New poem – for me…


For me it’s easier to embrace, I guess.

Long wedded to the quest

And not just some otherwise busy

Preoccupied visitor

Indifferently passing through.


But I suppose we are all

Writers of our own lives,

Are we not?


How much better – joy laden

The story is then,

If one remains

Free enough in your spirit

To always find some time at least,

To be as a child would be.


Able to hone in, to find the pulse

Of whatever small excitements,

Opportunities otherwise easily missed,

That life still so often puts our way.


Believe me,

To catch and plant them all

Would soon fill your open heart

To bursting point,

If you were ever that artful.


For as adulthood takes hold,


And seductively accomplished

As it often may well be,

How barren is the vessel

That has no seed left within.


  1. Mahnaz Mohafez


  2. Vinita Agrawal

    Very impactful last two lines – they chord in all the frivolity man indulges in, so well described in the earlier lines and give a deeper meaning and direction to where we are going. A great poem to pause and ponder on the true meaning of life!

  3. Introspective verse emanating truth for artists, especially!
    ~Best, Gloria Wimberley

  4. Introspective poem, made me remember how important innocence is even when one is mature or older enough in life because certain things about nature require in its essence that one looks through it with a childlike eye.

  5. Another beauty ~ grace and evolution of spirit here — “To always find some time at least, To be as a child would be…” I work toward this all the time! Loved this ~ RL

  6. How barren is the vessel
    That has no seed left within…so true…we should never un-learn to look at the world with the curious excitement of a child…with an open mouth and big eyes…Right up my alley…

  7. Those last two lines are especially potent. A stately, thoughtful poem.

  8. I am forever being ridiculed for refusing to let go of my child. She has pulled me through some difficult times and has provided much colour for my tantrums 🙂 Such a wonderful write, Scott and from a pen that so obviously has so much to say!

  9. Smiles… I like much scott….being as children…finding the awe and joy we once felt in a moment….definitely something to aspire to on a regular basis… How ominous in the end, as well the vessel with no seed….

  10. I do so want to catch and plant all that I experience into my words. That last stanza nails it for me. I am trying to hold on to the remnants of my vessel, hopefully with some seeds left ~ A gift to read this morning ~

  11. Beautifully written poetry on how we can make our lives full if we remember to stop and feel the moments.

  12. …a letter to self full of wisdom… perhaps the experiences we get each days makes us a little more wiser than the last… i love the longing for yesterdays here and the realizations we come everyday…’How barren is the vessel…That has no seed left within’ — i liked that a lot… and the wholes piece is bookmark worthy… perhaps i may come back here to read this again and again and again… thank you for the poem…

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