The beauty of Meso America

IMG_4751 IMG_6316 IMG_6223 IMG_6210 IMG_6172 IMG_6129 IMG_6126 IMG_6017 IMG_5836 IMG_5787 IMG_5759 IMG_5624 IMG_5542 IMG_5245 IMG_4938 IMG_4914 IMG_4785 IMG_4770 IMG_4768 IMG_4759 IMG_4734 IMG_4712 IMG_4446 IMG_4421 IMG_4412 IMG_4353 IMG_4333 IMG_4326 IMG_4322 IMG_4178 IMG_4082 IMG_3887 IMG_3856 IMG_3780 IMG_3724 IMG_3352 IMG_3347 IMG_6327


  1. I think these are my favorites of your new photos as they have such wide variety in theme and the colors just burst out at you. From the common people in the market selling their wares, to a parrot whose green plumage is verdant and velvet like, there is a richness that brings you into every aspect of the lives these people must live, in nature, day to day happenings and life. Thank you for sharing Scott!

  2. Mahnaz Mohafez

    These photos are so beautiful.

  3. These all seem to be unique in themselves. Excellent shots.

  4. Laura Bailey

    The colors shout out to the viewer “Come visit me”! Thanks Scott for sharing these memories of your trip with us!

  5. Whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I turn to a dose of Scott Hastie Creativity. Soothing, lyrical beauty in word, color and shadow. Marvellous.

  6. Perfect! I think I’ll try to pin them, if you don’t mind 🙂

  7. Beautiful photos.

  8. Gorgeous images captured Scott. I am envious your journey. What a remarkable planet…and a tremendous inspiration. Thank you for sharing this photos.

  9. Vinita Agrawal

    Distinctly South America! The colours speak for themselves! Adore these…

  10. Glitzy glamour added with a touch of class.. including natural beauty and lovely creatures for a memory to cherish with these photos.. Thanks Scott

  11. I remain speechless when I look at those pictures, absolutely beautiful and breathtaking! Especially the flower pictures, which would be wonderful grouped together as one only postcard! Hats off,

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