New Poem – if you can…


If you can be,

Be entirely naked – as one to another.

Not just in your body,

But surrender also every close kept need,

Your fears, all that you hold dear.


And, in so doing,

Together conjure something delightful,

Pursue it to a crescendo

And in the calmness that follows,

Almost by accident,

You will have stumbled on the immeasurable.


As if a thousand nights of passion,

Of ecstasy, of insight and elevation

Have been scooped up, there and then,

To be kept forever in your soul.


I promise you

This is so much more than mortal love

God given,

This is the religion of experience,

Of true sanctity,

Long striven for, hard won.


And with it comes a spiritual gateway,

Rarely even glimpsed,

Triggered to open

Only to such discovery,

When joy and humility finally bubble up

And flow simultaneously

To stain the day eternal in their glorious hue.


And, once achieved,

Should the levy of age,

The passing of years

Ever tempt you to doubt it,

Just pause for a moment and feel

How such sweet pivots in time


Ripen still, even in solitude.

Like fabulous guests

Re-visiting a sun-lit porch

That has waited seemingly forever

To welcome them home again.


  1. Qisya Al

    Scott, you’re a genius! Your poem flows so beautifully and captures my heart. Simply amazing!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!!! Wow!!

  3. Z. Hall

    I enjoyed this. Btw, nice website design too!

  4. Neena Sharma

    Poetry is best written in Solitude and silence Scott ,which the poets like you can create any where you go…basically, we are lovers of nature.Hence,we like everything unbridled,natural…the natural…. spontaneous flow of our feelings too.

  5. Yes, yes, yes…the journey long. Not to acquire, but to know true love!


    We are the laboratory and we are the researcher of the same. When poetry originates from inside of this laboratory, that becomes a philosophy of life!

    Your poem derived from your own laboratory is well-experimented and thoughtful.

  7. Rebecca Rhodes

    Lovely. I love anything that tells a person to chase a dream of happiness and not be afraid of it. Nicely done – Well, hell, Scottie…you just put a grin on my face. Thank you. Keep up that beautiful writing that eats my guts up. A true sign of artistic genius.

  8. Milan Schmotzer

    Beautiful. My mother loves your poem “brave…” (Not only this one.)
    (I translated it for her. It is hard to translate spiritual poems.)
    She cries while reciting your poems.

    “brave” poem is very beautiful. Mother recites it to herself.

  9. (dr) Jelka Samsom

    How beautifully you describe the adventure of long lasting togetherness, Scott!

    “Joy and humility”…..

  10. Vinita Agrawal

    Lovely! How ideal to be able to love like this and receive such love in return…I simply loved the last stanza. It was very graphic and impactful.

  11. This is beautiful, Scott.

  12. Very nice. It has that delicate sensuality and depth of feeling I’m looking for in my own writing.

  13. Beautiful and inspiring piece. May so we all strive to be…..

    Your website rocks. Love the design. 🙂

  14. Jane Hewey

    Beautiful poem, heartfelt and inspired.

  15. Love your site and poem. Great Porch to be on!!!

  16. The Blazing Trail

    “The religion of experience” Wow! You have a style my friend. Loved it. Best regards!

  17. very beautifully composed.. brings nostalgia and solace to one’s soul. I admire the creativeness and sensitivity Scott possesses to bring alive within him nature and pure natural feelings of any human being, as represented through his poems.

  18. Wonderful and thought provoking poetry, Scott!

  19. Well put together and I especially like sweet pivots in time

  20. I felt a great sense of liberation reading this wonderful piece. Your closing four lines are a wonderful choice of words. Your photographs here have a wonderfully rich texture to them.

  21. A most marvellous poem!

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