New Poem – however you may shine…



However you may shine,

Infection is everywhere

And it’s a nonsense.


Look at what they can hang before us.

The sordid sins of the world itself,

Like shroud bearers in the Plague,

And grubbily persistent too,

As if they have no shame,

Nor right, it seems,

To share with us

The blessed light of the day.


Interwoven with selfish desires

To be ashamed of,

It’s the cold wind of fear though

That sometimes calls you to them.


After all, your life in this circus

Has already been quite a procession,

Stretching back into the distance

To precipitate this point.

A long line of enquiry

Inevitably riddled with mistakes.


Hurting as you may be

Right now,

What a wonderful thing it is

Not to be alone.

This ashen cloth

Won’t ever quite leave me be either,

Living as I do on a prayer.


But, as my eyes lift again

To the world,

I can at least be with you.


Your body, your spirit,

Healing like warm stones,

Sourcing and soothing the exhaustion

In my soul,

So I can fall back skyward,

Safe in your arms,

And survive to dream again.


  1. Mahnaz Mohafez

    Deep,Beautiful,and heartwarming.Thank you,Scott!

  2. Natalie Moore

    Wowowowowo!!!! That poem was just so good……

    Your body, your spirit
    Healing like warm stones,
    Sourcing and soothing the exhaustion
    In my soul,
    So I can fall back skyward,
    Safe in your arms,
    And survive to dream again.

    Those are the best lines I have ever heard….LITERALLY!!! I have never been more moved by another person’s poetry as though it were my own words in His Pen…… I felt that knot in my throat immediately.. and am Degrounded for the Rest of the Night…..

  3. Sourcing and soothing the exhaustion
    In my soul,
    So I can fall back skyward,
    Safe in your arms,
    And survive to dream again….esp. this last part just made me breathe deeper…wonderfully expressed Scott.

  4. Beautiful poem!

  5. “A long line of enquiry
    Inevitably riddled with mistakes.”

    Simply quoting one of the lovely lines here, Scott. I can feel your holiday was a big success.


  6. That last verse is beautifully written ~ A gem to read tonight ~

  7. This reminds me of reaching out my hand, finding one that slips in mine just as tears slip over lashes. Wonderful.

  8. Ah, why couldn’t I write this exquisteness….The last three stanzas, in particular, resonate w. me. Beautiful, just beautiful.

  9. Loved your use of personification in the second stanza. Beautiful wording, overall. Gave me a peaceful, safe feeling. Got to have the bad with the good, right? Thanks for the read 🙂 Lovely way to start my morning.

  10. The conclusion here is so comforting.

  11. Scott, first time reader and bow to the lexicon and your brilliance. I still have L plates on – reading such fine work gives me hope – thank you so much, that last stanza was sublime.

  12. I REALLY liked the final stanza. “So I can fallback skyward” is really grand.

  13. Shari LeKane-Yentumi

    The key to understanding this poem, for me, lies in the first stanza. “Infection is everywhere, and it’s a nonsense.” I had to look up the meanings of nonsense to understand that it also signifies a genetic mutation, apropos to this context given the reference to sin as a plague with which we are all begotten. More surreal is the nonsensical notion that “life is this circus” – implying extravagant foolishness or frivolity – “riddled with mistakes” – subject matter, behavior, or language that is foolish or absurd. The multiple definitions of nonsense are layered throughout the entirety of the poem. In fact, it can be argued that the final stanza, “So I can fall back skyward…safe to dream again” is nonsensical in and of itself until decoded for special meaning – the true meaning of the poem being the nature of love, the freedom to dream and the natural tendency to rise to the light and shine.

  14. Loved this. That we ‘survive to dream another day’ is our ultimate gift. Be well.

  15. That final stanza is simply superb.

  16. Dr. Shardanand Tiwary

    Really, life in this circus or circus in this life has already been quite a procession….

    Scott, The train of thought is running on the right track and many more will come in this journey.

    Best of wishes!
    — Shardanand.

  17. Excellently crafted piece on life and hope to dream. Your creative thoughts are inspiring. Cheers Scott!

  18. Susan Cobrado

    The final stanza leaves me weak with awe. It is simply beautiful, the visual images are perfect.

  19. Jacquéline Touche

    Hi Scott.

    Beautiful Poems, Beautiful Words…
    Can’t help myself they send shivers to my soul


  20. Vinita Agrawal

    A marvellous write! Your poems contain nuggets of literary gold and each time i read your poems I hunt for these and treasure them. The last stanza in this work stands out brilliantly! I also loved the line – living as I do, on a prayer.
    Just keep them coming Scott!

  21. Such a passionate romantic in the purest sense!

  22. Nice one. Esp. the line ‘Infection is everywhere’

  23. It is beautiful to see the world is shining where it is a wonderful thing. Beautiful write, Scott!

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