A personal response to the ‘The Day is Done’ by Australian author Suzanne Staveley


‘The Day is Done’ – a poem by Scott Hastie



Instead of approaching the poem from a technical perspective I felt it would be more interesting for us to focus on the ideas it presents.


The day is done

–          the time to reflect


And no one is immune,

–          everyone is accountable for their actions


It’s true.

–          self evident


That sense of a voyage

–          life is a voyage of discovery and experience


Slips seamlessly past,

–          time strings together the events of life


For there is a finite beginning

–          as time is perceived and measured linearly and the beginning is an event in the perception of time.


And end to everything.

–          yes, everything that has a beginning has an end in this material existence.  What we perceive though may be different to what actually is.  Time may not be linear.   It could be that time is a cyclical.  The end of something is a beginning of another – like the end of a caterpillar is the beginning of the butterfly.  Another concept is time is an illusion to enable experiences in a coherent manner so the soul can learn in a cascaded manner to continuously improve so the spiritual infant can achieve maturity.


And yet a sense of connection,

–          there are many philosophical concepts that attempt to explain the connection we have with others, yet without any obvious reason.  One is that our spirits are all components of the collective consciousness that created this existence for the purpose of experiencing itself via our personalities, consequentially we are all one – revealing the connection.  Another is that we are separate and independent of God with free will of choice suffering the sins of our ancestors necessary to learn from and overcome them.


A bejewelled purpose too,

–          what is life without purpose?  Where would the challenge be if it was spelled out for us?  Perhaps the purpose is subject to free will and choice, rather than pre-determined destiny?  What do I want to experience in this lifetime?  What do I need to experience?  Is there a difference? 

–          That we enter this life experience without memory of any prior existence, perhaps it is the maturity of the soul and its ability to continue maturing through further experience that defines the purpose of life?  Perhaps we place too much focus on the mind which is merely a record of the current life experience of lessons in this life in which the soul by virtue of its maturity has reacted to this reality? 


Like the child

Whose way ahead

–          It seems some children behave as if they remember a past life in this existence – that they have a heads up on the rules of the game of life in the way they demonstrate their ability to recognise and react to their circumstances and surroundings with a grace, confidence in their intended result.   Could it be the maturity of their spirits?


You’ve already lit,

          Perhaps some connect with us more experienced and take on board what we have to say, which gives them the opportunity to learn from another’s story instead of their own.


Or the lover you’ve yet to meet.

          Soul mates could be souls that need to continue learning from each-other, that on a spiritual level recognise each-other from previous experiences and are attracted, it is the purpose of this life that brings them together to enable the learning.


Many such moments

Come and go, as they must,

          Yes the opportunities come and go, as to what manifests from them depends on how we perceive them, the choices we make in our response to our perception of them, and the outcome which is determined by how mature we are in our response that determines the nature and degree of the learning that results be it joy or despair.  Nothing is wasted.

Melting away

Into the space we are given.

          The illusion of life can be so overwhelming that we take it too seriously, should the mind and body rule the spirit instead of the spirit ruling the mind and body, we risk melting into this life as creatures of nature of the earthly pleasures and pains in which we risk suffering on the spiritual level.  Let’s hope there is no deadline for the spirit should it be delayed to such an extent it fails to mature on time.


But what endures for me

Is a persistent resonance,

          It is interesting that this illusion of life – the hologram of this matrix – everything we perceive as real are a multitude of vibrations that span the spectrum of light and sound all of which have resonant frequencies.  The current condition of the spirit is said to also resonate at a frequency in accordance to the degree of its maturity which is reflected by how gracefully we respond to the challenges life presents to us.  The Schumann Resonance which is the frequency of the planet is said to be increasing which some claim is speeding up time – perhaps collectively we are as spirits all maturing from the increased suffering collectively experienced by war, economic slavery and all the other horrors this planet is enduring from our species?

Some heady wish

For access again

          A spirit wanting of further experience necessary to achieve maturity, or perhaps just wanting to play in the holographic playground some more for amusement?   Eventually all the spirits once matured will have to leave this boarding school of life and go home.

To a sense of wonder

In the stream of things,

          As we do not have all the answers to who/what we really are and what is actually the ‘stream’


That, this time round,

It might just be possible

To keep in my heart

A little longer.

          As life is the school of hard knocks when one loses and of joy when one wins, it is only natural that one would want to maximise the duration of experience, be it of love with a soul-mate and/or life itself to facilitate assent of spiritual maturity.


So tarry with me awhile

And we will see

What we can do

To tenderly explore

          Makes sense to share the experience with a soul mate in which the experience is intended to be shared, and for what one’s soul-mate brings to the experience, be it either joy, despair or a combination.  Whatever is necessary to enable the process of maturing.  Perhaps that is why we long to fill our lives with companionship.


Beneath the frail shell

Of all we’ve since become.

          The shell is frail as it is an illusion – we are all energy of resonance which is in alignment of our spiritual maturity.   The higher the resonance the closer to maturity we are. 

          Magnetism is also resonance vibrations we have observed as sound on the planetary level and the magnetism at the molecular level is also resonance so strong it prevents us from putting our hand through what we perceive as matter is nothing more than energy. 

          It is claimed that the Philadelphia experiment altered the magnetism of all matter to such an extent the magnetism at the molecular level collapsed.  There was no magnetic repulsion preventing people from passing through matter.  The gravitational force also collapsed as it is weaker than the molecular magnetism.   Apparently the outcome for the occupants was not good.  I wonder….


Trusting that, maybe within

Such smoothly sculpted casing,

And still delicately enclosed,

Might just lie the silky lustre

          It is interesting that trust be revealed only to be necessary when the outcome has an element of uncertainty.  Such is life, uncertainty is the medium that enables life and all within it to surprise us. All we need to do (as mature souls) is to do good with rightful intentions and have faith in revealing that uncertainty into the learning necessary for us to raise the quality of life. So delicate life is, that one reckless error so mercilessly executes suffering – to remind us (next time we are tempted to take a swing at life) that hurt inflicted be returned four-fold. It is when we succeed at love in life that life encases us in a silky lustre of love.  For love will always prevail against fear, all it takes is free-will intention.


Of some lavish

And joyful communion,

Waiting for its chance

To grip and catch the light again.

–           So here we are, entangled in a communion with life and the relationships.  If we rely on chance then we are making choices in the darkness as we lack sufficient understanding necessary to make a choice.  Life does not have to be a hit and miss entanglement of luck.  Through the light of careful enquiry we may overcome. recklessness and master life to such an extent that we bring joy to everyone around us who welcomes it and therefore to ourselves.


Suzanne Staveley, April 2014


  1. Scott, I really like the use of the word “immune” when speaking of the end of things. Such as, here, the day. I don’t think “It’s true” adds anything to the poem. If you didn’t think it was true, I don’t think you would be writing such a passionate poem about it, huh? 🙂 You may disagree, of course, but I also don’t think you need to tell the reader that there is a beginning and an end. I think you could go from “Slips seamlessly past” straight to “And yet . . .” I really like the image of “the child who’s way ahead”! Wonderful. Tiny typo here. “Who’s” not “Whose.” I’m not sure what you mean by “lit.” The last line “to grip and catch the light again” is absolutely superb. Makes the whole poem worth the read! Suzanne’s comments were a bit “too in the head” for me, but I often agreed with her philosophy. The poem says something to me, which I can take away with me. It’s not just “pretty words.” That ultimate meaning of wanting that second chance to reach out and “grip and catch the light again.” It’s rather where I am, personally, at 64, wanting to re-invent myself, re-inspire myself somehow. Perhaps take one last great adventure. Thank you for sharing your poetry here! Bonnie 🙂

    Scott says: Thanks a lot Bonnie for your very open and thoughtful comments – much appreciated… Must admit, when I first read Suzanne’s excellent piece it struck me too rather that ‘Its true” did have the spotlight of the ‘self evident’ put upon it… I suppose, even with this comparatively short piece, what I was trying to do was create the effect of something gradually unfolding – starting from a simple and certain place, hence the self acknowledging phrase as a very simple sound starting point – which then goes on to gradually blossom, reveal itself, open up – eventually climaxing with the key metaphor of the light hitting the delicately enclosed pearl of very special communion again – if that makes sense? In terms of ‘lit’ think more perhaps if an illuminated runway ahead – as in a youngster inspired by a adult in their life – who is some way shows them a glimpse of things earlier than they would have ever managed on their own fledgling resources and set them on their way… In the same way that experience with a true love elevates you to a place you couldn’t access any other way, perhaps? Again, if all that makes sense… Thanks so much for all your thoughts – all the best to you Bonnie and great to know that you still yearn for reinvention and adventure – Life can always be special I think, if you give it your heart…

  2. Dear Scott: This is a beautiful, interesting piece – an elegy to life as if you are letting go of it. I love the sweetness and how your heart ‘thinks’ and that you keep writing, no matter what. I also very much appreciate that you support others to keep writing.
    Warmest Regards, Marika

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