New Poem – there is an intricate chain…



There is an intricate chain

At work here,

From one fleeting moment

Of grace to another.

A myriad of links,

Far too long and interlaced,

Even within one

Tentative soul’s journey,

To fathom.


And so the challenge

Is a simple one,

To keep bringing light to bear.

And to do so

With all the good faith

One can muster,

Till some chinks appear.


A fateful knock at your door

That will surely come again.

And the choice then

Will always be a stark one,

Between surrender of sorts,

Or recourse to hollow dreams,

Long since eclipsed by time.


Our conjoined instincts,

Like sexual fire,

Come and go.

But that’s the way of things.


Forever in the background

A persistent, elemental energy

That didn’t ask to be here,

Just is…

And when it bursts forth

Tis a wonderfully furious thing.


  1. Somehow the undercurrent of instinct that make us less human is maybe better than the controlled one we see.. and letting it come forth is truly a wonderful thing.. at least that was what I read (maybe because of disappointments in humanity)

  2. ANd when it bursts forth…love the last lines of this…Tis a wonderfully furious thing. Indeed. I like the subtle energy building up to those lines.

  3. Hi Scott – this hit me when I read till some chinks appear – That line was the line that really made me say “wow” – nice write – bw

  4. Hi Scott,

    Nice to be reading your work again … smiles. I’m hoping you’ll have some of mine in the not too distant future.

    I really like this, but there’s a couple of nit-picky things to point out:

    In the 5th line of the 2nd stanza it does not need to be there, and in the last line Tis just doesn’t sit right for me. Somehow it doesn’t sound like you …

    Other than that … as I said, I really like this

    Scott says: thanks Tony for spotting the ‘it’ – kind of you… This was actually a typo that snuck in to the published version somehow… So has now been cleaned out… However ’tis’ is a bit characteristic of Scottie to be honest with you – Rightly or wrongly I am rather fond of slipping in to using it when I need a one syllable fix for ‘it is’ which often sounds too heavy handed to my ear. Look forward to reading some of your new stuff… And have faith – one day the Moleskin will be stuffed to the gunnels!!

  5. Wise and wonderful words Scott.
    Anna :o]

  6. Charlie Zero

    Your words are breath-taking and amazing.

    I love your poem and I can feel your emotions on this piece.

    well done my friend. 🙂

  7. I like the “tis” but I don’t know you. But I do like it with the “Tis a wondrously furious thing”. and the line, Till some chinks appear…made me smile and pump my fist in the air. Wise and wonderful.

  8. I like that energy in the ending, a reminder that it is within us to tap and ignite ~ Good to see you Scott ~

  9. This is a wonderful message. I do think that if we would all keep bringing light to bear the world would be so much better for it! Looking forward to seeing you again on Sunday.

  10. To keep bringing light to bear…. Yes, that is always the challenge, and the goal.

  11. “a persistent, elemental energy”

    Like a candle in the darkness, we must continue to find the good in this world. Beautifully written.

  12. i feel so fortunate to be in physical condition to be able to go rave dancing with
    twenty something year old folks and me at 54…
    This instinctual connection is so strong in wildly freely non-possessive interpretive dance..
    and truly the raising of mindful awareness in elevation of consciousness tells
    me now for sure.. that my suspicions as a younger man when watching the
    so called savage primitives flailing wildly around a fire.. is full of the sensuous
    the sexual.. that makes humans alive.. and even science shows now that the sensual
    or lust of life is what drives most all of human creativity and productivity flow…

    Heaven is here.. and it truly is in the human connection to me.. fully expressed in how we
    are born as tribe and not isolated pegs of song and dance…in everyday life..:)

  13. I sensed the inner journey of a writer in this… traversing the roads of life… deep in thought… life a wonder

  14. So insightful and well written!

  15. There is a rawness to this…it really takes the reader back to that elemental fire that burns underneath, behind, within…and it is powerful. Beautiful.

  16. it is a good thing when what was hidden bursts forth and becomes visible – and we can still decide then how to deal with it – instincts can be a blessing and dangerous as well

  17. And that’s the way of things. Thank you for this intriguing poem.

  18. Coming and going tis the way of wonderful furious things!:)

  19. Another lovely write, Scott. Loved the line –

    one fleeting moment
    Of grace to another.

    and moving to the chinks appearing to the bursting forth.

  20. Deborah Hodge

    Scott, as always I sink so deeply into your words that they wrap around my soul. You are an oracle… So powerful and challenging.

    I see the time and resonance in every single letter and feel your knowledge and spiritual enlightenment.

    The world learns much from you and you soften the harshness that surrounds us.

    Great mastery and wonder… In fact: “tis a wonderfully furious thing…”

  21. Scott, this is so amazing. You say so much here. Stunning. It’s exactly what I’ve been experiencing. Beautiful.

  22. Fabulous, Scott…really connect with your lines “forever in the background, a persistent elemental energy”…that’s the energy of life and love, i think!

  23. Wonderful poem, Scott. It resonates deeply and the language is gorgeous, haunting and thought provoking.

  24. A wonderfully furious thing indeed… I like the elemental essence you have brought here. Feels really vibrant and raw!

  25. I enjoyed reading your poem…happy spring to you….and may summer follow swiftly behind.

  26. “Tentative soul’s journey” A phrase that shows the challenges of living humanity these years and here there is no choice there is no future there is strength soul. The sudden energy is considered a miracle … Keep it up so beautifully

  27. A haunting poem of hope. Thank you for sharing your work.

  28. Mahnaz Mohafez

    There’s a world of words even in the choice of title i.e. it is full of beautiful stories right from the VERY beginning. A wonderful poem again Thank you,Scott!

  29. Björn has said it better than I could ever express! Your writing is so refined and elegant. Your poetry is to be aspired too

  30. Geraldine Williams


  31. Linda Hogan

    I loved your poem, then read others. Thank you for that gift. And it made me want to drop everything else and write poetry.

  32. Scott, I will forever embrace your distinctive style, your voice, your innate sense of curiosity and fervent lover of life and its many nuances. Your provident care of your written expression is as delicate and endearing as it is enduring.

    “And so the challenge
    Is a simple one,
    To keep bringing light to bear.”

    This says it all so succinctly yet with wonderfully eloquent, broad strokes as an oil brush to canvas. Your words here speak volumes to life in general and to our writing endeavours as a whole or in part. Wonderful.

  33. This beautifully penned poem made me think about how we have the ‘choice’ to live fully. Our life is like a stage and we choose how it’s going to be. I found this incredibly inspirational. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  34. Dear Scott,

    This is a bit different than many of your poems, reflective, yet in a different sense. Perhaps from your long winter of discontent?

    Forever in the background

    A persistent, elemental energy

    That didn’t ask to be here,

    Just is…

    And when it bursts forth

    Tis a wonderfully furious thing.

    This so completely sums up the dearth of creativity that seems to wax and wane in dark moments, then rise like the phoenix, bringing us back hope and the desire to begin again. As for ’tis’ it gives beauty to the lauguage of the poem even if not needed.


  35. It saddens me to think that so many do not experience that “wonderfully furious thing” that make life so worthwhile. This in itself is the answer to the perennial question “Why” when we undertake life’s journey. Most enjoyable poem Scott.

  36. Laura Bailey

    Lovely sentiments…May the circle with your link never be broken. Thanks for sharing…Cheers to you across the great briny from NYC! 🙂

  37. Love and grace go very close …indeed they will bring the special energy of connection, love chain…Your poem sounds like very essential thought/feeling we all eventually come to….

  38. The Fancy Irish Fellow from New York


    One of the strongest attributes of this poem is that the energy remains persistent & boundless. life is a chain of interconnected parts. it is economical in style without resorting towards over-simplistic dialogue. i’ve always admired your collection of thoughts from afar. the fire still burns & sparkles like a hot star. i would definitely add this poem to your favourite list. now, i have to go but i will return like that meteor awaiting its atmosphere. take care now. continue to feel inspirated by the luminscent beams.

  39. I like the thoughtful, introspective theme, Scott. Deep and intuitive, it relates more to the subconscious than the conscious mind.

  40. Em Achieng'

    I enjoyed reading. 🙂

  41. I suppose the essence of change is connection… Which can create sparks or soothing waves… It sounds like the former in this case!

  42. The poem has an ever lasting feel to it that takes ones soul on a journey of life in wonder. It spoke to everyone and me in it’s own way. So that we took the journey slowly and made us think of our life with a strong heart felt life of comfort.. Thanks Scott I enjoyed the time in reading this poem as I feel you enjoyed the time writing the poem..

  43. I love the optimism in this poem, Scott. The hopefulness is palpable. We must always keep bringing light to bear!

  44. A soul’s journey never finishes, until it attains ” moksha”!

  45. There IS an intricate chain, in all that we do. Forever connected to the flicker of yesterday’s acts, today’s light is bright, but fleeting, and our hope lies in the rays of tomorrow.

    Your lovely composition shines with inspiration.


  46. Mandla Thabo Sukati Qhobosheane

    Several themes stood out and made me want to keep reading.

    I liked your presentation of the concept that we cannot fathom how long the chain of interconnectedness is. That is deep and very true. In my opinion, 0nce we lift the veil of the belief systems we were born into the light comes in much stronger. And it’s up to us as individuals to nurture and come back to this light so that we can evolve spiritually and bring others with us. Because then the light becomes stronger and everpresent.

    Poetry is a great way to keep us on our spiritual path. Before we came into human form we were given an assignment related to improving humanity in some way. It’s always great to see creative work that reaffirms this.

    Thank you Scott.

  47. Our conjoined instincts,
    Like sexual fire,
    Come and go.
    But that’s the way of things.

    Forever in the background
    A persistent, elemental energy
    That didn’t ask to be here,
    Just is…
    And when it bursts forth
    Tis a wonderfully furious thing

    I have to say these are absolutely my favourite lines Scott. And there is certainly no need to analyse…it speaks for itself…we are all living those moments

  48. Hi Scott–you have a wonderful way of expressing the soul’s work–such a pleasure to read

  49. …bursting forth of the elemental energy reminds this journey to be on razor’s edge…great lines…

  50. Neena Sharma

    Very profound and moving…Accepting the stark reality of life…depicting the joyride and maze of of the Labyrinth of life!

    Another piece of marvel coming out of your brain child Scott sir.
    Congrats. God Bless!

    Stay healthy and happy, always at peace.Amen!

    Divine regards

  51. Yes, Scott (and Mary Kling), we all need to keep “bringing light to bear”. Ironically, several of today’s readings at mass, and in my Lenten devotions, had to do with the light. Intentionally, my post tomorrow (3-16-15) @ “Walk With Father Nature” is titled: “Light”. Scott: you make us wait long to better appreciate your valued verse. ~ Richard

  52. Tatius

    Good write Scott, so much is connected nothing is perfect and if once it may surely come again

  53. Wonderful indeed

  54. “To keep bringing light to bear”….I love that line. Yes, afflicted with our passion for writing, we keep on doing it, even on days when the words dont come easily or well, and with much more zeal on the rarer days when they do.


    Hi Scott, Great! We are ever, infinitely on tests, under the vigil of God, there is a chain of command, mostly we fail to feel or recognize, we are here to pass the tests on challenge, you know, it is never easy to satisfy God for HE is the PERFECT JUDGE, once you qualify HIS test, you never ask for results of your performance or achievements to be recognized by mortal men, but it is equally important to have mortal recognitions to keep fighting for our survival, there is a chain of relationships, moments, and performance, it was a nice poem you have composed, keep writing, remember, you are also on HIS VIGIL, HE KNOWS each moment of your living, do to satisfy mankind to be in the good book of GOD, no more today, to your success in writing, DANIEL RAY

  56. I understand from your poem that grace exists and with each act the time between is incomprehensible. If I continue to live I need to do in front of me the recourse that allows purity into my ways. It’s interesting you bring up conjoined as explicit sexual energy shared. That’s the only, I think, predictable desire which brings forth life…infantile, curious, and needing affection. I believe that this poem points out that actually between moments of grace a knock returns its call with a, “Okay, follow the path of courage or try to reach a dream that’s not particular, been there done that.” So, I understand you to say it’s rare to see a singular, intelligent, passion be the cohort in a sudden gesture of frenzy. I believe that too. People are too distracted. Why do you capitalize every first word of the stanza? It’s not really correct form…I learned that in school. I suppose you have a good reason. Just curious. Thanks for the great poem.

    Scott says: Thanks for your thoughtful comments on the meaning of the poem, Jessica. With regards to capitalisation – whilst I realise not perhaps the most contemporary form, traditionally that’s always how it has been over here – in terms of our great literary heritage and a tradition that stretches all the way back to the seminal Romantic poets, Shakespeare and far beyond… The same writers that so inspired me during my own school studies and I guess I’ve just stuck with it, ever since… In the more modern Concrete sense, which was also a key liberating influence for me, as a young writer – I kinda prefer the impact they make too – but that’s just me and aesthetics, I suppose…

  57. Oh, life is a mysterious thing, indeed! Each journey is different, yet still the same. Very wonderfully written, Scott. So many great lines. You speak the truth here and it’s definitely been felt 🙂

  58. I loved how you had us traveling down the intricate chain of this poem…a wonderful message here.

  59. So true. it’s our responsibility to make people around us better. a very thoughtful observation Scott

  60. Slow, soft reflection that ends in that furious thing. The soul’s journey is amazing


  61. Beautiful poem. I like the bringing light to bear, not just in writing, but in living and I think that this connects humanity. I enjoy your style and the depth of your words.

  62. Paul Bowles

    Hi Scott, Yes, good work, I’m glad about the chinks and on guard for the fateful knocks and recourse to the hollow dreams…again…but thank God for the elemental energy in the background. It made me cough up something this Spring as I would hope…a chink I guess.
    Then back on guard again.

  63. I like this post, very intuitive writing.

  64. Kari M. Knutsen

    Well written, Scott! … Life… All here for a reason… we do not always understand… yet here… puzzling… as we wonder why… going on with or without passion… all things in life somehow connected as we learn… understanding or not… flawed humans yet fabulous… Ohhh! Life!!! Yes, wonderful Life! Thank you for sharing, my Friend! Thumbs up for your poem!!!

  65. Nadia Kebboua

    Well done Scott, I love it! Congratulations!

  66. Roger Wilson

    Hi there, I like! Roj. x

  67. Enjoyed this journey that does take place in every life in order for us to reach our goals. No-one knows what their journey will be but “we” must hold onto the beliefs we have in life and abide by them in accordance with each link that’s facing us.

  68. If spirit could be smelled, it would smell like your heavenly words… And if we could taste words, it would surely taste like your beautiful spirit, Scott! And it’s all because all senses are locked and chained by this excellent piece of work. As always a wonderful poem representing timelessness of thoughts~~

  69. Wonderful write, Scott. So much that I can relate to as well. Have a wonderful week.

    Peace and love,

    Pamela ox

  70. Rev. Bob Mitchell


    I love the way you use language. I’d be a phony if I claimed to understand poetry — it has always been a challenge for me.
    I usually end up having someone explain it, and then the light goes on for me.

    Speaking of light going on — as a Christian, these lines really spoke to me:

    And so the challenge
    Is a simple one,
    To keep bringing light to bear.

    For me, I mean the light of Christ, of course.

    Thanks for sharing — all the best — blessings and shalom!


  71. Wonderful imagery and a fresh way of seeing. Thank you!

  72. A fateful knock at your door
    That will surely come again.
    And the choice then
    Will always be a stark one,

    How true Scott! One can always expect that mysterious knock that will lead us on a journey through life. That makes the journey all the more interesting! Great lines!


  73. Hi Sir Scott! I love the energy you always bring into your writing & this in particular is wistful & filled with candid feelings. I am glad to be reading your works again, sir. Thanks for the poem. Smiles.

  74. Another great one Scott! You enlighten with your words so carefully placed. Ty

  75. Dr Jelka Samsom

    This poem is a balm for the weary heart!

  76. And you have written awesomely…

  77. Laura Laveglia

    Hi Scott!

    This was a spiritual piece and it took me many reads to ingest.
    The Human race is like a game of dominos. As one opens the door of light it can trigger many others to see goodness and when this door opens it travels like wild flower!

    This poem is different from your others, but as always your talent blinds!!

  78. Time flows faster than anyone would like it to, and I feel that it’s important we take the time to enjoy the true upbringing we have been blessed with. It is interesting to see people change from one day to the next, and it is amazing what the human condition delivers. In the grand scheme of things I believe it is best to enjoy every waking moment that we are given. So many people let the negative side of life bother them, and it is a sad thing to see. Which is why I always feel sympathetic for those who feel that way. Ultimately it is up to the person to determine what life path they choose, but it doesn’t mean that they have to be alone. This poem spoke a lot to me, and I’m thankful for reading it.

  79. Janice Towndrow

    I really enjoyed this

  80. margaret nash

    Wow! This poem hit me in the gut—I find it rather dark. So our choice is to keep the hollow dreams of the chain going, or resign ourselves to fate and the inevitable knock at the door. But we can at least take comfort in the knowledge that the forces of the universe will supply us with some wonderful bursts of energy now and then that will keep us going.
    I like it, but it’s rather stoical, and I’m not sure it’s a philosophy I want to surrender to.
    Did I read this right, Scott?

    Scott says: Hiya Margaret, Thank you, as ever, for your very open, careful and generously considered thoughts on this piece – much appreciated… I guess ‘it is what it is’ and what you take of it is inevitably reflective of where we are on out journey, at any one time… I’m not sure about stoical – I see it more as a sharing of a certain level of knowing and feeling… – more in line with Nivedita’s perhaps less fearful interpretation above? For me, it is all around an awareness that life is a double edged sword of wonderful and powerful opportunities & challenges – all the while provided by benevolent subliminal forces that ideally we should approach with bravery and in good spirit… Easier to say, harder to do, for sure!! But I guess the key phrase in that respect is: “to keep bringing light to bear…” And, if living fully and, as we do so, remembering we are forever approaching these tipping points of spiritual destiny – where we will always still have the precious liberty to go one way or the other – so that choice is forever ours… Hope that makes sense!

  81. Nivedita

    It’s beautiful. It is pregnant and bursting with life force. Its a deeply spiritual poem. You lace all your poems elegantly with the ephemerality of life, simultaneously bringing forth the permanence of spirit and how well you surface such magnificent thoughts through powerful imagery is in fact ingenious.

    Your choice of words such as: “intricate chain”, “fleeting moment”;”Tentative soul’s journey”;”A fateful knock at your door That will surely come again”;”And when it bursts forth
    Tis a wonderfully furious thing” are indeed brilliant!!! Every word and every space in between those words, can tell volumes. Amazing!!! Hats off to you!!!

  82. Deoborah Hodge

    This poem is genuinely stunning and moving my friend. It resonates with my soul. You have captured the essence of life in an intricate chain. I could visualise each part of a chain, reliant on the next for force, and never ending. Each link leading to other. It’s great mastery of words and I love all your work. Such a tonic in today’s fast paced need for celebrity culture. Thank you for sharing.

  83. Laura Bailey

    A beautiful poem with so much truth at it’s core. Thanks for sharing this wisdom with us Scott.:))

  84. Roger Wilson

    Hi Laura: I like! Roj. x

  85. Nadia Kebboua

    Well done Scott, I love it! Congratulations!
    Brillant poem as usual! Love it so much!

  86. Diane Mills

    Wonderfully penned my new friend ☺ Breathtakingly romantic. Love it!

  87. I like the last stanza very much.

    And when it bursts forth
    Tis a wonderfully furious thing.

  88. I have always observed that “There is tremendous energy in this universe, if one is awake then he will realize it otherwise if he is asleep, he is lost in darkness. Science says, nothing happens without energy. Your poem reminds of Albert Einstein, famous formula, E=MC2 it means Engery is equal to mass and speed of light….Every atom when combined in numerous quantities at one point, it bursts violently and moves the world a lot. Divine energy is best of all energies because it is what makes us feel peaceful, thoughtful, deep, pure, light & beautiful in thoughts……..

  89. Ronnie Shantz/Robinson

    Hi Scott. Just read your poem, very introspective. Reminiscent, perhaps, of something I call planned synchronicity to some degree. Very well done. R.S.R.

  90. Bobu Whether Sakita

    I really love so much your poem…

  91. Don Carroll

    Love the metaphor here. Freeing oneself from the chain is definitely all about the journey. some links of that chain are harder to work out of and it can leave one in darkness in a tussle. Nicely done!!

  92. Clifford Brooks

    You’re a solid talent, boss. My first book was nominated for a Pulitzer and new one already in the mix for next year’s awards.

  93. Excellent write, Scott! The first and last stanzas are particularly gorgeous!

  94. Polly Robinson

    I like this…

  95. I’ll go with the non-analysis crowd . . . love

  96. Todd Kraft


    It’s been awhile, and it sounds great. One interesting question for the poets, is do we do ourselves a disservice by conforming to old capitalization standards. I don’t have an answer.

    Really nice sentiments. The meter and sound is really great. I appreciated the read. The sound, the fury, and the tender heartbeat of a globe? That’s what I get.

  97. Diane Sizemore

    Thanks, Beautiful Poem

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