Two love poems…



What became of you, my love?

The years have flown by…


The distance between us though,


Shaped by life’s experience,

Is a kind one.

Perhaps always knowing more

Than we ever did then

At our most youthful and resplendent.



We had a time, didn’t we?

And it lingers still like fire burn,

Like lamp light in my being.


So just imagine

At this very moment,

Somewhere in the world,

Two lovers are busy at play

– Ecstatic,

Aflame for the very first time.


Think of that

And let your heart warm again

So gloriously,

As it did once before.











Whatever joys come our way,

The road ahead will be a hard one.

Your kinship though is precious,

Like sweet molasses,

Fuel for my journey.


Sometimes returning,

Battered and bruised I admit,

My basket full of

Fresh hewn promises,

Chiselled out and polished in hope.


And with all my dreams too

Of what could come true,

Of what my labours long to proffer you.


You know I give you my love, as best I can.


Together we live to the point of tears,

I wouldn’t want it any other way.



  1. Scott:

    I love “how it lingers… like lamplight in my being”.

    You have captured the feeling of longing with your eloquent verse.


    • Brian E. Wakeman

      Yes I agree,
      You evoke powerful memories of your own that arouse deep memories in the reader.

      Brian E. wakeman
      Author of
      Knowing Through Poetic Reflection

  2. This—

    “Two lovers are busy at play

    – Ecstatic,

    Aflame for the very first time.”

    —Reminds me of my first love. I love this, Scott. Very nice.

  3. ‘Sweet molasses’ wherefore you got this juxtaposed imagery! nice one…

  4. I love the beautiful word “ecstatic” in your poem. It is my favourite. The two lovers need to express each other the joyful excitement. Your two poems are beautiful and lovely.

  5. “together we live to the point of tears…” very nice line Scott…that first poem as well…the imagining of other lovers somewhere in the world part got to me a bit….Very nice, sir…

  6. Sherman L. Bailey

    Nice work Scott; love your writing and the look of your website. Sending well wishes your way for success now, and the days ahead. Have a great day !

  7. Carolyn

    It’s a shame we all don’t give our love as best we can. I also thank you for this memory of my first love which was also, sadly, my last. So far, anyway. Again Scott, beautiful words from a wonderful heart.

  8. Some great feelings and ideas with some fine words to bring them to life. The final lines are gorgeous.

  9. I really liked this poem, Scott. So true…there are always new lovers somewhere in the world, discovering love anew for the very first time. Sometimes as time goes on that love doesn’t turn out to be absolutely perfect, but so true that most often one does the best one can. You have really spoken truth in this poem….the way life is, for many.

  10. I adore the love poems ~ I always think we should remember and hold on to how it all started as a flame ~ As to the second one, I like the kinship being precious and Of what my labours long to proffer you ~ Beautiful words ~

  11. It’s me your are writing about. Remembering loves of score of years ago. Tender feeling.

  12. I love this, beautiful.

  13. The ability to give and receive love, I believe, is man’s greatest achievement..Loves come and go and they are all valuable…but we never forget that one great love…and you have etched that here…permanently and beautifully.”you know, I give you my love as best I can” resonates…and comforts me…dispelling those thoughts of what better could I have done…there is no better…we love as we can, when we can. The two poems are so beautifully evocative and thoughtful of love’s flame. Thank you so much for sharing. xo

  14. Shari LeKane-Yentumi

    A true sign of mature and unconditional love is one that recognizes that things will change, for better or for worse, and that love will persevere, as you poignantly stated, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

    I love the photo of the forearm with the bracelet – a symbol of love and connectedness.

  15. Ah! that basket full of
    Fresh hewn promises,
    Chiselled out and polished in hope… I think that’s a good thing to have for the journey..

  16. Zsa Zsa Al-Araj

    Absolutely beautiful!

  17. ‘Two lovers…somewhere in the world….Aflame for the very first time’…oh what a feeling. I enjoyed that thought!

  18. A beautiful verse with feeling of love and longing.

  19. Scott, first of all, I know when I come here to read your work I won’t be disappointed. I love both of these pieces, the first on lost love, and the second on love that endures through time. Wonderful.


  20. The bitter-sweet alternation in both poems lingers in the mind and makes me go back to them over and over again. What a magnificent way of turning something we all share -the vicissitudes of love- into poignant, original poems despite the fact that so many others have chosen to write about the same topic! Yours stand out and will be remembered. Bravo!

  21. Laura Bailey

    “Together we live to the point of tears / I wouldn’t want it any other way.” is such a beautiful ending. I t sums up all the trials and tribulations of so many relationships. Yet, despite all of this would any us have it any other way? Wonderful writing as always Scott!

  22. Joanna Schmotzer

    Very nice poem(s). Love is always divine. I cry of love now. Thank you. IO

  23. Vinita Agrawal

    A tender, velvety poem. You have this enviable ability to produce a heart-stealing line towards the end of your poems which elevate the verse to immortality. ‘Together we live to the point of tears…’ was the heart-stealer here. I loved it. I am sure millions will be able to identify with the nostalgia of an old love in your poem. The poem may be yours Scott but it belongs to all. What could be more beautiful than that!

  24. Mahnaz Mohafez

    Deep,Heartfelt,and Beautiful! Thank you Scott!

  25. I look back and wonder. I enjoyed experiencing your love poem. Very moving. My favorite part “basket full of Fresh hewn promises.”

  26. I like that you don’t leave it at ‘remember when.’ And your final lines are quite compelling. Just right for the closing:

    Together we live to the point of tears,
    I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  27. Both are lovely, Scott… but I especially like the 2nd one.

  28. The close on the second poem is fabulous, Scott.

  29. So very beautiful! And I so relate to both of them–

    My favorite line–

    My basket full of
    Fresh hewn promises,
    Chiselled out and polished in hope.

  30. Scott, this is a wonderful poem of mature love, a love that has endured the test of time, endured the ups and the downs, and still remained strong. You are a fortunate man indeed! Beautifully written from the heart.

  31. These are both lovely, flow well. I like the conversational use of the 2nd person in that first one, and don’t we all wonder about those loves long gone (at least those of us who’ve been around for a while)

  32. Sushmita Sadhu

    I particularly like Two Love Poems and Blessed. You are very simple and fluid in your expressions, yet shaded with a spiritual hue. I like the feel and design of your website very much too!

  33. Loved these lines:

    “And it lingers still like fire burn,

    Like lamp light in my being.”

    Such a bittersweet piece, full of both longing and joy.

  34. Again…Beautiful!

  35. Exquisite as usual!

  36. Dr Jelka Samsom

    Two love poems and two sides of a coin? One poem expressing strength and hope and the other a feeling close to despair and taken together, the two poems offer an honest and beautiful description of what unconditional love entails?
    Or are the two poems to be regarded as separate from one another?
    “Beautifully intimate”, if I may quote Don Maclver, RPA but also wonderfully enigmatic.

  37. Sweet and lovely poems

  38. Hello Scott, there is something special about your poems I need to comment on. I love poems which the reader may be carried and empowered by emotions. I quote “Whatever joys come our way,
    The road ahead will be a hard one.
    Your kinship though is precious”. This excerpt means so much to me. I think it is a wonderful poem. Congratulations.

  39. As always, your poetry moves me…

  40. .. the distance shaped by life’s experiences” is an interesting abstraction Scott.. As an artist, I wonder what that shape would be if it was to be depicted on a painting..

    Art is a truly wonderful artist, who paints in a modern studio by the Straits of Hormuz, overlooking the Arabian Sea and whose work is beautiful and inspiring – so full of light…

  41. “Together to the point of tears”……… Kept a thought on this a little while, but like the whole piece, keeps lingering! Good read

  42. Ela Matteucci

    Yes years go by and you wonder…

  43. Inna Yakovleva

    It warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. Thank you, Scott Hastie, I love your poems…

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