New poem – sometimes it might seem…


Sometimes it might seem

You’re being toyed with.


That someone or something,

All the while,

Has indeed been covertly shaping,

Achieving by design,

Fashioning a fate just for you,

Despite any semblance

Of inner will you can muster.


But trust this is not how it is.


However circuitous,

Your soul has its own unique route,

A healing path to follow.  


And enlightenment,

Like the rush of a mighty river

On the drop,

Or a flock of migrating birds

Arrowing steadily across a panoramic sky,

Comes fast or slow,

Just as it has to.


For your spirit too must play its part.


  1. Nice imagery despite some of its cliches (like birds and …arrows). But, it winds down in an eventful manner, esp. the line ‘Just as it has to.’

  2. Dr Glen Hepker

    You have a great site, and it is clear that you are truly making the world a better place.

  3. This is lovely… thanks.

  4. That was beautiful, I felt your words. It was as if you’re in tune with your soul to your art.

  5. The Blazing Trail

    “Arrowing steadily across a panoramic sky,” … love it!

  6. Glenna Hall

    Thank you Scott and this poem as well speaks if eternal.

    There are times when my mind is not cluttered when I become aware of an unseen wind that surrounds me and then moves away upon a whisper speaking that again it is time to be aware for the winds of change and the new path yet to open.

  7. Laura Bailey

    A beautiful site and a very imaginative poem.
    What’s not to like about all of this I would like to know.
    Best wishes to you for a great 2013 full of
    beauty and light!

  8. The imagery of the journey that two must follow is softly woven together for this poem.

  9. Passion of love

    A very nice piece…

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