New Poem – blessed…



Sharp and attuned,

Blessed with the greatest gift of all

– Compassion.

Some are destined to tell stories

That show us the way

To where we long to be.


Some say life’s a mystery.

Others, forever young at heart,

May disagree.

There’s absolutely no quandary

There they say…


Just feel the light

And let your heart warm,

Till all and every possibility

Of hurt and doubt

Simply melts away.


So I share your tears too.

Tears of joy, of certainty, of longing,

Of when we all will be as one

In light never ending.


You and I,

We have never met – face to face.


But believe me,

I still smile nevertheless,

Each time I think of you.

Knowing that you, like me,

Feel the celestial gravity

In your soul,

Feel the stars ache kindly,

As they wait patiently

For us.


  1. ‘So I share your tears too’. Just awesome…

    • Mr. Hastie, I’ve worked two days at a festival in an attempt to sell my books. It wasn’t a good venue. Book selling is almost like playing poker, I think. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose, but since my publisher is small and doesn’t have funds for major marketing I have to pound the beat. I suppose I’m not really shy anymore, but still feel out of my comfort zone with strangers. I really like your poem Blessed. I felt it spoke to the longing for the infinite; of having a sense of a greater and broader vista than we have yet been blessed to see. We do catch glimpses occasionally or at least I feel that I have.

  2. Nivedita Yohana

    I profoundly love your poetry. It has such depth and intensity and am certain that many would benefit from it. The images used are interwoven with varied intricacies as a wonderful piece of artistic brocade. Your poetry is like a Maypole around which many nuances, symbols and imagery dancing a beautiful dance and wrapping it to create a work of art. Such poetry continues to inspire me.

  3. Very nice my friend, very nice.

  4. Very nice, Scott. Touching.

  5. Laura Bailey

    “Feel the celestial gravity / in your soul / feel the stars ache kindly” – So very beautiful Scott! Thank you again for sharing your lovely photographs and poetry!

  6. Scott,
    This poem in all its depth and simplicity really moved me to tears and is one of the best poems I’ve read that says so much in so few words. Thank for sharing this with everyone.

    Micki Peluso, author of . . . And the Whippooorwill Sang

  7. Shari LeKane-Yentumi

    Congratulations, Scott, on the book! “Blessed” is a fine example of the spiritual quality of your poems that connect your readers to you through shared, positive karma. Even your photo has an ethereal quality as you appear to be floating above! Simply magical.

  8. As Anne says in Jane Austen’s Persuasion, “We live in a great age of poetry.” Scott’s words weave the same soul magic as the greats.

  9. Just feel the light/And let your heart warm,/Till all and every possibility/Of hurt and doubt/Simply melts away.

    Amen to that.
    A beautiful poem. The title is wonderful, leading one to go back to examine why the poet is blessed. We find that it is not through worldly riches but through a capacity for compassion. This quality allows him to feel connected even with those he hasn’t met, to be aware of his Oneness with all- both in the humanity of our tears and our unity in the Light that is. And the tears… when we look more closely, are not tears about the problems of this world (though we suspect those too are included), but tears of longing to know ourselves as the Light. Wonderful.

  10. Susan Cobrado

    Scott you are in your best element creating the visual images that effectively described life, as well as its variants, and that’s really too difficult to define anyway. But your poem achieved that effortlessly, giving us a clear picture of what you intend your readers to see or feel. Yes, despite the multiplicity of roles, despite the fact that we maybe strangers, we all share one common ground__ our soul orchestrating that celestial pull is nonetheless, not an alien thing to us humans,which makes our earth, one borderless world. Your poem did emphasize this. I just love the line “feel the stars ache kindly”, that’s a perfect personification, which summarizes the message in one swoop. Kudos Scott, more poems please.

  11. Mahnaz Mohafez

    What happens in all of your poems is the simplicity of words and the depth of emotion.That’s worthy indeed, makes the reader feel the beauty of life. Thank you Scott!

  12. Banu Bidarkund

    I would love to become someone who tells stories “That show us the way
    To where we long to be.” Scott is Blessed with the greatest gift of all
    – Compassion

  13. I love the cadence of this poem,,,, a beautiful twist or spin on the word “Blessed” not what I thought it would read as, a beautiful twist or spin on the meaning of Blessed… very well done.

  14. Wonderful word craft Scott. Your writing style leaves a distinctive and lasting impression.

  15. Lovely, Scott. You are welcome back as a guest on my blog anytime!

  16. Very nice work. I love the phrase, “…celestial gravity.” Great image there.

  17. You too feel the celestial gravity of your soul…I like that scott…and the compassion even for one you have not met yet…not in reality and the joy it brings to you… Hey that is how I feel most tuesdays…

  18. Edward Wilkes

    It is apparent that you are a deep thinker, Scott. You seem to have reached a high level of consciousness. You have captured the harsh reality about the human existence in easy to understand creative form. The visual imagery in your words are excellent. I really like the Words (celestial gravity of the soul) Nicely put… Beautiful poem, Scott!

  19. A beautiful write, Scott.

  20. Lovely words Scott ~ I like the message of compassion and faith for the warm light to melt away our fears ~

    Great to see you at the pub ~

  21. Beautiful, Scott. Compassion is so important.

  22. This is a fascinating poem really. To think they have not met face to face. But truly I do think one can get to know someone well and have compassion though never meeting face to face. There are other ways of meeting where one can sometimes get to know someone even better…..and deeper. Example, I do think we can know people in the blogosphere very well..and yes, have compassion and any other human emotion. These relationships can be as real as ‘real life’ relationships, I believe.

  23. This is cool. I really like this one a lot. It makes me smile as I think of all my friends on the web.

  24. This piece is full of life, hope and faith the last stanza really stands alone..a gentle voice..

  25. Compassion……. Truly the only thing we are asked to give. It makes me feel like a thief though, because I get so much back from it….. great message Scott and tempo is pretty good……

  26. This is a spiritually generous poem – lovely : )

  27. Loved this line:
    “Knowing that you, like me,
    Feel the celestial gravity
    In your soul,”
    All part of the same…great capture!

  28. ..the last verse is excellent Sir… one that stood out best for me… a real insightful & sensitive write…

  29. Scott, this has a beautiful message, and that last stanza sings with beauty.


  30. This is a powerful, positive piece. I was captured especially by the idea of the stars aching as they wait for us… beautiful.

  31. Scott, this is one of the best contemporary poems I’ve ever read. The precision and economy of your lines is truly amazing, yet I feel that the essence of the poem transcends language. Thank you for lighting up the world with such beauty!

  32. Nice…feeling compassion and sharing the tears… There can be a closeness that builds even across big distances… Hope you can meet one day.

  33. Laura Laveglia

    Your new poem “Blessed” is enchanting. It put me in a dream like state in which I could picture your words.

  34. There’s a lovely feeling to this, Scott, and a smooth flow too. Thanks for the support and compassion you’ve offered me.

  35. Very nice poem Scott.

  36. Beautiful – the last verse particularly so. Tis lovely.
    Anna :o]

  37. Pat Bodo

    Great piece,Scott. You know, I think there is something mystical about the poem. I know this because I am into mysticism… Well done, man.

  38. It’s absolutely beautiful Scott, thanks for sharing.

  39. A nice melodic poem that mirrors the sweetness of the words. Looking deeper there is almost a sense of divinity in the message with reference to the light. The ending and sense of longing it portrays is quite moving.

  40. (Dr) Jelka Samsom

    Dear Scott,

    We have never met, nor have I met your readers. Yet I have a sense of “togetherness” between you, the dear people on your website and myself, as we all feel touched by your words. Words can do harm but words can connect too, as you so graciously make possible. Thank you!

  41. Sheila Good


    What I was trying to say before I got button happy was, I can tell your words soothe people. Your poem certainly moved me, especially the lines: ” Feel the celestial gravity
    In your soul,
    Feel the stars ache kindly,
    As they wait patiently
    For us.”

  42. Vinita Agrawal

    A very finely crafted poem Scott and superbly conceived! Through your work compassion will become the hallmark of every sensitive soul that reads it because your words teach so much! While the message is universal, your craft is yours and yours alone – distinct, timeless and delicate. As always with your poems, I was once again blown away by the last few lines: ‘Feel the stars ache kindly,
    As they wait patiently
    For us.

  43. Alan Britt

    Greatest gift of all…”compassion”…if only, if only the world would open its arms to receive that gift! Nicely done, Scott!

  44. I am touched again and again by your work—what more can I say–

  45. Adda Leah (Addie) Davis

    I can’t say that I am an expert on poetry. I know what I like and what moves me in some way and this poem did.

  46. This was just stunning.. Amazing. Love the feeling it leaves you with.

  47. Very beautiful poem! I like the address to someone you have never met but know so well and that you can find the words that she/he will find are right.

  48. Kerry O'Connor

    This is a most compassionate poem, which shows a kind consideration of human nature and offers sound advice too.

  49. Such an uplifting and generous piece–and beautifully written. I am glad that I decided to stop by this morning!

  50. Lovely poem, yes, pain and joy are universal feelings. We can all relate … This resonates … What a cool photo, too, I love the perspective, shooting from above.

  51. This is beautiful Scott. Wonderful sentiments!

  52. Emotions make this world wonderful

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