

  114. T.M. Becker

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  117. Timothy Balding

    Your poems are really very fine and I liked them a lot. You are a good writer, even if, to tell the truth, I generally read little if any verse. You made me think of Auden, one of the few poets I occasionally read for pleasure. If I had to say anything critical? Unless I read the wrong poems, for my taste, at least, you might try to be a little more wicked, self-mocking and ironic. But if these characteristics are not at all in your nature, of course that would be wrong.

  118. Bob Mitchell

    I always enjoy reading your poetry, both for the challenge of the genre and the beauty of your words.

  119. Blaine Youngquist

    I very much like your poetry! You are very talented, and I will check back on your website from time to time.

  120. Jimmy Shen

    Your writing and website super poetic and inspiring, Bravo. I would totally like to recommend to my friends, and have done…

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  122. Nidhi Maheshwari

    The poems are full of emotions… I’m feeling very lucky to have you as a connection…

  123. Vineetha Sara Kuruvilla

    “Thus are we ushered

    Gently into this world

    And then challenged

    To find

    Our way home again

    With our hearts open,

    To where heaven knows

    There are pearls awaiting.”

    — beautiful lines Scott.

  124. Dr Khalid Rahman

    You are an awesome personality. We are lucky to benefit from your knowledge and wisdom.

  125. Melody Norton

    Thank you, Scott Hastie. I spent some time on your website last night. I couldn’t wait till the weekend. Absolute lovely reads.

  126. Terrilynne Moore

    Lovely, thought provoking work

  127. Scott, you should release a free poem every so often on LinkedIn and tag your new connections with a link to your website. This will help increase your traffic… Great writing deserves a great audience my friend, keep up the great work…

  128. Donna Walton

    I just read your Recent Writing page and, at the risk of sounding like some weird stalker, I had to let you know how it made me feel.I lost my soulmate five years ago and as I read your words, I had tears rolling down my cheeks but I was smiling too.

    I am renowned for my heart of stone so you can imagine how shocked I was! In all seriousness though, you are the first poet to actually resonate deep enough to evoke a spontaneous emotional reaction of that depth and it’s shaken me up a little. (I probably do sound like a stalker now don’t I?)

    I will most definitely be getting your books when I visit the poetry library next week.

  129. Hi Scott.
    What a wonderful warm site.
    Your poem is very reflective and inspiring. The short lines and sentences enhance your straightforward thinking behind the writing. Definitely up my alleyway…. A tad long for me though, for a poem…
    So nice to make your acquaintance. Looking forward to reading more of your poetry and interacting.
    Loved your blog, artwork and photos. A traveler myself, in my legs, my heart and my head.
    Have a restful evening.

  130. Bridget Ashborn

    I have had a read of some of your poems and they are delicate yet powerful.

  131. Hersh Bhardwaj

    Just read some of the poems. Feels like I can read them for hours and not get tired. Soul of Rilke, Rumi, Gibran and our very own Tagore comes forth from your verse, Scott.

  132. Laura Laveglia

    Your poetry in this special collection was given to you by a higher force!! I honestly feel that.

  133. Yoko Mogi Hein

    You have very nice website and collections of your life work.

  134. Shifali Gulati

    I read a couple of your poems and am in awe with them. I also loved the artworks for how everyday things could be captured with a totally different vibe.

  135. Your poetry is calming and serene. I very much enjoyed reading the latest ones. Thank you for sharing.

  136. Sharmistha Basu

    Your poems truly are amazing! I was happy when your blog opened without a hiccup.

    Thank you also for allowing me to share your messages and books, they are always a good ingredient for the Ezine or blogs. You have written and read quite some books! It is amazing that a historian is such an amazing poet too! Historians write stories once in a while, never heard one writing poetry. It is quite something!

    Its an honour to have you in Agnishatdal. Thank you for becoming a part of it.

  137. Evans Egualeon

    Gone through some of your stuff.. Great pieces of art I must confess…

  138. Divya Soni

    This is beautiful.
    Your words calm my heart.
    Love this
    Keep up the good work

  139. Truly demonstrative representations of the essence of the Scott Hastie story. When I first came across Scott’s poetic works, I sat up at attention to something that I had craved for, aspired to, longed to be inspired by… Yet felt had long been lost to the literary world.

    I have struggled at times to find just the right words to describe the reader’s experience while deeply engaging in Scott Hastie’s countless works of enduring tender, graceful, spiritual, and healing words. I always feel a great sense of nurturing through this poet’s gentle voice, the tone of which is not only read, but absorbed deeply into one’s own spiritual and physical being.

    Never have I had a sense of disappointment nor an experience that lacked meaning, when engaging in the writings of Scott Hastie. The heartbeat leaps to a greater sense of rhythm and anticipation with each new piece, so generously polished. There is a gracious promise of hope and beauty in every line, carefully yet naturally sculpted in best practice and presentation. Time and time again, whispers of enlightenment resonate within me, long after each reading.

    There aren’t enough words to express how deeply I treasure the Scott Hastie reading experience; deeply personal, both in its tone and sense of rejuvenating release, so often delivering renewed, eagerly anticipated perspective, as well as nuggets of self-realization. For us all, some sense of personal hope and inspiration is so critical these days and all those who can be forgiven for assuming that contemporary poetry and prose lacks these substantive essentials have obviously never read Scott Hastie. The written word remains a powerful essential in our lives. Never more so than in the poetry of Scott Hastie that delivers answers to our deepest prayers, time and time again.

  140. “Remember that glorious

    Moonlit swim?

    Or the time, one pungent

    And luminous

    Late summers afternoon,

    We ran so freely

    Across the broad slope

    Of the farmer’s

    Newly harvested field,

    Like wild horses forever.

    We claimed those moments

    For ourselves, didn’t we?…”

    Scott, we both share the spirit and infinity of loving nature and the tremendous goodness that guides the essence of our being through life and all that is should be. This particular segment of your works shared here touched me deeply and it embodies all that I was raised to maintain so close to my heart and soul. If one cannot recognize and appreciate those truly significant moments in their lives, where is a life fully in the living? So marvellous, Scott. You have such a powerful connection to life.

  141. Scott, in reading the foregoing, I find myself breathless in the profound message of light and living that you forge through every single written work. These are the most tangible of written expressions stripped of any gloss in the confluence of light and ethereal being. One cannot but marvel at the potential derivatives spawned from such light.

    I/we are gifted to have embraced your written expression for all these years and any and all life remaining. I am humbled by your presence, your friendship, and your exquisite ability to do as you seek with your words; bringing each word, phrase and ingratiating line in verse from its inception to your/our final discovery.

    You are touched by divine grace that was indeed truly meant to possess your heart and soul and in turn, touch our own life experience in ways never imagined possible. Light, your light, is a truly powerful transference of energy and enlightenment that serves the most humble essence and core of life, our lives, in an undeniably altruistic manner.


  142. Scott, dear friend, I have read and responded here several times. Nonetheless, in summation, I feel as though I have just engaged in the resonating beauty of life!
    If we could only gather a collective anthology of your sense and sensibilities, your vision and truth, a cover-bound aggregate of your lasting words, therein rests the soul of a prophet, a teacher, a soothsayer of forecast and promise, and finally, your living legacy, land countless many of those treasured publications on the desk of every student of all levels, and all human beings in kind, urging their engagement with all due measure, what a very different world it would be. I hear your healing voice resound with every word, Scott.

  143. John J. Lysaght

    Rejoice in the gift of being alive and with our interconnectedness with others.
    Our true joys along the way can absorb the melancholy that surely will come.

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