Sunset in Africa, over the Kenyan coast…



  1. What a gorgeous picture with such vibrant colours. You capture the energy of the moment beautifully~

  2. Beautiful photo. It captures the shimmer of the sun off the waters, and then the clouds seemingly cocooning the horizon just above. Lovely.

  3. And the sun kisses the ocean one last time before slipping away; to appear again tomorrow.

  4. The picture says it all without saying a word.

  5. Asma Abdi

    Just beautiful and real, conveying truly the warmth of Africa

  6. Wow…its Awesome capture..Very beautiful picture.

  7. Vinita Agrawal

    OMG! Awesome!

  8. Breath-taking picture!!!

  9. Beautiful…brilliant shades of smouldering amber. There is really nothing quite like a stunning sunrise or sunset.

  10. Thank you for capturing this beautiful moment……

  11. When I’m looking at that picture of the sunset in Kenya, I am feeling speechless… It looks so beautiful and captivating… Lucky are the ones who saw that sunset on live 🙂

  12. Spectacularly beautiful.

  13. Roman Long-Gonzalez

    Wow! Scott, I love your photography. I love how you choose the perfect moments of composition. The colors in your work are vibrant and awe inspiring.

  14. This sunset reminds me of one I experienced on nearby Lake Erie. It makes me think about how close distant places like Kenya actually are. For all the differences we humans have, we have much in common. We all live under the same star and sustain ourselves on the same atmosphere.

  15. The Blazing Trail

    Beautiful sunrise! Paints the world really well.

  16. Vinita Agrawal

    OMG!!! Can I steal this picture please? 🙂

  17. That’s a perfect sunset! Love the dancing bronzes and golds on the ripples.

  18. I Love, Love, love this photo.

  19. Mahnaz

    That’s so memorable!

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