The Maya

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  1. These pics are simple, and convey the richness and being that were the Maya. One can feel the warmth of the air, and the roughness of each stone in gazing upon these altars to time.

    • Krishna Thakur

      These pictures are fantastic. Not so sure about the man in a sort pants!
      I never knew you are sooooooo rich! India then South America – what’s next – I wonder… May be a walk to the moon? Well you can always write a poem about it can’t you?

      Take Care


  2. Loved the pics…you should capture these moments through your words…

  3. You captured an experience. Lovely.

  4. I’ve always loved to read about the Mayan culture and learn about it, but I’d never seen these pictures. I find it amazing that the stones fits so perfectly as did the stones in the sphinxes in Egypt. It makes me think that the flood in Noah’s time created the continents that we know today since there are so many similarities found in areas so far apart in distance.

  5. Laura Bailey

    Your photographs are so beautiful and bring back many memories of when my footsteps traversed these sites some years ago.

  6. Hi Scott,

    These photographs are magnificent!

  7. Beautiful. How could it be otherwise? Now you have to read Salvador de Madariaga’s “The Green Stone Heart”. And then we’ll talk some more 🙂

  8. Great images of the wisdom of the ancient.

  9. Remarkable images Scott. Some day I truly wish to take a similar trip to such faraway wonders of this great earth of ours. Historic structures have always fascinated me, perhaps given that my father was an architect and most of our travels in my parents’ day always included viewing buildings of architectural and historic significance. Thank you for sharing these wonderful images.

  10. Lily Soltani

    Looks like you had lots of fun!

  11. Vinita Agrawal

    Beautiful! Captured with endearing intent!

  12. Great pics Scott.

  13. Fabulous photography.. I was always interested to see and know more abut MAYA…Thanks Scott

  14. Wow, I think these are some of the most interesting pictures I have seen for a while.

  15. Thanks for sharing these wonders; happy you stopped over

    Much love…

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