New Poem – every new dawn…



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Every new dawn is a flitter,

A speckled canvas

Of light and possibility,

Upon which

Even the saddest amongst us

Re-materialise daily

As nothing,

If not indefatigable creatures of hope.


For even to be downcast

Is, in itself, an admission

Of such.

A telling acknowledgement

That something’s slipped away

You still hanker after.


See how, all around,

The sweet breath of joy and inspiration

Patiently awaits

The lift of will it needs from you

To lease back fresh hope

To your heart,

In a world

Where such states of grace,

Whenever they are coalesce,

Have no name, no shape,

No certainty…


So be as gallant as you can,

And take the best

Of whatever might fall your way.

As if the luckiest of adventurers,

The boldest of us

Will sometimes rise up to be,

Reaching out

Towards the improbable.


For life, wherever it leads,

Will always be the same;

It begs for the best of you.


  1. I like the message in this Scott….each day is a fresh canvas….and we never know what we will get from it…but we can make the most of it…and we can make of it, what we will…

    • I agree with Brian that each day is a new canvas on which we are the luckiest of advantures as you said, we get to paint our world over and over and remain in the realm of passion as our lives are enriched by these lines, thanks for this and keep them coming

  2. This poem is lovely and gave me much to reflect upon while I listen to the birds outside. It is simply profound and made me stop and feel, contemplate, and renew my internal goals for today.
    Keep the pen moving!

  3. Drew Clausen

    Very well written. I enjoyed the poem thanks for sharing..

  4. Powerful poetry, Scott. Beautiful flow that reaches deep and stays long. The reality of hope that lives in each of us is celebrated and encouraged here with grace and sensitivity. I truly enjoy this piece. 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh Wow! Scott this poem is so breath-taking and inspirational =) Exceptional truly

  6. Russell Cj Duffy

    Hope springs eternal.

  7. Scott. the image of the breaking dawn for all the possibilities life can bring.. Truly something I needed today.. the new dawn of walking some new retreaded paths.. I take this to my heart.

  8. Scott, another lovely poem. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Scott, I liked your poem very much. As I said before we have very different styles and I don’t always feel that I am best at commenting on your work. My poems tend to use a lot of imagery and metaphor. Yours is very straight forward. I do enjoy the messages your work invokes which I think is one place we agree. I am planning on looking at your retrospective on Poet Hunter. Best >KB

  10. Fresh, supportive, encouraging and inspirational. A poem, reminding the challenges of life and how one could make things useful even if the opportunity is less. Beautifully written.

  11. Chris Hawkes

    Thank you, Scott. A very positive poem.

  12. Carol Zielinski

    Such a lovely poem Scott!!

  13. Just what the doctor ordered…a different take on a wide theme of hope..very nice.

  14. This is a lovely poem which is infused with great thoughts especially upon reading it for those who have depression.

    For even to be downcast
    Is, in itself, an admission
    Of such.
    A telling acknowledgement
    That something’s slipped away

    This stanza truly speaks to those who feel adrift in life.

    However, you do not let them lag in their well of emptiness which is good, because neither do you the poet, but in truth you lift them up with the following one in :

    See how, all around,
    The sweet breath of joy and inspiration
    Patiently awaits

    Yet you acknowledge that while there is always hope, what you are looking for is not a tangible thing:

    The lift of will it needs from you
    To lease back fresh hope
    To your heart,
    In a world
    Where such states of grace,
    Whenever they are coalesce,
    Have no name, no shape,
    No certainty…

    And yes, there is not certainty, however, as you say, patience is the key.

    The boldest of us
    Will sometimes rise up to be,
    Reaching out
    Towards the improbable.

    Here is the key, to even THINK of one’s self as one of the boldest, even if we are not, therefore enabling us to rise towards that which seems improbable.

    The hope here is inherent in the wording and the message is clear.

    Great work, and hope it reaches those who need it most.


  15. Hadaa Sendoo

    Thank you very much. Yes, I like your the new poem: ‘every new dawn’

  16. Yves

    Absolutely outstanding work, though I am afraid my words don’t do justice to yours…You are truly an amazing writer Scott. I am not surprised in the least by you success it is much deserved

  17. Martina Reisz Newberry

    Glad to read your adventures–Wonderful!

  18. Ashok Aditya


  19. Tina Brown

    Thank you for this 🙂

  20. Marilyn Garcia

    Congrats on this and Best Wishes Scott

  21. “A speckled canvas
    Of light and possibility,” the wonderful beginning uplifts the mind..a beautiful dawn it is…and though life is uncertain we definitely can make it the message…

  22. Dr. Keshab Chandra Mandal

    Dear Scott,
    Thank you for your great creation. I am proud to have such a friend like you. Keep on writing more nice poems and bring your name and fame in the world arena.

  23. Mahnaz Mohafez

    I’d like to say it is a good chance that you joined such wonderful poetic website to share your poems with people all around the world. I wish you good luck!

  24. Elizabeth Bull

    Great read, thank you for sharing.

  25. Twe Stephens

    Very beautiful –I dabbled in poetry but I was nothing like you. You truly have a gift

  26. Nita Couch

    I liked this poem. I understood what you were trying to convey and it hit the spot on this day.

  27. I love the moral of your narrative poem. Life in itself is a gift and it makes this journey amazing when we see things in this positive way. Beautiful writing Scott.

  28. brilliant Scott
    shining, as always
    grace and more grace

  29. Laura Bailey

    Love the upbeat message and you present it in such a brilliantly written way. Thank you so much Scott for sharing – Have a lovely weekend!

  30. I like your advice, “Be as gallant as you can be.” Each day really is all new for us. Thanks Scott.

  31. Nena Black

    A beautiful, poignant piece, Scott. My best friend Sharon passed away one week ago today. This poem holds special meaning for me in that regard, and touches me deeply. “Every new dawn” brings me one day closer to that “sweet breath of joy and inspiration” for I know it waits as patiently as you say. Thank you, xo

  32. Dr Jelka Samsom

    The serene beauty of “every new dawn” is very touching, dear Scott, and will be of comfort to many people, as Aria Ligi says. Wonderful!

  33. Lovely words, thanks for the reminder that every day we have a chance to do something wonderful.

  34. Your poetry is always so incredibly uplifting…truly a joy to read. Thank you!

  35. This is a lovely piece, Scott.

  36. A very possitive message in this poem 🙂

  37. i think we are most blessed
    with our reptilian brain as creatures
    of survival..

    never truly appreciated
    until the limbic of emotion
    goes away..

    And then there is will
    and planning for future
    to see better from
    tester years…

    The future is NOW..
    the neocortex imagines a future
    and sees something of a past..

    But LOVE
    is something all of US
    can share..

    My cat knows..
    but is blessed
    the complications
    of past and future..
    with only will of survival

    feeling NOW..:)

    smiles and have a great day..
    i’m just flowing around today..
    blog with these kind of loosely flowing
    associations with your wonderful
    words as such..
    and a GREAT! Summer to ya 2..:)

  38. What a lovely poem!.I feel as if someone took my hand and gently kissed
    my fingers.Thank you:)

  39. “indefatigable creatures of hope” – that’s us, all right. Love that line! And “life…begs for the best in you.” Great wisdom in this poem. I love it!

  40. I like the idea that we have to take the best of whatever falls our way. There is no joy in doing other than that. Another fine write, Scott.

  41. Beautiful message. “To lease back fresh hope” — I could feel it in my bones.

  42. Scottie, this is absolutely marvellous in that I am now beginning to feel this magic you speak of with such grace and beauty. Thank you for writing this, my friend.

    Peace and love,

  43. The boldest of us
    Will sometimes rise up to be,
    Reaching out
    Towards the improbable

    Lots of wisdom in your write Scott! The beauty of it is that when one is made aware one tends to be more alert. This will ensure one maximizes the potentials.


  44. Peggy

    Lovely write and I agree I think each day dawns with some kind of hope.

  45. Beautiful and positive write; yes – every day is a chance to start over; to do what you wish you could’ve done better yesterday… we often forget that, and carry the doubt/disappointments from the previous day

  46. Some people sing their message, others trumpet or weep theirs. This is my first visit with you – My sense was you brushed this message in the most beautiful, light-filled paint.

  47. Scott, your poetry is always so full of wisdom. I see you as a sort of life-coach/poet. And, so true, there are always those things we still hanker after.

  48. I love the ending, the best from us ~ Very positive & uplifting to read Scott ~

  49. I like the message of your poem, its exhortation to hope and to live life fully. Life “begs the best of you” is a good thought to ponder on.

  50. I immersed myself in this – it’s like a formula for finding positivity and hope. The poem is crafted with care but at times leaps with joy. Much enjoyed.

  51. I like the idea of each day being a new canvas filled with possibilities. You write with an uplifting spirit.

  52. I like your last stanza, Scott. It is useless to run away from life we would only be running away from ourselves. We only each have one life, ours.

  53. This is one heck of an inspirational poem, which acted like a kick in the pants to my lacklustre mood. Thank you.

  54. Nivedita Yohana

    Scottie!! :)What a bliss to read your poem. They rejuvenate mind and soul every time I read your poem. Your profundity, the life that shouts out from every word that you write.. I am sure Greek and roman Goddess of Poetry and wisdom, Minerva and Athena must be bowing down to you… So do we.

  55. it’s good to be open for what life brings along our way and on how the journey develops… on every day having its new possibilities and joys and opportunities…

  56. Marianna Glenday

    Lovely imagery and I really needed a dawn the day I read it. Thank you…

  57. Angella Ricot

    Lovely poem with a deep meaning Scott. Love the picture as well 🙂

  58. Prof Ram Krishna Singh

    I appreciate your spiritual touch in thinking and expression.

  59. Every new dawn is a flitter < in a nutshell!

    'flitter'is a great choice there

    I enjoyed the read Scott – thank you.

  60. love the realization in the last line, you said it perfectly.

  61. Yes..each day is a gift and life can begin fresh. Inspiring poem.

  62. New dawn of hope is inspiring Scott. All good wishes to you

  63. I once had a conversation with a friend in which I told her that I can live without wishes, but I cannot live without hope. This is a lovely poem with a lovely message… each dawn brings fresh hope, new promise, and we must rise to the occasion.

  64. Take the best of it! Whatever life has to offer!

  65. interesting how life nabs all life at every flitter

    well put

  66. Your immensity just keeps growing 🙂

  67. Back for another read and with each reading, one uncovers more to ponder. Awesome work, Scott.

  68. I think I needed to read this today–thank you for your gift

  69. Jan Kardys

    Nice poem Scott…

  70. I like the tone of this. It’s gentle, kind yet delivers a harsh truth. Life will definitely have challenges, each day an opportunity to make things better, and we are creatures of hope. You wrote this in a lovely manner.

  71. Life is such a beautiful thing. Your poem really made me feel at peace with myself. Good night and sweet dreams.

  72. I love the second stanza here–so unique and insightful!

  73. Yes, I like this. Even the saddest of us start afresh and life begins anew. Beautifully crafted. I like the sense of hope and the belief that nothing is ever forever.

  74. “In a world
    Where such states of grace,
    Whenever they are coalesce,
    Have no name, no shape,
    No certainty…”

    This piece of art, is by far, the best thing I’ve laid my eyes on in the modern world of poetry. Your poem does so many things to me inside. “Beautiful” would be an understatement. Do you mind if I keep it and read in my times of need? I just have never felt such a connection to a piece of poetry before. It just fills me with so much hope and poetic optimism. Sometimes words give me power and at other times they become a noose, and this, these words right here, they’ve summed it all up.

    “It begs for the best of you.”

    I thank you deeply for writing this. And I say all these things with the best of me.

    I can’t believe I just poured my heart out in your comments.

    Scott says: Thankyou – your response is very touching and helps power me on to try and reach higher…

  75. Beautiful and utterly inspiring! I particularly loved the second stanza. Loved too, the use of the word ‘de materialize’ in the opening stanza.
    The poem is a gentle, tender nudge to our senses to get up and face a new day because as you so perfectly said it – ‘Life begs for the best of you.’ Indeed there is always hope in life…you nailed that thought in, Scott!
    A poem that swirls out a simple message from a very deep philosophical understanding of life…

  76. Saideh Pakravan

    Excellent. Thank you Scott.

  77. indeed it does ~

  78. Scott, once again I find myself completely immersed in your words, inspired by the very personification within each line, each stanza, your voice, that drives my own internal energies to write as I do.

    Few poets and authors in this day capture an audience in remotely the same way. Your perspective and resonant kindly heart and soul flow through your verse in such a deeply personal way and their conveyance leaves one truly inspired and enriched for having been here… Marvellous.

  79. Lovely poem with hope and affirmation for life as a human being! I truly believe that we have the opportunity to view our life as a work of art that we are creating and recreating every moment of every day.

  80. “It begs for the best of you.”—so true in everyday & time of the year. A poem of beauty i feel blessed to have read this morning. Thank you, sir! smiles.

  81. Sayed Rohani

    Truly, each day is “a canvas of light and possibility.”

  82. Stacey Law

    Very good thanks for sharing

  83. Henry Carlile

    Thanks for this uplifting poem, Scott. Just what I needed right now.

  84. Daniel Ray

    Thank you, I am convinced of your humane words – a mutual stand of progressive attitude in the world of creative process

  85. William Bain

    Thanks for sharing. This is
    full of calm & very life positive. Best wishes, William

  86. Bravery and honesty at its best. Beautifully written. 🙂

  87. Outstanding, as usual. A gentle reminder of human uncertainty and evanescence, yet encouraging us to retain hope as our daily motivation. Philosophy in poetic form loses its aridity and addresses our emotions unimpeded by the filters of intellect.

    • Dee Ashby

      As always my poet friend, your words touch and inspire me. Fabulous!

  88. Pattimari Sheets Cacciolfi


  89. ‘The indefatigable creatures that we are’ implies a persistent and tireless search for meaning with “Every New Dawn” – as it should be. Spot on, Scott! Wonderful imagery and feeling.

  90. Anna-Marie Docherty

    A wonderful reminder to us of the importance of each new day and that once passed it is gone forever. How much more then should we value each given moment with gratitude. Thanks for sharing your inspiring poetry…

  91. Clarissa O Clemmens

    Very very beautiful ~> thank you so much

  92. Toni Anderson Roberts

    Your poems are always fantastic and this one really touched me.

  93. Nice poem Scott

  94. Neena Sharma

    Wow..another beautiful creative marvel, Scott sir..the poem dishes out a great positive moral that one should rise with each dawn, valuing the same, as life’s meandering journey is too capricious to be taken for granted. Therefore, one must paint one’s own destiny with a new ray of hope, on one’s canvas and tapestry of life..with each passing dawn/day.
    Bless with more wondrous moments of new lease of life , with consistent spiritual evolution via divine sapience and wisdom, Scottie sir. Bless you!!

    Divine greetings and regards
    Gratitude 🙂

  95. Thank you, Hastie, for your poem. Best wishes

  96. Hadaa Sendoo

    Thank you very much – very much appreciated! I enjoy and love this.

  97. Bethany Bull

    How lovely…

  98. Bridget Cameron

    This is a great poem Scott! All the best to you!
    Bridget 🙂

  99. Every dawn is a new beginning
    Beginning to a new awareness
    No matter how small or big
    Life carries on with hope
    Every drop keeps you going ©

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem Scott. It is very inspiring & exquisitely written. Well done! 🙂

  100. Scott, a good message…
    – Never give up
    – Recover the loss
    – Abundance appears scarce until you look hard
    – Only when you try, are you able to realise how limited your beliefs were
    – Life is consistent. The perceived inconsistencies are shaped by the inconsistency in beliefs of what life has on offer.

    Cheers, Suzanne

  101. Love this Scott.

    I always start each day as a fresh start. Everything from all the yesterdays, unless carried forward out of necessity, are left behind and the day; the life begins anew.

    Lovely piece of work.

  102. Every day offers a new intersection to face – which road will I take – will my choice be the correct one? This is a profound writing that caused this reader to stop and realize each day brings new paths in every life.

  103. Very true. This is one of my favorites so far. There is a great message to this poem. I think everyone can take something positive from it.

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