The many faces of Japan…



Please feel free to click on each image to see full photo…

IMG_7597IMG_5760 IMG_6005IMG_7050 IMG_7000 IMG_7039 IMG_8779 IMG_8906 IMG_8984 IMG_9011 IMG_6471 IMG_6769 IMG_6928 IMG_7158 IMG_7204 IMG_7294 IMG_7369 IMG_7607 IMG_7730 IMG_7763 IMG_7856 IMG_8082 IMG_8167 IMG_8263 IMG_8303 IMG_8487 IMG_8501 IMG_8571 IMG_8652 IMG_8697 IMG_8774 IMG_8816 IMG_8871 IMG_8968 IMG_9020 IMG_9108 IMG_9174 IMG_9428 IMG_9434 IMG_9447 IMG_9450 IMG_9516


  1. The photographs are inspiring, interesting and beautiful, I sure you truly enjoyed all the interesting places you had a chance to visit. I’m going to read some of your poetry…looking forward to this too!

    • Carol Zielinski

      I love your photos from your adventure in Japan…they are so beautiful and interesting!

      Carol Zielinski

  2. Laura Bailey

    Love the photographs Scott! It looks like you had a marvelous time..Thank you for sharing these images with us!

  3. They’re very beautiful.

  4. I love these photos, especially the first one. Japan is a beautiful country, and the people of Japan are gorgeous. I have always wanted to visit here. Anyway, these photos are fabulous. I am glad I took a look.

  5. Great shots, Scottie . . . you’ve got a good eye as well as an overflowing word hoard!

  6. Despite travelling half the world, I have still got to make it to Japan. The photos look fantastic!

  7. Janice Towndrow

    Truly amazing pictures Scott. Very beautiful.

  8. Paul Richardson

    Hi Scott, I couldn’t see your wonderfully colourful images on Dropbox, I probably didn’t load it properly, anyway you do indeed have a great eye, fab pictures of Japan.
    Many thanks for the inspirational comments too.
    Take care, travel safe.
    Paul R

  9. Upon these eidetic pictures therefore, I traveled there with you Scott!

  10. Love these photos… seemed like you had a great time there

  11. This must have been an extraordinary experience Scott. Your travel is enviable. The visuals you retrieve from far corners of the globe are graced with the heart and soul of lands, cultures and the voice of the people captured through your camera lens.

    Thank you for sharing these images Scott…truly inspiring.

  12. Cressida de Nova

    Hope you enjoyed Japan – your pics are very nice!

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