Merry Christmas everyone


Happy Christmas to you all, with hope and faith a fruitful new year beckons.

Some say that the end will surely come tomorrow. And whilst, as reminded by recent despair and suffering on every continent (for both rich and poor…) there will certainly be moments of great challenge and darkness still ahead for us all, both as individuals and indeed as different cultures and faith around the world. I prefer to believe that the ancient Mayans knew (as indeed also indicated and pointed to by the perfect planetary alignment of the Great Pyramids on 03.12.12.) that 2013 represents instead a new beginning, the dawning of a brighter, clearer age of consciousness in this, our world. And, if we look carefully enough, we can see the seeds of this all around us – so let each one of us, as individuals – go forth in this spirit, embrace the opportunity and make it happen…

With Love and Light



  1. Mahnaz Mohafez


  2. (Dr) Jelka Samsom

    Oops, written on the 20th of December 2012 but I sense a different spirit coming too, a more joyous one!

    Love and Light!

  3. Maria Wheatley

    Yuletide greetings for the solstice. I’m sure this lot is more true than the world actually ending and no longer existing. Great minds think alike :). Have a great yule/Christmas/anything else celebrated this season and may 2013 bring us all enlightment.

  4. Cecile Ivieira

    Awesome website to read.I visit every day…

  5. Lynne Thorson

    Lovely Scott, wonderful expression.

  6. Indeed. Thank you for such words of wisdom.

  7. Cesar Bremon

    good website with such happy inspiring messages. i like it. thank you master!

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