New Poem – disturbed….












Disturbed as we are

By greed and vanity,

All the while

There is so much else

Here for us,

An abundance of triggers

Into both light and depth.


Far beyond

The gentle balm of faith

And the comfort that brings,

A huge and unimaginable love,

An iridescent vignette

Of sheer beauty.


And, slowly but surely,

We are being pulled in,

As one episode

Follows another

On our transit.

Gradually becoming wedded

To something,

The purple light of divinity

That we call God.


As, step by step,

In trying to understand love,

We become fearless.


Bold fires

Within us now

The run of many waters

Cannot quench.


  1. So very inspired by these words this morning- thank you


      I love the last stanza: those four lines are deceptively simple and beautiful—yet they allow for fire, that can’t be quenched. I didn’t expect that deft turn. For me, it makes the whole poem!

    • Sayed Rohani

      It is beautifully blended by human passion divine serenity.

  2. Very majestic and powerful!

  3. Bold fires — yes yes yes!

  4. Drew Clausen

    HELLO Scott

    As always your style of writing is great. I do see and read the poems you post. I just have not taken the time to post any comments..KEEP on writing great poems and posting them I do enjoy reading them. Just like this one Disturbed. So Scott Thanks for sharing your poems with me.. A fellow poetic soul of a man..Drew

  5. Caryn Gross Devincenti


  6. Janet Read (Lucy Chili)

    Great poem…

  7. Just a beautiful piece of poetry. Thank you.

  8. Beautiful work, Scott. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Patricia Yeager

    Beautiful, soulful as always.

    Blessings, Pat

  10. Hi Scott: This speaks volumes to the reader; it’s bold, full of images, leaving the reader feeling blessed!

  11. Wow, Scottie, this is very beautiful! I love the progression of the poem, the same way consciousness evolves, down the page, to the culminating lines. I like the new look of your site, and your books page is very impressive. Way to go!

  12. Richard Merlin

    Dear Scott: I truly enjoyed your new work, “Disturbed.” While it kicks off with reference to greed and vanity, it takes us back in an entirely different direction – the embrace of love and a consciousness of God. I imagine it braiding out before me, like a river branching out into tributaries in a valley. It is wonderful work. Bring on the Ode to Spring! Best Regards, Richard.

  13. “Disturbed as we are
    By greed and vanity,”
    Reminds me of a Bible Study I just completed on my Blog, Susan’s Devotional Journal, about Ecclesiastes when Solomon keeps saying “Vanity, vanity.” Your poem is ver spiritual and special.

  14. Ronee Henson

    Thank you for sending this so thoughtful poem !!
    It spoke to this reader’s soul.

  15. Hello again

    the opposite of vanity is indeed love. there is a certain spirituality for this transient poem. we must dig inside ourselves to discover the Truth of our consciousness. it is important to remember that we are capable as human beings of such graceful humanity as well as destruction of our souls. Disturbed is a wake up call for all of Us.
    Thanks for revealing a sensitive side which we all should aspire to & dream louder with.

  16. John Lysaght

    Hi, Scott. A wonderful poem which calls us to re-examine, to allow divine love and openness to the joys of life to kindle and take flame.

  17. Lisa Miller

    Nicely said.

  18. Laura Bailey

    Lovely as the breath of new Spring…May the fires of life never be quenched!

  19. Parlay Yvette

    AWSOME HibiscusCherry blossomBlossomTulipRose

  20. Mahnaz

    The poem reminds me of the journey of life. So powerfulthe words and images are.
    Thank you,Scott!

  21. As always Scott, Beautiful pictures painted with words of wisdom. Great Job! Marilyn

  22. Rebecca O'Donnell

    I’m so excited about Threads! Bravo, Word Artist. Keep penning Hope for the world. We need it.

  23. Beautiful writing Scott. The poem is inspirational like a prayer. Have a happy Spring.

  24. Victor

    With your words we become fearless! Thanks for a beautiful poem.

  25. Bjorn Rudberg

    These days when we are finding differences, we really should just look at the abundance and seeing those bold fires we have within…

  26. Such powerful writing 🙂

  27. We have such need of the hope that is infused in this poem. Thank you, Scott.

  28. Brian Wakeman

    I appreciated the elements of faith and spirituality.
    I wish you the joy of Easter.

  29. Profound food for thought. Nicely written.

  30. Very lovely and inspiring verses Scott ~ Cheers ~

  31. I”m not sure that I’ll ever be fearless where love is concerned; it seems so fragile to me.

  32. Very interesting poem and reflection on love and God. I like the purple light of divinity and having just read Victoria’s poem purple seems to enrich us!

  33. Diane Mills

    Great write!

  34. In trying to understand love we become fearless.. love that!

  35. A tight & interesting piece/peace–this does spark hope where only ashes have accumulated; giving us a powerful, yet gentle nudge–for inactivity is not acceptable. I like the lines /in trying to understand love/we become fearless/.

  36. Lovely words to meditate on Scott. Thanks for sharing.

  37. An inspirational poem into the light do we dare walk…will the thirst for understanding ever be quenched.

  38. A deep philosophical poem which is perfectly realized by making it personal and expressing love as the deepest virtues and the highest emotion embracing it as the challenge to understanding the essence of life and creation.

  39. Passionate purple poetry, Scott! I look forward to reading my copy of “threads” soon.

  40. Beautiful and inspiring as always! Loved the last stanza…your poetry is a supreme revelation always!

  41. Sharon Goodhand

    Deeply inspiring…. thank you so much.

    Peace and Blessings

  42. A lot of truth in this one Scott, I like it.

  43. In trying to understand love,
    We become fearless

    Bravely mentioned Scott and a great observation. Love can deter or impose its will but if one cares to question them then it might stifle the negative impact!


  44. Well done!

  45. A fearless heart is our best friend in a disturbed world of vanity..Excellent work to rely on. So much appreciated your wisdom exposed here once more, Scott. Loved this piece.

  46. In trying to understand love,
    We become fearless.

    That is so true, at least that has been my experience.

  47. I love it, just bought and finished reading your recent collection of verse.. loved it. Thanks for the many gentle journeys into your starry spirit.


  48. Step by step… Inspirational verses.

  49. “Disturbed as we are by greed and vanity…” What a great opening to a powerful poem.

  50. Banu Bidarkund

    Really calming poem and very elegant but simple too. Touching!

  51. A lovely writing as always Scott. Try as I might I cannot choose but a single line I favor. You have such a graceful, inspired way about your words Scott. Beautiful.

  52. Indeed we do become fearless in trying to understand love!

  53. Your words hold a prayer…an anthem for the world to seek and use in these darker days.

  54. I like the idea of that “huge and unimaginable love”, Scott. I like the new look of your site.

  55. It’s very comforting to see that way. Maybe my nostalgia poem about purple hair, purple ink and purple haze was really about the “purple light of divinity.”

  56. I love these lines:
    “An abundance of triggers”
    “An iridescent vignette”
    “Gradually becoming wedded
    To something”

  57. Lovely piece!

  58. A great thought, this gradual returning back to a central source. Reminds me of William Wordsworth.

  59. At Easter down here all the purple trees are in flower to celebrate the coming…the purple light of divinity called God !

  60. Disturbed but getting fearless – the way of growth… ~ love the line: ”An abundance of triggers
    Into both light and depth.’ ~ so many creative ways to live, thanks for reminder. Beautiful poem.

  61. Love the message in this. We do become more drawn to God as time progresses… does bring a certain courage to the heart.

  62. There is so much heart and soul in this…I particularly love the last few lines:
    “Bold fires
    Within us now
    The run of many waters
    Cannot quench.”

  63. Magical Mystical Teacher

    Divinity with color—I like that!

  64. It’s already been said. Beautifully penned and filled both with wisdom and reality.


  65. How beautifully this reads Scott. I particularly liked “…the comfort that brings a huge and unimaginable love”.

  66. Yvonne Maserumule

    Stay blessed, Scott! 🙂

  67. Your words are so inspiring.

  68. I like to believe that the “Bold fires” that burn within our souls will be quenched by nothing. For the day that happens, is the the day we stop being.

  69. It is the steps that count – perhaps more than the journey, the destination or the aim – also loved the purple made me think of the Lady wrapped up in the chapel right now – how she waits to be unwrapped but also may like the time to be held

  70. James Linnane

    Loved the poem – well done

  71. Amen Scott in the divine light of God abundance and sufficiency shines forth

    much love…

  72. I am totally in awe of your poetry Scott and as always the perfection shines through continually

  73. Scott:

    Another amazing piece of work!
    “The gentle balm of faith…” has a firm hold on me; especially when grace is given freely by God. It does not have to be earned.

    Thank you brother, for your gentle writing.

    ~ Richard

  74. Ravikant Bharati 'Svateerth'

    Go on… Poets always rediscover themselves.

  75. Donna Allard

    boy did I read this at the right time..

  76. Hi Scottie,

    Like many others the lines that grabbed me are:

    “In trying to understand love,
    We become fearless.”

    They remind me of one of my favourite Bible verses:

    “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fearrs is ont meade perfect in love.” (1 John 4:18)

    And as it is unlikely that we will ever understand love, however that is understood, then we just have to keep on trying.

  77. Loiriam Jimenez

    Hi Scott, your poem is inspiring. “become fearless” is beautiful. We Christians stay strong bold in Christ.

  78. Beautifully done! I especially love your definition of faith.

    My best, Micki

  79. Nivedita Yohana

    Your words are ridden with so much power. It is amazing how you knit all the pearls of wisdom into one globule!!! You once again hit the bull’s eye, love is our redeemer- redeems us from all the irrelevant, petty feelings of ego, jealousy, anger…. Beautiful piece of art!!!!

  80. This short but succinct poem brings one in quite well, with lines such as
    And, slowly but surely,
    We are being pulled in,
    As one episode
    Follows another
    On our transit.
    Gradually becoming wedded
    To something,
    The purple light of divinity
    That we call God.

    We are summoned forth to contemplate the passage of time and the variances of life that come with it. Well done.

  81. Chammanad Deesnit

    This is very nice Scott!!! Have a blessed Easter to you and yours!

  82. SMiles..
    my friend..
    Pure White
    or beGins..
    juSt iS Free..
    giVing.. shaRing
    moVinG.. ConnecTinG
    C R E A T I N GneW..
    alWays lEarning
    Fear nOw..
    oF kNOwinG..:)

  83. Nadia Kebboua

    Love this one Scott, really wise and inspiring..really good piece of art!

  84. Rob Morris

    Loved it…very appropriate to this busy world…loved the line “abundance of triggers” and “An iridescent vignette of sheer beauty” Being able to read quality poetry once a day just adds that touch of colour to ones mind 🙂

  85. Don Hickey

    Synchronicity my friend, I am amazed at how the Universe unites so many of the same thoughts and ideas… Wonderful read, beautifully written as well 🙂

  86. Your powerful poem is descriptive of our journey to true self and awakening. Our divinity will always shine forth. Very inspirational my dear friend.

  87. Beautifully written! There truly is so much more here for us. When we begin to open-up to our higher selves and start living in harmony with what we truly desire, we bring abundance to ourselves through our actions and thought patterns, it’s magical. We come to understand a sense of oneness and how we all move about and interact within the entire space of creation, it’s musical and lovely. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration.

  88. Carla Day

    Such adorable inspiration, quite lovely and simultaneously erratic. Yet commands a re read to take it all in.

  89. A powerful piece, Scott. I particularly like the line “In trying to understand love,We become fearless.”

  90. Paulos Ioannou

    A very moving piece of the heart

  91. Love your poem. Insightful and inspiring

  92. Karen

    I enjoy your poetry.

  93. Aiyka Oneness

    Scott Hastie : Thank you so much for the divine poem.

  94. Ursino Marcano

    Very nice . A good & positive approach to this new day and be blessed the Almighty God , the ONE and true GOD .Thanks for tune my spirit for today. And thanks for sharing

  95. Jo Gaurracino

    And I’m glad now somebody broke down on me, though I didn’t then know how I was going to face my whole life, as somebody broke it… By the way you write the weight is now off my back – Thank you…

  96. Syed Ali Haider Kazmi

    Very nice…

  97. As I read your every writing, Scott, I hear the soft, gentle, discerning voice as though a deliverance from Heaven.

  98. Tadija

    A great poem!

    • Liberation theology and ardently expressed humanism- Keep on writing Scott, it is not the destination that is important – it is the journey!
      In a sea of cultural mindlessness there is freedom for the mindfull.
      Warmest Regards Warwick

  99. I like the arc of this poem – from self to something or Someone much greater than man.

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