New Poem – ambition…





Ambition’s the thing,

For sure.

Desires irrevocably ignited

By creative resonance.


A wish to travel that same path,

To follow a tracer line

Of those that came before you,

In sporadic explosions

Of piercing self expression

And insight,

Fierce splintering beauty

Fired out into the darkness.


And even when life is as its stillest,

Most becalmed,

Their energised presence lingers

And haunts us still,

Like mysterious smoky lanterns

In the circling mists of uncertainty

They chose to explore.


Clues embedded

In swaying shadows

And curious shapes of thought

Left behind,

A stream of primal voices

Whispering in the breeze of your heart

To urge you on.


As an artist,

This is about the places

You are prepared to take your soul to.


Go in far and deep enough,

As most are too afeard to,

Then there are, of course,

Rich and fabulous seams of treasure

To mine,

Bejewelled slivers of which

You can then bring back

To the surface of life

For others to see and feel,

As if theirs.

To gaze and wonder at …


  1. Mahnaz Mohafez

    Sometimes, we can consider ambition as a start, a motivation to explore an unknown island of heart & soul.

  2. Absolutely profound!!!! Scott has once again inspired us with a excellent poetry.

  3. This one went straight to my artist’s soul. Beautiful.

  4. Anne Beggs

    Yes, I must go deep and face the fear… But, Oh what light is shed when I hear their songs. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Ireca Sims

    Wow, very thought provoking. I really enjoyed it. I love the way you slip your words in and out of one another in thought and description.

  6. Shari LeKane-Yentumi

    Ambition is a gift, inherently bestowed like the creativity that resonates from your poetic and photographic mind.

  7. Laura Bailey

    Love this jewel of a poem. Profound in it’s looking for and discovering treasures!

  8. Bejewelled slivers of which

    You can then bring back

    To the surface of life

    I just love that line, scott–and the whole poem is wondeful!

  9. Vinita Agrawal

    Once again, beautiful, artistic expression of grave, deep and meaningful thoughts! A beautifully conceived poem; splendidly executed. Good work Scott!

  10. Vinita Agrawal

    P.S. Do I detect a S and an H written in twigs Scott? 🙂 in the picture, I mean.

    Scott says: Yes, it’s true -you spotted that OK! Can’t take the credit for it though, I’m afraid – that belongs to Creative Director Neil Stephenson, who was doing the B&W photo shoot for the website, last summer.

  11. (dr) Jelka Samsom

    True ambition wonderfully expressed!

  12. Loved the poetry. Beautiful crafting – I loved: ‘clues embedded in shadows’

  13. Steven Sutherland

    I love how you nailed ambition! I will refer back to this poem frequently!
    Thank’s for sharing your gift!

  14. Yes we do return with bejeweled treasures when we explore the depths of our soul and we learns lot from those who have gone before us.

  15. Imagine all the poems that would have never been written if not for the pain and uncertainty of life. Imagine if we could learn to treat it as the experience it is meant to be. This is a beautiful, powerful read!

  16. nice…and wise as well…those that go deep and pull out the things of the heart…they are the ones i love to read…as you point out, many are afraid to go there…nice write…

  17. Oh, I like this! I’m trying to live in the balance, I guess: trying to lean into and enjoy my gifts while at the same time not getting too caught up in selfish ambitions. It can be tricky. Sometimes I spend too much time staring at the screen…

  18. Wendy Waters

    Just read this poem – Fabulous!

  19. One of the hardest things to do is going deep inside ourselves. This is written with beautiful insight, Scott.


  20. Richard Vallance

    I like your poem, Ambition, Scott, especially this line:
    ‘To follow a tracer line’ – which stood out for me.

  21. Wise and beautiful words!

  22. I particular like the last line that really ends the piece well. The overall tone has that wiser soul feel. Leaving a message for thought and wisdom.

  23. Richard Vallance

    I like your poem, Ambition, Scott, especially this line,

    To follow a tracer line

    which stood out for me.

  24. This poem is my favourite of yours. Just towers above the rest. The vividness of the imagery astonished me, particularly given the metaphysical nature of the concept..

  25. Ambition is the gift; you do what makes you happy. Beautiful write! I love it!

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