New poem – its all joining up…



It is all joining up now,

Gradually gathering in

Its own coherent story.


And, as things play out,

It’s hard not to be tempted

To imagine that your life

Thus far

Has been one long exercise

In intertwining truths,


And teasingly uncovered.


Long twisted, luminous

Ribbons of light,

That continue to unravel

In extraordinary patterns

That run not only

Right through

The core of times past

And your own span of existence,

But all the ages still to come.


So just what is at play here,

If not some juggernaut

Of collective consciousness?

Or is this something

Far more complex?

More telling still, I wonder…


See how fate decrees

That such sweet

And illuminating experiences

Can sometime come to you,

And altogether

In charmed combination,

Becoming powerfully reminiscent

Of something,

Instinctively it feels like

You already knew,

A long, long time ago.

And that somehow,

Has, all at once,

Been magically

Re-birthed within you,

Once more.


Just what

An extraordinary feeling this is…

Such shimmering seeds

Of joy and certainty,

Miraculously made anew,

Both to raise you up

And power you on.


So that, on the very best of days,

It can seem like

The world around you

Is now filled with such a warm

And welcoming frequency

So inviting,

You instantly know

Your heart

Will make it impossible

For you not to go with it…

To answer this siren call,

To step up

And fill that space

With who you truly are.


If so blessed,

This life of ours can therefore,

From time to time,

Overwhelm, as it must.

And, as a consequence,

One must learn how

To pause,

How to be truly rich.


Believe me,

There are moments when

My heart aches so

And the stunningly sculpted shape

Of a lone red kite

Flies overhead in a clear blue sky.


Increasingly it seems,

These days,

Things are falling into place.


  1. Don MacIver

    And what a story it has surely been Scott! Your passion for the language and life itself resonates in your gifted verse, a treasure for anyone who loves to engage in wordcraft at its finest. Though the season brings upon us an unwelcome coolness, the warmth of your virtual voice through the pages of your writings touches heart and soul in a visceral, emotive spirit as no other.

    • As if someone spoke to the soul within, I read and reread this turning of the pages in your book of life or the drifting of petals from the center of the flower. There are emotions and thoughts beyond the human experience or expression that should be inviolate and never spoken aloud by our limited language. Thanks.

    • Carol Zielinski


      I love this poem…it is so deep….and moves me very much. A story of the soul …for sure…

      Carol Zielinski

  2. Beautiful and real and true. this speaks to my heart and speaks from it, too.

  3. Dear Scott Hastie,
    The archetypal imagery of a lone red kite circling in a clear blue sky is like a phoenix risen, soaring into the newly familiar freedom of organic infinitude while ashes remain a future memory.

  4. I enjoyed the vision of the red kite in a clear blue sky. There’s a picture I painted of a red kite floating away in the sky at the house in Minnesota. Maybe I have it locked up in a usb…I’d have to check.

  5. J. Patrick Bennett

    This is a welcome break for nourishment and I am excited to see the pictures of Japan, and eager
    to walk for a moment in your journey.

  6. Darrell Laurant

    Dear Scott, It’s wonderful to read such an optimistic poem.

    Best, Darrell

  7. J.Z. Murdoch

    Lovely poem. Thanks so much Scott : )

  8. Flows beautifully Scott – like the river of life.

  9. I really like the inherent truth and immediacy of this poem. I love “One must learn how/To pause,/How to be truly rich.” Rich indeed!

  10. Laura Bailey

    Following our threads through life, at once tattered and then again full and strong, is unpredictable in the best of times but through faith in our visions and working towards our goals we do carry on. And you Scott carry on magnificently in this beautiful and sensitive poem.

  11. Very nice poem. I like it a lot.

  12. Loiriam Jimenez

    Beautiful expression…true poem. It speaks to each one who truly is.

  13. Beautiful poem…especially the last stanza…’things are falling into place’!

  14. Brian Wakeman

    I admire your command of language, and rich images!

  15. Charlene Redick

    Every good wish on your journey. May such lyricality continue to be your companion in all endeavors.

  16. Reem Rashash Shaaban

    Very nice. Scott

  17. As always, your words uplift my spirit… What a lovely poem.

  18. How beautiful and simply true! Dear Scott,all your poems are full of vivid images to me.
    Thank you very much for sharing such brilliant works with us!

  19. I like the image of the past being a complicated event leading up to the simplicity of present… and yet the future can seem tangled as well.. Like an intricate web where we hardly know how we ended up where we are, and hardly ever know were we are going.

  20. I enjoyed reading your latest poem.

  21. Wonderful poem, Scott. It resonates with me. The lyrical voice in your poetry is incredible. Great job!

  22. What a beautiful narrative poem on the journey of life. I could see so many wonderful images in your words. I liked the hopeful ending 🙂

  23. The book I am working on is on this subject. Wonderfully written as always.. inspiring too. I love it.

  24. Marianna Cathryn Glenday

    Scott, this is quite beautiful. I love your imagery of paths and lives.

  25. Oh Scott, I’ve felt those feelings you describe so well and marvelled in the wonder of it. I’ve been down, feeling I would never get up but words like yours and that ‘feeling’ ever spurs me on. This is another of your poems I’m printing out to keep reading whenever I need it.

    Thanks for uplifting a dreary dAY,


  26. Margaret Nash

    With a nod to William James and his stream of consciousness, and a nod to Carl Jung and his collective unconscious, Scott has depicted life as an active, continuous vibration of light and frequency that roars by and through us, from time immemorial on into the future. It joins up and gathers in, only to explode again into unraveling, extraordinary patterns, and then fall into place; only, one can presume, to gather up again.
    Our role is to pause this never ending stream from time to time, enjoy the kite, enjoy the sweetness of the moment. It’s all we can do in the face of this juggernaut.

  27. Lovely optimistic words, just lovely.
    Anna :o]

  28. Your words are so real! That red kite exists! Just hope that fate does not down it before you are ready…..but if it does, pull yourself together and go on! There is only one life for each one of us.
    Thank you for that reminder.

  29. Long twisted, luminous
    Ribbons of light, . . . ok my fine language loving friend . . . now I have to pull my own ribbons out in “Light’s Wife” . .. you know where
    mickey morgan

    Scott says: please do also give Mickey’s stunningly emotive rendition of this piece a try at: – thanks so much Mickey…

  30. Aria Ligi

    I think the idea here which is said quite well is about rebirth and growth within the self. Then, somewhere within you, you find at the end of the journey things which you already knew, hidden inside. This is well expressed here:

    That such sweet
    And illuminating experiences
    Can sometime come to you,
    And altogether
    In charmed combination,
    Becoming powerfully reminiscent
    Of something,
    Instinctively it feels like
    You already knew,
    A long, long time ago.
    And that somehow,
    Has, all at once,
    Been magically
    Re-birthed within you,
    Once more.

    The rebirthing process is evident not only in what you do, but in those special moments (rather like de ja vous) in which a small epiphany is reached. The key is to be aware enough that when that moment happens you don’t miss it, but take it in and learn from it.

  31. How beautiful Scott! I believe that the the answers are already within us, we know our path but sometimes we can get confused, those moments we wake up, those moments of wonder and epiphany are beautiful indeed and you have captured them with elegance.

  32. I have read some of Mr. Scott’s earlier poems. Like the previous ones, this one also reflects his inner calls and great thought provocation of creation. I salute this gentleman and pray to God Almighty for his well being and good health so that he can keep on writing for more decades and spreads the message of God.

  33. Lovely, inspiring poem from the inner you and so true!

  34. Laura Sullivan

    A great poem

  35. An excellent intertwining of words and images that take flight.
    Nice to meet you as well.

  36. I agree, Scott, that one must learn to pause if one is to be truly rich. I think if one is in constant motion all the time it is difficult to SEE the richness of what is in one’s midst

    Interesting to think about the idea that one might think of life as a series of lessons of intertwining truths. Actually I wouldn’t want to think about life that way as it would be too theoretical, and I think that one would constantly be looking about for lessons rather than just enjoying the way things come together as one lives. I think your ending expresses that though, Scott, the way things DO fall into place. Comforting thought to realize that.

  37. “Long twisted, luminous / Ribbons of light,”… Nothing could describe life better than these beautiful words… A wonderful poem

  38. You have such a way with words Scott. Beautifully written and said.

  39. Jeta Vojkollari

    Thanks for sharing your elegant creations, Scott.

    I love the optimistic end:

    “Increasingly it seems,
    These days,
    Things are falling into place.”

  40. It is good when things fall into place. (I wondered when reading your poem if the use of “your” might be better to say “mine.” Referring to the personal? Since you are talking about your experience, not mine?)

    Scott says: Take your point Annell, I suppose I was using ‘your’ in the collective rather than individual sense – rather like ‘one’ which I guess is a particularly English thing to do, probably!

  41. Enjoy things falling into place and the uncertain knowledge that you knew it would, you knew the way! God be with you. Keep the poetry rolling out as a model for living. What else is the sum of a life if not this fulfillment?

  42. On a grey wet Sunday when I learned of the death of a good virtual friend, poet Peter Bullen, I found your poem comforting. Thank you.

  43. Carolyn Bean

    Hi Scott
    Lovely poem, I have shared on FB.

  44. What a wonderfully uplifting poem to read, Scott – love the reference to the collective consciousness and the realizing of something one already instinctively knows, when one aligns oneself with spirit. It sounds like life is being very good to you these days! Enjoy the ride. I feel your spirit soaring like that lone red kite.

  45. Such optimism in the lines…a great read. This one made my Sunday 🙂

  46. Very thought provoking.

  47. That glorious age, year, moment in time… When we open our eyes and open them again to see what’s there. What a joy.

  48. Barbara K. Smith

    Dear Scott:

    Truly impressed with your lovely writings – isn’t it great to speak through thoughts and words what you feel? I love it!


    Barbara Kasey Smith

  49. Oh, it feels like your “a lone red kite” knew my wandering balloon times and times ago …smiles…very resonate all your thoughts. It would be so wonderful if ‘ shimmering seeds Of joy and certainty,’ were found by everyone sooner. x

  50. I like how the persona seems to shed off layers as the poem progresses until, eventually, the poet feels lighter and more able to live fully.

  51. There are moments when we feel everything’s chaos – out of order, but it is very rewarding when we realize that everything’s falling in the right place. Thanks for this.

  52. This was so layered and textured, Scott. It made me think of so many things…it made me think of deja vu…of knowing you’re in the exact right place at the right time…and it reminded me of those moments when there is absolute certainty that who you are is who you are meant to be. I enjoyed your poem tremendously. Thank you!

  53. Incredible Scottie! Beautiful, eloquent… What a perspective to apply to one’s introspection about life. It’s both poem and meditation. Love!! <3

  54. How important it is for us to fill the space provided to us, to make our presence worthwhile, Valuable not only ourselves but to enhance other lives too. Then we become truly rich as you state.

  55. Beautiful write Scott..Things always eventually fall into place even though if they don’t make sense in the first place. 🙂

  56. lovely flow of words, Scott!
    it’s good that things are “falling into place” 🙂

  57. A poem of enlightenment and hope..finding the last piece of the puzzle.

  58. Sayed H. Rohani

    As memories become vivacious, words also start to bounce: it is all joining up…

  59. I like your image of the red kite at the end Scott, and the idea of our connectedness through time.

  60. The imagery, especially of the red kite invokes such a visceral response.

  61. I call those moments synchronicity and they are just as you describe. I experience them most when I am faithful with the writing and have become the singular most important reason for continuing. Thank you for this red kite floating through a clear blue sky.

  62. Frederick B Ponder JR

    I just got a chance to read your poem and I truly enjoyed it. You really know how to hit a common key with your audience.

  63. Jennifer Roche

    Congratulations on your new poem

  64. Alice Shapiro

    A good poem….

  65. It is such a great feeling, when things fall into place. You have expressed it very clearly in your poem. Like a red kite floating in a clear blue sky. Great image!

  66. Beautiful imagery, gentle flow and I’m left with a feeling of poignancy and longing. A wonderful write.

  67. You do a fine job of naming the connection without saying what it unfolds. As if to experience it was sufficient unto itself. Which it is …

  68. Really enjoyed this, Scott. The stanza that most resonated for me right now is the one beginning “just what…”

  69. def on learning to pause and be rich…i have been learning that myself…and learning what to put on pause…and let of..prioritizing…this month has been about much of that. i appreciate the note the other day and have contemplated your words…still figuring it out…making sure i live a bit more along the way…smiles.

  70. Woah, I lost myself a little bit in your stream of thoughts there. Your ponderings took me to a peaceful, reflective place. Thanks for sharing.

  71. Magnificent.
    “And the stunningly sculpted shape
    Of a lone red kite
    Flies overhead in a clear blue sky.
    that just jumped out at me. I could see the images.

  72. Visiting again from dVerse. Your imagery is still striking when the poem is read again.

  73. Increasingly it seems,
    These days,
    Things are falling into place

    Love the ending! It comes off with a finality! One gets the final cue that eventually things get answered and readily fall into place. Great write Scott!


  74. Great advice about learning to pause in order to see how rich we truly are.

  75. I love the voice that you have used throughout the poem! Subtle tones present are really wonderful to read!

  76. These words truly resonate with me as somethings in the synchronicities of the tapestry of life that we perceive can be so hard to put into words but never the less they are more real than words alone…

    You do a great wording of it here.. and this is the type of writing that can affirm and confirm this experience for others.. who haven’t quite found a way to put it into words in a way that there mind can rationally understand what is obviously reality in another dimension of what reality truly is…:)

    i hope that makes sense.. as truly not everyone experiences this.. i think.. until much later in life… when the experiences all do start to make sense as tapestry of life..:) if one is fortunate to get that far.. and know.. in someway like this…. But again.. it can be words like this.. that help others on their way… of life….:)

  77. Boyace Harlan

    I enjoyed reading your very fine work. Very refreshing! Create everyday. You were born to do this!

  78. This poem is so uplifting to the soul, the third stanza really stands out for me with the ribbons of light.

  79. This is such a beautiful and thought provoking piece.

    “Long, twisted, luminous ribbons of light”…this imagery of truth weaving through past and present was especially wonderful.

  80. The Red kite… yes, it’s interesting what a professional can do with words. Those words “lone red kite Flies overhead in a clear blue sky”, how the words, “red kite” and “blue sky” work in that phrasing.
    Sure it’s contrastual, but by the end of the poem it has built up a degree of emotion, funneled there through only a few words, that is deceptive on the surface just how this has been done and how effective in the end, it really is. 🙂

  81. Scott,
    Once again, you paint a beautiful picture and journey with the stroke of your pen. Beautiful.

  82. Once things have fallen into place, let’s hope they remain there for our world like life itself is an ever challenging and therefore exciting puzzle. Best wishes, Michael

  83. Shelley MacDonald

    How do you write such beautiful things…

  84. Troubadour Inc.

    LOVE this poem!

  85. Nivedita Yohana

    I read out this poem among my circle of friends here at a Christmas party. They adored it.The seed of life shouts out from every word you write, Scott. Everything comes to life. You are like the pied piper singing your beautiful enchanting poems and bringing back the dead souls back to life and dance with ecstasy. You are truly blessed with Agape.

  86. Lisa C.Miller

    Love your poetry. It is very simple yet profound.

  87. Mark A. McKay

    I like your poetic style, which is powerful.
    It reminds me of moving things like Vaughan Williams – Tallis Fantasy music.

  88. Robert Braxton

    Love the scope, breath and depth. Beyond the mortal and into the realm of the immortal. Beyond the human conscious and into the realm of life’s karma and for the stars to align there must first be an understanding and acknowledgement of one’s true being.

  89. Ositadimma Amakeze

    And what else can say? It’s like the running of calm water through the patched throat of a thirsty soul. I yearn for more!

  90. This beautiful poem reads like a never ending story between heartbeats that can only exist to throb,to remain, to live…and fate is elsewhere, reverberating our wishes….Excellent piece of work as ever!

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