New Poem – as the wisest…



As the wisest of scholars

Have always known,

It remains stubbornly unfathomable

Just how far inspiration can take you.


So best not to risk extinguishing

Possibilities of insight,

That sometimes

Only the opportunity of reflection

And simple stasis can bring.


For it’s never quite what’s garnered

Or understood

But rather, what you feel inside,

That conditions your chances.

All the rest is no more than fool’s gold

That will choke you at your greediest.


However foolish one could ever be,

Fresh opportunities will always remain.

So what is time to even tempt you

To act in any way premature,

When late really doesn’t exist,

It is nowhere at all…


And even when you feel

You haven’t moved any closer

To where your heart truly hungers to be,

That’s precisely the time

When it’s hardest of all to see

That its desire

That often gets in the way the most.


For there are always easier,

More immediately rewarding paths

To chose, ahead of others

That genuinely hold the key.

And it’s difficult to do anything other

Than stay with the familiar,

Given all you’ve acquired

And assembled

Progressively around you.


Inevitable too that the body,

With all its innate

And transitory desires,

Will always fail

Whilst the soul never will.


Waiting patiently, as it does,

Till the frail chamber of your being

Is free at last of clutter

And the cravings of an instinct,

That so rabidly collects totems

Alluding to permanence

Falsely claimed, never quite captured.


But this is life as it truly is, my friend…


And even if you were ever

To achieve a state of being

Far beyond the dreams of avarice,

Of any mortal imagination,

It all comes to nought in the end.


So how foolishly we believe

Our lives to be empty – but not so,

Till clotted with greed and lusts

That satisfy but for a moment,

Before we inevitably ache for more.


Of course,

This is a madness of sorts.

Knowing that,

Whatever we lay claim to,

Death will always burst through in the end.

And thereby become

Every bit the monster we make it.


For what worse a curse

To wish on your enemies

Than the cravings and desires

Of self importance realised.


And, for even the enlightened ones

Amongst us, what use

The most beautiful of instruments?

If you lack the skill to play

(And like an angel too!)

But only if with the humility

Required to even begin…


From pauper to thief,

From peasant to monarch,

Such a chance is granted to us all,

Be we humble enough to see it.


So proceed generously,

Measure out a little of this

And a little of that, along the way.

And find out slowly

What it takes to make you soul sing.


If you can,

Be brave enough to never yearn

For that you cannot hold close

In your heart forever.

Tread lightly, cherish compassion

And live in the moment without fear.



  1. Mahnaz Mohafez

    Thoughtful as ever, your poem took me to the world of light & love. Thank you Scott!

  2. So true. Carpe diem! When I look back at how I felt when I was young, I frittered away precious time by wishing for what I wasn’t. I strive not to do the same in these golden years. Lovely work as usual.

  3. Wow! What an utterly beautiful poem the wisdom of which has emanated from your deep, deep soul. I am blessed to have read this poem, particularly at this juncture of my life. Thank you Scott for sharing your enlightenment with us. 🙂

  4. Laura Bailey

    Wonderful advice told in a very beautiful way. Thank you for reminding us of the humility
    of our fragile human existence. Patience is indeed a virtue and taking each day as it comes
    with resilience and grace is easier said than done but something to strive for nonetheless.

  5. Shari LeKane-Yentumi

    Your allusion to the seven deadly sins is clear, and the resurrection after-life coincides with your Easter message. Very nice.

  6. Your most telling phrase, for me, is something which is occupying this ailing elderly body: “Inevitable too that the body,
    With all its innate
    And transitory desires,
    Will always fail
    Whilst the soul never will.” I am truly thankful that so far the brain remains active and occasionally inspired.
    Have a happy Easter.

  7. Living in the moment without fear is a good thing…not an easy way to let go and get there… Happy Easter and enjoy your holidays…

  8. “when late really doesn’t exist,/it is nowhere at all” spoke loudly and cleanly to me. Another strong phrase which spoke to me, “So, proceed generously” Very thoughtful/heartful work, Scott.

  9. Jo Page

    Liked your newest poem a great deal and thought the ending on the Sylvia and Ted poem was both strong and poignant. The newer poem reminded me of one by, I think, Louise Gluck. I can’t remember the title, so I’ll try to paste it in here. Vespers
    by ??? I know who and can’t remember Louise Gluck?

    End of August. Heat
    like a tent over
    John’s garden. And some things
    have the nerve to be getting started,
    clusters of tomatoes, stands
    of late lilies—optimisms
    of the great stalks—imperial
    gold and silver: but why
    start anything
    so close to the end?
    Tomatoes that will never ripen, lilies
    winter will kill, that won’t
    come back in spring. Or
    are you thinking
    I spend too much time
    looking ahead, like
    an old woman wearing
    sweaters in summer;
    are you saying I can
    flourish, having
    no hope
    of enduring? Blaze of the red cheek, glory
    of the open throat, white,
    spotted with crimson.

    Scott says: Can anyone out there identify this poem for us please?

  10. No, the soul will never fail, and we must follow the inspiration, enjoy each day. Hope you enjoy your break!

  11. Scott, what lovely, deep, honest words of wisdom in your words. It comes at a time when I have so much to do and so little time to do I that nothing gets done. Your words put things into persective-thank you!


  12. The Blazing Trail

    How thoughtful… Enjoy your Easter!

  13. Vinita Agrawal

    The greatest truths of the universe seem to be packed in to this one poem. Excellent thoughts, Scott! I loved the line – ‘when late really doesn’t exist
    It is nowhere at all’
    It kind of sums up the frailty of time. Your poem begins with the limitless possibilities of inspiration to take us far in life and by the end of it, the poem itself inspires us to surrender to life’s beautiful flow. I am going to copy -paste this one a d save it as one of my favourites.

  14. …to live a moment without fear is such a wonderful phrase to hear… and at my age i know i am still learning to find those words in my heart & mind… it will never be easy to find such peace to inner self & to the outer environment as well but i know i’ll get there no matter how tough the road t’wards that light end… i wish you happiness in your break and more blessings to live & share… happy easter… smiles…

  15. Scott, nice poem, very meaningful and positive. I like your website also.

  16. Truly an inspirational piece of writing, Scott. Yes, we should indeed cherish what we have and not be greedy. I hope your holiday is fabulous.


  17. (Dr) Jelka Samsom

    “Knowledge is being”, A. Huxley proclaims.

    No, “inspiration” is key, as you delicately put into words, Scott.

  18. In the verse above, the qualities of a person that should be, but are rare to find can actually be seen in the poet i have known- a generous and compassionate soul who has written these words!

  19. “For it’s never quite what’s garnered

    Or understood

    But rather, what you feel inside,

    That conditions your chances.

    All the rest is no more than fool’s gold

    That will choke you at your greediest.”

    ….Such wisdom.

  20. Reminiscent of ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling.

  21. Thank you for reminding me to choose the wise over the fool. Such the wonderful advice!

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