New Poem – Like some flutter…




Like some flutter

Of a fishing line,

Whose glistening hook

You’ve already

Been caught upon,

Don’t ever look to

Undervalue suffering

When it comes to visit.


Equal as it is

To any kinder, softer,

Sweeter experience.


For, taken altogether,

This is how

We are nourished,

How we grow into

The glorious spaces

In between.


Till some vital sense

Of mystery

Is at last dissolved,

The sun glints again

Through the forest

And our hearts are captured

In a blaze of  joy

And aching melancholy,

Like a memory of heaven.


From that moment on,

We become seekers.


And see how often

We lay down

To make beauty.

Then let it all go again



Trusting that these,

Our devotions,

Will somehow

Always endure.


With an acknowledgement to Peter Mattheissen


  1. Andrew Park

    Looks like you have a big following on your website, and I can see why – great poems. Best wishes to you, Andrew

    • Michael Brett

      Your work is very thoughtful, reverential and peaceful. I enjoy reading it. The website is lovingly presented as well. It is all very impressive.

  2. Scott, you have the gentlest, most profound ‘voice’ through your words. Simply marvelous! I was so taken with the opening stanza and the rest speaks superbly for itself. Warmest regards.


  3. Bjorn Rudberg

    I have read this many times now Scott, and especially the first stanza caught me… (or hook me) the metaphor of that pain singes and sings. Great poem.

  4. That’s a helpful way to look at suffering…that it will soon pass and better days will endure.

  5. A beautiful reflection on the sufferings and redemption of one’s soul ~ I like that from the moment on, we become seekers~

  6. Capturing the creative energy and harmony of poetic language and its beauty that is all around us. I love this poem a lot. 🙂 Excellent.

  7. Lori Triggs

    I like this.

  8. Growing into the inbetween. That’s quite some thought.

  9. Scottie, your poems blow me away and always touch me in a myriad of ways. But this special poem reads as if you reached inside my heart, my soul and read it as if . . . you know me as well or more than I know myself. This poem will be read often and forever treasured.

    Much love and appreciation,


  10. A beautiful and comforting poem Scott and I love the last stanza especially. ‘Trusting that these,Our devotions,Will somehow Always endure’ :o)

  11. Don’t ever look to
    Undervalue suffering
    When it comes to visit.- a truly gentle and beautiful poem of acceptance and celebration of all that makes life what it is.

  12. Change is the essence of life, a great mission upon us and a productive life to live. Thanks for always sharing words of wisdom, dear Scott!

  13. Till some vital sense
    Of mystery
    Is at last dissolved,
    The sun glints again
    Through the forest
    And our hearts are captured
    In a blaze of  joy
    And aching melancholy,
    Like a memory of heaven.

    Beautifully evocative!!

  14. Maria Miraglia

    a positive philosophical vision of life dictated by beautiful verses

  15. “From that moment on,

    We become seekers.”

    A profound and positive prescription for those who are in the moment and self-aware. Is there a smart phone app for this? If not, the rest of us better be alert for those wandering around with their faces buried in the tiny screens of hand-held devices … or collisions will abound!

  16. Gayle Walters Rose

    Our suffering is equally as useful as the softer, easier times. The way you describe this is so beautifully put, Scott.

  17. JT Smith

    Once again, we mine the soul and find the most beautiful dreams. there is definitely a poignant resonance to this poem. we are seekers, all of humanity. the language is evocative and quite honest. metaphors dance in and out of that glistening hook. it makes me proud to know that the art and craft of poetry is alive. Anyhow, well done mate. you can learn so much by the flutter of words and the emotions that accompany it.

  18. A gentleness in the words makes the reader feel that there is nourishment in suffering even though we don’t embrace it when it arrives. This is most beautiful and the imagery is unique and fresh. Glad you shared!

  19. There is a wonderful sense of the gifts that suffering can bestow in this piece–in someways it makes me smile–these gifts–like awareness–can make me want to run sometimes

  20. It is hard for me to value my own suffering. Especially since I am usually it’s author. But I can learn from it. I think if it has real value, at least for me, it’s in the learning curve. The poem is beautiful though

  21. Banu Bidarkund

    A beautiful way of letting know that suffering is in realty a lesson in learning of life, understanding ourselves and knowing the truth in mystical ways. Finally acknowledging that suffering will quietly bring to us a joyful experience of heavenly bliss as an ultimate outcome.

  22. Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi

    Dear Scottie,
    I believe that it is through suffering that we learn patience and true compassion, not only for our own imperfections and misfortunes, but for those of our fellow beings. What truly matters is maintaining hope in the spirit where life, light and growth eternally shine.

    • Yeah.. Actually it could even be a fulcrum for better opportunities whereas spontaneous success might gloss over lots of hidden treasuries. I concur with your linking all those fruits of the spirit to celebrate suffering, especially when it comes as guest that will surely disappear tacitly.Your thoughts are holistic and wealthy.

  23. Laura Bailey

    Great hook and a fine follow up. In deep valleys of thought you lend me a line to climb to the stars.

    • Scott also taught me aching melancholy words that apply to passage; mournful experience that followed the cell death of any dear friend,client or even a colleague in fellowship who have the penchant to hug you heartily… Sadness galore were it not for the less emotional harmful trauma of bitter tears. Remembering that immortality also means being loved by many anonymous people.

  24. Yes, some suffering is necessary to ‘grow into / The glorious spaces / In between.’
    I especially love the lines:
    The sun glints again
    Through the forest
    And our hearts are captured
    In a blaze of joy
    And aching melancholy’.

  25. Dr. Jelka Samsom

    Detachment from all the “good” and “bad” which happens to us, in order to try and find a more constant and higher level of beauty. Wonderfully delicate poem.

  26. I love this,it’s a great poem. I especially love the beginning of the stanza: Till some vital sense
    Of mystery
    Is at last dissolved,. Beautiful, thoughtful, profound and realistic poem. It has great mystery to it, but is grounded in real life.

  27. Wow…. wonderful poem…loved the third stanza….and the later stanzas shine ..the light of truth…

  28. Paul John Dear

    Too true Scott and as always presented with your own unioque charm and perception.

  29. Sikander Farook

    Feels like viewing a multicoloured painting.

  30. Cassandra Swann

    Your words brush the soul with a poetic feather. Sensitively chosen and written.
    Best wishes

  31. Wonderful work.

    “This is how
    We are nourished …
    The glorious spaces
    In between.”

  32. So true, Scott! If we didn’t experience suffering there’d be no happiness. Bravo!

    • Or again we may not have a real intrinsic barometer to measure the deficit of happiness- without an iota of suffering be it material or ill-health condition or relationship depravity. That’s life for you with its bundles of imperfections.

  33. Getting into the line here, Scott. Your poem has the aura of magic, probing, searching, advising. All the responders have found themselves somewhere within the weave. I, too, was hooked by /don’t ever look to/undervalue suffering/when it comes to visit. My 25 year battle with my immune system has led me down every conceivable avenue of possible healing (none of which have been successful), but one thing has been common to every healer’s approach–accepting, owning, even thanking that which is responsible for my suffering–for metaphysically, my entity chose this struggle for me–and my lessons are not completed yet it seems.

  34. Beautiful! A seed must be buried to sprout and grow. It is in suffering that we grow, too.

  35. This reminds me of something I read from Khalil Gilbran. I love the gentle voice, the careful presenting of what it means to exist as us… pain being an essential foil to joy. Loved this.

  36. So true. So eloquently stated!

  37. What a wonderful capture of our life cycle, Scott. Beautifully drawn.

  38. A lovely, comforting poem that bears re-reading. Which I did. Twice. 🙂

  39. You’ve already
    Been caught upon,
    Don’t ever look to
    Undervalue suffering

    A hopeless situation is best to allow it to take its own cause for a while. This will allow the experience to work out for better strategies


  40. Imperfections are more beautiful because they have a story..

  41. Eloquent and timely thoughts on suffering and the quest for love using the hook as metaphor. End is a message of hope for all seekers.

  42. Love the hope that you have woven into a poem on suffering

  43. Scott Gurney

    I resonated with the second half more than first. Though It is a lovely metaphor, exercised with a simile as the wavelength for the unpredictable nature of enjoyment and suffering. I think, another avenue for this poem might be to explore the source of why we suffer, how the reevaluation of its value can be like revitalisation to a dullard. From the moment one enters the poem, I, and possibly others as I assume, become lost over the topic but struck by a powerful image, with which I am dissolved until I see clearer what the intention of the piece came to be. Though I assume this was intentional, I feel syntactically, a cogent structure would aid ones connection and attraction to what is by all means a positive take and analysis of optimism performed as to be breaking out of pessimism. Hitherto, I think you have a lovely use of grammar, which gives the piece fluent tone and pace, and allows your voice to sing freely. Keep up the good work, and just so you know, you have a great name!

  44. Lee Landau

    I don’t think you need the last two lines of the poem. The poem takes us to that conclusion without stating it. Really good effort

  45. Max Noble

    Your writing is beautiful and inspirational.

  46. Sorrow should be taken as seriously as joy.


  48. Magical Mystical Teacher

    Suffering. We most often think of it as an intruder, but you invite us to think of it as a visitor. (One would hope, of course, that such a visitor would not wear out his welcome!)

  49. Sweetly captivating. I’m mesmerized especially when “we lay down to make beauty.” I’m in a daze. Brilliant!

  50. The flutter on the fishing line and the glisten hook is the hook of this poem.

  51. “This is how…we grow into the glorious spaces in between.” How I love that. And “the moment we become seekers”….so well described.

  52. I like the metaphor, for that’s how it happens we are caught unawares
    much love…

  53. Ah, were it not for the bad times, we wouldn’t enjoy the good. Beautifully presented!

  54. The spaces in between…I love this poem! Beautifully penned.

  55. I have always found the spaces in between the most interesting….

  56. Sunaina Sindhwani

    Beautiful poem written with mesmerizing words

  57. Oh Scott this was inspirational and a new favorite of mine….I have taken most of the year off to discover much of what you talk about here….and I have grown through the dark shadow spaces coming out renewed and with a truer sense of self and purpose now within…. Letting go is a key to finding our way through.

    ‘Equal as it is
    To any kinder, softer,
    Sweeter experience.

    For, taken altogether,
    This is how
    We are nourished,
    How we grow into
    The glorious spaces
    In between.

  58. This is definitely a poem of a seeker, which you are, Scott. I like the ending…with the idea that our devotions will somehow ALWAYS endure. This gives the poem a sense of timelessness.

  59. Lisa C. miller

    Beautifully written.

  60. A thoughtful and thought provoking piece that, truly, gave me pause. The metaphor in the first stanza is masterfully layered and beyond brilliant.

  61. The hook, is the pain of suffering. I believe that when one seeks one will find healing. For a fisher of men loves us all. Your poetry is so rich.

  62. The letting go of life’s beauty is hard, but knowing how it’s bound to revisit in a new form does give us that hopeful longing. Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring thought, Mr Hastie.

  63. Still arrogant in your writings as you continue to write fighting your creativity. Which I find awesome.

  64. Susan Beckman

    Scott! Beautiful imagery with your gifted pen my friend! mmmm love this!

  65. Amrish Shah

    You read great 🙂

  66. Scottie… every word serves as a delicately thought through weighed and etched into the hearts of every soul. Your words oozes with eternal wisdom embracing pain and ecstasy which makes us human. You are a harbinger of light…keep shining..

  67. Very Inspiring words Scott, the seekers seek to find what is right in our hearts, to light the path before the dawn. Subtly and gently we lay our pride down for the humble approach of gratitude, your expressions are wise, and filled with soulful surprise! May your endeavors be great and you heart be kind. Lay it all down and embrace the utter joy and sorrow of embellishing poetry. It is the expression of your soul seemingly desperate for your smiles compassionate art ❤️

  68. Neena Sharma

    How we grow into the glorious spaces in between…Light and shadow, the Joys and sufferings of life indeed!
    What a profound poetry. Beautifully penned…portraying the stark reality of life. The Yin Yang of Life’s Joy and Sorrows teach us to endure, wait and be patient in sufferings as much as we are to any kinder or sweeter experience. How True Scottie sir!
    You have poured the essence of life through your subtle parlance of words. Wow! Keep up the good work sir…

    The best lines I liked are:

    The sun glints again
    Through the forest
    And our hearts are captured
    In a blaze of joy
    And aching melancholy,
    Like a memory of heaven.
    Huge Congrats!
    Divine Greetings, best wishes and regards

  69. So much said between the lines Scott. I love the spontaneous flow of your powerful thoughts here. Rays of the sun so beautifully felt through the lines. Excellent work as always.

  70. Therese Young Kim

    I spent some time looking at your fantastic website, which is indeed a masterpiece even to my untrained eyes. I could hear in your poems many colors of music played with wonderful strings from East and West. You are so generous in spirit and truly blessed with superb energy and creativity. I am deeply honored to have found you at this great party of brilliant people from around the world!

  71. I like how life is like that.

  72. Gregg L. Witt


  73. I enjoyed reading your poem and especially liked the part about “the inbetween”. It is such a fertile place.

  74. Lovely. The essence of finding beauty in pain is very reminiscent of Keats.

  75. There is a lovely harmonisation of contrasting emotions in this poem. It is very evocative.

  76. Very good poem. Sometimes it’s hard to find the beauty hidden in the suffering.

  77. Seddigheh Badiei

    I read your beautiful poems, they catch me…This is so great…

  78. Syed Ali Mudassar


  79. Zafer Demir

    Your poetry has an intense sensibility that draws an extraordinary world for people who living all over the world. Your poetry has a deep song that has survived from the past to present.

  80. Maria Mari

    When we write, sometimes, we make things happen; the consequences of these actions are valid both for us and the people we involve: This poem renewes the mind, helps to understand. Thank you a lot.

  81. Growth and aspirations
    Those life lessons that lift us and each other up
    From eyes open to possibilities
    Humbly made as we discover life’s journey

  82. Sara Mae Tuson

    Beautiful poem.

  83. Andyessy Ebunoha

    I already love your poems. You are one bunch of talent that the world is lucky to have.

  84. Scott, your lesson on the meaning of suffering is profound. So often we find ourselves confronted by pain and loss, not understanding why the cosmic mind has seen fit to single us out for punishment. “Why me?” we ask. “Why hast thou forsaken me?”

    As you suggest, the meaning of suffering is in spurring us along a personal journey, awakening our consciousness to something we could not have envisioned on our own. Through our experience of joy and suffering (perhaps holistically there must be a light and a dark side to suffering; a yin and a yang ), the veil of mystery is lifted for us to see the glorious spaces in between.

    An amazing crystallization of the meaning of suffering and life itself.I think you have distilled the meaning of life in a few words. Thank you for this great poem.

  85. Himanshu

    Really nice thoughts. Heart touching

  86. Words are very deep and prudent. A fascinating and very subliminal poetry. Words by a pen of truth-seeker and pilgrim of life. Life is all about experience and suffering is also part of it. It also nourishes us

  87. Aiman Al-Garrallah

    Scott, I have enjoyed reading it. It deals inter alia with hybrid joy. The speaker is somewhere in the third place. It reminds me of Edward Thomas.

  88. Ciaran D.Smith

    Very impressive Scott – here’s to many hearts touched & lives enhanced through your creativity !!

  89. Zay Linn Mg

    In poetry, sad emotion and plainess, nothingness is inevitable i think. Though i try to write things from optimistic point of view on life, selfawareness of and insight into nothingness is usually displayed though may not be easily seen. Thanks for your poems.

  90. Beauty fantasised by prolific Scott is another kettle of fish considering man’s often insatiately indifference to what is an embodiment of beauty. If there are no poets and arists how beautiful less will the world or a landscape or cloud be? Who would haves captured and stabilsed their natural forms. Poets are such busy, cute and valuable workers, engaging all their senses environmentally with their interior lens.

  91. There’s such a copious miscellany from Scott’s deep mind that I will need more time to select and meditate on his output since they’re so deep rooted from a truly fulfilled poet and artist. Thanks to the Super Poet for the likes of him that employ themselves with such generous inner permission.

  92. I feel pleasure to read this well written and conceptual poem. Scott Hastie, only you can write this because you are fulfilled poet and creative writer.

  93. Carl Delprat

    You sure are a rolling stone…

  94. Colleen Henry

    I really love this, it’s pretty powerful…

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