New poem – We are all prophets…



We are all prophets

Of our own existence

Are we not?


And come what may,

Tis always

Such noble ambition

To leave telling traces

Of ourselves

Wherever we can.


Thus do all our lives


An enduring tapestry

Of pointed moments,

Albeit seeded with loss,

The ache of which will pass

Whilst such sweet emotion



See how potently

That narrative runs on!


And to guide us on our way,

Amidst the endless sway

Of needs and desire,

Delicate patterns made,

Filigrees of real meaning.


The absolute truth

Of raw emotions

Etched on our heart,

Left behind,


As pathways to tomorrow.


  1. Diane Mills

    Beautiful my dear friend…

  2. Sara Talin


  3. Carol Chasmar

    Beautiful Scott, and very poignant xxx

  4. Carol Zielinski

    So touching and insightful!! Another great poem!

  5. Satish Kumar Shukla

    “Aham brahm asmi”

    “Tatt Twam asi!”

    For the benefit of those who do not know Sanskrit, the two quotes above from Vedic Indian tradition mean much the same as our good poet is at pains to explain. Of course, it is lovely poetry.

  6. Laura Laveglia

    Very poignant, deep poem! Yes my friend we are all prophets positive and negative.
    It’s every human on this Earth leaving their mark.
    This one is a beauty!!

  7. Laura Bailey

    Brilliant!! Thank you Scott so much for sharing!

  8. Scott, this is luminous and so enlightening. To be a modern artist is challenging but this verse comes from a place of golden love. Each line resonates. There is no filler. It seems that your wordplay is evolving higher past the greatest oceans. I have poem to share with u. Take care of that beautiful soul that continues to grow and pollinate.

    As Always,


  9. Much needed reminder of the blessings we sometimes fail to see and appreciate.

    “Etched on our heart,
    Left behind,
    As pathways to tomorrow.”


  10. Lukman

    Thank you, Scott.

  11. Once again I am so drawn to your words Scott.

    “And come what may,
    Tis always
    Such noble ambition
    To leave telling traces
    Of ourselves
    Wherever we can…”

    Most of us yearn to leave those traces. You most certainly have done so my friend. Beautiful.

    Warmest regards.

  12. Alexandra Psaropoulou

    Wonderful work

  13. Jon Mukand

    A pleasure to read your latest offering

  14. John Lysaght

    I just finished reading this vibrant poem that speaks to me about how we, as caretakers of our existence, leave behind radiant parts of all of us, which endure, completing the circle. Scott, the imprint we leave behind is also a strong influence in my writing. It is there for others to unlock.

  15. Ronee Henson

    As always, your new poem touched me deeply.
    You speak to your reader’s hearts !!!

  16. Don MacIver

    “To leave telling traces Of ourselves Wherever we can…” How truly wonderful this poem is Scott!

    You have such a gift, your words so meaningful and they draw our emotional response.

  17. Mahnaz

    Thank you very much for sharing such wonderful poem at the beginning of this beautiful spring.I enjoyed reading it.

  18. Fran Horsley.

    What can I say except such raw Truth and Beauty entwined by a Wordsmith with his once broken Soul( the lessons learned and still learning) so honestly is Healing Balm for us all!
    Thank you Scott!

  19. Awesome one.I connect well with it

  20. You remind us about ourselves, and what a beautiful tapestry we each are. Keep singing poetry, Word Master. Beautiful.

  21. Paulos Ioannou

    Very thoughtful and excellent imagery. keep at it.

  22. Rachealgrace Adams

    Once again Scott, right to the heart…Love this poem.

  23. Nice. I think we all leave traces of ourselves and if we allow our emotions to be, they express our truth. Lovely writing.

  24. Sayed Rohani

    Impressive. Truly, we all leave traces behind, but let them always be beautiful, not ugly.

  25. Paul Bowles

    Beautifully said Scott, this poem leaves a trail towards our own unfolding, like a sounding board for our soul, thank you for sharing it.

  26. Rebecca O'Donnell

    I’m so glad to read your beautiful new poem. As always, it came at a perfect time. Thank you.

  27. John David Lionel Brooke

    Your work always inspires me to reach for the stars. Gracias.

  28. The archaic language (whilst, tis) help give the sense of timelessness.

  29. As always, Scott, insight into the emotional constructs of the human psyche is well demonstrated in another one of your visually poetic prose.

  30. Duncan Kariuki

    Wow! This is awesome Scott.

  31. Jon Mukand

    Congratulations on your ongoing literary work.
    A pleasure to read your latest offering!

  32. Lyle Fleury

    Life with its moments of being on a mountain top and other moments in a valley, I can and always will place my mental,physical and spiritual being in the energy of light of a higher awareness.

  33. Wow! Love the poem Scott. I wish even I could write a poetry some day. All the best for your future endeavors.


  34. Wonderful Scott,

    It’s amazing how come you add life to your lines,I think only you can do that. Thanks for such a beautiful poem.

  35. Beautiful… Insightful!!

  36. Great , deep voice there brother. Powerful work man. Keep going. You such an inspiration in my work area. You are a real pioneer. Your blog has presence and real ambiance.

  37. You truly are a great prophet poet of wisdom and light dear Scott! I adored this excellent work filled with positive thoughts of inspiration. You never fail to amaze us! Thank you for this finest creation. And I love your wonderful image as well. You look great as always!

  38. Sue Vincent

    Beautiful, Scott.

  39. Gratitude for always bestowing this clairvoyance on the page, and in the presence of such discernment. Your poetry always permeates my spirit like the sun. Thank you for sharing your light. – Rochelle

  40. I loved it. As I live it ✨✨

  41. Arnost Vevoda

    This latest endeavour truly touched my heart. As I inferred in one of my own works, we all leave imprints on others even after we’re gone. However your last stanza eluded me somewhat – something about leaving behind raw emotions and blossoming into something of virtue. I cannot relate it to my own powder keg of emotions and don’t know if its helpful to anyone now or in the future. Otherwise good stuff and may I truthfully say your latest piece ins my favourite, probably because it coincides with my personal pilgrimage. Scott, thanks for sharing and may God bless you.

  42. Very interesting

  43. I like the idea of being prophets of our existence. There’s a lot of intriguing imagery just brought up with the phrase. And you developed the idea of it quite nicely/

  44. Neena Sharma

    How insightful Scottie sir…Indeed The Tapestry of each’s life has two things to offer…Some Beautiful moments to cherish; yet other things as past hurt and pain are Experiences/Lessons, that propel us to forge ahead, becoming stronger with each lesson to learn. So each human is an architect as well as a Prophet of his/her life.
    The radiant Truth of our Life shapes our tomorrow. So Move on, Let go, stop not!

    Use your Past Experiences and Stumbling blocks as Stepping Stones to Success and Victory. Success and Victory, our Birthright; after all we are the Master almighty, the Blessed Children of the Almighty Authority(Our Supreme Father) Himself. Thus, turn each pain or wound into smooth pathway to Success, for a brighter tomorrow.
    Beautiful and inspiring, as always… Scott sir. Bravo!

    Congrats! Divine Greetings and Regards

  45. Bjorn Rudberg

    I hope we can be the prophet of our own existence… I find that way to many spend their time being prophet of others… forgetting themselves. Great thoughs here Scott.

  46. I love the phrase “pathway to tomorrow”. I enjoyed your beautiful poem!

  47. Gayle Walters Rose

    I love these poignant words, Scottie: “Thus do all our lives/Become/An enduring tapestry/Of pointed moments,/Albeit seeded with loss,…” A very meaningful write…thank you for sharing.

  48. Love the ending words Scott ~ May our paths be bright with seeds for tomorrow

  49. I liked the idea at the end that the truth of our raw emotions are pathways to tomorrow.

  50. I guess we are all prophets, Scott. I hadn’t looked at it that way before.

  51. Beautifully written. 🙂

  52. Prophets
    Of our own existence… yes. absolutely!

  53. Lovely poem!

  54. To take your well-stated premise a bit further, after we acknowledge that we are spirit that uses a body (not the converse), that as cosmic entities we are much more beautiful & powerful than we give ourselves credit for, or even are aware of–then hell yes, we can acknowledge past lives, and accept our own blueprint for each life we live.

  55. Goodness, these verses are so beautiful:
    Amidst the endless sway
    Of needs and desire,
    Delicate patterns made,
    Filigrees of real meaning
    I wonder though, at times, if filigree might be too delicate, too subtle a pattern, and that’s why so many of us miss it and go with the endless sway instead…

  56. Dr. Jelka Samsom

    Being in touch with our “raw emotions” is no easy thing for us “civilised” people of the 21st century….reconnecting with these emotions and finding our true individuality makes us all “prophets of our own existence”, indeed!! Beautiful, as ever, dear Scott!

  57. I think we are somehow living in the past present and future tenses, woven together in our story narrative of a “one life”

  58. Bob Mitchell

    Your poetry touches the heart, and reflects your gentle, loving nature.
    Thank you for your uplifting words.

  59. A beautiful example of how economy of words, carefully chosen, is inversely proportional to the profundity of the sentiment relayed ~peace, Jason

  60. Beautifully written Scott, I love ‘the filigrees of real meaning’ and the raw emotions etched on our heart as ‘the pathways of tomorrow’

  61. As heartfelt and prescient as always

  62. Nivedita Yohana

    I read your beautiful poem and the emotions flowing through the poem really captivated me. The opening lines of the poem are really stunning when you ask rhetorically ” We are all prohpets of our own existence” indeed! I really love the idea that you compare life to an “enduring tapestry” woven with various hues intricately and ‘intimately’ that we all have to endure ” The absolute truth…Of raw emotions”. I indeed look up to you so reverently for the fact that despite the pain, suffering and yearning which is inevitable there is always a sense of that eternal hope, optimism, dream and a promise of a “Tomorrow” in your being which is of course reflected in your works. I really needed this today to cheer me up and gather my strength and be reminded of your sweet and powerful energy that has been nourishing me. Thank you so much.

  63. Lovely and poignant words. 🙂

  64. Beautiful, very inspiring poem!

  65. Beautiful insightful words.

  66. I have seen life as enduring tapestry of pointed moments…so beautifully put…

  67. Prophets of our own existence — I really like that!

  68. Just as lovely to read it again 🙂

  69. True. When we’re gone, what remains is in the memory of those whose lives we’ve touched along the way. Beautifully written!

  70. I resonate with leaving traces of ourselves behind……. Maybe why we write more as the years go by and time grows more finite…….. A beautiful poem, Scott, as always.

  71. Yes we weave by trust, acceptance and hope.

    Thank you Scott

    much love…

  72. I enjoyed reading this piece, Scott.

  73. The whole thing is beautiful, but the stanza that most resonated with me is this one:

    “Thus do all our lives
    An enduring tapestry
    Of pointed moments,
    Albeit seeded with loss,
    The ache of which will pass
    Whilst such sweet emotion

    In a season of deep loss right now myself, I certainly hope to find that the ache will pass and that nothing but sweet emotion will remain. Such a beautiful thought. Thank you.

  74. We all want to be remembered. Life is so bittersweet but we only go around once.

  75. I too, believe we are prophets fueled by the energy to create and contemplate our existence and its meaning. Finding meaning in that doing.


  76. Indeed, Scott. Our voices need to be heard at times, as well as our own prophecies.

  77. Paul Scribbles

    Pebbles of light in the pond of life…eternal ripples.

  78. Oh indeed, we want to be remembered long after we are gone…but will we be remembered for good or for ill… Or will we be remembered at all?

  79. Magical Mystical Teacher

    I’m sure all of us have dealt with “the absolute truth of raw emotions” at least once (but probably many times).

  80. Shari Le Kane Yentumi

    …like tattoos of lingering sorrow that fade in the light of tomorrow.

  81. Janene Marie Richardson

    What a beautiful way to express prophecy – peace to you Scott and I would love to read more of your work. Janene Maree (The New Switzerland Project International)

  82. I love the depth of emotion expressed in this poem.

  83. Caron Kamps Widden

    Loved your new poem. True words, feeling more this way as life marches on, there’s a kind of peace that comes with living through the trajectory of life. Happy Writing! You’re very good, indeed:) Caron

  84. As always Scottie reminds us with such lyrical quality about the intrinsic things in life.

    In his passage:

    “Thus do all our lives
    An enduring tapestry
    Of pointed moments,
    Albeit seeded with loss,
    The ache of which will pass
    Whilst such sweet emotion

    You can feel the meter flow, which is what all good poetry is about, for it breathes while at the same time effusing meaning.

  85. Jeff Whitcher

    I love your poems

  86. Commander Rajesh Nair

    Peace be with you Scott Hastie, extremely prophetic choice of words…

  87. Aamir Yousaf


  88. Adolfo Rico

    So the Prophets have come down the mountains. Ergo we learn from accumulated knowledge humanity shares with all. Keen insight of the human mind in this poem. Job well done. Tip of my hat to you Sir!

  89. Lisa Roche


  90. Dale E.Manolakas

    A very moving poem…

  91. Emanuela Zanchi

    Such a touching poem!

  92. This is such a beautiful poem! You are very gifted. A very poignant message.

  93. Sahar Tavakoli

    I always enjoy reading your wonderful lines. always full of love and original feelings, so authentic and peaceful.

  94. So lovely.
    I know just how you feel about leaving a mark. When my mother died I realised there was nothing left of her. A huge empty space grew in my heart and I swore that would not happen to my children. My children’s homes are filled with me in the guise of paintings, drawings, poetry, journals written just for them and now I’m writing novels.
    I adore this poem for it speaks volumes to my heart. thanks JAQ

  95. Unber Shafique

    This is beautiful, especially the opening lines. The end, of course, is very remarkable.

  96. Carol Simon

    My Thoughts on ‘We are all Prophets’ When I consider a poem, I start first with the title and ponder there for a bit and this title causes one to ponder. A poem is a thing not just to be read and enjoyed, but to be studied and reflected upon and ‘We are all Prophets’ by Scott Hastie is one such poem. It is profound and reflective in its aspect, deep and meditative. My favourite type of poem is one that provokes deep thought and reflections on life itself because isn’t that what a poem is supposed to do? Cause you to think? A poem can also soothe the soul and be itself a thing of beauty.

    The beauty, for me, in this poem lies not only in its rhythmic flow but also in its meaning and in the imagery used to convey that meaning. I couldn’t help myself at the use of the word ‘filigree’. I did a double take on that one. It shifts the mood of the poem [at least in my mind] into an ethereal dimension [I also happen to like the word ‘ethereal’, by the way]. I am not sure why, but that is just how I responded emotionally to ‘filigree’.
    I think when you are working with an art form that is as condensed and compact as a poem, words pack power and this one certainly does. It captures the very style and essence of the poem itself – light and delicate in style but woven with meaning. In other words, the poem itself is a filigree.

    Another element of this poem that stood out to me is its title, ‘We are all prophets’. Something about that resonated with me that we not only foretell by deciding our destinies but we also forthtell by allowing the lives that we lead to tell a story, “To leave telling traces/Of ourselves” [2nd Stanza].

    Hastie has also outdone himself in another little poem titled, ‘To Live a Little’ which to me is either the first or the second chapter or companion poem to ‘We are all Prophets’. I find it to be a little bit more cryptic and I like cryptic. I mean after all what fun is there in a poem without having to decode and decipher meaning. I like a poem that creates a sense of wonder and puzzlement and ‘Live a Little’ does that very much. I ask myself what does the poet mean by ‘the angel’s/Enigmatic smile’? I appreciate the fact that I must sit a while and have a think until its meaning is revealed to me mayhap by finding other clues within the poem itself or possibly by reading other poems by that poet or maybe even by reading the poet’s bio or something external that might offer up some sort of insight.

    I read on further to the verse that says, “And such/Are all our hopes, /Freer to flower/Brighter still/When no longer clad thus”. Whew! Okay, let me pause for a bit, here. I do detect a certain existentialist pronouncing [doctrine] here and throughout the rest of the poem as well – in fact, in both poems. Is the poet also hinting at the frailty of man, clad in his mortal shell by use of the word ‘flower’? I do not want to read too much into it; I have gotten into trouble with that before, but the word ‘flower’ does trigger those thoughts or that symbolism, for me. The operative word, here, being ‘me’. It certainly speaks of an ending reality and a shift into another existence – a sort of transcendency, if you will. Love it! I love me a well-crafted poem. The sage is alive and well. Poetry is still alive and well!

    Review by Carol Ruth Simon, Indie Author/Poet @

  97. Carol Ruth Simon says it all, well crafted Scott.

  98. Alice Pan

    Your poem bring the wonderful feeling to the reader!!!

  99. Yvonne Fan

    Philosophical and also heartfelt.
    A pleasure to read it! Thank you, Scott.

  100. No doubt we are prophets. So are our surroundings full of fragrance, beauty and music.
    Yes, we are mystics, with eyes shut, praying for humanity and all living beings.
    Are we not saints meditating for the truth to reveal its unbound journey?
    God is within me and in every one of us.
    Great poem. Regards

  101. Your title and nine opening lines say so much, Scott. Beautifully expressed! I will revisit this one often. Warmest regards.

  102. Drew R Clausen

    HELLO FELLOW Prophet. What a great idea of writing this is. BARD, storytellers, songwriters, and poets. We are all seeking Knowledge in the greatness of wrotes. And words show the prophetic thoughts of one individual. So in saying everyone can be a prophet great or small in knowledge of words they speak or write even sing or play. All of this is a rhythm of life in written thoughts for future prophets to read and to seek their own meaning in the knowledge of life through the words written by us the present prophet’s, bards, storytellers, songwriters, and poet’s. As we reviewed the past prophet’s of writing in these areas of life. I will not name them all because all one has to do in go to any book and find them there waiting in life. So once again congrats on a PROPHETIC WRITING OF WORDS OF LIFE.

  103. Our everyday actions lay the path of what we will become and what we will be known for in this world. Thus, the life lived itself is truly prophetic.

  104. John Ejiofor

    You just made me realize that I must strive to leave a legacy people will remember me by. You were so eloquent about it, and it was rather touching.

  105. Quintus Andradi

    Yes, Scott so beautiful, it truly is an enduring tapestry of our lives that we leave behind, as the sole purpose in our coming down here to this field of drama, is, to identify ourselves, hence to leave telling traces of ourselves, to be picked up and as prophets weave the same tapestry once again.

  106. Peggy Ann Goldsberry


  107. Ravikkumar Rajagopalan


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