New Poem – and still the darkness…


And still the darkness waits for me,

As I know it will…

And ever more avariciously still,

As it senses my journey comes closer to fruition.


I know in my heart it is a given

That I can never entirely banish this spectre of the night,

It will always be beside me, as it needs to be.

Just as surely as the sunniest of summer’s mornings

Or the broadest of smiles on a lover’s face

Can make your heart soar,

And as a counterpoint in the navigation       

Of all that’s possible in life.

All that one would ever want to reach out for,

Whether driven by angels or demons…


So I choose to condemn it

To wait on the sidelines forever.

And as an irrelevance, a meaningless shadow,

A token silhouette to all my blessings.

Like the soft dusting of fallen snow on hollow bones,

On the already broken, spilt corpse

Of souls long since departed.

Strengthened by the certainty

That the light I cherish and hold dear within

Will instead keep me safe and warm,

Till my own time comes….



  1. Lynne Fletcher

    Love this poem – beautiful. Poignant without being meloncholy.

    • sondra kelly-green

      What a palpable sense of hope. This poem leaves one’s soul/psyche as close to death as to life. Masterful! Thank you, Scott.

  2. Melissa Mantro

    I have never read anything like this before, it is beautiful.

  3. Nice… I like the strength you find in the light…and this builds well to it… We can never fully get rid of that darkness…not on our own I don’t think… I have learned to love mine a bit….

  4. …learning to embrace and kiss thine own darkness is actually finding true light that is ever brighter and clearer than the last — when mind was once closed and life was lived inside the box… wonderful sense of serenity here… enjoyed it, thanks… smiles…

  5. Loved this poem. Strength of light is amazing.

  6. Sheer beauty here! Always touched by that silent dark shadow…your poetry is a candle in that dark. Thank you.

  7. In tune with your own mortality… respect!

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