New poem – However beautiful…




However beautiful,

No pebble on the beach.


You were my touchstone.


And yes,

I have now smelt the perfume of the Gods.


If only for precious moments

Opened the gilded door

And walked through.


Set foot on hallowed ground,

Taken refuge where my soul longed to be,

In the sunlit meadow of my dreams.


Bathed in love and light,

Healed and nourished,

Elevated by experiences of wonder.


It was the miracle of how the needs,

The spiritual hunger

Of two separate physical beings,

Two fractured souls,

Could fit together so perfectly,

Like long lost pieces of some ancient code

That, once re-united, yielded up energies,

Ecstasies and insights beyond our imagining.


That was the key.


And far beyond any love affair

With its own predictable half-life

Of intensity, its cycle of emotion.


Instead a permanent path

That, once illuminated,

Goes ever onward – a way home…


  1. Mahnaz Mohafez

    Very Fascinating,I found it a reflection of your sincere emotions. Thank you Scott!

  2. Catharine Otto

    This is a very profound and well crafted poem, like a little jewel. So aptly expresses that feeling of being in love with a soul-mate.
    I love the inspirational words on the website’s masthead as well.

  3. (Dr) Jelka Samsom

    Scott, this, to me, is a refined and beautifully written poem of an instant feeling of a deep spiritual connection between strangers.

    I love it!

  4. laura laveglia

    When I read “However Beautiful” I felt as though I was being whisked away to heaven. Excellent writing my friend!

  5. Scott, I love your entire website. You a most gifted poet, with work well-crafted, expressing emotion in a flowing, intimate way–thanks for sharing it.

  6. Lovely, evocative. As an American I did have to look up ‘smelt’. Keep my synapses sparking! I will look forward to more.

  7. Issy Monclaire

    JUST AWESOME!!!!!!

  8. Wonderful thoughts.

  9. Annie O'Brien

    Your work pierced the core of my being and echoed around the hallowness within.

  10. Val B Russell

    It’s interesting where you’ve placed the lines on the page; spacing and size of stanzas specifically. I’m always fascinated by the way a poet will emphasize certain lines or stress particular words. This is clearly inspired and tells a passionate story. Lovely.

  11. scotthastie

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment, Val and what you have picked up on here. I was fortunate, as a young rather florid poet and student of the great english romantic poets to stumble across the Japanese haiku tradition. From this point on, this level of sensitivity just stuck in my soul and became talismanic, in its ability to always be there, encouraging me to focus down and distill and not just ramble on! Which, as you can see is my natural tendency… As a creature of the Seventies, two other key influences, as Concrete Poets – which support my method – were Ian Hamilton Finlay and Edwin Morgan. Anyone visiting this site, who is not familiar with their work, should definitely check them out…

  12. Cecile Iviera

    I love this site, very deep and meaningful work

  13. Michelle Vinci

    Hello Scott,

    Thank-you very much for your beautiful contribution and support of my project. I appreciate it so much!

    Do feel free to spread the word, if you’d like!

    Thank-you again for your amazing work! I’ll keep you posted on how the project develops!

    Cheers, Michelle!/p/poetry-on-go.html

  14. Cynthia Lindinhall

    I really appreciate coming here regularly to see what’s new on your website, and I already told my friends to do the same.

  15. Fascinating when two people meet and know they’ve been looking all their lives for each other…really cool write scott…esp. loved…Like long lost pieces of some ancient code….

  16. Nice…really like how you build this around the spiritual hunger and connection…as that is surely much stronger than love, which can be fleeting at times….wonderful verse man…

  17. If I confess to being left breathless will it go to your head?! Scott…this is stunning…so much beauty, heart…and so glad to read you! I came looking from the crumbs in the twitterverse 😀

  18. A blending of intellect and emotion, segueing to the spiritual, from absent pebbles to touchstone, to the homeward path.

  19. I like finding the key and path towards home ~ Thanks for sharing your lovely words ~


  20. This is beautiful. A very sensitive poem; and I really like the last stanza…and going ever onward, a way home.

  21. A love poem…to whom or what doesn’t matter…I felt elevated, spiritually nourished..after reading this beautifully crafted piece. Bravo!

  22. Two fractured souls,
    Could fit together so perfectly,
    Like long lost pieces of some ancient code

    Loved these lines & the honesty in your writing. You’ve fluently expressed complicated emotions in this piece.

  23. A warm and lovely tribute to love.

  24. This is outstanding. Your entire site is amazing. You are a very gifted poet. I enjoyed meeting you and reading some of your work.

  25. Deep and profound – a lovely piece of writing.

  26. True love… not always easy to identify… I guess because it takes two…

  27. A beautiful way home. Great flow and imagery.

  28. Laura Laveglia

    ‘However Beautiful’ brought me to tears!

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