Dazzling icon photographed at the Peter & Paul Cathedral, St Petersburg – Happy Christmas everyone…




  1. Scott thanks for this timless image of the meaning of Christmas. Beautiful and poetic.



  2. Mysteriously captivating.

  3. Gorgeous, Scott.


  4. Laura Bailey

    Wow! That is an incredible icon! A wonderful Holiday season to you Scott!

  5. Beautiful. This reminds me of the Renaissance art of Italy which expresses both love and imminent loss. Simple and exquisite.

  6. Beautiful and captivating picture Scott! I have always been a fervent devotee of mother Mary and lord Jesus Christ though I turned Hindu after marriage. Mother Mary accompanied my husband in so many important steps of his life, especially during his exams. For my part, mother Mary fulfilled my wish to become a mother, whereas I was condemned to remain childless due to some gynecological complications, and she also fulfilled our wish having our own house in Mauritius, our native land. She has been and is a real mother for us. Lord Jesus Christ always remains my savior and biggest love too as he always accompanied me in every step of my life.

  7. Scott, what a moving image and, oh, the history behind it. Marvellous.

  8. Vinita Agrawal

    Stunning and so very clear!

  9. A beautiful capture. Dazzling and detailed the frame yes, but how much more does the image speak to you… Thanks for sharing!

  10. Laura laveglia


  11. Breathtaking. I need a shirt with this serene image. I wear her peace in my soul though. Thanks for sharing Scott!

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