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Graced with the chance to be here,

Even if only fleetingly,

Embrace whatever comes your way

And, in so doing,

However enchanting

Any treasures you uncover

Might be,

Their loss should never be your concern.


In this matter

Make your heart your queen

And follow her as faithfully

And bravely as you are able,

Just as swelling fruit

Hurries towards its own sweetness,

Shine whilst you can,

Without fear,

For nothing is as inevitable

As it seems here.

No, not even the fissures

Of loss and decay

We are oft led to expect

In this temporal world.


For whilst we fuss and fudge

The lines we are given,

Above, below and all around us,

Lingers the energy of countless others

Who already know for sure

That, just as it was long, long ago,

When they first found themselves


So it is for them, again and again…

And now with only a dark empty hollow,

A feeble space of earth left in between.


Such is true joy’s absolute certainty,

Its slow lit fuse that burns holes

In the shabby shroud of death forever.


(Reading of this poem also available on You Tube as part of WildSound Festival in California)


  1. Scott, I loved your new poem for 2014, such imagery and emotions. I found myself floating as I was reading, imagining all the little details that you have placed in such few words. I could feel the darkness closing around as death crept up and it is so true, we must live each day and embrace whatever may come. Looking forward to reading more of your work.


  2. Be thankful for all small mercies, for indeed ‘nothing is inevitable’… Take opportunities and new openings as they happen – don’t want to miss that boat! Great write.

  3. Laura Laveglia

    A beauty of a poem with a truth that shines within!!!!

  4. Laura Redden

    Hi Scott,

    I enjoyed your poem “Graced”. It was quite inspirational to me.

  5. Mahnaz Mohafez

    Fantastic as ever!

  6. “Just as swelling fruit
    Hurries towards its own sweetness”

    Yes. Yes, this.

  7. I find this very meaningful Scott. I read it three times before posting a comment, and each time I experienced different feelings. I think you have captured the essence of living life to the fullest, or living life with joy, or both. :o) Well done.

  8. It is very deep Scott. But again, I found it a bit difficult to understand…the last line is lovely…

  9. A most perfect description of life as it should be experienced….
    Thank you ~~

  10. I love it and I get it! What great encouragement and inspiration for my soul! I shall move forward joyously trusting the “queen” that is my heart. As long as I breathe I can. I can. I will! We are all “graced.” Thank you!

  11. Aakaanksha Singh

    Nice work:)

  12. Scott, You’ve dealt with our mortality in a very beautiful way. There are some things over which we have no control except to hurry them along. I feel it is wonderful to awaken each day with great expectations and not feel disappointed if we have seen nothing magnificent, but can realize, “Hey, I’m still alive and have an opportunity of seeing another day. Who knows something marvelous may happen on that day. As you can see I’m an optimism addict.

  13. Scott’s “graced…” is an inspirational work of meaningful wordsmanship. He has found what most of us search for. Thank you for this wonderful piece of yourself.

  14. Laura Bailey

    A beautiful start to the New Year Scott. The last three lines are as profound as any that I have read.
    Peace and beauty to you in this New Year!

  15. Shari J LeKane-Yentumi

    Dear Scott, I agree that life on earth is a temporal station in our biological shell of decay, but as you so rightly proclaim, only a state of grace transcends our preoccupation for vanity, pride and material things; only a state of grace can bring true joy in this life and in the hereafter….

  16. Loiriam Jimenez

    I like your great poem. It’s inspired… We need grace for 2014.

  17. Brian E. Wakeman

    I liked the thoughts and language rhythm of the first stanza.

    A few thoughts:

    The idea of making your heart your queen made my eyebrows rise.
    I guess it depends on what we mean by heart. If feelings, then I see dangers in unrestrained feelings driving me.
    If by ‘heart’ you mean centre of consciousness, or reasonings of person then I am in less danger of the distortions and self rather than other-regarding tendencies we may have.

    Finally if burnt holes in shabby shrouds is all we have to look forward to then we are “of all men most miserable”.

    I wonder if you have a further piece on “hope” for the future now and hereafter?

    As usual, you have masterful control of language and rich expression with beguiling rhythm.

    Best wishes,


    Scott says:

    Thanks Brian, good to have your detailed observations – Yes, I recognise the concern you have here re: driven by feelings alone and certainly did intend to use ‘heart’ in a broader context – your notion of ‘centre of consciousness’ sums up my intention pretty perfectly – in terms of a kind of litmus test, if you like… Some reassurance that we all have, should we choose to use it, a reliable inner place to go from which to draw the strength/courage to recognise and then follow what we instinctively know to be our true path at key moments. And this despite any conflicting surface rationales and emotions, or the possibilities of hollow short term gratifications and vanities… The seductions of compromise, as well as the inevitable feelings of anxiety (and risk!) that are all also too likely to also bubble to the surface and inhibit potential opportunities for your soul to flower as it should.

    Though challenging, my intention was for the piece to be read more optimistically – hence the key final three lines are intending to suggest that if you live true -then, in the best of your moments, you become the light and radiant energy that shines eternally through the shabby shroud of death ‘ rather than the holes themselves… If that makes sense? Though I recognise that this transmutation is a big leap of faith spiritually for some – hence the earlier lines: “not even the fissures of loss and decay…” that look to set this up.

    I agree with you that a balance is important in terms of the overall tenor what you offer to the reader, in terms of any creative and philosophic exploration and already have a piece in mind for next month that explores the available terrain for more immediate mortal fulfilment.

    Thanks again for your time and consideration Brian, always good to hear your thoughts – which help keep me on my toes!

  18. Yes, to live in the shadow of death’s grace gives life meaning and dedication. Well done!

  19. Roman Long-Gonzalez

    Scott, such a wonderful poem to start the new year. As always, I enjoy not only your poems but photography as well. You write poetry with such ease. The words and imagery seem effortless. You inspire me! Cheers, Roman.

  20. Dr Jelka Samsom

    Hi dear Scott,

    One of the reasons why I love your work is that it always conveys a message of hope. Life is a “chance”! “Embrace whatever comes your way”! And even if you lose some hidden treasures whilst following your heart “faithfully” and “bravely”, do not worry…try simply to continue your personal journey.

    Thank you again, Scott!

  21. Sherman L Bailey

    ” Brilliantly written, conceived in the heart and soul of a man that clearly knows what he’s talking about.”

    Love it Scott… by the way, I think your webpage is impressive. I love the black and white, matter of fact, professional image you’re presenting here. Cheers! The best to you and yours.

    Sherman L. Bailey

  22. ‘Graced’ like most of your poems is emotional, touching and inspirational. I wonder if your inspirational poems relate to your experience or the experience of people close to you. A great poem with a caring message.

    Scott says: Thanks for this, Joel – I guess the answer is a bit of both… along with some of what I consider to be imaginative and spiritual forward projections – arising out of meditation practices and resultant calm, seeking reflection on life’s dilemmas, challenges and opportunities…

  23. Wonderful poem, Scott. Deep, emotional, and moving. The words and meaning flow so true and freely. Yes, meditation can get us to that place where our mind becomes calm and free to create. Beautiful.

  24. Sergio Finocchio painter and sculptor, Frosinone Area, Italy

    Ciao scott, complimenti per il tuo nuovo libro di poesie.
    Con la nostra arte noi frughiamo nelle pieghe dell’anima, per strappare il velo e guardare in faccia la verità crocifissa nel cosmo

    Hi scott, compliments for your new poem.
    With our art, we rummage in the folds of the soul, to pull up the veil and look in face at the truth, crucified in the cosmos
    Best regards

  25. Wherever you store up your treasure eh? This life is but a vapor, no bad thing is worth letting what time we have go to waste…..

  26. This is beautiful, Scott. Such thoughtful words on life. I like the idea that we are graced with the chance to be here, even if fleetingly. Those words intrigued me immediately, as I consider life such a valuable gift which we need to appreciate each day. I like the idea of making your heart the queen, as I think that as we do live we do need to listen to our heart.. Which will lead us in the direction we are meant to go!

  27. Alan Stevens

    True joy’s absolute certainty – there is a stream of hope in all your words that flow through the poem. This hides many depths but to me it paints a picture of a soul forgiven and love grasped.

  28. So true. Very well penned. Beautiful.

  29. “Shine whilst you can” is such a wonderful message. I love the fruit hurrying towards its own sweetness, just as we rush towards fulfilling our own destinies. This is a very thoughtful poem and I really enjoyed reading it and taking its advice to heart. Thanks, Scott!

  30. So glad I stopped by here today–you have a wonderful sense of how to use language to convey emotion. Your close is subtle and evocative–just a joy to read your work!

  31. Debbie Stirling

    Dear Scott, these beautiful words touched me, Thank you x

  32. This was a joy to read filled with beautiful thoughts.

  33. Life is certainly a gift that we are graced with … despite challenges, we always have a chance to shine. Beautiful thoughts. I don’t take issue with the use of “heart” as an earlier reader did. I think the heart usually knows best. When we intellectualize things too much instead of feeling them, we may miss out on the more spiritual meaningfulness.

  34. Lovely and uplifting words Scott ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  35. Thank you for a very inspirational poem.Making the heart one’s queen,like a ripe bursting fruit is a question I have pondered a lot, as acute joy is almost always accompanied by acute pain in hot pursuit.

    The choice between having a safe faux fawn feeling free zoned life compared with one of sensory joyous overload was however determined for me before I (of the basket case variety) was born.So in reality I am stuck with myself with essential added modifications to ensure survival in an ever increasing conformist secular and materialistic world.

    I say not only gaze at those stars in the night sky but raise your hand up and pluck one out of the firmament, place it gently to your lips and live in awe of our marvellous universe and its creator.

  36. I too, tripped a bit on the heart as queen. For me, that would better be a continuously nurtured and growing soul seeking its own sweetness so as to share it. Otherwise, I found agreement, delight, and satisfaction in your well written words. Glad I found you and shall return,


  37. It was a delightful read Scott,thank you for sharing. 🙂

  38. Wow! I love your poem Scott, I love the way you have used the heart, I believe it is that which should govern your thoughts. How else could you write such beautiful poetry. Thanks for letting me share in your work.

  39. Well this is my first visit to your blog and I must say that I enjoyed myself. First impression: This is a serious poet. Deeply philosophical. More interested in idea than form (that’s a compliment.) I’ll visit again.

  40. “Embrace whatever comes your way” – I like this line, Scott! I enjoyed your invitation to savor life and make our hearts the queen to follow. Great way to start the year!

  41. I appreciate your very positive spirit.

  42. Kerry O'Connor

    Wise words, beautifully expressed. I think we do need to be reminded to be grateful for all we have in this life.

  43. Brother Ollie

    I like how you establish a focus on grace. That really sets the tone for your piece.

  44. Racheal Grace Adams

    A real beauty Scott

  45. Bridget Cameron

    Lovely and so poignant..

  46. Dear Scott, no philosophy of life is comprehensive unless it includes a philosophy of death. You have mastered both beautifully, with pathos and naturalness, which don’t always go well together, but you have the precious gift of matching the sweet with the sour, and by your poetic gift turning the sour into another facet of the sweet.

  47. Yes..why not experience bliss..
    No one.. said we couldn’t…
    One moment in the Now can be..

  48. Beautifully moving words.

  49. Hello Scott – there is no doubt that some emotions are out of time – everlasting – clock time is something different… well captured.

  50. For me this poem expresses so much about faith in hope…it is beautifully written.

  51. A deft capture of the meaning of life. I posted a while back that Stephen Hawking said the only reality, the only sure thing we know is what’s in our own mind. Each person perceives reality through his/her own filter. You say this so much more profoundly and more artistically. Well done.

    Scott says: Yes Gay, I do recall very well your reference to Hawking prompted by one of my earlier pieces and it no doubt played its part in getting me to Graced… That is certainly the way things work – so thanks again

  52. Inspirational and beautiful poem.

  53. Hi Scott,

    This strikes me as rich poem which deserves a much deeper reading than I’m able to give it just now. However, I agree about the importance of making the most of the moments that we have. I’ve seen too many people who are either so stuck in the past or so fixated on the future that they simply don’t live in the here and now; at times I suspect I have been one of these people myself.

  54. Beautiful writing with a important message. Life is a gift and living with a grateful loving heart makes it a better journey.

  55. This is a lovely poem. I especially liked the opening verse.

  56. Very nice. I really liked the message in this one, it’s one that’s good to be reminded of. 🙂

  57. A poem full of wisdom, presented well.

  58. Scott, the final stanza is priceless, it pulls the whole composition together nicely. -Todd

  59. it is true…we’ve been given only a relatively short time here on earth…even more good to think of those that were before us and those that will come after us as well to find balance and courage..

  60. One of the most beautifully written and memorable carpe diem pieces I’ve ever read…Truly a gem! ~Jackie~

  61. The last stanza is very moving and very apt. A wise ring to the whole poem.

  62. Scott
    What beautiful writing.
    You slowed me right down. It was thoughtful and in a tone that I so enjoyed.

  63. Scott, to me you have expressed such wonderful thoughts on life.. the meaning of it and whatever you believe it can bring…

  64. Scott, This is very beautiful-
    As always,

  65. Scott, you are truly inspired in this time, in your way and though it may sound cliche I find myself thinking of only one word to describe your writing, your words and that word would be ‘ethereal’. And through your own inspiration the response from your reading audience clearly defines their experience.

  66. Now this, this reflects so much of what is filling my mind (when I am not at work, or working on my manuscript). Life is temporary, those important moments we add weight to are generally but specks in the vastness of living… How to reconcile our every day with this reality is tough, tough work. I need to listen to those who have gone before, just a little bit harder. This is what your poem says to me, anyway.

  67. Tony Burnett


    “Graced” is an impressive work reinforcing the positive. Great way to begin the year.

    Thank you for your words

  68. “Shine whilst you can,
    Without fear,
    For nothing is as inevitable
    As it seems here.”

    Love this…such a beautiful poem for the new year.

  69. Just as swelling fruit
    Hurries towards its own sweetness,

    – really nice line!

  70. Impermanence juxtaposed against the absolute certainty of everlasting joy! Simply marvelous to see the river change neatly bent and folded into the eternity of moments my dear Scott! Your poem captures the fissures and hollows of the pain of the temporal yet sets the soul free to roam a realm where everything is wonderful and peaceful…where even death becomes meaningless. I love this one!

  71. Shanti Patti Owen

    BEAUTIFUL poem Scott! THANK YOU!!

  72. Kerry O'Connor

    Such an interesting first of year piece. The third stanza is particularly telling – almost a stand alone section and vital to the whole theme. You are most welcome in the imaginary garden.

  73. Happy to have discovered your work, Scott!

  74. Especially this couplet, among the well-crafted piece, do I admire:

    Just as swelling fruit
    Hurries towards its own sweetness


  75. Good to read this affirming and thoughtful piece. Welcome to the Garden…

  76. This is something you should be proud to have written, filled with an unhurried wisdom and elegance.

  77. I found this inspirational.. and with a wisdom that has staying power… Great poem.

  78. Make your heart your queen
    And follow her as faithfully
    And bravely as you are able,’ ~ this thought’s very close to me ~ glad to hear kindred soul ~ Thanks for being graced…~ Irene

  79. Fine affirmation of seizing the day with loving heart.

  80. That’s right! Follow one’s conscience and not to be held back by little distractions that normally are there to cause irritations. Nicely done Scott!

  81. Well said, good advice, beautifully rendered.. love the gentle yet adamant tone.

  82. Scott, this poem brought me to tears. I feel every single syllable in your writing. Hope all is well with you.

    Peace and Love,

  83. Shine whilst you can,
    Without fear, – a wonderful mantra for life!

  84. Always with grace walks the poetic soul…
    A pleasure to meet you too.

  85. Particularly enamored of this:
    “Make your heart your queen
    And follow her as faithfully
    And bravely as you are able”

  86. This is an intriguing piece of skilled writing. I was pleased to have you read my poem but I am delighted to have found your collection here. I look forward to reading more of your poems in the future.

  87. embrace the now…so seemingly simple an idea but so difficult to achieve…too often we live in either the future or the past

  88. Ositadimma Amakeze

    Beautiful work….

  89. Rob Harle

    Your poems have a serenity and deep gentleness which is lovely.

    Love the lines:

    “Just as swelling fruit
    Hurries towards its own sweetness,”

    and the final verse of ‘Graced’ is brilliant:

    “Such is true joy’s absolute certainty,
    Its slow lit fuse that burns holes
    In the shabby shroud of death forever.”

    A great wisdom comes through in almost every verse of your poems.
    Wonderful imagery and I feel calm and uplifted after reading them.

  90. I love this piece… To me it reads as if you have re-thought the fairytale… No traps or pitfalls, if you follow the right path in this trail of words… And a good queen of hearts… Fantastic!

  91. Neena Sharma

    A poem portraying great wisdom, truth, sensitivity, the lurking dangers of life … Yet, all the while, ending up with a glint of hope. Take life as it comes, embracing with grace, all situations, people, things coming your way… Be sincere and faithful to your heart..listening to your heart and mind – both at the same time, preparing yourself for the life’s future contingencies… The temporal life already in flux… Brave any storms of MAYA, taking powers from the almighty, by communing with Him more often than not, regularly and religiously. God Bless.. be ever happy health sir :)!
    Fond regards

  92. Scott beautifully and hauntingly reminds us that the only thing standing between us and the shroud are experiences of grace and enchantment. He exhorts us to, ‘Shine whilst you can, Without fear’ and in so doing to be fully alive and bring meaning to a life that we are ‘graced’ with, ‘if only fleetingly.’
    Poignant and thought provoking.

  93. Suraya Dewing

    Thanks Scott
    I enjoyed Graced.
    Have a wonderful 2014. May it give you many blessings.
    All the best

  94. Nina Feldman

    Love your poem Scott! I shall definately make my heart my queen from now on. Wise advice indeed x

  95. Anna-Marie Docherty

    Another great read. What direction or higher purpose have our lives? How precious each moment we are given withing the precious vessel we sail on stormiest of seas, how much we should treasure the most detailed and fragile of landscape before us… Once again you set me to ponder further…

  96. Relating poem to aspects of human life, makes the poem more sensitive, inspirational and interesting. That is Scott’s poems. “Graced with the chance to be here,” reveals how beautiful life is and the need to appreciate it when one gets the ‘Grace’ to be in this beautiful world, yet made ugly by those who don’t understand the aspects of human life. ‘Graced’ is a beautifully written poem defining the meaningful and purpose of life.

  97. Dr. Hedva Rabinson Bachrach

    So true and wise, a sense of reception and fatalism, yet of longing and constant spiritual search… I liked it very much.

  98. Catherine Browder

    I enjoyed this…

  99. Sarah Roberts

    I really like this one! The words are so true & meaningful! Life is truly precious!

  100. Lovely write…. speaking to my heart and soul…

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