New Poem – we are anything…







We are anything but finite

Or alone!

After all the petals of proof

Are here in our hearts,

Are they not?


And however deflated

We might sometimes be,

Either by our own frailties

Or the cruelty of others,

– Inviolate –

At the core of our being,

The very prism

Of sanctity and self remains.


And latent there,

The quick silvered opportunity

Of redemption,

To become enchanted again.


Sublime moments refracted,

Even if only for seconds,

Caught forever in your soul.


  1. The light of our soul is always sublime.. wonderfully penned..

  2. Very nice, Scott. >KB

  3. Charles Tutt


  4. “inviolate”
    I needed to read your poem this week
    feeling fragile
    edging broken

    thanks for helping me remember!

  5. A short, sweet and soulful poem. Nice one Scott! 🙂

  6. Beautifully penned, Scott. I love the hopefulness that comes out through the struggles. A lovely and well written poem.

  7. Scott~
    Beautiful and profound, this piece came across my desk at just the right time. I am sharing it with a loved one who deeply needs this encouragement.

  8. Thoughtful, contemplative, leisurely poem. A nice change of pace for me today.

  9. Scott, this reminds me so much of my thoughts while I sit by a dying persons bed as a Hospice volunteer. I hold their hand, stroke their face, and say goodbye….
    You have stated it so beautifully….what a person is.
    Thank you.

  10. Loiriam Jimenez

    It is nice to be enchanted again…good poem.

  11. Very thoughtful. I like this poem.

  12. Myra Nour

    Lovely. I continue to be a fan. Myra

  13. Dee Ashby

    The flow was as smooth as the message. It’s beautiful.

  14. Panchali

    You write so beautifully, Scott!

  15. Yeah…you’re right, we never alone, our spiritual potential – inside,
    and ‘sublime moments refract forever’ in our souls….,and how it’s painful, when human ego takes over the soul…~ Happy weekend! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Scott, your closing stanza expresses so much in what I draw from this piece, so beautifully written. This one is to be savoured and read repeatedly.

  17. A beautiful poetic rendition of quality personified through human life.

  18. This is a beautiful piece on inner reflections which we all can relate to. Some of the most powerful statements are made in the softest tones and draws in those to listen who may not otherwise. I love how this poem incites me to look within.

    “At the core of our being” we are truly untainted and today, I’m reminded of this by your shared reflections on humanity. Life is good always when we remember “…all the petals of proof
    Are here in our hearts…” Thank you!

  19. The eyes are the window to the soul, I feel your words are!! Thank you for such beauty, I am well fed now.

  20. Laura Bailey

    Beautiful and poignant Scott. Thank you so very much for sharing your poems with us!

  21. Scott, I really like this poem since I believe as the old song says that “the soul of man never dies.” We harbor in our hearts/souls/ psyche all the emotions a human being can feel and as the human race has proclaimed we have passed it on. Isn’t it wonderful to know that we really aren’t limited by time . . . only our earthly existence is limited.
    Adda Leah (Addie) Davis

  22. Beautiful Scott. You have a wonderful ability with feelings and words.

  23. Just what I need at the moment… to be reminded that the experiences that seem to define me as a tosser are illusion for I am inviolate … my place in eternity assured… thank you!

  24. Sometimes, it’s the only thing to warm us. Beautiful and graceful as usual. This is my grin for the evening.

  25. Drew Clausen

    Well written, I enjoyed the poem.

  26. I loved your piece so much, I just could not resist the urge to say something. Pardon my presumptuousness. Keep up the good work, Scott. You inspire:

    We are nothing but what we make of it;
    One without the other – incomplete.
    We are everything we can aspire to be:
    A priest, a king: the power of you and me.

    We are nothing if not the people around us;
    Willful, delightful, a sweet and welcome curse.
    We are everything if we never hesitate –
    You and me, the power of love: Inviolate.

  27. Shriram Sivaramakrishnan

    ‘petals of proof’ is a nice phrase…sits beautifully in the poem…very crisp one…

  28. The spirituality of this poem is best reflected in the healing strength of redemption “to become enchanted again,” and by connecting with a higher power through a confluence of souls: “Sublime moments refracted, Even if only for seconds, Caught forever in your soul.” Then we are infinite.

  29. ‘We Are Anything’ another beautifully written inspirational poem relating to reality of life. This poem can get you thinking and motivate you to take action in dealing with life issues in a positive manner.

  30. Redemption and re-enchantment are always possible, but sometimes they seem so far away. Glad to see that working with me is not damaging your voice … smiles. This is beautiful; so gentle and so deeply thought-provoking.

  31. Dr. Hedva Rabinson Bachrach

    In our Mystical tradition in every soul there is a sparkle of God, which is never extinct. I believe that the pain and beauty in your poem expresses this perfectly. Also never giving up, in spite of any surrounding dilemmas. It is a wonderful poem and thank you for that. Hedva

  32. Enlightening and enchanting poem, Scott. Thank you for sharing.

  33. Teresa Joseph Franklin

    Thank you so much once again Scott for a beautiful poem that strikes as so very true

  34. Rochelle Soetan

    Love Love Scott.

    XOXOXO…………..on the run!

  35. Beautifully written Scott as always, it is always a pleasure to read your inspirational writes.

  36. Mahnaz Mohafez

    I enjoyed reading your beautiful poem as ever

  37. Myra Nour

    Another very lovely poem. Let me know if you want to have it published in the May/June issue.


  38. What a boost to the spirit…thank you. Very uplifting to read and a great reminder.

  39. Dr, Keshab Mandal

    This time also you are superb.

  40. Lovely, Scott. As always.

  41. Lovely poem, beautifully expressed, one to keep as a “recharger” when things become a little too much. Thank you. Rob

  42. Scott: “Sublime moments” indeed! This poem’s ending is encouraging. Thank you for the encouragement. – Richard

  43. Yes indeed Scott! We are anything but ‘finite’ or ‘alone’…
    Very inspirational write, it consoles like a cool hand on a fevered brow. Brief but profound words that trickle soothingly into our bruised auras…thanks to your poetry Scott

  44. Kerry O'Connor

    The quick silvered opportunity
    Of redemption,
    To become enchanted again…

    Inspiring words to carry one through the new week.

  45. Though often we do feel like we are alone in this great big world…..disconnected….the opportunity to become enchanted again sounds promising…

  46. This is a very deep and meditative write, Scott. And yes, we really are NOT alone & not finite. The proof, such as it is, does exist in our heart. And that is really what matters. And really nothing can ‘deflate’ us if we look within and feel what is deep inside.

  47. Scott, your gentle thoughts still carve sharp like a knife of glass. I read your poem several times … And it lives inside.

  48. The quick silvered opportunity
    Of redemption,

    I love that, Scott. Great poem!

  49. Laura

    Gentle and thought provoking

  50. The lines are so uplifting…and beautifully written…

  51. Glimpses of the Divine are only short lived but happen often enough
    to keep us falling into the abyss of despair and sustain us for a while longer.Your poem is a message of hope.

  52. At the core of our being,
    The very prism
    Of sanctity and self remains.
    I so needed those lines this morning. Now I look forward to becoming enchanted again. Thanks, Scott!

  53. Nicely done!

  54. This isn’t poetry related, but if you’re interested in enchantment and disenchantment, I highly recommend the work of Alfred Gell.

  55. Scott,

    This is a lovely poem of become enchanted again..beautiful

  56. It is the fear of being alone that rips at my heart, Scott. A beautiful write and always a pleasure to read your words. They do soothe me.

    Peace and love,
    Pamela ox

  57. Beautiful poem!

  58. I was drawn into your poem by your excellent first stanza. I also like the idea that ‘redemption’ means being enchanted again. Very thought-provoking poem!

  59. Lovely verses Scott ~

  60. It’s good to have that moments of bliss and magic in our lives.. and yes – it often depends on how we look at things

  61. Nicely described…things that are somewhat hard to put in words… May the heart lead and mind follow… Sometimes that’s the best thing you can do.

  62. Excellent – loved it

  63. You captured the beauty of life, Scott. Every moment is an opportunity…every moment to savor. Some we wish to move through quickly, but there is always that opportunity for change as you so beautifully expressed.

  64. Nivedita Yohana

    Your latest poem is just so wonderful. You capture the poignant reality – transience of life so well. There is positivity in the energy of your words. I discussed your poems in one of my classes and compared it with Frost, Dickinson, Larkin and Marvell… Your poems are arrest the bitter truth with such beautiful evocation. Many poets talk about loneliness and exclude the concept of self..but you celebrate life with spirit, respect and acknowledge the existence of self or inner being. Hats off to you!!

  65. Poems executed sensually and deftly. Your words are heart-felt and inspiring…

  66. – Inviolate –
    At the core of our being,
    The very prism
    Of sanctity and self remains.

    No matter what happens in life, no one can take away our self-respect or gifts – unless we give away that power.

  67. “To be enchanted again” I yearn for that. Such a beautiful piece

  68. Jacqueline


  69. Neena Sharma

    Ah ..the poignancy of soul in poise..!

    Wonderfully penned Scott sir, ending with a glint of hope , to discover the submerged, hidden spiritual treasures of peace, power, purity, divinity, love and Bliss within..

    Great work as ever, yet short and Brevity is the essence of Language. So touching lines…stirred the chords of my heart!

    ‘And however deflated
    We might sometimes be,
    Either by our own frailties
    Or the cruelty of others,
    – Inviolate –
    At the core of our being,
    The very prism
    Of sanctity and self remains.’

    Congrats Scottie sir..

    Keep writing and enchanting us with your gigantic spiritual write ups.

    With fond regards as ever

  70. Scott this is exquisite I have a long way to go to write a poem of this calibre

  71. Extremely lovely!

  72. “Sublime moments…caught forever in your soul”. How many of us have experiences such times, treasures that will last a lifetime. This is a stunning piece of writing.

  73. The opening lines are assured and comforting..I think they could stand alone quite brilliantly as well..

  74. Princess Romay

    Spring is always a revival of life and we do feel beauty so inspiring.
    Nice words,

  75. John David Lionel Brooke

    I enjoy reading your insightful poetry Scott.

  76. Kimberley Hart

    Thank you again for sharing your beautiful work that is always an inspiration…

  77. Definitely a soul song.


  78. Dr Jelka Samsom

    Dear Scott,

    This poem reminds me of the following line by the French Poet Joachim du Bellay:

    “Ceuillez dѐs aujourd’hui les roses de la vie”

    (‘Amours d’Hélѐne’, “Sonnets”, 1549)

  79. Interesting Scott. I think my favorite lines are:

    The very prism
    Of sanctity and self remains.

    And latent there,
    The quick silvered opportunity
    Of redemption,
    To become enchanted again.

  80. Well written! Thumbs up for you, Scott! Oh, yesss! We humans are indeed
    flawed, but fabulous! Hah!
    Do have a lovely weekend!

  81. Rumi Buffalo

    Cool poem – Cheers…

  82. Like a reality check on our human nature. Simple yet deeply reflective. Love that!

  83. So many people already said it: this is a good poem, love it! 🙂

  84. Oh yes, we are always there, wonderful as we are, no matter what life throws at us!

  85. Beautiful reflections.
    Anna :o]

  86. Scott- loved the lines
    ‘The quick silvered opportunity

    Of redemption,

    To become enchanted again.’

    so perfectly beautiful!

  87. Fine words of encouragement.

  88. Yes… there is that inherent need deep within all of us. Great piece, Scott.

  89. Hi Scott, I did enjoy this. I like the philosophical look at life and the sense of hope and purpose your words convey. Well done.

  90. So true … we have the power to redeem ourselves and become enchanted again … lovely 🙂

  91. I want to believe you. The petals of proof is a great turn of phrase.

  92. I commented on this poem earlier….but after reading it again tonight, Scott, it leaves me with a wonderful feeling of hopefulness.

  93. Ah.. I’m here again for a second read.. The infinity and nothingness are really just different aspects of the same thing. Our own reality is all that lies between… And maybe our touch with nothingness is viewing the infinite…

  94. The prism of sanctity and self is a powerful image. This little poem sings to me.

  95. Wow, beautiful poem of existence.

  96. We are anything but finite is such a powerful line… all the things that get trapped in our souls as we live, can enchant us again and again. Lovely.

  97. ” Surely Goodness will follow me always til the end of my days”

  98. Poets have many pages… layers within meanings.
    Prisms and opals 🙂

  99. The prism of sanctity and self…. alliterative and vivid – this poem was a gem.

  100. Beautifully written!

  101. Carol Zielinski

    Lovely poem Scott!

  102. Peter Russell

    Hi Scott, You clearly have a deep and appreciative following… Sparkling is such sweet sorrow, when around me images swirl, inspiring … inspiring

  103. Beautifully written as all your poetry is. Very inspiring.

  104. Beautiful! Thank you Scott 🙂

  105. Lovely thank you, so true.

  106. Touches the core Scott. Most beautiful. & yes ~ to become enchanted again…. that is the way.

  107. Teresa Joseph Franklin

    Absolutely beautiful, meaningful and truthful, thank you Scott

  108. What a wonderful piece of writing, Scott! I enjoy the flow, the cadence and diction. I LOVE the message and meaning. I am touched this Good Friday.

  109. Well said Scott!
    leaves me pondering — perhaps that “self” is meant to not survive at all.
    less of me, more of Him
    none of me, ALL of Him

  110. Sayed Rohani

    Scott, it is a beautiful poem with depth!

  111. seasideauthor

    Well done and very soothing…

  112. Lily Soltani

    A powerful and empowering poem. I am glad I stopped by.

  113. Hillis Pugh

    I really love the poem “we are anything” It’s simple, but speaks volumes of what we are or can become. Thank you for what you do. Love and light to you. Hillis

  114. Emmie

    Beautiful, thought provoking. I enjoyed it.

  115. Tunmbi Jeremiah

    This is an amazing poem about life. Love it.

  116. At the core of our being,
    The very prism
    Of sanctity and self remains

    and shines its light on all that looks into your eyes or reads your words – lovely poem

  117. WOW!! Wonderful poem that inspires and empowers, Scott!!

  118. Truly uplifting and a wonderful poem. There are a lot of individuals here who agree with me.

  119. Carol Zielinski

    What a beautiful and timely poem! In just a short amount of words you get right to the heart of the matter. These are feelings we all share!!

  120. Janice McLaughlin

    Loved this poem, descriptive, succinct — Blanket upon blanket … layered with meaning.

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