New Poem – A sheen…



A sheen, a glow,

A charisma of sorts.


All we’ve come to know,

To touch the essence of,

Leaving behind a memory,

A presence of its own.


That eventually settle,

Coming to rest somehow

In the very fabric

Of who we are.


I see this so clearly

In the eyes of others.


Every moment

That has gone before

Bringing us here,

My friend.


And yet with so much

Still left to absorb.


Joy and pain

Spread so evenly

Along time’s heavy arch.



  1. I love those closing lines. And what a FABULOUS photo!

  2. Bjorn Rudberg

    I love the connection between the sheen and the glow, and that couplet about the eyes of others… I see that conversation you can only have with a very very close friend in that glow, a life that’s measured both in happiness and sorrow.

  3. I really like this one as each word is used precisely and economically, therefore what is said is contained within a tight space that evokes great meaning. Well done.

  4. “To touch the essence…” and “…so much still left to absorb”
    The resonates so strongly Scott, not only from within the context here but with your entire body of poetic works. Marvelous, quiet and contemplative moments ‘absorbing’ your words.

  5. Beautiful Scott! As always the closing lines of your poem bring home the essential truths of life.

  6. Neena Sharma

    Beautiful …So touching Scottie sir. We (or rather our corporeal costume) wither away with age, losing oursheen and glow…reminiscing our hey days to keep the hallowed light divine awakened within our being.
    Who likes old age Who likes One’s Youth on the wane?? Albeit, it is all part of life. The Eternal Drama of life goes on… We must however keep our spirits high and soaring!
    Thanks for sharing this sensitive marvel. Your poignant portrayal of feelings so tender!
    Much regard, divine love and greetings My dear Scottie sir!

  7. Carol Zielinski

    Such a lovely and touching poem!

  8. Brian Wakeman

    Lovely images in Compressed Space.

    Would that joy and pain could be spread more evenly for folks in Syria.

  9. Mahnaz

    Life is full of new ways in which one can learn how to make the best use of such chance he is provided with. A wonderful manifestation of different stages of life this poem is. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Dee Ashby

    Once again, you’ve managed to open my heart and touch my soul. As if to express understanding at the stitches of Life’s fabric.

    Again, you tapped into the moments energies of what was and is.. Offering comfort and inspiration through profound wisdom.

    Beautiful my friend.

  11. I like the thought of the “arch of time.” So many ways to think of time…the time it takes for a tear to reach your chin….

  12. Abhijit Bera

    Joy and pain Spread so evenly Along time’s heavy arch. Very nice… 🙂

  13. Daniel Ray

    Thank you for writing.

    Great… So nice of you, your works are as good as they have ever been.

  14. Patricia Ketola

    Very Nice..

  15. Laura laveglia

    You weaved a fine tapestry once more! Scott, your words are so true. When we enter ones home for the first time, you can feel the essence of past occupants. Their joy, their sorrow. It fills every nook and cranny. Everyone leaves their ghosts behind!!
    Epic my friend!!!

  16. Laura Bailey

    Sage, beautiful and proud. A poem of great wisdom worth remembering.

  17. It captures a certain essence of existence. Nicely written.

  18. This is so brilliant!

    Joy and pain

    Spread so evenly

    Along time’s heavy arch.

  19. Laura Sullivan

    a very thoughtful poem.

  20. Thank you, Scott. Very nice.

  21. L.C. Atencio

    I love this poem, how refreshing and sweet and just peaceful. It spreads tranquility throughout in a good manner. Keep up your poetry, fellow peer. It’s good.

  22. Lisa Miller

    Your words are beautiful and deep. Well done.

  23. I was thinking of you today, Scottie, as I rearranged my book shelf and came upon your wonderful book of poems. I think it’s time for another one. This piece of prose says so much is so few words and can be interpreted in several ways. I found it interesting that life seems depicted as an arch instead of a circle. Perhaps the other half of the arch is eternity. And the last lines:Joy and pain
    Spread so evenly
    Along time’s heavy arch worded so aptly, give off a beacon of hope.

  24. John Lysaght

    A beautiful poem. There is a collectiveness we all share and can share-
    we are histories and shared histories which leave an imprint-an energy
    that welcomes touch.

  25. Dr. Jelka Samsom

    Absolutely beautiful, dear Scott!

    I am just wondering: when writing this poem, were you inspired by one of the time arches to be seen all over the world?

    • admin

      Scott says: – Dear Jelka, You’r probably right… This is quite likely methinks, given the drip, drip of all my travels – Though subconsciously maybe? Because not something, as a cultural phenomenon, I was knowingly and deliberately referring to here – Hey! Ho!

      Merely, as ever, I suppose seeking to make my way towards some level of ancient insight in my own time and space at the beginning of the 21 century! Typical Scottie!! Nothing if not a trier… Doh!

      And as another commentator on the piece yesterday wrote only yesterday – Do we not most often best recognise life (and by interference the passage of time) as a circle rather than an semi circle? – or does the other half instead represent the under(or over world!) i.e. the after life – All intriguing and quite specific philosophic notions that were not first in my head when I wrote this… That’s the joy and excitement of the process…

  26. Imagery , so vivid. I felt as though I were cast in the midst of it…. Floating in the words. Brilliant delivery& the photo is incredible ! Thankyou for sharing this.

  27. Lovely work. I particularly like the final stanza.

  28. Beautifully and well written, thanks for sharing this!

  29. Very insightful. I especially love the way you ended with joy and pain evenly spread over time.

  30. Lovely sentiments here in your verse, Scott 🙂

  31. Amazing closing lines!

  32. Scott your words of wisdom have touched humanity and the core relationship of the eyes of others. The balance of joy and pain.

    Beautifully expressed. 🙂

  33. Enjoyed reading your new work Scott ~ Hope you are well ~

  34. Beautiful and touching ode to friendship. I love that final stanza:
    “Joy and pain
    Spread so evenly
    Along time’s heavy arch.”

  35. My first visit to your pages and boy what a treat. A poem of timeless form and substance. Recognising the imprint of life itself in the eyes of another. The passing of time on or under our skin. The moments yet to come and mark us. All that is ahead. In all of these things I sense a hint of a witness, a seer of all, that which was, is and will be…gazing from that eternal now.

    A wonderful read. Thank You.

  36. Great lines and a great photo!

  37. And yet with so much
    Still left to absorb

    There’s so much to see and so much to absorb. The world certainly opens up during one’s travels. Every nook and corner will offer a new experience. Great lines Scott!


  38. Excellent!
    Forgive me for completing the arch into a circle holding the yin-yang, as I agreed with your conclusion.

  39. This is very good.

    I especially like this:
    “All we’ve come to know,
    To touch the essence of”

    Awesome photo.

  40. This is very beautiful, you have a crafted the sheen of life. You see beyond the scope of what is here.

  41. Profound thoughts carefully weaved into a masterpiece. Beautifully written!

  42. I find your writing very moving, Scott – the essence of it all has me beleaguered at times, so I find your words refreshing and your empathy astounding. We are all connected and I am happy to read your reassuring
    thoughts on life and how you effectively give resolve to rise above the
    tendency to wallow in the mystery.

  43. Xenia

    Beautifully written and the warmth shines through as you look into the eyes of others, that connection you make through a lens of love.

  44. Another top of the line poem from you, my friend. Enjoyed this one very much. Also gave me some things to think about in life which I like very much also. thanks.

  45. Lady Nyo

    To me, almost a love poem, but a poem of a long friendship or attachment.Intimate. The arch of this is lovely, solid, convincing. The last stanza brings it home.

  46. First time here, but it won’t be my last.
    You weave your words together in a lovely fabric of expression with depth and beauty.

    Your gift clearly shows through your craft.

  47. An arch, a circle, or perhaps something sinuous or ragged like a pulse on a graph. Metaphysically, I believe in a spiritual continuum, and we sort of know that nothing is truly just linear, They say time does not exist on the other side of the veil, past, present, future–all together now. As a poet we can celebrate life even as we report the machinations of our own experience. Loved the simplicity, honesty & clarity of our piece.

  48. The second stanza swept me away. I’m toying with the meaning of
    “I see this so clearly In the eyes of others.” Very thought-provoking — the fabric of our being.

  49. I am swept away by the second stanza, entirely.

    “I see this so clearly
    In the eyes of others,” has me guessing.

  50. Dixon Rice

    Sheen, glow, charisma… you start with these shallow substances yet drag the reader to the complex texture of life. Wow.

    I’ve been reading ‘Girl on the Train’ while hiding in Atlanta from Hurricane Matthew, and now can’t get the image out of my head of you on the commuter train from London.

  51. My own sparkle has begun to finally glow again. Thank you for such a beautiful reminder for us all to notice that incomparable sheen, Word Artist. Beautiful.

  52. I feel like sitting back, closingy eyes, and think about your words. There is a contemplative quality in them.

  53. Xerxes Aga

    Hello, Scott. It is always a pleasure to hear from you and to read your latest work.I will not dissect and comment on any individual line of your work.Poems are not judged by their fragments.Your latest work resonates with me because I can understand the ecstasy and the agony of having and then not having something or someone very precious to you.

  54. Ah, every moment that has gone before brings us to the place we are today. So much depth in your words, Scott! And time does indeed have a heavy arch!

    • Robert Mukiibi

      Insightful and evocative.Good poems must evoke pictures of a writer’s emotional and mental imaginations when read.
      And I can see the light of life gleaning through every line.

  55. The balance between joy and pain… lucky are those who discover it in the process of finding who they are.

  56. I hope that joy reaches us before pain topples the bridge – that you see it and how you are there – a gentle energy in the stones of the wall – suggests it may if we are patient

  57. I am intrigued by the depth of wisdom in your last 3 lines of today’s poem.

    Much Love…

  58. Lovely poem and photo … the world seems to be on a heavy arch at the moment … let’s hope it shines one again with the sheen of hope.

  59. Leaving behind a memory,
    A presence of its own.

    It is a re-assurance that there are occasions that stamp itself in our memory with the strength and flow of energies all of its own.


  60. I enjoy this because of the greatness and sadness of time… how it gives us so much, but still takes so much away.

  61. I certainly enjoyed reading this piece of poetry, one that I would like to re-visit.

  62. A compelling close

  63. Joy and pain is the stuff of life all so brief in the greater scheme of things.

  64. Prasenjit Shome

    A lovely poem. We should try to find sheen in our every work of life.

  65. Life lives here within the meaningful truths of this glorious write. Beautiful work, Scott!

  66. What terrific closing lines!
    i enjoyed the poem (and its message).

  67. Marieta Maglas

    Beautiful poem-I like the last stanza.

  68. A wonderful write. I especially liked: “I see this so clearly In the eyes of others.” There is a lot to be gleaned from the eyes of others, and yet … society seems to instill in us, a compulsion to look away.

  69. Colleen

    Touching on the mystery. I like joy and pain spread evenly on the arch and “charisma.”

  70. Beautiful and meaningful! Something to carry in mind…..

  71. Such a powerful connection between close friends. The final 3 lines are such a great closing too!

  72. Magical Mystical Teacher

    The even spread of joy and pain is something I haven’t quite gotten used to, and I probably never will.

  73. Sorry that it took me a while to read you latest. I’ve been grieving a dear loss of my dog companion and fighting depression. I felt your poem and especially the last three lines,
    “Joy and pain
    Spread so evenly
    Along time’s heavy arch.”
    Thank you for sharing with me. Susan

  74. One’s eyes to talk the tales of time. This is lovely, and I especially appreciate the last stanza.

  75. Essence and the connection with others…powerful and I should reread Levinas’The Other.

    The attendant comments are superb too.

  76. Nivedita Yohana

    I read this your new beautiful and wonderful work of art : A Sheen — Love the title. I think this is the first time I have ever read such a positive note on memories. Usually memory is treated with such melancholic touch, but I love that you treat memory as an entity – organic entity which synthesises in our soul and our being becomes one with them.

    “That eventually settle,
    Coming to rest somehow
    In the very fabric
    Of who we are.. ”

    Amazing as ever. You are my umbilical chord to this world 🙂

  77. Sahar Tavakoli

    I read your poems with joy.
    thank you again
    warm wishes

  78. “Joy and pain
    Spread so evenly
    Along time’s heavy arch”

    Very nice.

  79. Rochelle Soetan

    I love this! Thinking of you today, my friend.

  80. I love your poetic art
    You always show how with the right words a great piece of art is created and words can express meaning so perfectly
    I love following your work
    Thank you for sharing your talent

  81. Olivia Byard

    I enjoyed this

  82. A Sheen…a novelist by trade and an appreciator of poetry for the beauty of words, I absolutely love this poem…very moving

  83. Brian Walker

    This is a very good poem – deep and moving, poetry as it should be..

  84. Aedske van Steenbergen

    Thank you so much Scott for sharing this beautifully written poem. It is very moving.

    Aedske van Steenbergen

  85. Warwick Newnham

    Great work Scott – Congrats

  86. Diane Mills

    Great write my friend!

  87. Ted Litzner

    Very nicely written.

  88. Sanja Pilic

    I see in your poems rhythm and meditative atmosphere.

  89. They say that poetry is the language of the soul. In reading these poems from Scott I can understand why. Keep it flowing!

  90. Spread so evenly
    Like my grandfather
    Teaching simultaneously
    How to plaster
    And make sandwiches

  91. Alexander Rhodes

    Finally found some time to relax and enjoy some reading to day. Your writing is beautiful. This really resonated with me:

    “All we’ve come to know,
    To touch the essence of,
    Leaving behind a memory,
    A presence of its own.

    Energies That eventually settle,
    Coming to rest somehow
    In the very fabric
    Of who we are.”

    Especially as I feel we have a collective consciousness as a species 😉 Literally imprinting memory and instinct onto the ether!

    I enjoy your style of writing, as you may tell I am more performance orientated.

  92. Loiriam Jimenez

    Beautiful photo and the poem. 🙂

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