Summer flowers, freshly picked from an English garden…



  1. Scott:

    Lovely arrangement of Peonies and Roses. Fresh and vibrant; like your poetry.

  2. A bluebell would’ve added more to the charm…it is lovely nevertheless…

    Scott says:
    A shame, Shriram I agree… but seasonally three/four weeks late for that here – they tend to come with a great rush in woodland areas especially and then just melt away shortly before the first rose appears!

  3. Carolyn Sames

    Beautiful! I wish I had them sitting in the center of my table right now!

  4. They are lovely!

  5. Thank your for your beautiful Roses / Peonies

  6. Vinita Agrawal

    Beautiful! Ah! The layers of pink, a shot of red and a divine dot of cream in the centre. Breathtaking and utterly fresh! Thank you Scott!

  7. Mahnaz Mohafez

    Their beauty is unforgettable.Terrific!

  8. Very cheerful –just right for a warm and sunny day.

  9. ah they are a beaut…fresh out your own?

    Scott says: Indeedee!

  10. These are so lovely!!

  11. Very lovely flowers.

  12. Beautiful and lovely! I love the roses!

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