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The day is done

And no one is immune,

It’s true.


That sense of a voyage

Slips seamlessly past,

For there is a finite beginning

And end to everything.


And yet a sense of connection,

A bejewelled purpose too,

Like the child

Whose way ahead

You’ve already lit,

Or the lover you’ve yet to meet.


Many such moments

Come and go, as they must,

Melting away

Into the space we are given.


But what endures for me

Is a persistent resonance,

Some heady wish

For access again

To a sense of wonder

In the stream of things,

That, this time round,

It might just be possible

To keep in my heart

A little longer.


So tarry with me awhile

And we will see

What we can do

To tenderly explore

Beneath the frail shell

Of all we’ve since become.


Trusting that, maybe within

Such smoothly sculpted casing,

And still delicately enclosed,

Might just lie the silky lustre

Of some lavish

And joyful communion,

Waiting for its chance

To grip and catch the light again.


  1. I especially liked the ending.
    You remind me that I need
    to get my own work out there
    more regularly.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Drew Clausen

    Well written… I enjoyed the verses very much thanks for sharing…

  3. “Bravo!” he said, and another day “slips seamlessly past”.

  4. Well written. The image & the reflection of time and times to come.
    Thanks for inviting me to read this.

  5. Trish Shields

    I liked the flow and wistful tone to your poem.

  6. Beautiful Scott. A very wonderful and well written poem.

  7. This time… the two most fragile and divine words in the English language and the human psych… the hope that keeps us plodding on day by day because maybe next time or this time we will “grip and catch the light again” … life is some gorgeous kind of drug, eh? Brilliant Scott… as always.

  8. Sayed Rohani

    Thanks, Scott. It is beautiful.

  9. Sherman L. Bailey

    Loved the poem Scott …

    Enjoy your weekend my friend.

    Sherman L. Bailey

  10. Friend, I enjoyed this poem and found nice and appealing.

    Arbind Kumar Choudhary

  11. Milan Schmotzer

    The light is (and has been hidden; nothing but merely always waiting) within our souls. The immortal energy patiently awaiting throughout the eons.
    Just let our souls to shine brightly again for the moment lasting millions of years – ’cause that’s the only reason why we were sent here.

    Your poem pleasantly caresses the human spirit, as always, our gemmy artist.

  12. Your joy and light shine through that “smoothly sculpted casing”. Oh, to have a soul like yours, Scott. Maybe next time around .

    Respectfully request use for my blog.

    Scott says: Lovely to hear from you as always and, of course, Sondra t’is yours to do with as you please…

  13. Lovely poem Scott. Being open to “wonder” every moment, brings a newness, like seeing the world through the eyes of a child once again.

  14. Shari J LeKane-Yentumi

    Perhaps our vulnerabilities, when rightly exposed, are really triggers to the soul, and are only accessible to those who are capable of mutual intimacy and love.

    Scott says: Indeed Shari, I feel that too – thank you…

  15. Laura Bailey

    These are beautiful thoughts Scott. Keeping that sense of wonder at all that surrounds us is a challenge that is met sometimes with great resistance due to worldly worries and preoccupations. However, with me, it is a habit that keeps coming back to teach me new things. And I am always curious, as you are, about many things. Thanks for posting this elegant read.

  16. Dr. Keshab Chandra Mandal

    I have the opportunity to go through some of your poems.
    These are so beautiful and soothing that give charms and delight.
    I pray to God Almighty for your mental and physical wellbeing. Thank you.

  17. Lovely one Scott…intrigued by the expression,’melting away/into the space..’ very true

  18. Beginnings and endings, intertwined…and lovely to share with someone. A meaningful and beautifully written work. ~jackie~

  19. Cindy Kane

    This was beautiful Scott, thanks so much for sharing it. Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. Myra Nour

    Scott that was beautiful.

    My head designer forgot to put your lovely poem in Feb. If she can’t find it perhaps we can use this one for March?


  21. Mahnaz Mohafez

    All your poems,dear Scott, are so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us.

  22. Scott:

    This is another excellent poem you have constructed from the basic materials of time and light. We need to use the precious gift of time, with child-like wonder, like you say. My two favorite parts:
    “What endures for me
    Is a persistent resonance,” and your most powerful last line:
    “To grip and catch the light again.”

    Thank you for this meaningful experience.



  23. Beauty and sadness of Cronos – time, and of human life in general. The truth and sensitiveness of the poem enters under your skin.

    Hedva Rabinson Bachrach

  24. I hope that you find what you have so beautifully described. That elusive wisp of tangibility that transcends time and glistens in the light.

    Alice Parris

  25. E. Lucas-Taylor

    Nicely done. I love free verse.

  26. Helen Moule

    Excellent and worth being late in reading

  27. It is a lovely verse
    I agree on the connection to all things
    how quick life can seem, then again entwined.

  28. Wonderful poem, Scott. We DO need to always keep that sense of wonder about life. There is always a chance to catch that light again.

  29. I like your positive outlook and expression of hope that you can hang on to that thread of wonder and possibly share it. Good Luck:)

  30. An interesting poem that raises questions worthy of thought, which by virtue of the other comments here show it has succeeded.

    It seems to me the more we experience life, the more we wonder if this is all there is, and the journey begins.

    Perhaps time, space and matter are all an illusory holographic matrix of light vibrations for the purpose of acquiring sufficient experience necessary to achieve wisdom?

  31. What a lovely and most inspiring poem, Scott!

  32. What a beautifully written piece. Great read.

  33. A poem filled with hope and life wisdom…this was simply beautiful.

  34. This is so beautifully written. I most resonate with the longing to regain that sense of wonder……….crucial to truly experiencing the joy of existence.

  35. Sheri Lynn Pritchett

    I like this poem! thanks for sharing!

  36. Wow Scott this was great! The words inspired me with such a delight. I enjoyed this poem as it showed the true meaning of feelings everyone has inside. Very intense and loved the ending.

  37. Nena Black

    As often happens with things that touch the soul ‘the Day is done’ mirrors perfectly my feelings about my life at this juncture. I have no greater compliment nor analysis than to say I literally welled with tears upon reading it. It struck a deep, recessed chord, and set an ideal mood for my Sunday.
    Simply beautiful piece, Scott, thank you.

  38. A very lively poem filled with desire and the desire to be able to continue to live and to enjoy that which we seek to discover and to taste again for the second time!!
    Optimism is nicely threaded through this very uplifting poem.

  39. Yes, we can retain & relive a sense of wonder … instead of an ending, we can think of it as a new beginning. Each day is a chance to start over. I share this optimistic view of life. Lovely poem.

  40. I enjoyed this .. the sense of search… even when the day is waning … and time seems to be slipping by… something that nags at me …

  41. To keep that inner child and her wonder alive, we must nurture her on a regular basis. One of the reasons I remain on the poetry prompt circuit is because I periodically find that moment of communion (in your last stanza) waiting for me in my own comment section. Thank you,


  42. I read your poem in the context of what I felt yesterday after completing 38 yrs at my workplace. You seem to answer many questions that disturbed me.
    Thanks for inviting me to visit your page once again.
    R K

  43. Beautiful, deep words. Excellently done.

  44. Some beautiful lines and thoughts in your poem, Scott! I like the idea of ‘persistent resonance’ and of trying to catch the light.

  45. No one is immune to a passing day… Excellent

    I like the notion/presentation of a purpose having a precious value (“bejewelled”).

  46. Excellent…such a gentle flow, such a delicate message of looking for that special communion with another soul. This poem is ripe with meaning and defines each one of us though we are all different people. That is the true appeal of this write, it flows into each heart through a unique path and stakes it for its own! One of my favorites too, Scott!

  47. Beautiful….wistful… I especially liked the final verse!!

  48. Kerry O'Connor

    You words are so meaningful, personal and yet universal too. The third stanza really reached me, in terms of the child and the lover (both essential to our knowledge of self).

  49. Such wonderful lines ..loved it 🙂

    And I also like your blog..the design..lay is pretty awesome .

  50. Joanny Rowe

    Ah lovely, reading – ‘The day is done’ … a truly beautiful personal reflection.

  51. Scott, your words instill a tremendous sense of that connection you write of, such a wonderful aspect of reading your poetry. That profound sense does indeed resonate within our heart and soul embracing the thoughts and perceptions you so deeply convey. Thank you for this ongoing journey.

  52. Loiriam Jimenez

    This poem is good to inspire everyone who keep travelling until their day is done. 🙂

  53. Beneath the beauty of the words and the musicality of their arrangement, I sense the blending of the unavoidable with the hope for new discovery that will keep life throbbing till the very end. The vocative “So tarry with me awhile
    And we will see
    What we can do
    To tenderly explore
    Beneath the frail shell
    Of all we’ve since become” evokes in me a powerful, loving call to a partner to share in the mood of the poet, and the most striking thing about the mood running throughout the poem is acceptance devoid of bitterness, grounded on the belief that it’s still possible “to grip and catch the light again”. A remarkable attitude to our finitude and a lesson to us pessimists encased in the perfection of form.

  54. A bejeweled path.. the thought and silent wonder that life is.. I really love the gentleness of this poem Scott.

  55. A good read Scott. >KB

  56. There was time when i did not think this was possible..a time for a miracle and for this for true..and then hopelessness once again..forever it seemed..

    but that is gone..
    and now
    all there is
    is hope

    Thanks GOD for change..
    i’ll take the desert..
    if i can ever visit a garden..
    again..if ever that day of
    desert .. is once for me..

  57. …”to a sense of wonder in the stream of things…” is the kind of line that strikes me as full of poetry and wisdom.

  58. Plenty of hope among the frailty displayed. The second half is stronger for me than the first – especially the ending. Thank you for sharing.

  59. the sense of voyage
    you have me, here

  60. Right here:
    So tarry with me awhile
    And we will see
    What we can do
    To tenderly explore
    Beneath the frail shell
    Of all we’ve since become

    Love this – especially the last two “Beneath the frail shell…”


  61. a beautiful reflective poem…

  62. Lovely words, thank you ~

  63. Read it again and love it still!

  64. Beautifully expressed. Lovely share.

  65. A beautiful, gentle journey… so Lovely 🙂

  66. Scott, a beautiful poem that flows softly with each word. I especially like the last verse.

  67. i’m always glad when we as adults don’t lose that sense of wonder for the journey

  68. The beginning and the end were especially evocative. The stanza starting But what endures for me… is beautiful and so true in concept, but just felt a little flat compared to the melody of the other lines.

    Scott says: Thanks for your thoughts Marina and you are right there – I suppose this element speaks to the challenge still ahead, whilst the rest of the poem (especially the close from there…) is deliberately ecstatic I guess…

  69. Very beautiful poem and inspirational words about how to finish a day that we achieved. Congratulations 🙂

  70. Tenderly envisioned. I like to think of each day as a unique voyage and to look at what is new within it.

  71. This just speaks to me… You pull at the spiritual side of me, every time! A joy to read…

  72. I also love the ending
    and will tarry with you
    as we watch as life unfolds

  73. Scott has expressed the human longing to capture and repeat transcendent experiences, to make them last a bit longer, all the while knowing it is a ‘heady wish’ that is rarely possible. He looks longingly ahead for ‘access again’ to new experiences, while glancing wistfully back on those he cannot recapture. The day has ended and the next will be inevitably different; we cannot relive or repeat the day that has ended—we can only hope to have another just as good.
    Margaret Nash
    Author & Life Coach

  74. Maria Wheatley


  75. Anna-Marie Docherty

    Reads beautifully, could imagine it spoken as if it were a deep meditation and was fully absorbed… Another enjoyable visit, thank you for sharing with us.

  76. How I love the grace of your pen. Beautiful and, for me, perfectly timed. Thank you.

  77. Neena Sharma

    Another sensitive poem..your beautiful creativity is at its pinnacle once again.Profound conjectures…The ultimate communion with SUPREME is all that we all are looking for, to tenderly explore within our frail exterior, though unbeknown of the purpose of life; chasing our dreams.. ,in our very voyage of life…endlessly. Tarry or hurry Scott sir..Good going, as always.

    Much regard

  78. Scott, my friend, I will hold your words closely to my inner being. Thank you for writing this.

    Peace and love,

  79. Trish Shields

    What’s old can be new again. The patterns we see, or sometimes miss, can lead us along a merry path but it is not set in stone. Sometimes that little side branch taken can renew the path and light the way to new beginnings. I really like your use of light language on a rather deep subject as it pulls the reader along nicely. Cheers.

  80. Nicely done, and if by chance we catch the light… the day is done.

  81. Hi Scott, I still love this and it means more to me now at this present moment. I will be sending you an email today. I am in need of some of your prospect, my friend.

    Peace and love,

  82. The uncertain things in life can certainly be the most beautiful.. and the most scary… Maybe the middle gets overlooked in our quest to describe the beginning… and the end…I say enjoy the shells… Nicely written.

  83. I suppose there is still hope that part of our old selves can re-emerge and live the lives we yearn for…I certainly hope so. An immaculately crafted piece of writing.

  84. Your final stanza is immediate and direct, filled with that fragile hope we all hold close on occasion,


  85. This is a beautiful example of your work. I find your style unique, ‘seamless,’ and soothing to the soul.

  86. Beautiful. Deep. Melancholy. Real.

    As one of those movie reviewers would say (I can’t remember who): This poetic demonstration is “A Triumph.”

    Do give us more!

  87. In your words I feel the swell of the ocean,relaxation and flexibility of wisdom…~ Inspiring ~

  88. Louis La Roc

    That’s a solid end to a taut poem, Scott. Bravo.

  89. Dr Jelka Samsom

    As long as we are still visited by a “heady wish” to keep alive a “sense of wonder” in our hearts…!

  90. Ubaid Khalid

    was just reading your poems ‘We are anything’ and ‘The day is done’. Wow! fantastic and I’m just loving them. Short, highly imaginative…I really liked these….

    “Like the child
    Whose way ahead
    You’ve already lit,
    Or the lover you’ve yet to meet.”

    The words really seem like flying in the air and carry a lot of meaning with them.

    Have the happiest day…

  91. Love, Love this write. thank you for such a beautiful poem!

  92. Thank you for your fantastic work!!!
    I’ve been out of the loop for such a long time, with illness. Want to get back to work, and get at least reasonably well again.
    So very nice to hear from old friends!!!

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