New Poem – despite what we imagine…

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Despite what we imagine

In our sometime pain,

Beset either by aching anticipation

Or subsequent loss,

Lovers are never found by chance.


So tell that to the trees,

Who’ve seen it all

Countless times before

And can only stand apart

In the meadow of life

And wait

For us to dream again,

Like some broken hearted waif

On a grimy street,

For whom only the predatory

Are likely to stop.


For not even fool’s comfort

Can cling on there

To inhibit notes of caution

That would otherwise trim our wings,

Spoil any such dividend.


And so much more too!


Seems like

We always had this coming.

Our needs, till met,

Like rising sap,

Like clotted pollen in the air.


As it always is

In beauty’s sweet surrender,

Desire is the irresistible pull

That draws us steadily on to one another

And then fruits.


You were in me all along.


  1. I love this one, especially the last stanza:

    “As it always is
    In beauty’s sweet surrender,
    Desire is the irresistible pull
    That draws us steadily on to one another
    And then fruits.

    You were in me all along.”

    This is the perfect description of soulmates. After all, how can you lose yourself?

    • Love the poem, but seriously doubt that there are soulmates for each of us. That does not mean that I doubt love. Love brings out the depths of each of us and has been the catalyst for all the good this earth holds. Yet, love gone awry has also caused much heartache. All strong emotions have a flip side, I think like a psychiatrist friend once told me that sanity and insanity were a hair’s breath apart. I just try to live on the “sunny side of life.” I’d like to think that there are “soulmates” but like Santa Claus we all get shabby with time.

  2. The idea of love developing in us like fruit, and especially the last line, holds special meaning for me, “You were in me all along.”

  3. Beautiful, Scott. I love the romance and honesty in this poem, and I agree with Aria Ligi, the last stanza is magnificent. Fantastic!

  4. Deborah Hodge

    Perfect beginning to 2015. Your description of the trees who have seen it all and we always had it coming. Is the essence of life. Wise words indeed. This is so strong. Xxx

  5. Scott you always amaze me with your bouquet of words.
    Nature and love could melt even the coldest heart!
    This one just grabbed me and did not let go until the last word and then I still ached for more!

    Bravo my friend!!

  6. The Fancy Irish Fellow from New York

    happy new writings

    in the meadow of life is the foundation of this sparkling poem

    it glistens like golden light that awakens the dream of beauty

    the words wrap & insulate like a winter coat.

    Nature is the ultimate power, as is Love her guide

    one of my favourites so far. strong yet sensitive, wise yet humble.

    continue to grace us with your rainbow of words

  7. Lovely poem with so much colour in your words 🙂

  8. Fantastic imagery!

  9. Jackie Dick

    Truly beautiful and sensitive poetry, here Scott

  10. Carol Zielinski

    Just lovely Scott!

  11. Mahnaz

    A beautiful poem as ever… Thank you,Scott!

  12. Ah Great Scott you’ve done it again..delivered that dark chocolate for the soul. Your poems are such an antidote to the evening news that increasingly leaves me wondering why so many “fruits of love” failed to ripen in these violent young souls.

  13. Happy Healthy Peaceful New Year filled with Love and Light.
    Thank you for giving us this poem – it is lovely and a wonderful beginning to the New Year. In someone else’s hands the idea of love “blossoming” might not have bloomed – not so here – as always and as others have said your words are a veritable bouquet.

  14. John Rachel

    Beautiful BEAUTIFUL poem!

  15. Laura Bailey

    A very lovely poem Scott. May the fruits of this New Year be quite bountiful for you and for those who you hold dear.

  16. As always.. I love your descriptive wording that bring visuals and emotion to surface. Love this one too. Thank you.

  17. This resonates fate and destiny for me Scott…and promise too. Wonderful.

  18. Ken Simpson

    Great poem.

  19. I like the image of trees pulled together in the clotted pollen.. just like any desire is likely to bear fruit… spot on Scott.

  20. Lovely blend of melancholy and romance 🙂

  21. Brian Wakeman

    I like the continuous flow of what you wish to communicate with rich words and images.
    Love is missing in the professional discourse in education.

  22. Truly a beautiful poem. You are so talented. Thank you for sharing.

    “As it always is
    In beauty’s sweet surrender,
    Desire is the irresistible pull
    That draws us steadily on to one another
    And then fruits.
    You were in me all along.”

  23. Lisa Miller

    The poem is beautiful.

  24. Ositadimma Amakeze

    Just read your poem Scott.
    “And what else can say? It’s like the running of calm water through the patched throat of a thirsty soul. I yearn for more!”

    Thank you my dear friend for the inspiration and devotion.

  25. Some very beautiful imagery, and much truth, in this poem, Scott. I especially love the trees who wait for us to dream again, the sap, the clotted pollen! I still love the trees. All that hope – beauty – desire – keeps us willing to try again.

  26. I rode your words like a leaf in the wind. Casting my fate to the wind, I had a wonderful ride, thank you for sharing.
    Love and Beauty, is in us all along. Thank you Scott for a beautiful reminder.

  27. “Desire is the irresistible pull”FABULOUS and i agree” Lovers are never found by chance”Lovers of love of true love…………..nice phrases, my poet Scott. Amazing…

  28. There is always so much in us, all along.

    Blessings and Thanks, Scott!

  29. Don MacIver

    Scott, yet another gemstone among your many wonderfully penned poems. You reflect on your website that you seek to touch souls with your poetry and indeed you do. There is a marvelous subtlety about your works, an embrace and celebration of life…truly inspirational.

  30. Loiriam Jimenez

    “Lovers are never found by chance.”
    The lovers stay strong despite what they imagine in love. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful poem, Scott.

  31. As always, a poem that reaches in to one’s soul, and gives meaning to our lives!!

  32. Wow, Scott,

    I wan’t sure where you were going as I traveled along with your words–then the last stanza brought it all together and blew me away. Your poems always comfort me in some strange way that I cannot explain or even understand–but I do appreciate it.


  33. Perfect talk to the soul…..
    Thank you!

  34. It is a lovely poem with great stanzas and about romance.

  35. Sayed H. Rohani

    A poem with delicate thoughts beautifully expressed and connected.

  36. Luther Sealand

    Very classical, very philosophical, and romantic. Your poetry is truly an ethereal expression of the heart’s deep well of inestimable thoughts and emotions.

  37. Dr Jelka Samsom

    Again a multi-layered poem, which gives it depth and strength, but above all very romantic and loving!

  38. Scott:

    Your last stanza is powerful, with pinpoint accuracy. I’ve never seen desire described so well. ~ Richard

  39. ‘For not even fool’s comfort/Can cling on there’ – that is so original…I guess this sums up my entire experience of the poem. My only suggestion to Scott is that you can get away with the last line; leaving it unsaid. This, I believe, would add to the mood of the poem.

  40. Hi
    Trees I too connect with at a much deeper level. I have also written a few more. Read them when you have the time … Roda

  41. Scott – A beautiful poem with words of wisdom and truth; I too, don’t trust imaginations of what I expect from love – it’s hard to describe because I find love is hard to truly define in itself because “love” is giving much of yourself to another person and it’s sometimes hard to give all.

  42. I needed this, Word Artist. Thank you.

  43. I love this–what a good taste it leaves on the breath.

  44. Nivedita Yohana

    Scott, I read your wonderful poem. Your poems never fail to bewitch me. Your beautiful words “So tell that to the trees who have seen it all ” and “Seems like We always had this coming. Our needs, till met,Like rising sap,…” switching between the objective and emotional; detachment and attachment.. Its a perfect symphony and in literary term it is indeed dialogic.
    A true poet enriches and touches the soul to the very core and that is you.

  45. Barbara Smith

    I enjoyed this a lot – I love reading and writing poetry – it provides an insight into the thoughts of a writer.

  46. Eileen

    This is sweet. 🙂

  47. I like the correlation you make between us and trees… The rising sap… The desire that draws us together… and how there is no chance… but intention in those that are drawn together…

    • i knew i was in here somewhere…. its interesting i was just reading a book on the accident of love and all the accidents it takes for love to happen at times…..

  48. I like this poem, Scott. I do wonder do wonder about the first stanza a bit, as I like to think that lovers can be found by chance. I like to hope that there are these magical and chance happenings, those dreams that can come to pass. The last stanza is my favorite. Desire drawing us on to one another…..and then fruits. Thought-provoking indeed.

  49. The risk of love…. a risk well worth to take…

  50. I like the imagery, clear and distinct. An interesting piece. The closing is well done.

  51. I like the gentle progression leading to the rightness of that culminating last line. (Wish you could render it unnecessary to have to type in all my contact details.)

  52. Love how you take us from the beginning where lovers are not by chance and through the painful process sometimes to finding the fruit of our love finally was always there waiting….I floated through the verse here. Wonderful!

  53. What a stellar start to the new year, Scott! This is brilliant. The way you mingle imagery from nature with the potent emotions of intimacy….mesmerizing. Excellent write 🙂

  54. “Lovers are never found by chance.’ – You got me wondering here. A most thought-provoking poem, Scott!

  55. I believe we hit on the same theme this time. You beautifully plait together our humanity, our spirituality and our world.

  56. Love how you used the tree to build your poem… and if trees could talk we’d learn so much… lovely piece

  57. What an image capturer you are! Thanks for the ones of Japan. In this poem, I did not anticipate the move to the lover being part of oneself, despite the trees waiting and watching, despite the dreamer and sufferer. But when the punch line came it was instant clarity, of course. Not saying that helps with heartbreak or even with patience though!

  58. I simply love that ending line, it pulls me very nicely into the arms of the loved one ~

  59. Fitting homage to a great poem by Rumi. Reading this is like looking around the bend, waiting.

  60. It does seem lovers are never found by chance…and that trees have seen it all. Enjoyed this very much, Scott.

  61. I love reading your poems Scott. Lovely to see how you showed that the love is inside us all along x much love & light always K.C. x

  62. A tender piece of having someone in life. Lovely ponderings Scott

  63. Your poem made me think that there is not much point to life at all if there is no love in it.It is the sole purpose of being here and makes the difference between just an existence and a real life.A beautiful poem.

  64. Kerry O'Connor

    Aside from these amazing thoughts you have shared, I really like the structure of each sentence. There is a beauty in the variety of composition which adds to the enjoyment of the whole.

  65. beautiful writing, Scott!
    Loved the honesty in those words.

  66. Some really lovely imagery here Scott. And it think it is very good advice to: “tell it to the trees.” I’m not quite sure what to do with the broken-hearted waif though. And, like everyone else, the last two stanzas and that final line resonate with me. Kudos.

  67. I love the way you dismiss the intrigue and take us to a place of destiny
    “Lovers are never found by chance.”

    Nice write

    Much Love…

  68. Going outward just to find the reflection of our inner essence …who found – blessed. Divine idea and implementation.

  69. This unfolds so beautifully Scott—each stanza a delight

  70. For all the beauty of your poem I can’t help but think that trees worked out a far less stressful way of procreation than we did.

  71. That last line is divine…. I suspect many things we search for are in there… and that’s what the trees know

  72. As others have said, that last line is perfect.

  73. So very romantic.

  74. Beautiful poem…friend..A beautiful soul inside you that leads you to find peace and enjoyment of nature…

  75. How exquisite this is Scott the flow is so beautiful, it is just like seeing a butterflies wing up close!

  76. Binoy Varakil

    A very good poem. I will read more of your poems. Many thanks for sharing – Binoy Varakil

  77. Uma Devesh

    I found this to be excellent and would like to read more….

  78. Wow! This is a really beautiful piece.

  79. Jessica Klein

    It seems that this poem addresses a destiny determined before the earth took its first breath. It’s a stealth like piece–meaning it takes a compelling element of everyday life, desire, and enjoys it, but because as it is it always was…I’m very acquainted with the voice of this poem, and it’s astute and it’s written beautifully. Thank you.

  80. Rochelle Soetan

    “Let the beauty we love be what we do.” Rumi

  81. Yes, indeed, the trees know it all, being the witness of all the bitter sweet things around our lives (where love plays a vital role most of the time).I really adored the powerful word construction here.Through this excellent piece you have made us, your readers, realize how wonderful it is to feel the vibrant strength of imagination. Great work.So much enjoyed, Scott!

  82. I love the hidden lines of nature in this… so much to consider

  83. That second stanza gives a sense of the eternal to the poem, which culminates in the beautiful finale.

  84. Those trees and that last line. If only we would listen to the trees, we would learn so much. I had to think about this poem abit and then because I wanted more, I had to reread. “You were in me all the time.” perfect.

  85. A beautiful poem about self discovery and in the end love resides within our own hearts. At least that is how the poem speaks to me.

  86. “You were in me all along.”

    A beautifully penned piece, that final line superb!

  87. Killer final line, Scott. ‘You were in me all along.’ OMG.

  88. Oh this was gorgeous! And the last stanza was the perfection. It brings fruits… and what sweet fruits.

  89. This is stunning, Scott ~ the individual words you chose, the phrases you spun as yarn from wool, the tapestry you’ve woven here ~ all becoming an exquisite piece of art.

  90. There are some wonderful phrases in this. I particularly liked
    “To inhibit notes of caution
    That would otherwise trim our wings,”

  91. Love how your words are beautifully interwoven with images of nature and trees.

  92. The last stanza, yes, but I also like the idea of unloading burdens on trees. That rather caught my imagination.

  93. Scott, your elegance is terrific beyond compare. Until the very last line I thought you were recreating (most wonderfully) the lyrics of one of my favorite songs – “Love stinks. Yeah. Yeah. Love stinks.”

    But your last line made me realize the intensity of how it feels when we finally do fall. As a general rule I detest love poems because so very few of them are about love. Mostly they are about the feelings we have during foreplay or courtship. Rarely do bodily functions equate to love in my mind. But your poem here is the real deal, as we say over here, the real McCoy. Well enjoyed and I think well written also.

  94. This poem does it wonderful job of delivering a lovable message. It also kept me tagging along till the end, in which you finally told us what the poem was aimed towards. We can definitely take a lot from love, but this poem really describes true love.

  95. Me might consider love the “unforbidden” fruit

  96. Desire is the irresistible pull
    That draws us steadily on to one another
    And then fruits.

    Very true Scott! There has to be that pull that attracts to start everything moving! Great write!

  97. This has a beautiful flow. It’s miraculous love occurs at all.

  98. Ah.. yes.. love truly given is love lived.. and loved live.. is to live loved.. with love as living and never chance alone..:)

  99. Natalie Moore

    Love this!

  100. Frederick B. Ponder

    I just got a chance to read the poem and I enjoyed it once again! I picked up a very.. reassuring tone, nice job.

  101. John Lysaght

    I very much enjoyed your poem and I have some
    thoughts, realizing that a poem is
    multi-dimensional and interpretive.

    I felt that Love is not happenstance, that there is an energy and
    continuity of purpose inherent in life. Love is alive
    in the universe, is reflected in Nature and is there to behold and
    incorporated, if enjoined. I appreciated your tree reference
    as life historians and teachers. I thought that the “broken hearted waif,”
    adrift, would precede the hope of “to dream
    again.” Also, the life force of dreams can repel negativity as Love blooms
    from within.

  102. Micky Morgan


    Scott says: please also give Mickey’s charming vocal rendition of this poem a listen at:

  103. Arghavan Vaziri

    Thank you so much for your valuable time. Reading your poems and other work is such a pleasure for me.

  104. Brian Shirra

    Excellent work. I look forward to further visits

  105. “You were with me all along” oh … Boom! … there it is … the moment that deep burning draw of breath, is actually – your heart—aching love — sweet love. Expressed like a true lover, Scott.

  106. Lovely poetry, Scott! I’m impressed, too, that so many readers respond to your work. In the U.S. people seem too busy text-messaging each other to actually talk or read 🙂

  107. Pallavi


  108. Seddigheh Badiei

    Wowwww, So beautiful…
    “Lovers are never found by chance”…
    “And then fruits”
    Very interesting, your poem is the reverse of Frost’s poem, according to its point of view.

  109. You’ve succeeded in making me see in my mind’s eye that the road to loving is rugged. It is like the desire of a thirsty man who needs coconut milk. He must de-husk and crack the shell to get at the milk.

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