New Poem – with joy…


With joy in your heart,

Everyday can be extraordinary

And ripe,

Like a flower burst,

If the will is there.


For sure, on some days,

Fate may seem heartless,

As if acting with intent to interfere,

To punish, or to twist you away

From where you think you want to be.


But there are surprises.


Fresh hope, new life

Sometimes finds its breath

In just such a clash of expectation.

And, as stories of destinies retold

Often remind us,

Even in a cruel coming together

Of opposing forces,

Something rare and beautiful,

Something precious can emerge.


Something new born.

Duly forged, fused

Within what frequently appears,

From the outset, at least,

To be a haphazard or ill-judged coupling,

Of whose choosing I’m not sure?

For such matters of conception

Remain shrouded in mystery,

As they should be.


Auspicious, certainly!


And the bonus is

That there is therefore no burden

Of responsibility,

No pedestal for us to fall from.

Other than accepting that,

On the canvas of life,

Every sweep of the brush matters,

Counts for something…


And so it falls to us  

To do no more than respond,

To confirm significance.

And this, believe me,

Whatever our gender or strength,

We can all manage

With unique shades of brilliance,

A blooming of our own.


 Just as, in perfect symmetry,

The emerging budded plant

Opens wide, toward the sun

And a stiff phallus will forever beg

For its home, for its comfort,

Its release,

Deep into a soft inner refuge

So that it may speak, discharge itself.


Thus, or so it seems,

Does the light need only our trust

And, of course, the darkness

To work its eternal alchemy.



  1. Absolutely Beautiful & Inspiring!!!! Love this!!!

  2. Mahnaz Mohafez


  3. Maria Wheatley

    This is beautiful. Truly touching.

  4. This is very moving, right from the heart; the very source of poetry and desire.
    And yes, “We can all manage
    With unique shades of brilliance,
    A blooming of our own” …simple, powerful words.
    Thank you:)

  5. Wow! Great to find a poem with such a clear message!

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