New Poem – when in love…



When in love or inspired,

An eternal kiss from the divine

Awaits us all.


And, just as the frostiest of old maids

Secretly longs to tremble

With excitement in her bed,

One more time.


Or the pained young lover

Pitifully nurses a wound

That renders their heart homeless,

Mourning the loss of romance

Seemingly gone forever.


The truth is

Nothing that truly matters

Can ever evaporate,

Be excised,

Burnt out of your soul.


However ready we may or may not be,

And at any stage in our life,

There will always be the chance

To reclaim our essence,

The shape we call our own.


For, once spun,

The silken thread of all our aspirations

Remains intact,

It can never broken.

And, with courage, even a trail of tears

Will always lead us back 

To where our fractured heart longs to be.


So that, just as the wise old Shoguns

Chose to,

With their most precious of porcelain vessels,

We too can repair our cracks with gold

And glow again,

Crazed by life,

More beautiful than ever before.


  1. Mahnaz Mohafez

    Great, just like the other times.
    Scott, this universe with all its greatness caused me to reach this conclusion:God created man for love, to love,to be loved.

  2. The tempo and ease at which the poem interweaves in each verse is very magical. Some good choice of metaphors. I particularly liked Shogun and porcelain vessels link. Love has such an effect on a poet.

    • Natasha Sweeterman

      I was dancing in my pj’s, barefoot with Bono Baby looking at me with his head tilted and I think he thought I was pretty silly. I love to stop in the middle of things and dance something off. It always makes me feel better. Love Love Love…. This poem made me tear it up too.

  3. Shari LeKane-Yentumi

    I like the way you compare romantic love to “an eternal kiss of the divine.” This tells me that you see it as a heavenly gift to be revered. Later you use the metaphor of the broken heart as a precious porcelain vessel repaired with gold to “glow again, crazed by life, more beautiful than ever before.” This also tells me that you see human love as imperfect and susceptible to pain, but not without remedy and redemption, and the ability to heal and overcome stronger than ever.

  4. I agree with Mahnaz Mohafez.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Best wishes,

  5. I really like that, it expresses the feeling of love lost but still within. I love the gentle touch.

  6. Louise Manjaji

    It’s always great to take a break from the hectic-ness of everyday and be savour the calm refuge of your poems. Thanks for sharing Scott. Here’s to a wonderful new year!

    • Alexandra Hume

      Well the two most genuine things about this poem are 1) that everyone falls for the ideal and 2) that unless you say Enough of this you are stuck. This poem reminds me of teen angst. and early 20s angst. and mid-20 s angst. and late 20 s angst!!! Man, I’m so glad I’m married now

  7. Sharita Star

    Wonderful work…. totally in the LOVE to EVOLVE

  8. Scott, as always, beautifully written. My interpretation is such:

    Inspiration unlocks the door.
    The passageway greets the eternal kiss.
    The eternal kiss gives way for all that truly matters.
    For all that truly matters is love.
    And love is inspiration, enclosed in our soul…waiting to be unleashed.

  9. Glenna Hall

    Scott your poem is well written and truly speaks from the hidden places within the houses of the mind. I refer to it as such as my own life is stilled in fractured images of reality and also that which resides in the inner garden of the soul.

  10. “True at all times” is what i call Scott’s poetry! Who says poems are difficult to understand. Not so, for ones with insight and the spiritually awareness like this.

  11. Dear Scott,
    Thank you for a beautiful poem.

    I love the first lines. It is so often when we are in love or inspired that we forget about God and attribute our bliss to something of the world. It is wonderful how you bring us back to the divine as the source of everything. If we do this, the creation and the love just keep on coming.

    Further on the sentiment that “the truth is nothing that truly matters can ever evaporate” is a wonderful reminder to us that there is a reality beyond this one that holds our beauty and that this self continues to be whole and healed no matter the difficulties we may experience in the world.

    I publish publish spiritual poetry and motivational poetry on my site, and would be honoured to receive one of yours. It can have been published in hard copy, but my criteria is that it is not published elsewhere on the Internet.

    With the love we are, and are blessed to know,

  12. Vinita Agrawal

    A truly healing and inspiring poem Scott! How wonderful to believe that ‘the shape we call our own’ will never be taken away from us. That love, no matter how dented or battered will always help us to evolve. Excellent poem. Thanks for writing it.

  13. Qisya Al

    Amazingly beautiful!

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