New Poem – See how…


See how

We find ourselves

On the very cusp

Of learning

How it’s the experience

Of just being here,

Joyfully in the moment,

That dissolves

Any disconnect.


As we meld together,

Again and again,

In our own self-made

Shafts of sunlight

That can so easily

Survive succumbing

To any melancholy

Along the way.


And with

The very best

Of intentions too.

At least, in our hearts,

Having been this once

To heaven!


How you bless me still…


For what is it

We’ll ever leave

Behind us in the end?


If it is not the best

Of ourselves

In each other.


  1. Oh Scott, you have surpassed yourself once again! Loved it from start to end

    • Sayed Rohani

      Dear friend Scott, your poems are always so gifted to think about and enjoy.

  2. Carol

    Wonderful poem, Scott! Your poems always make me stop…And think…..

  3. Bjorn Rudberg

    There is something so special in a company that can carry such sunlight along the way… a wonderful piece of poetry Scott.

  4. This is very uplifting to read, Scott, especially in light of the daily news these past weeks. The disconnect is the underlying condition, you are so correct. I love your closing, leaving the best of ourselves in each other. Sigh. A most beautiful poem, and wise.

  5. The sweetness and sincerity in this piece (as well as hope for humanity) cries out strongly like a beacon in the night.

    Here is my favorite part:

    As we meld together,
    Again and again,
    In our own self-made
    Shafts of sunlight
    That can so easily
    Survive succumbing
    To any melancholy
    Along the way.

    The line that especially resonates is “In our own self-made shafts of sunlight”. The visual in this is palpable and will touch anyone who reads it.

    Bravo on a wonderful poem that is sure to speak to many.

    • Aria, This is a wonderful comment. You are right it is a wonderful poem: bouncy and light and sound happy and inspiring poem. The lines you quoted are my favorite too. Scott is very good poet 🙂 Lani…

  6. Banu Bidarkund

    Thanks for writing Scott. It’s always a pleasure… May almighty bless you with good health and success

  7. Laura Laveglia

    Hello! I know this Is poetry, but this is truth!! Love is a powerful tool and I believe with this said, we do leave a bit of ourselves in all we meet!
    Such a touching piece of work!!!

  8. Greetings

    I cannot stress enough the magnitude of this lovely, poignant verse. Scott’s melodic wheelhouse is based on Truth as one reader suggested. His form of poetry is unique & deeply evocative. The theme of human potential is a universal subject. We are all at fault if we fail to compromise on differences. We must try harder to understand what makes us, what shapes us, & what defines us. Scott’s sense of soul is what we all should strive for.

  9. Laura Bailey

    Beautiful poetry that brightens up my day! Thank you Scottie so much for sharing!

  10. You are doing well. My Good Wishes– Jagdish Kinjalk ( Author,Editor,Journalist, Media Man and Retd. Director of Radio, Bhopal. India.

  11. Amal Datta

    So beautiful poem !

  12. Teresa Joseph Franklin

    I love this poem

  13. Mahnaz

    Dear Scott,

    Once again you’ve allowed your magical pen to use the most inexhaustible source of inspiration in you and to create a work which can easily touch all hearts. Another wonderful poem! Thanks for sharing!

  14. This is beautiful dear Scott as always. A great piece of work as ever! This world needs your words and amazing thoughts. Bless you!

    Thank you for yet another beautiful poem where every line beats with the hearts of your readers

  15. Laura Laveglia

    Scott,just thinking about your poem. I understand that everyone we meet leaves behind an essence of oneself.
    I picked up with LOVE being the key entity within your words. Yes,unfortunately our essence can leave an impact negatively along with a positive note.
    I sensed you were speaking from a place
    called LOVE!!

    Beautiful poem!!

  16. Richard Havenga

    Scott: Your last six lines contain incredible impact. I am profoundly touched by this vision of tenderness and caring.

  17. It’s truth about energy exchange at the end of our lives, all the best in each other!

  18. Dee Ashby

    Oh another great! It is a beautiful expression of what really matters. Life is so precious. We tend to seek beauty in materialism, and status, when all the while what’s really beautiful is always around us.
    As always. Your poems speak to me.

  19. Beautiful poem, as always! The last stanza is particularly miraculous!

  20. Ravikant Svateerth

    You said it!
    Such a nice way
    to express
    Have great day Scott!

  21. Refreshing, this one reached deep into my thoughts and made me smile, just lovely!

  22. What an uplifting poem!
    We need more of those shafts of sunlight. 🙂

  23. This is really beautiful to find that joy of each moment; challenging and spiritual

    Much Love…

  24. Kapardeli Eftichia

    So sensitive….. Lot of light here, Scott Keep writing

  25. George Streetor

    I found this very interesting

  26. Jacqueine Touche

    I have always read your magnificent work and find great comfort in it throughout the dark times.

  27. Michelle Goodhew

    Thank you for your new poetry. I am a fan!

  28. Donna Thompson

    Thanks for this

  29. Dear Scott Hastie,
    This is clearly the most transcendental poetry I have read of yours, and so appropriate at these troubling times in our world filled with struggles and strife, danger and doubt; when what we truly need is a metaphysical approach to humanitarian healing such as you offer with your beautiful verse. You alway rise above the clouds.

  30. Loved it.

  31. Once again, you have found a way to say much with so few words. I am moved to tears at this moment with the closing words of leaving our best in each other. This is particularly poignant to me today as I have to accept that the person I thought was my soulmate has walked away from me.

  32. Marilyn Herrington Grounds

    Another wonderful poem. Positively happyness!

  33. It is a wonderiful write Scott. And I wish I had privacy and scenery to write again to my Mom in my way, always.

  34. Beautiful! Truly inspiring! The perfect poem for my birthday, which happens to be today.

  35. The way you weave the words and thoughts together is amazing. It is a beautifully written poem. Truth just flows throughtout it.

    Have a wonderful day,


  36. Scottie ~~ Did not have the chance to read this until this evening….
    As always, you know how to touch our souls with your words !!!
    You are such a treasure in this sad world that we live in.
    Please keep writing and help us to stay alive in our minds.
    Blessings to you,
    Hugs from Ronee

  37. “In our own self-made
    Shafts of sunlight”…love this, an uplifting poem…

  38. Mnngoe-ime Banks

    You’re blessed my friend

  39. Just the message I needed today, as I have been feeling a bit blue, but shafts of sunlight will brighten the day!

  40. Beautifully written poem, Scott! You are truly gifted; please continue to share your heart with us. Looking forward to more of your creative genius!

  41. Great reflections on life… something only one who has truly lived could share

  42. Wilhelmina Leonard

    Thank you. Love the new poem

  43. Well done Scott, love the closer with the best of ourselves- pithy heartfelt and elegant

  44. Hi Scott, great to see more heartfelt work from you – thanks for sharing. Leilanie Stewart x

  45. Julia Gherghei

    I have enjoyed your poem very much!

  46. Beautifully optimistic and hopeful poem! We make the choice for joy every moment of our lives, and if we slip back, the experience of bliss can always be remembered and relived.
    And that’s all that counts in the end.

  47. Such depth and beauty.. Yet. so gentle.

  48. Roopika

    Wow Scott…. This is really great. Your poems gives immense peace to heart touching the truth.

  49. RD McManes

    Scott, enjoyed the peaceful feel. The read is relatively smooth, a few line breaks seem forced but not too distracting and it might just be me. Nicely done. I’m not a big fan of capitalizing the first letter of each line but this is more a personal preference. Again nice feel and a solid read. Mac

  50. Oh my Scott. As always I linger in the cherish of your every word.

    “And with
    The very best
    Of intentions too.
    At least, in our hearts,
    Having been this once
    To heaven!”


  51. Maxim Chernikov

    You are definitely a poet, and I am very happy to congratulate You on this!

  52. Melding together in one’s own shafts of sunlight – what a beautiful image.
    Nice to see you, Scott.

  53. Such a beautiful love poem, how that love breaks through and provides joy to all of life. My favorite phrase is “Survive succumbing.” Thank you.

  54. Beautifully deep and profound 🙂

  55. Kerry O'Connor

    These lines strike at the heart of what it is to be human. So good to read them in as well-expressed a poem.

  56. This is such a treasure to read again. I do enjoy your poetry Scott it comes from the heart.

  57. Oh, that is good! “The best of us in each other”! Thanks so much.

  58. I enjoyed reading this delightful piece of thought provoking poetry.

  59. I think this is my favourite of your poems, Scott….leaving the best of ourselves in each other….such a beautiful thought. I love “how you bless me still.” Gorgeous.

  60. Your lines have such an eloquent grace to them, and an irresistible rhythm.

  61. Magical Mystical Teacher

    My sun sees your sun and delights in it!

  62. A wonderful poem of connection – perhaps as much to ‘ourselves’ as to another.. It’s easy to forget that each day is a footprint..what we will leave well as what’s ahead.

  63. Beautiful! Wise and perceptive. And that close – sigh – so delicate and tender (as with many of life’s gentle truths) … indelible lines.

  64. I am re-reading this poem again. there’s so much to learn from it. 🙂

  65. What an extraordinarily beautiful poem Scott. What skill you have to put such meaning in your poetry.

  66. Beautiful- leaving the best of ourselves in others –
    This is all we can hope for in this world. Sometimes we find out so late in life the actual simplicity of it …bkm

  67. We leave behind the best in each other.Very very insightful.

    We will be remembered positively for that. Being remembered is of no importance at all in itself.Creating dynasties and wealth in the hope of immortality is foolish

    The importance is, in the way you have treated people in your life and what you have created for others rather than for yourself. This gives the living hope.. hope that there is kindness caring and goodness out there . You can read the scriptures till the cows come home but unless you have experienced and practised the virtues of kindness justice love written about within… it is meaningless.

    Once again another stunning poem. Thank you Scott.

  68. Superb, touching and so like the life in a close relationship when blessed.

  69. That is quite lovely. Thank you.

  70. That pondering piece of rhetoric in the second to last verse, adds colour to the entire poem. Nice write Scott

    Much love…

  71. Well said, my friend.

  72. This is great Scott! I hope I leave the best of myself!! Carry on with your writing!!! Rose

  73. The truth of those last two stanzas…wonderful. I’d like to think I leave the best of me in others. I know others certainly have blessed me with their best. Lovely poem this is.

  74. Scott, This is such an inspirational piece. There are so many nuggets this is but I love the last line the best:
    if it is not the best
    Of ourselves
    In each other.

    It’s the good things we transfer in others that truly stand out and make life worth living.

  75. Gayle Walters Rose

    Spending quality time with another, truly in the moment, is a wonderful way to connect and really know one another. I love the last of your lines that speak of leaving the best of ourselves with others…what could be better than that. Really enjoyed this, Scottie.

  76. Beautiful words.

  77. I think that is what keeps us looking–that part of our self that we hope to find in another. The fact that each time it varies keeps reminding us of our limitless possibilities!!!

  78. K.McGee

    Utopia, indeed. Our world would be a far more peaceful place if only we could be infallible in our quest to always leave the best, most positive, imprint of ourselves in the wake of every interaction. I love the sense of unconquerable love and joy that shines though your words – as if the task is so easily managed.

  79. Beautiful poem! Lovely to see you again 🙂

  80. So very true, and well written. Thanks for sharing…

  81. Ah, so beautiful. It is true that we find the best in us when we’re with the people we love. 🙂

  82. Love the phrase “on the very cusp of learning” – it’s like it could go either way from there.

  83. Wow! This is absolutely beautiful and insightful. Simple and profound… I am in awe…

  84. So truthful, and beautifully written.

  85. ‘In our own self-made
    Shafts of sunlight’

    my favorite line! Very well written 🙂

  86. A superb meditation, Scott! Well written!

  87. The first 2 stanzas could be held up to Buddhism. And in the end, 2 become 1.

  88. This is something I was trying to express to my husband the other day…a new awareness. You captured it well.

    It all boils down to “How you bless me still…”

    Just lovely.

  89. I enjoyed this poem, Scott 🙂

  90. Cynthia Cartwright Early

    I am so proud of your work and will surely help spread the word.

  91. My uncle and I used to have cool talks and sometimes h’d just say random things. One day, he looked at me and said, “You have to leave pieces of yourself everywhere.” I like the idea of being our best self and being remembered for that.

  92. Marieta Maglas

    Living without sinning for this purpose- excellent poem, dear Scott.

  93. Scottie,

    Your writing always lifts me higher to a comfortable place.

    Peace and love,

    Pamela ox

  94. Scott, loved the flow and the provoking thoughts of what do we leave, (behind to others). The constant call to pursue, improve and with all bless the hearts of another. Keep with my brother, Don

  95. Don Hickey

    Just read this… Beautiful my friend! Keep pushing the pencil. Don

  96. Susan O'Reilly

    Gorgeous poem I’m glad you sent me here thanks x

  97. Beautifully wrtitten …something touching. It’s my first visit on your blog and I really enjoyed your work. Love it. Now I’m waiting for new. Thanks fr sharing with us.


  98. Very well written and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing

  99. Rochelle Soetan

    My dear Scottie, thank you, once more, for helping us to embrace the very best of ourselves and our connective gifts alongside this journey. The beauty of life itself and all its offerings is all we can ever really ask, for our “shafts of sunlight’ (if we allow) will beam through and for one another.

  100. Etched on our heart,
    Left behind, Radiant
    As pathways to tomorrow.

    One finally gets to see some designated guide-
    lines to towards wanting to resolve the stalemate!


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