New Poem – brave…



Or maybe not?


Needs must…


Fausse mesure

Circumstance toys with us all,

I’m afraid.


Some may say it’s fate’s cruel hand,

A toss of the dice:

‘Born to whom, exposed to what…’



Or maybe instead

Endowed with a hungry soul

That’s been enchanted to risk too much.



Or then again perhaps

Abandoned, exploited,

Burnt by the hollow pain of others.

And then left alone,

With a need to heal,

To escape such abject despair.


Jagged crevices most will never see

Or can even imagine.


Who’s lucky then? I’m not so sure…

Those charmed enough

To sail through life’s journeys

Woundless, intact?

Or those who were once staggering,


Damaged and lost,

Who have somehow found the way back

To their own angel within…


For, in the harshest

Most constricted of circumstance,

And uniquely so,

Do the most precious of all jewels come into being.


Treasure forever is what we know this to be.


So to have been where you have been

And to still have joy,

Dazzling in your heart,

Now there’s a thing to make the whole world smile.



  1. Saideh Pakravan

    Lovely poems that speak to the heart, great photos!
    Keep it up.

  2. brave

  3. Mahnaz Mohafez

    I can see life in your poems, Scott. Thank you!

  4. (dr) Jelka Samsom

    Speechless, whilst smiling and feeling comforted.

  5. Vinita Agrawal

    Marvellous poem! It tells us exquisitely of the treasures of fortitude and how it shapes us in to better human beings. The message is delicately conveyed with great nuggets of wisdom and insight. Reading this was an absolutel pleasure!

  6. A very nice read. Circumstance does indeed toy with us all! But I think one of your points is that we still must find the JOY in the living!

  7. Circumstance toys with us all,…doesnt it though… I have a hard time trusting those that have sailed through life without any nicks and cracks you know….it is part of the refining I imagine…really some great one liners of wisdom in this too…

  8. The trouble is, opinions matter… and beauty is in the eye of the beholder…
    This beholder sees beauty…

  9. “Abandoned, exploited,

    Burnt by the hollow pain of others.

    And then left alone,”

    I especially like:

    “With a need to heal,

    To escape such abject despair.”

    As well as your finish – nicely done…

  10. Nice… I don’t really think that there are many that sail through life’s journeys unwounded.. just think they’re better at covering it up….and isn’t it so true that we learn the most valuable lessons in the most difficult times…

  11. Ah, beautiful.I want to hug the loved, achey sad poem, ultimately hopeful too.

  12. Loved surely, maybe time will prove

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