New Poem – be as bold…



Be as bold and as brave

As you wish,

By all means look to the heavens.


But, as you labour so

In this glorious snare,

Do also take care to tend to the wounds

Of your enthusiasm.


Because it’s not till it’s broken and bust,

Genuinely beaten up,

That you realise just how fluid,

How soft and aching,

How finite a liquid chamber

Any human being is,

Given its every flush of hope

And inspiration,

Its residue of angst and despair.


The wonder, the sheer scale

Of its emotional range

And yet, as if to confound us all,

Its raw and visceral vulnerability.


Yes indeed,

What an extraordinarily delicate

And tender thing it is we have here.


For less than a moment

In our incessantly indifferent world,

One raging soul’s crazy dances

Like a drunken butterfly,

Painting the day fitfully

With its own show of colour

In search of the sun.




  1. Shari LeKane-Yentumi

    It is good to be bold and to tend to enthusiasm with moderation and realism, for the world can be ruthless and lacking compassion, especially when we are in need. However, it is good to remember the charge of electric invincibility when one is so young and earnest at heart and filled with ambition for life.

  2. Laura Bailey

    It is true that, as human beings, we are very vulnerable to the forces all around us.
    That is well summed up in this very good poem!

  3. Vinita Agrawal

    I found this utterly poetic and charming…your choice of words is amazing. Loved ‘how finite a liquid chamber’ and ‘drunken butterfly’ and many other phrases. This is a top grade write!

  4. This is a profound poem in the meaning of my life, I love it. You have inspired me to write again as I haven’t done for some time. Thank you. I have read your other poetry and find them very meaningful.

    Scott says: thanks for your kind words Lynn – but you starting to write again – that’s the best news of all…

  5. Mahnaz Mohafez

    ” Here I am!”

    Not long ago,
    she felt God touched her heart by his light.
    Felt helplessness passed away,
    happiness was the gift of him,
    a happy hum of hope in her heart.
    ” Nothing else I do need” she said ” This will suffice!”
    What a good day it was
    when she heard God saying:
    ” Here I am! Don’t fear!”

  6. Really beautiful, Scott.

  7. “How finite a liquid chamber
    Any human being is” yes, this. Breath taking…

  8. Take care to tend to the wounds
    Of your enthusiasm…ha…i drew up there to think before moving on and your progression from there is really cool…i say rage on little butterfly and dance now…we have no promise of more…

  9. This is sheer, exquisite poetry….no favorite line…it is all awesome. Wish I wrote it. More!

  10. Stopped in exactly the same place as Brian and had to consider, are they wounds I cause to myself, or to others. Perhaps both. The human spirit is both remarkably resilient and frighteningly fragile.

  11. This is beautiful and just clings to my spirit ~ Thanks for sharing them ~

  12. Scott, that last stanza is pure in its truth about any human who lives life. A wonderful read. Gorgeous writing.


  13. I love this piece, full of wisdom, tenderness, and compassion

    Through pain we learn compassion

  14. I found in this the poetic meaning of life. While we are in the ruthless society, we need to stand and be bold, so as not let others bring us down, but the beautiful personality is about compassion. This is really good poem for us to ponder. Wonderful Scott!

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