Whoo! Hoo! One Million!!



Yesterday, we reached the milestone of one million visits to scotthastie.com and are now having a little cyber party to celebrate…

So thanks to everyone all round the world for your support and heartfelt responses to my work.

Believe me, this is much appreciated and highly valued too… You really do power me on to try and reach higher in what I do, which altogether makes me feel very blessed.

With Love & Light from Scottie xxx



  1. Mahnaz Mohafez


  2. Laura Bailey

    Hi Scottie, That is wonderful news!!

  3. Michelle Lomman

    Congratulations !

  4. Gilda Evans


  5. Jeremy Meakin

    Brilliant Scott

  6. Michael Green

    Many congratulations. X

  7. Carol Zielinski

    One million visits … Wow! Well deserved….your work is always amazing in poetry and photography!!

  8. Arai Ligi

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know that is a huge milestone for you.

  9. Deb Stirling

    Amazing my darling ! Well done ❤️

  10. David Baldwin

    Wonderful news Scottie

  11. Munia Khan

    Such a joyous news Scott! So happy for you. Amazing website of yours. Very well deserved. Big Congratulations !!

  12. Okechukwu Okugo

    Scott congrats for the target you have hit in your website. I have shared the post to enable you achieve more. Keep riding on in great achievements.

  13. Robert Mukiibi

    congrats Scott!!That’s a very big achievement,a gleam of hard work and dedication of your craft and desire to uplift readers through what you write.

  14. Olyn Warfield

    Congratulations! Wishing you continued success.

  15. Shari Le Kane Yentumi

    Well done!!!

  16. Satish Kumar Shukla

    Congratulations! It’s a joy- your success. I do always relish your ‘delicacies’ as of belles lettres. Wonderful savours indeed. Thanks. Turn to turns’ tides, there, look, friend! The high tides turning on on life’s abstruse seashores…

  17. Rochelle Soetan

    Super congrats my friend!!!! Blessings like a river.

  18. So very impressive Scott! What an enormous milestone yet not surprisingly so!

    Warmest regards.

  19. Congratulations! 🙂

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