Set against a clear blue sky, the ravages of time… The Jurassic coast at West Bay, Dorset





  1. For me there is nothing quite as calming, centering and fitful as a long walk on a near deserted beach. Beautiful. As a writer and poet such surroundings leave me deeply inspired.

    • Laura Bailey

      A beautiful capture! Sliced so cleanly just like a loaf of marbled rye! Thanks Scottie. 🙂

  2. Spectacular!

  3. Satish K Shukla

    Four elements at duelling
    The sky high up laughs
    The cloud comes crashing
    Seemingly so with its unpredictable moods
    Oh those winds conspired broods
    The sea looks for breaks
    Wave after wave after wave
    Day and night, who knows
    A Tsunami perhaps
    But the rock stays put
    Full face to the upsurge
    Sky or cloud or wind
    Or the water’s urge…
    So saw a poet’s eye
    The element’s splurge
    Spread across the view
    Come on! Bring on more of the slew
    This heart is brave
    Oh! Jocund too
    But more likely grave
    For, humans compel it
    With unwanted persecutions
    Though it were better left
    To it’s poetic executions

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