The Beast has arrived!!

Whoo! Hoo! Here we are then…  To celebrate the completion of my latest collection ‘Threads of Gold’ and its forthcoming international release in 2016; also in memory of my dear departed Father and a bedside promise I made him some time ago now… Scottie has finally, for once in his life, gone out and found himself a beautiful car. And here she is! Hope you like my new baby – Absolutely, a dream come true… We were meant to be together – La! La! xxx


IMG_6134A IMG_6135A IMG_6141A IMG_6143A


  1. Can I have your old one?:)

  2. Bjorn Rudberg

    Congratulations… your poetry must be selling real well 🙂

  3. Fabulous Scott! A supreme ride! Enjoy!

  4. It looks Grand! Congratulations! Plus I love the fact that it’s in the memory of your father.

  5. Anna O. Moon


  6. This is marvelous 😀 congratulations 😀

  7. Yeah baby!

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