Glorious South America…

IMG_1196 IMG_1507 IMG_1514 IMG_1750A IMG_1778 IMG_1889 IMG_1909 IMG_1941 IMG_1972 IMG_2032 IMG_2191 IMG_2196 IMG_2352 IMG_2383 IMG_2399 IMG_2458 IMG_2478 IMG_2591 IMG_2623 IMG_2687 IMG_2738 IMG_2757 IMG_2759 IMG_2775 IMG_2893 IMG_2997 IMG_3160 IMG_3201 IMG_3218 IMG_3388 IMG_3489 IMG_3493 IMG_3509 IMG_3551 IMG_3568 IMG_3591 IMG_3599 IMG_3637 IMG_3678 IMG_3696 IMG_3702 IMG_3730 IMG_3738 IMG_3784 IMG_3847 IMG_3903 IMG_3910 IMG_3989 IMG_3997 IMG_4091 IMG_4092 IMG_4299 IMG_4306 IMG_4333 IMG_4496 IMG_4522 IMG_4620 IMG_4750 IMG_4774 IMG_4852 IMG_4912 IMG_4953 IMG_5045 IMG_5061 IMG_5114 IMG_5142 IMG_5219 IMG_5388 IMG_5436 IMG_5440 IMG_5567 IMG_5596 IMG_5615 IMG_5656 IMG_5675 IMG_5678 IMG_5755 IMG_5756 IMG_5759 IMG_5771


  1. Laura Bailey

    Wow!! Love your travel photos! Thanks so much for sharing your trip here!!

  2. Magnificent inspiring forces of nature and beauty of people . . . only the seer can see so lovingly

  3. Beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  4. Beautiful, fascinating images Scott! Looks like you really got the most out of your trip. Those mountain visuals are so much like here in British Columbia, our homeland! Thank you for sharing so many amazing photos.

  5. Great photos! You’ve captured all of Brazil in these pics. Good to see you too in a couple of them!

  6. Glorious pics! `

  7. Ah.. thanks for sharing all theses beautiful photos of South America and the natives there are certainly as beautiful as the landscape.. as the indigenous wild spirit of life can be so alive in these lands farthest away from the ‘start’.. as the nomads with ‘wilder’ genes among us travel farther to gain the greatest fruits of life…

    But anyway.. my dream was always to marry a woman like ‘that’ so the Pacific Islander part of that still remains true for me.. as there is nothing more beautiful to me than the exotic wild of indigenous beauty FREE!..:)

  8. Ashlie Allen

    These are outstanding!! The photos of the waterfall are dazzling.

  9. Carol Zielinski

    What an amazing set of photos!!

  10. Loiriam Jimenez

    Nice pictures, Scott. I’m glad that you had fun time at your glorious vacation. 🙂

  11. How fortunate you are to have visited this place and capture all it’s beauty. Our world is so beautiful, but we often neglect to take the time to enjoy it. It seems you had a wonderful time and I’m so happy you did.

  12. Fabulous photos, Scott, especially the waterfalls. Wow! Must have been a fabulous trip! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Nivedita Yohana

    You not only create magic with your words but also with photography. They are all worthy to be in a gallery or in an exposition.

  14. The world is so full with beauty. And yet we are so empty and finding the beauty in things which can never be beautified. The images you shared, really made my day.

  15. The photos! – You are a visual poet as well. I was mesmerized.

  16. Beautiful, inspiring photos! Thank you for sharing.


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