New Poem – An old view seen anew…

An old view

Seen anew.



In morning perfection,

The illusion


Improves everything,

When fervour’s a resource

Used all too sparingly

And there’s

So much wonder

Out there

To even ruffle the surface of.


How often

Do we turn away though?

Timid, as we are.


And without such sparks

Time can pass by,

Like an empty whisper,

Meaningless and negligent.


Till, all at once,

There you have it,

Pulsing within you,

The day of days!


Whatever else

Might come your way,

This you will always know.


Never rewarded thus

Unless you sing so.


  1. Sayed Rohani

    Yes, time is passing by, and life is changing faster than before. A poem whose motion is felt.

    • Very lovely poem, and good luck.

      • Deep Thinker

        I can relate to this poem whilst I am contemplating my journey to the sunshine of my feeling. One of my feelings of inspiration might complement the smooth flowing nature of your poem and this is how it flows – poetical effect is like scent from a flower that can not be created by analysis but by absorbing

  2. Margaret Nash

    Lovely poem…

  3. Kapardeli Eftichia

    Time is like a dream…………………… fast but so sweet
    Thanks who sharing my friend

  4. The magic of your words can easily touch every heart, dear Scott! Thanks for always sharing the beauty of wisdom with us.

  5. Paul Bowles

    How often do we turn away from wonder? Sounds like sunrise or sunset to me, shrouded in your sparing eloquence Scott. Or is it the simple day of peaceful rumination that speaks of a appreciation of life. It couldn’t be a mystical union could it. Oh you do leave us with searching for the answers to your questions, then we wonder as if they are our questions also.

  6. Carol Zielinski


  7. Laura Bailey

    Optimistic, life affirming and a beautiful sentiment told extremely well.
    Thank you Scottie so much for sharing.
    Have a wonderful Christmas Season !

  8. “And without such sparks
    Time can pass by,
    Like an empty whisper,
    Meaningless and negligent.”

    Whew! That sure resonates.

    Brilliant poem. They just keep getting better and better.

  9. John Lysaght

    A nice rendering of “carpe diem.”

  10. Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi

    Isn’t it wonderful to reflect upon the past and see things anew as we let the old year slip away and embark upon fresh frontiers of space and time with renewed hope and ideas!

  11. Nice poem with feelings of nostalgia. Seeing with awe and wonder needs time and attention. Viewing with a partner (four eyes) will bring in more beauty and astonishments. Regards

  12. It is possible to feel this way if you are an optimist…which I am, always looking forward, thinking anything is possible, because life is for living. What a meaningful and positive poem this is Scott.

  13. This. It is in this that we seek hope. Welcome reflection. Ponder readjustments. Spread light.

  14. Wow… this poem is amazing Scottie.. Such a blessing of a poem!

    It’s been a pleasure to read your glorious poetry.

    The stanzas I love so much here are:

    And without such sparks
    Time can pass by,
    Like an empty whisper,
    Meaningless and negligent

    ……And then:

    Till, all at once,
    There you have it,
    Pulsing within you,
    The day of days!

    Thank you very much for yet another soul-soothing piece of work, dear Scott.

  15. Bjorn Rudberg

    Love the way the familiar become amazing.. This is what I love best with poetry… A morning or awakening.. It all makes it wonderful

  16. Yes,
    Improves everything,
    When fervour’s a resource
    Used all too sparingly’.
    I love these lines and time passing like an empty whisper.

  17. I wonder about how we treat wonder… How often we ignore the little miracles looking only to the huge ones.

  18. An exhilarating contemplation. Yes we must be grateful for each new day
    Thank you for your poem Scott

    Merry Christmas

    much love…

  19. So true. Might as well give it a shot- And yeah, I sing so 🙂

  20. A lovely reflective poem.

  21. Yes, let us not let “time pass by like an empty whisper” but enjoy this holiday time with renewed faith and hope for the future. Great write, as always!

  22. Thank you for sharing Scott ~ Wishing you Happy Holidays and peaceful new year!!

  23. Your first two lines are a complete poem themselves…smiles. There is so much wonder! A tender and thoughtful poem, Scott.

  24. I’ve always read that it is the port’s tenacity to hang on to their inner child that helps fuel one’s sense of wonder; jut watch COSMOS, and try to wrap your mind around a billion billion universes like ours, or living in the last season of our lives, we approach death as transition, all Zen and shit.

  25. I read it twice and it seemed like savoring the morning. Sort of like ‘Savouring a lizard’ a poem by Barry Spacks.

  26. Beautiful poem, Scott. Today’s world trains us to move too fast to see the wonder all around. I deliberately use mindfulness to approach the day with grace and gratitude.

  27. Your words always touch my heart Scott–happy holidays to you and yours!

  28. SonG oF FoRest
    DancE oF onE
    aLL oF LiGHT
    To Be
    NoT all
    tHis pLace WithiN..:)

  29. Scott, as always so uplifting and deeply inspiring.

    “And without such sparks
    Time can pass by,
    Like an empty whisper,
    Meaningless and negligent.”

    Yes, indeed.

  30. Roslyn Ross

    Be in the now, there is only now and all is sacred. Thankyou.

  31. As I grow older, the days become more and more meaningful. This is a lovely reminder to not be negligent with the time we have. Thank you.

  32. True. I find that waiting for the perfect moment often holds us back from living life as it is. Rather go with the imperfections and the little beautiful things along the way

  33. Dr. Jelka Samsom

    Thank you so much, dear Scottie, for this magical Christmas present!

  34. Love the way the familiar becomes amazing! Brilliant write 🙂

  35. A beautiful write Scott and yes, we love to sing so! :o)

  36. I guess we appreciate our world more as we age Scott, realising diminishing time upon it.
    But for some, less fortunate than we, each day carries an awful burden.
    Merry Christmas Scott!
    Anna :o]

  37. I love the rhyme scheme in this which is simple while the underlying theme is subtle and complex. Witness the ending flourish:\

    Till, all at once,
    There you have it,
    Pulsing within you,
    The day of days!

    Whatever else
    Might come your way,
    This you will always know.

    Never rewarded thus
    Unless you sing so.

  38. Sunaina Sindhwani


  39. {Peacefulness improves everything, but it does Scott. It gives you breath, time….to consider.

    This is lovely, a keeper.


  40. I like these lines: “Time can pass by,
    Like an empty whisper”

  41. Laura LaVeglia

    First of all love this picture of you! The picture of peace!
    Your poem almost had a sing song to it, flowing like silk
    Read this one several times and what I felt it conveyed was older and wiser version of us
    As once when young our eyes seen the proverbial grass is greener on the other side but the wonder of age shows and beats within us truth and peace
    Our husbands and wife’s are not so bad after all and the pretty princess and handsome prince are all but a facade!!!!
    Just giving example in life!

    I loved loved your poem!!!

    Thank you

  42. Sing! Sing and be free! I found this to be an uplifting poem that takes me higher…and now with a song.



  43. Never rewarded thus
    Unless you sing so.

    Nothing like trying. One will never know otherwise! Great conclusion, Scott!

  44. “Time can pass by,
    like an empty whisper,

    meaningless and negligent”

    So truly spoken as time passes faster as we age.
    Suddenly it has been wasted. So awaken we must.

    Nicely done. Like always.

  45. But that’s why we have poetry, is it not? 🙂

  46. How often we turn away..unseeing… do we dare to see what we deny! Lovely thoughts.

  47. Your poems always leave me with a sense of peacefulness. May we all have many days that we consider ‘a day of days’ in the new year. Happy holidays, Scott.

  48. “Pulsing within you, / The day of days!”….Only one who knows, knows. A wonderfully awakening moment so brilliantly captivated.

  49. This section speaks to me:

    “Time can pass by,
    Like an empty whisper,
    Meaningless and negligent.
    Till, all at once,
    There you have it,
    Pulsing within you,
    The day of days!”

  50. A good reminder to stay in present day wonder. I need that now.

  51. Good reminder to pursue wonder instead of laying back passively expecting it.

  52. Scottie, lovely to see you. I love the picture of you perched in the tree. My favourite line: “There is so much wonder out there.” I so agree! Wonder, for those with eyes to see, that expands the soul. Wishing you a productive 2018, kiddo.

  53. Beautiful poetry Scott. How often do we turn away? I think we miss much in the journey, we only need to open our eyes to see big and small miracles.

  54. I really like this poem. Thanks for sharing

  55. A vivid and alluring reflection. Thank you!

  56. Poems about time almost always give me pause (and that is probably a good thing) though, I especially enjoyed the thoughtful direction, you took this piece in. An awesome write!


  58. Jt Smith

    So luminous and bright as stars that deliver us its celestial light. There is definitely an ecstasy here, very zen-like. If you do not feel evoked, obviously you need to reach deeper into your consciousness. I, for one was bathed in its beauty. The rhythm is perfect. One of my New favourites indeed. Continue to radiate your ageless wisdom on us. The Universe is listening.

  59. Thank you for reaching out, Scott. So much wonder… so true.

  60. Each day, each moment a gift!

  61. I really like your poem and am at the time of life where it is making more and more sense to me. Thanks!

  62. “So much wonder”, indeed…

  63. This is very dreamy. Makes me focus on appreciating each moment. Lovely.

  64. Dee Ashby

    There’s an iambic pentameter beat to this lovely piece. As always, amazing insight and clarity. Merry Christmas and an amazing new year ahead to you Scott.

  65. Christopher Nichols

    It is uncomfortably true that time passes and before you know, it is irretrievably gone. I feel rather depressed by this.

  66. Nivedita Yohana

    I read your latest piece of art and needless to say it’s wonderful and I was filled with awe. We are indeed timid to face the wonders of life. We need to embrace life with passion rather than with reluctance. We are usually gripped by our own prejudices, conditioning, hesitance, fear and ego which constraints us from living. If only we break these walls, take a dive into the gulf and swim across, we would die without having lived.

  67. Jasmine Sroay

    I read your poem titled ‘an old view, seen anew’ The way you write, it looks like you, as a poet are quite hopeful and it gives an optimistic vibe to your work, contrary to me, as I usually write when I’m not having a great day. Your poetry is something which compels me to read it again.

  68. Beautiful. Almost sounds as if one longs for being one with nature.

  69. Lorraine Damonte

    A splendid poem, Scott. I think I will enjoy following your poetry. Clear and precise , refreshing with sentiment.

  70. I saw it and now I see it.
    It was seen and tomorrow is seeing it.
    Yet, the essence of the dynamism of Time
    is succinctly captured as in a motion picture.

    #TeamYowamca #YowamcArt

  71. Thanks, Scott, I like this poem.

  72. Scottie, a lovely poem yet direct in its message.
    And without such sparks
    Time can pass by,
    Like an empty whisper,
    Meaningless and negligent.

    Thanks for a timely reminder that life goes forward with or without us.

  73. Manuel Rivera

    Thank you so much for showing me the way. So heartfelt.

  74. Akanksha Mishra

    Let me be honest sir, you just have the most beautiful compositions on the web.

  75. Elaine Battersby

    I like the flow of this poem, Scott. Full of promise, he who dares gets and finds beauty all around.

  76. Mark Dolamore

    I find your poems both powerful and sensitive.

  77. This splits my thoughts… Love this…

  78. Bernard Jan

    I have read this, your latest poem and I really like it! It is a poem, a poetry with meaning and beauty, the one I can feel and relate to. Your writing is beautiful.

  79. Jen Persichetti

    I am very impressed with your profile. I wear many hats creatively, but I adore poetry and would love to promote you on my LinkedIn and Twitter. Your work is unique and noteworthy!

  80. Another telling rendition from the wonderful Mickey Morgan
    An old view seen anew –

  81. Freedom is the wonderful ability to speak or write what is in our souls. Thanks be to God for the opportunity to try. Beautiful work.

  82. Ashkum

    At the very outset, ‘An old view, seen anew’ is wonderfully and thoughtfully said. Optimism, hope and positivity in approach towards life and all. Rest of the lines are fabulous, making us cautious while we walk on various vistas of this lovely life.

  83. Oh, l can relate to this.

  84. IF you do nothing else creative do read this hauntingly beautiful poem by Scott Hastie. It caught me by surprise read at 4 am when the birds were brightly vocal and coaxing the sun out. I am sure if you grasp the succinct and spartan lines which evoke so much in their simple rhythmic precision. I remembered it in flickers of thought all day and thought how wonderful to have a poem that lingered with you like an old Friend.

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