Treasures of Turkey…

Interiors of the Blue Mosque & Hagia Sofia, as well as the great classical sites of Ancient Troy & Ephesus and the amazing chalk water pools, occurring naturally in the mountains in Pamukkele. (click on each image for a closer view…)


IMG_6294 IMG_6330 IMG_6352 IMG_6702 IMG_7511 IMG_7333 IMG_7276 IMG_6707 IMG_7553 IMG_7866 IMG_7896 IMG_7909


  1. Symmetry is beautiful and elegant. These columns are quite arresting. It is as if they were sculptured by the hands of God’s love for humanity.

  2. You have such fascinating travel Scott! Some day I would love to see Turkey. Being the son of an architect, I have an appreciation for historic buildings of heritage and charm.

  3. Laura Bailey

    Thank you Scottie for always sharing such great beauty…You have the heart and soul of a beautiful man..:-)

  4. Great pics! Cheers, Scott!

  5. Excellent collection of your brilliant photography dear Scott! I love them all. Thank you very much for sharing.That must have been a wonderful trip out there..

  6. Seems like fun all the way!

  7. Beautiful pictures Scott! Thank you for making us discovering the magic of Turkey, the very cot of Sufism Art and Faith 🙂

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