New Poem – Passing….




So often fruitlessly,

Through all the doors

To desire in life,

Far finer, faraway prizes

Twist and tease still,

Like runaway kites

Caught up

In a storm of being

That only more mindfulness

Can becalm.


Oh, for an end

To such struggles.

And with kind devotion

Comes just that.


An embrace

Of perfect peace

That never fails

To usher in

Its own mysteriously

Unforeseen reward.


Blanket upon blanket

Of selflessness,

Nestled now securely

In the glowing casket

Of your soul.

Where, deep therein forever,

Lies the warmest

And truest of dividends.


The lingering presence

Of love

Beneath the fragile,

Needy contours of us all.


  1. This piece works in love and then the finality of death with not only a melancholic thread, but glints of love that what lies beyond is hope not a slide in the drear that most fear.

    Secondly, it is tightly written, which give it a punch so that readers may mull over it, ferreting out the nuggets that lie within.

    • Scott that poem spoke volumes! Brilliant! The flow is very captivating. I can picture each thought so vividly. Thank you!

    • Yes. Fear of death is not just attenuated in Scott’s poem -Passing – but the meditative audience will stretch their perception deeper into the touted bliss after this harsh temporary life -which is a market place though to fulfill a purpose or destiny realization.

  2. Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi

    Dear Scott,
    This poem, Passing, speaks of the kind of transcendence that mindfulness lends in both state and trait modes, overcoming distractions peacefully while purposefully being present in the moment with selfless joy. Your wisdom is astounding.

  3. A thoughtful piece…

  4. Mahnaz

    This is our grand mission in this world: To be wise and spread words of wisdom.Thanks for always doing so, Scott Hastie! I enjoyed reading such a thought-provoking poem.

  5. Laura Bailey

    Beautiful observations of life’s eternal passages brilliantly told.
    Thank you, as ever, so much for sharing your thoughts with all of us.

  6. JT Smith

    The finality of death does not equate with me. i have difficulty in accepting it. i know it’s the end or rather a new introduction to the afterlife. “Passing” is elegantly stated with the colours of emotions displayed. Life should be experienced fully as does this poem. Scott, continue to grace our white stars with a touch of divine class. I believe the future will offer us more opportunity to relish the sweetest, slightest of ordinary love.

  7. “Blanket upon blanket
    Of selflessness,
    Nestled now securely
    In the glowing casket
    Of your soul.”

    I love those lines, Scott! Such poignant pause I experience visiting to engage in your words, always.

  8. Life itself can take a refreshing deep breath through a poem like this one, Scott! Absolutely amazing work.A real pleasure to read. Thank you very much for yet another finest creation. Very inspirational and full of positive vibes. I love it.

  9. Wonderful! Love the lines about the best dividends residing in the soul. You have a knack for uncovering the deepest truths of life through your words, Scott. That’s what makes your work immortal. I could come back to this again and again.

  10. Gayle Walters Rose

    Love your last stanza which holds the truth that I observe…lovely, Scott.

  11. Bjorn Rudberg

    The image of death as can be a hopeful one, of quiet and a home for the soul. A lovely poem, that make me think that death is not the end…

  12. Love the lines:
    ‘Twist and tease still,
    Like runaway kites
    Caught up
    In a storm of being’
    ‘The lingering presence
    Of love
    Beneath the fragile,
    Needy contours of us all’.

  13. “The lingering presence
    Of love
    Beneath the fragile,
    Needy contours of us all.”

    Love the closing lines. Brilliant poem!

  14. “Far finer, faraway prizes”

    This line, for me intones a lot of hope, and destroys any finally by death
    Thank you for the chance to read this very thought provoking poem, Scott.

    much love…

  15. Xenia

    A beautiful poem Scott and so full of love in the way of a true seer ☺

  16. Misky

    That last stanza is powerful. A nice, tidy ending.

  17. Jane Dougherty

    Strangely I don’t see death in this poem, simply a renunciation of striving after goals that once obtained lead onto others. We live on a treadmill of satisfied and unsatisfied desires. Peace comes when those desires cease to have any sense. I very much like the message in this poem, selfless in everything is what she should become.

    Scott says: Yes Jane, you see it truly as I meant it…

  18. “…In the glowing casket / Of your soul.” Wonderful line, Scott!

  19. This is a beautiful, eloquent send off… ever mindful of our finite nature…. but not only that, but also a joyful declaration of entering the great sleep.

  20. Drew R Clausen

    GLAD to know you are still writing great poems. This I know it takes time to find the right words for great poems. And I know you was working on them to make sure they are great. So Congrats to another great poem.

  21. Shane T

    Hasting to pass the gates… Brilliant!

  22. J.T. Smith

    I just read this, your new poem. it is saturated by vitality and secrets of a more balanced existence. So do continue to push the threshold of our dreams.

  23. …”the embrace of perfect peace” … what a beautiful expression. A wonderful and evocative poem.

  24. Your close is gorgeous!

  25. Particularly liked the ‘fragile, needy contours’ and the somewhat unexpected ‘blanket of selflessness’ (to me a blanket feels like suffocating, while obviously you have thought of it protecting, enfolding, cocooning).

  26. Indeed, death is not an ending. You wrote it well!

  27. “Twist and tease still,
    Like runaway kites” … This and the last two stanzas are my favorite parts.

  28. Nosaint Augustine

    I’d like that first stanza tattooed on my palm, please. I need the reminder. Your poem is so sweet and kind-hearted. Thank you for sharing this!

  29. The fragile, needy contours – lovely image.

  30. Selfless love… death… this works at so many levels..

  31. This has a very peaceful feeling…it left me with good feelings!

  32. Hello Scott,

    Wishes for success my friend
    Amazing poem from your heart
    Thank you very much for your kindness.
    Congratulations on mature and sensitive writing



    τόσο συχνά άκαρπο
    μέσα από όλες τις πόρτες
    της επιθυμίας της ζωής ,
    τόσο λεπτεπίλεπτης , μακρινά βραβεία
    που περιστρέφονται και μας πειραζουν ακομα
    Όπως οι χαρταετοί
    που τρέχουμε να προφθάσουμε
    σε μια υπαρκτη θυελλα
    που αυτό μόνο με την προσοχή
    μπορεί να γίνει.

    Ω, για το τέλος
    σε τέτοιους αγώνες.
    και με ευγενική αφοσίωση
    ερχεται ακριβώς αυτό.

    Μια αγκαλιά
    απολυτης ειρήνης
    αυτό ποτέ δεν αποτυγχάνει
    για να εισέλθει
    στην δική του μυστηριωδη
    απρόβλεπτη ανταμοιβή.

    Καλυμμενο απο το καλυμα
    της ανιδιοτέλειας,
    φωλιασμένο τώρα με ασφάλεια
    στο λαμπερό βάθος
    της ψυχής σου.
    όπου, βαθιά εκεί μέσα για πάντα,
    είναι το πιο ζεστό
    και αληθινό των μερισμάτων.

    Η διαρκής παρουσία
    της αγάπης
    κάτω από το εύθραυστο,
    απαραίτητο περίγραμμα όλων μας.

    • Paulos Ioannou

      Very good Ευτυχία. Ωραία μετάφραση. If interested in poetry you may want to join Poetic Imagination. I am the “owner”.

  33. Dee

    This brought me peace after losing my son. You have an amazing way with descriptive writing to reach ones soul. I have never read a piece of your work, that I didn’t love. Like all your readers. Thank you once again.

  34. Simply beautiful!

  35. Lovely ending Scott ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  36. We are fragile, needy, fraught with fruitless following of desires but if we learn to love selflessly…well, therein our soul is blanketed with peace. A good passing, I think.

  37. Blanket upon blanket
    Of selflessness,
    Nestled now securely
    In the glowing casket
    Of your soul.

    The good that one did would be registered in the minds of those who shared such ideals!


  38. Lily

    This poem is philosophical, poignant and haunting. Great work. Thanks for sharing.

  39. I agree how devotion can be a solution. Fine poem, my friend.

  40. Lisa c Miller

    The poem is elegant. Put together very well. The ending is powerful. The words are moving and powerful. Beautifully put as always.

  41. John Lysaght

    Time passes, but need not pass us by as fruitless and lost. Seeking peacefulness, a calm, through selfless acts of kindness, love, will
    penetrate the soul and pollinate a sense of worth and fulfillment.

  42. Such a beautiful and thoughtful piece. I never never read your work before. I will read more, I can feel the calm of your soul…bkm

  43. Indeed, desire fulfillment is much less rewarding in the long run than selflessness

  44. I think the first stanza is poignant enough to work as a poem by itself. (Sometimes less is more.)

  45. I agree with Timoteo, the first 3 lines are a haiku and the rest is more goodness. There are too many good lines to mention but the last stanza is wonderful. You made death less scary and more comfortable.

  46. This is beautiful.”The lingering presence / Of love”…Hope all can feel this in these troubled times…

  47. That was beautiful, Scott and I can so easily relate to it.
    Thank you for sharing.

  48. Only more mindfulness.
    Love this, Scott. It’s a bright spot
    Light, balanced against the heaviest.
    Blessings to you

  49. Neena Sharma

    Wow…What an insightful subtle poesy…What a passing, Scotties Sir…; chasing desires after desires, fruitlessly mindlessly wandering from one to another…At last, man yearns for that eternal Quest for Truth, knowing and perceiving the divinity reverberating within oneself, nestling within our contours…The Lost Pristine Pure attributes of the Soul; viz. Love Peace Purity, Bliss.
    Indeed a breath taking Thought provoking Marvel…So poignantly depicted and expressed, touhing one’s soul. Alas…The sad Truth of life unfolded!
    Thank You for the poignnt though provoking share…Loved it!
    Looking forward to more creative marvels down the line…

    Loved the lines…

    Blanket upon blanket
    Of selflessness,
    Nestled now securely
    In the glowing casket
    Of your soul.
    Where, deep therein forever,
    Lies the warmest
    And truest of dividends.

    Salutations to your glowing/Shiny Soul!!

    Divine Greetings and Regards

  50. Oh Scott,wonderful poem. So deep within,please do keep it up…Thanks,regards Sunaina

  51. As always, Scott, your poems touch the soul. “Passing” speaks to all of us “run away kites” that there’s more to life and death than biological realities. Thank you for your beautiful thoughts and words. We all long for:
    An embrace
    Of perfect peace
    That never fails
    To usher in
    Its own mysteriously
    Unforeseen reward.

    Thank you.

  52. Paulos Ioannou

    Scott, you continue to do right. I especially like this stanza. Keep it up.
    An embrace

    Of perfect peace

    That never fails

    To usher in

    Its own mysteriously

    Unforeseen reward.

  53. WP Newnham

    Heartfelt, touching and gentle release- Well Done…

  54. Marieta Maglas

    An inner, personal peace within to open the ”doors” of those souls that need the light of God; spreading the Word of Christ, gathering the courage to do it, praying hardly enough; waiting for the prize of salvation, being armed with righteousness in the ”storms of being”, searching for the best ways to spread the word, unveiling and detaching the ”blanket” of badness, that badness that always is caused by the selfish attitude. We pass so quickly through this life…Wonderful poem- thank you for sharing it.

  55. Dear Scottie, this latest treasure describes my life and feelings so well that had I your talent, I might have written it.”Nestled now securely
    in the glowing casket of your soul,” leaves me with the most vivid imagery and much to to ruminate on. Your works always leave me with a sense of peace. For that and more, I thank you.

  56. Frances Horsley

    Scott, glad you are ‘at it’ again.

    Cheers Fran

  57. Again I’ve taken great pleasure in reading your writings.

  58. Wonderfully captured moment and sense of being

  59. This is so incredibly beautiful!❤️ Especially adore; “Blanket upon blanket of selflessness,nestled now securely in the glowing casket of your soul.Where, deep therein forever,lies the warmest and truest of dividends.”❤️

  60. Mary

    I feel the acceptance, the contentment, the readiness for death.
    A calm poem on a subject not easy to address.

  61. Beautiful and thoughtful piece! Love it!

  62. There is a strong sense of comfort and piece throughout the work. It would not be out of place on a memorial.

  63. Have a nice Sunday Scott
    Much love…

  64. Endings can be a terrible thing… or not, depending on how one has danced the Wheel, and what is expected.

  65. …”runaway kites caught up in a state of being” … So many moments in life are like that. Much to think about in this beautiful poem, Scott!

  66. Magical Mystical Teacher

    We are all needy, and what we need is love. Happily, it is not too far away from any of us.

  67. I love the blanket upon blanket of selflessness…….beautifully done, Scott.

  68. Excellent!

  69. The close on this piece is incredible. Brilliant writing!

  70. Beautiful. We can all find peace in love.

  71. How well you write of that need to love and be loved Scott. I like to think too that the more you love the more will be your reward.

  72. An elegant and deep reflection, almost too much to take in. One needs to sip it, slowly, like an expensive wine.


  73. Lawrence Chikonye

    You are a great poet! Please keep up the good work. I have a deep interest in poetry but haven’t got enough courage to write.

  74. “Nestled now securely in the glowing casket of your soul,” Oh my, these words, that closing…splendid work of contemplative beauty! Eloquent and wise reflection into the depths of the human soul. (PS I have chronic health issues and still catching up to the last OLN).

  75. Jerry Corstens

    I took a look at your latest poem and I think it is very beautiful.

  76. Jeanne Danielle

    I strongly admire all that you do

  77. Anthony Mondal

    I have read your poems and they are beautiful and inspirational in nature…pleading us to look at Life from the very highest perspective possible…and quite mystical!

  78. Aleksey Melkozerov

    There was a lot of interest here – I pondered your words for two days.

  79. Diana Rabb

    Brilliant poem and thanks for sharing!

  80. Alex Fitton

    I’ve just had a read of this. I really enjoyed how death has been looked at in such a different way. Too often it’s about pain and suffering and those left behind. Passing looks at death in a more embracing way. I liked it!

  81. Nivedita Yohana

    Have read and absorbed your new work of art: Passing.. You have wonderfully captured the truth and essence of life- “Passing so often fruitlessly”– though there may not be fruits but definitely, through each passing door the roots are rooted firmly and you emulate this so well in use of words- “The Casket of your soul”– just blew my mind.

    The peace that you talk about is just so amazing! Embarking a journey in one’s own soul can be quite painful which means that we need to shatter own conditions, impressions and all the layers of thick concrete walls that we have built around our precious ego over the decades to protect it. Once we have surmounted all these obstacles there we find peace and all the pain and suffering seem totally worth. Those who dive into the sea of affliction bring rarest of pearls.

    Once our energies are aligned with the universe and the creative energy that created us, the world becomes a beautiful place, isn’t it? As you have wonderfully penned it “caught up in the storm of being” and when you say ‘mindfulness’ in my opinion even in the eye of this storm by being aware of this divine( creative) energy and submitting ourselves to it, can soothe us or ‘can becalm’ us what do you think?

    Scott says: For sure, my dear NIvedita – I feel this too and what an important blessing it is…

  82. brilliant read


  83. Tony Galley

    I have just been reading ‘Passing’ for the last 20 minutes. It’s so beautiful. I kept coming back to it finding strings of words that made me think for a long time. Amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  84. Joost de Jonge

    I read your most recent poem with interest and did very much like its feel.

  85. Ryan Dior

    We, as mortals, are always looking, waiting… Then, with or with out thinking, we are all compelled to walk through that open door. I call the first ever door “Life” then the remaining doors, we happen upon through life, I believe are visions where we alone have the power to drive. Well thought through, in a way that only an experienced mind could write.

  86. Nola

    After reading your recent work I am delighted to tell you the images appeared in this piece and the theme of which was particularly similar to some ancient Chinese poems .If you are interested,We can talk about the details.

  87. Loiriam Jimenez

    Love never fails. Beautiful thoughtful poem. <3

  88. Charysse Blackman

    Beautiful work… And at the moment still can’t quite get the notion of ‘runaway kites’ out of my mind.

  89. Katharine Gilbert

    Thoughtful and generous

  90. Eva Rissler

    Beautiful piece of “art”.

  91. Melissa Bird

    Passing is exactly what I’m experiencing right now. Being content with now, trying not to be looking for the next thing. It takes practice but I’m happy with my progress. You are a very deep thinker and write beautifully. Thank you for sharing

  92. Pawan

    Beautiful poem, I like this. This is on love and peace.

  93. Novelicious

    You are Awesome!

  94. This is a marvelous poem. Rich in images and meaning. It speaks to my own heart and journey. I am honored to have experienced this poem.

  95. Quintus Andradi

    Yes, Scott so beautiful, it truly is an enduring tapestry of our lives that we leave behind, as the sole purpose in our coming down here to this field of drama, is, to identify ourselves, hence to leave telling traces of ourselves, to be picked up and as prophets weave the same tapestry once again.

  96. Francisco Amadeo

    Ashes to ashes… But Dust in love… memorabilia of a fire called love…

  97. I love the imagery and the calm mindfulness of this poem. Would that we all would find “the embrace of perfect peace” esp during these troubled times.

  98. Amateur Writer

    Beautiful! Truly amazing!

  99. Abhishek Kumar

    Your words truly moved me.

  100. Aziz Adams

    This is an amazing poem.I love the imagery, it brings out the symbolism and the inspirational part of it Soothes my nerves. Beautiful. You are an inspirational poet.

  101. What a beautiful piece. I like the tranquil positivity. Well written and insightful.

  102. Riya Sachdeva

    Love never fails! It’s truly beautiful..

  103. Riya Sachdeva

    Simply beautiful

  104. This is remarkably breathtaking. I really love this line, “An embrace
    Of perfect peace
    That never fails
    To usher in
    Its own mysteriously
    Unforeseen reward.”

  105. Impressed by the simple and yet eloquent display of emotions through out the poem. Amazing play of words. Well done indeed

  106. Janice McLaughlin

    Blanket upon blanket
    Of selflessness,
    Nestled now securely
    In the glowing casket
    Of your soul.” My favorite lines

    Eloquent, provocative, melancholy with hope, tightly written.

  107. I really like the flow of the poem. The ending line rings very true as to how important and valuable love is in our world. I believe it is highly under appreciated.

  108. You have great purpose in life, through your words, Scott. There is a profound sense of belonging to those words; for yourself, for the reader. Beautiful.

  109. Perfect I thought, I love this

  110. Oh, what words can say without even a paint brush… Alms to the words the soul in wonder; a thing called loss.

  111. Janice McLaughlin

    Beautiful, each thought so vivid, so thought provoking. I tried to pick favorite lines but couldn’t decide. Maybe — The lingering presence Of love Beneath the fragile,Needy contours of us all.”

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