New Poem – treasured energies…




Treasured energies

Can evaporate like steam,

When hot meets cold…


And so, my hands

Are gathered together

Before me,

As if to hold

What is precious within.


To make of myself

Sweet sanctuary,


What inspired quivers


Still seem

Too beautiful to die.


Slip away though

They must.


But for nought,

Have I whispered

To my past,

Can I begin again?


For such is the illusion.


Nothing is ever

Ours to keep,

Rather only to glory in

For a while,


By brilliant residues,

Till blest again.


This then our lot.

As, step by step,

Faith accrues.


  1. Perfectly flowing words within the festive mood

    • Sayed Rohani

      Beautifully worded, “Treasured Energies” is, I believe, singing of this transitory life that is a glory for a while, nothing will be owned or kept forever, and faith accrues at the end.

    • Yes, faith . . . Faith alone in the dark

  2. This is very lovely, Scott, especially “to make of myself sweet sanctuary”. I love “too beautiful to die.” And that “step, by step, faith accrues.”

  3. Bjorn Rudberg

    I really like how this progress into the realization in the last stanza.. It really captures a Christmas Spirit….

  4. Ashlie Allen

    What a lovely poem, Scott! Each line is full of beauty and meaning and you capture a very festive energy. VERY well done.



  6. Oh, this…
    And praying our “faith balance” continues to increase.

  7. Gorgeous Scott, transience and uncertainty are certainly difficult to navigate if we cling and seek to possess, but seeking to appreciate that is surely the more balanced approach

  8. Bravo, Scott! Very good work.

  9. Dianne Mills

    I read your beautiful poem, you have an amazing talent with words and imagery. It really conjures up the Festive season. Love it! Thank you for sharing it with me my poet friend.

  10. Oh what a beautiful place to sanctuary…within your words….

    ‘And so, my hands
    Are gathered together
    Before me,
    As if to hold
    What is precious within.’

  11. Bonnie Roberts

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas and that the New Year brings out more of your amazing words!

  12. Munia Khan

    One of the chief purposes of Scott’s poems is to communicate poignantly a certain truth about our spiritualism- ‘Treasured Energies’ is indeed a powerful depiction in this respect.

  13. Scott

    I feel as though your connectedness speaks to all of us. I can tell that this moment of reflection and emotional release is meaningful. It is about acceptance of our grievances. We are not invincible no matter our strength. Home for me is psychological. I might reside in a physical place but it does not represent me. I try to simplify what my heart believes. There is always a discord of harmonies. This style of poetry should be celebrated for it is honesty and rawness. You’ve created a beautiful piece of Art here. Let it radiate. Let it glow. Let it transcend.

  14. The second stanza so effectively pulls this piece together Scott; “As if to hold
    What is precious within.” Marvelous my friend.

  15. Hi Scott,

    Lovely poem. May faith accrue for us all!

    Happy Holidays!

    Cheers, Victor

  16. so much wisdom in the lines, Scott. and the ending is perfect. 🙂

  17. What the thought provoking first lines…. from one side, – yes, we’re losing our energy, we’re playing to find the right-felt step, but sometimes just not able to re-do it….repeat again? this is why we reincarnate… so many lessons to learn, lots of tasks to accomplish…thanks for sharing your creative words! Best!

  18. A writer who releases sadness and replaces it with acceptance – excellent writing.

  19. This poem glows from the precious treasures within one’s heart! I especially like how “step by step, faith accrues”. A very merry Christmas to you 🙂

  20. Sayed Rohani

    I read this, in which I found both beauty and truth. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  21. Laura Bailey

    Beautifully said! Thank you Scott Hastie for sharing your wisdom and verse here…Have a lovely time this week! 🙂

  22. Xerxes Aga

    Nothing is ever Ours to keep Only memories Hidden deep Great to see you after a long time. My unavoidable exile will soon be over.

  23. Eileen Tekyi


  24. Laura Bailey

    A lovely verse to have and to hold…Hands hold as much as they may encompass and the rest blows away to return another day. Have a lovely week and Holiday Season! 🙂

  25. “Nothing is ever
    Ours to keep,”

    Such wise words.

  26. Lisa C Miller

    I love your poems. The words are vivid and alive and the energy is wonderful.

    Have a wonderful holiday.

  27. “Nourished / By brilliant residues,”…the sadness hidden in the lines is deeply touching…

  28. James Linnane

    A fine piece. I especially like the line: “but for nought have I whispered to the past” and ” nothing is ever ours to keep”. Well done – a fine write indeed

  29. You always have insightful messages for all,dear Scott! This poem clearly shows how invaluable it is to be thankful for what one has in his life.He should be careful,however.That’s because “Nothing is ever Ours to keep, Rather only to glory in For a while,Nourished By brilliant residues,Till blest again”.Thanks for sharing another wonderful poem!

  30. Dr Jelka Samsom

    The symbolism of the hands gives this poem a special and hidden depth; no two sets of fingerprints are the same, our hands show us our profound uniqueness. And with “My hands are gathered before me as if to hold what is precious within”, an emotional, spiritual and perhaps also biblical connotation can be felt.

    A beautiful poem, especially for this festive season!

  31. Just beautiful, Scott. Shared on all my social network pages. Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones ~

  32. Everyone has their favourite lines and I like “But for nought,
    Have I whispered
    To my past,
    Can I begin again?”

    your poem is tantalising in its message – measured hints to the final lead up

  33. This then our lot.
    As, step by step,
    Faith accrues.

    Or not.


    Smoothly written, none the less.

  34. I suppose the very definition of energy is that it doesn’t stay still – but to acknowledge and take pleasure in those fleeting moments of good/nourishing energy is certainly key to accruing both faith and maybe even peacefulness and strength inside

  35. It’s really hard to internalise that we are not permanent nor are the things we call our own… Such a soft rhythm to this poem.

  36. But for nought,
    Have I whispered
    To my past,
    Can I begin again?

    Sigh.. such beautiful yearning in these lines.

  37. Nivedita Yohana

    Nothing is ever
    Ours to keep,
    Rather only to glory in
    For a while…
    The ephemerality of our physical existence is clearly encapsulated in this beautiful piece of gem. Scott elegantly crafts his words and soothes the soul by reminding us of our responsibilities as human beings- to acknowledge the mortality of our lives and to recognize the divinity within us which needs to bubble, rise and erupt into rhapsody connecting back to the divine-genesis of life force. Scott has proved this, time and again in an extraordinary measure

  38. Scott, such a beautiful poem “nothing is ours to keep”. Written in your soft spoken style the pen is gentle on ones heart and soul.

    Nothing is ever
    Ours to keep,
    Rather only to glory in
    For a while,
    By brilliant residues.

  39. I loved this even more on second reading, Scott. One of my favourites of yours.

  40. Profound truth of life. You have expressed it so beautifully.

  41. Carol Zielinski

    A beautiful and meaningful poem!!

  42. Such a sweet, poetic sadness to this entire poem. But ultimately a feeling of joy in this sadness. I really enjoyed this.

  43. You’ve outdone yourself. I was captured from the first word to the last.

  44. So deep this is, Scott. Nothing is ever ours to keep….that is the part that makes me reflect most this Sunday afternoon. So very true. Everything is temporary…but when something leaves us we are eventually blessed again. We just need to go with the flow. Blessings to you, Scott. Wishing you a wonderful holiday and looking forward to more poetry from you in the new year.

  45. Very heartfelt writing Scott,

  46. Yes, that holding in the moment, that light touch that knows to let go and not grasp or cling. A deep but quiet message to be savored,


  47. So it is and will ever be. I love the possibility of experience coming round again in a different form than memory, but especially like the letting go that gets easier as “faith accrues.”

  48. Brother Ollie

    I enjoyed the rhythm of this poem. It pulled me through and into the poem. “faith accrues” is a hope filled idea.

  49. Lovely. This is a beautiful capture of the process of spiritual growth.
    Have a Merry Christmas.

  50. Very interesting, Scott. Reminds me somewhat of an old Egyptian mystery system concept, aka when hot meets cold, creating warm. The law of opposites together. Good stuff.


  51. Love your work my friend. It has a deeply moving, ephemeral quality to it. Like long forgotten voices,sometimes heard, always present calling us to rejoice in self, and the new miracle that lies just beyond our grasp, and so reach.

    And when we do, we create amazing work like this.

    Enjoyed it my friend.


  52. John Lysaght

    Scott, a very touching poem. Permanency is temporal. Faith and memory can rekindle. Happy holidays.

  53. Glory be! Yet another splendid piece of work from our beautiful mind: Scott! And am happy to be able to re read this mystical piece once more..Would love to comment on this over and over again. Excellent work as ever.

  54. What a beautiful and pertinent poem this is. What is life if there is no treasure in our heart from having loved.

  55. Onitra Wilkerson

    As always, my friend, truly beautiful writing…I look forward to more! 🙂

  56. “Can I begin again?” Hardly….although it would be wonderful to think so. Your poem makes me think I can. Warm Wishes during the Holidays, Scott. Thank you for your Words.

  57. Very nice… A feeling of believing in the moment.

  58. Beautiful emotive poem.

  59. Benn Keaveney

    Liked this very much:

    “But for nought,

    Have I whispered

    To my past,

    Can I begin again?

    For such is the illusion.”

  60. Scott

    I, like so many others here, love your endings and near endings:

    “Nothing is ever/ Ours to keep,/ Rather only to glory in/ For a while…”

    And especially this:

    “As step by step, / Faith accrues.” Magnificent… My own faith accrues every day, every year. I am blessed…

  61. It’s beautiful, meaningful and thought provoking… In this age, when poetry has become everything else but poetry, your contributions are noteworthy, sir! I look forward for more from you!


  62. Derek London

    I have just read your poem. It’s awesome!

  63. I. Wright

    Writing is a powerful way to reach others andyour website has quite a bit of real substance, which is awesome!

  64. Gayle Walters Rose

    I really liked the image of the hands gathered together holding what is precious within…how beautiful and tender, and I loved the hope-filled ending.

  65. Love the title and gentle rhythm of your verses Scott ~ Happy New Year ~

  66. Faith..
    all real human
    energies with
    matter names..
    Essence is Energy
    and Force.. no matter
    emotion or nuclear
    bombs.. joy
    as essence
    and as real
    as real iS as Force..
    funny how people
    spend their life as
    matter and rarely
    focus on the
    of Force
    of Energy
    at ALLNOW..
    the smaller the
    muscle against
    the larger energy
    is no match for
    Energy sAMe as i
    AS Force of NOW..:)

  67. Wonderfully composed

  68. I feel like I can only add to the chorus of praise. Such sweet sadness and beauty in this, and great truth. Thanks for this piece. It was wonderful to read.

  69. Lovely poem !

  70. Such a tender, delicate reflection of life. Sometimes it is fair to reminisce or at least entertain thoughts of doing some things again. Happy New Year, Scott.

  71. Beautiful – elegance in simplicity – every word crucial leading naturally to the next. True poetry.

  72. Nothing is ever
    Ours to keep,
    Rather only to glory in
    For a while,

    This then is the acknowledgement that Providence provides and we are all the custodians of goodness to be used but not to own. Not many though are aware of this fine distinction and continue to hoard their ill-gotten gains as theirs to keep. Great word craft Scott!


  73. A beautiful poem, full of wonderful thoughts.

    I was a bit taken aback by the lineation, specially with the initial capital letters on each line. I tried combining some of the lines to read it aloud, and found it flowed more naturally.

    I hope you don’t take this amiss, because I do love the piece.

    • Pleasant Street

      Surely you are joking Vivienne, you did not move around someone else’s words? I’m stunned reading that.It causes me pain and they aren’t even my words.

      Scott says: Honestly no worries for me – the piece resonated with dear Vivienne, that all that matters to me and we all have our own internal rhythms that can effect the technicalities of appreciation – so all is good!

  74. Pleasant Street

    “Have I whispered
    To my past,
    Can I begin again?”
    This was the heart of it for me. I read this back in December as well though I did not comment.Good for you leaving hope and faith at the end

  75. Scott, it is a joy to join the queue & extoll the beauty & clarity of your words, both introspective & metaphysical, because yes, self love is essential, spirituality dwells within, the solution to the problems of this world, of each lifetime, is an inside job; echoed by your poignant lines /to make of myself/sweet sanctuary/. This many comments, stretched out nearly ad infinitum is reminiscent of the responses Brian Miller always garnered.

  76. Loved the easy flow.

  77. The short staccato lines holds ones attention – the images, timeless a splendid write …

  78. Talking to your past, asking you can begin again – is the best part for me. Sorry it took a long time before I could visit you.

    Hope you had a good weekend.

  79. what a beautiful, poignant poem.
    a poem of goodbye, and of a hopeful beginning, i hope…

    Scott says: And Yes, thank you for your comment Stacey, especially on such a sad day… RIP, dear David…

  80. Tory Allyn

    Scott, your poem as always is great.

  81. Beautiful poem born from your fountainhead of spirituality. You have a treasure of energies (pun intended) that churn out meaningful, relevant lines for your readers. Who can dispute the veracity of the perspectives your poetry provides – on life and what lies hidden in its folds?

  82. Mariiyn Herrington Grounds

    I enjoy your poetry

  83. Okechukwu Okugo

    Your works are really great. I love your poem, Treasured Energy and others. Your passion for writing is inspiring. Like you say, you try to communicate with one’s soul in your writings.

  84. Dear Scott,

    Beautiful reflection on life. As always a pleasure to read your writing.

    Peace and love,


  85. Vijaya

    Lovely Scott. The flow is smooth and perfect – the essence is deep. Thoroughly enjoyed this poem. Thank you for sharing.

  86. Prof. Bill Lemmer Phd.

    I found your poems with their flashes of rhythm and colour, intense cerebral quality and compact lyrical music: things of spiritual release and beauty.

  87. Ricard Merli

    I am glad I had an opportunity to read your work “Treasured Energies.” You write beautifully and distill your subject matter down to its essence with an economy of words. It is very impressive. I came back and read it several more times.

  88. Ms.Mala Janardhan

    I found this a wonderful poem, flowing naturally with an inherent rhythm and indeed beautiful in its understanding of the spiritual life. It reads almost like a prayer, indicating the transient nature of what is truly precious, as in the phrase “too good to last”… . Your writing does indeed speak to the soul and leaves a lasting impression on the mind of the reader.

  89. This is so lovely, Scott. Not sure what I can say that hasn’t been said. I agree with all of the above comments. Love the emotion and the imagery.

  90. What a lovely poem! I really love your work-so inspiring!

  91. Brigit Bunzel

    I like your poems a lot. You seem to be able to step out of the clam our of life and keep searching.

  92. A simple verse of great beauty and profound depth. A lovely poem! I enjoyed it very much. Thank you.

  93. Penny Reilly

    I’ve taken a little foray across your pages and really do admire your work and found some similarities I really related to in yours.

  94. Mary C. Garner

    Appreciate your work and all you do to make a difference.
    My best, Mary

  95. Patricia Travis

    Thanks for your poems. I truly enjoyed reading them.

  96. This is an excellent poem. A joy to read. Wonderful

  97. I enjoy Scott as a poet, for the very simple reason that he speaks in a very unique “poetic voice…” For myself, however, I find the attraction based less upon the poetry as upon the metaphysics…Scott is a gentle soul that hearkens back to the impressionists, most notably Stephane Mallarme’ and perhaps Rilke…The tone is very spiritual without being religious…Because his faith is not based upon dogma, perish the thought, but upon the his strength in personally interpreting events for himself…So yet another shared experience of Scott’s ethereal gossamer gently brought to earth….

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