New Poem – If you listen…

If you listen carefully

There’s a constant purr

In your soul,

With ambitions

Of provoking a response,

Akin to a mother

Forever nudging

Her fledglings forward

Into the light.


And this is reassuring,

As it’s meant to be,

Putting the lie

To insignificance

Being the essence

Of our existence,

When the truth

Is quite to the contrary.


All this a gift

Easy to accept,

When such benevolence

Holds so steady,

Just waiting to be noticed,

Like the soft sigh

Of a tender young tree

In the slightest

Of summer breezes.


  1. I have heard that purr in my soul, although not lately, perhaps because I haven’t had time to listen. Now I’ve read your poem, Scott, I will find time!

  2. I really enjoyed this. The lines especially about the tender young tree sighing in the summer breeze. I can see and hear this image. 🙂

  3. Bjorn Rudberg

    I love how you embedded the truthfulness of the middle stanza between the image of a mother and her fledgling and the young tree in the breeze.

    This is how we should live being assured by the gentlest of things.

  4. I love these lines:

    “There’s a constant purr
    in your soul.”

  5. I love the purr in our souls. I especially like the the image of a mother and her fledgling and the image of a tree in the breeze. Gentle and lovely.

  6. Good point about putting the lie to our insignificance.

  7. Indeed! Such an incredibly poignant write Scott.

  8. Mindful Transformation is a gift to those who choose and let it be.

  9. Very beautiful. XXX


    I like the line:
    Like the soft sigh of a tender young tree.
    I like the sound of it.

    Keep writing.

  11. Laura Bailey

    Not the first to love “the purr in our souls” and surely not the last.
    Thanks for sharing this lovely poem.

    • JT Smith

      I second that emotion. the light guides us through the darkness of our most precious, sacred souls. There is a certain elegance to these lines as well as a maturation which has refined ink to thought. Well done Sir Scottie. You have captured the gentility of a soft, warm summer breeze while a mother tends to her groundlings.

  12. May we always be drawn to the light ~

  13. Oh that last verse is the yummiest


  14. Carmol mae

    Believing as I do in the strength of gentleness how could I not like your poem. Well said, Scott.

  15. Quite lovely and succinct. The last paragraph is the crescendo.
    All this a gift

    Easy to accept,

    When such benevolence

    Holds so steady,

    Just waiting to be noticed,

    Like the soft sigh

    Of a tender young tree

    In the slightest

    Of summer breezes.

  16. What a gorgeous picture you have given me with this poem !!!
    Especially since I’m at a crossroad in my life. It was most helpful !!!

    You are a beautiful Writer !!! You offer your readers such a humanistic outlook.

    THANK YOU !!!

    Hugs from Ronee

  17. This is very lovely. The 3rd stanza is my favorite. I can sense and actually feel the young tree in the breezes. Beautiful.

  18. Drew R Clausen

    GOOD Poem I liked it very much.

  19. “If you listen carefully

    There’s a constant purr

    In your soul …”

    What a challenging beginning to a poignant work, especially when many of us never let that smart phone leave our side, never get away from the din of contemporary life, only stop talking long enough to inhale.

  20. Mahnaz

    A journey of light, full of ecstacy and delight… This is our mission on earth ,dear Scott,to find the origin of goodness within our heart and learn how to share it with others. Another brilliant work, dear friend! Thanks for sharing.

  21. Elegantly done, Scott. it is reassuring that there is always light.

  22. Jay Schaffer

    Another marvelous poem you have posted for us to see! Thank you!

  23. Jezz Hulme

    ‘Just waiting to be noticed’ love the way you’ve noticed & brought to life the stuff around us. Thanks old friend for bringing it to the surface x

  24. Eftichia Kapardeli

    Such a true journey in feelings

  25. The first stanza just pulled me in and I enjoyed the whole ride. Reassuring words. Thank you.

  26. Sunaina Sindhwani

    Very nice…

  27. wonderful breeze that’s is whispering withing ones soul,i like it very much.And thanks for sharing such poem Scott.

  28. Lady Shadowflame

    Yes, Very Nice!

  29. Maxim Chernikov

    We, the poets, guide human souls. Our main search is the search for harmony. But we, as the Bruegel`s “Blinds”, cannot always find it without justice. We sometimes forget and, in expressing ourselves, we don’t always call things by their proper names. I sometimes read your poems. Thank you for sending out new ones.
    May God grant us all!

  30. William Bain

    Cheers Scott!

  31. Nidhi Suryavanshi

    Very nice..

  32. Laura Laveglia

    I found this one of yours particularly sweet…

  33. Beautiful poem! I love the nature metaphors of cat, bird, and tree. I like the idea that it’s nature calling us.

  34. Yes, this is a beautiful poem and I agree the expression ‘purr in our souls’ is delightful. I am sorry to say that purr does tend to change into a growl as you get older for a number of reasons!

  35. Therese Young Kim

    So Lovely!

  36. Maria Miraglia

    Very nice indeed…

    • I love your end words! Well thought out and formatted. A nice encouragement that says, “You can be human… in the best sense… if you’d just pay attention to the image you carry within you.” And the image that others carry within them as well.

  37. Vandana

    What a beautiful comparison with tender trees and summer breeze.

  38. Love how the poem leads us on, delightfully, to the conclusion

  39. Ah! That purr…… I recognise it. When I don’t listen it roars. You’ve touched on something we all feel. It’s what keeps me going-the constant nudging. Bravo!

  40. Mary

    Ah,I like the idea of a constant purr in one’s soul. It is comforting, really.

  41. Wonderful to read you, Scottie. This poem is lovely to read. I caught my breath especially at the closing stanza.

  42. Chrissa

    Beautiful and comforting–I like the idea of something encouraging rumbling underneath the louder/easier to hear negativity (maybe that’s just me). Thanks for this image.

  43. “Forever nudging
    Her fledglings forward” a nice way to image inspiration, if thought we might not be conscious of it sometimes

    much love…

  44. I’ve heard that purr. Sometimes it get lost in all the clutter, but I know it’s there. Lovely write!

  45. “Just waiting to be noticed…”

    The things we would see, if we were good enough to ourselves to let our eyes leave the enclosure of our own skulls.

  46. It is the essence of which you speak…love each word!!

  47. Yes we should always be listening to the purr of our souls… speaks truth and shows us the way to the light… Beautiful imagery. I think as poets we are tuned to our souls more often than not.

  48. That is really lovely imagery book-ending the heart of this poetic piece.

  49. Lovely imagery!

  50. Magical Mystical Teacher

    Listening carefully is an art. Few master it. Those who do are richly rewarded. I hear the purring.

  51. Like the soft sigh
    Of a tender young tree
    In the slightest
    Of summer breezes.

    If only feedback can be easily seen then rivalries and conflicts might be reduced or even thwarted saving disaster in time!


  52. Being nudged gently into significance is one of our better truths.

  53. The ability to be able to listen and feel the presence of the Divine in us, guiding us, is indeed a gift. Lovely !

  54. You have such an amazing way with words dear Scott. Always your excellent poetry inspires me. And this one is yet another soulful piece of a perfect blessing! Oh, yes, I surely can listen…through this beautiful work I certainly can feel the purity of life’s real wonders. Thank you very much for this fine creation.

  55. Dr. Jelka Samsom

    As a fervent cat lover, I love the “purr” metaphor you use, Scott! There is more to the word, however, and that is why I feel it is so well chosen. Cats do not merely purr when they feel contented; purring is moreover used by cats as a means of communication and potential self healing.

    We, humans, can also use this “purr” in our souls as a way of healing ourselves from “insignificance” and of communicating with “light”.

    You gently keep reminding us to listen to this beautiful inner voice and we need it. Well, I do, for sure. Thank you!

    • admin

      Scott says:
      Terrific Jelka, thanks for that detail which only helps to reinforce the true meaning of the piece for readers.

  56. Oh, Scott; I think I have found my new favourite of your many written works. This leaves me short on words as so many of your poems do. Artistry is so beautifully defined in your words and the closing stanza…oh, oh, oh!

  57. Jen Persichetti

    Scott, this is very good…inspiring!

  58. I thought it was the hum of the universe, but now you’ve got me thinking.

  59. LInda Davis

    Thank you Scott — very interesting. I should mention that I will come back and read it again — you are very focused.

  60. John Lysaght

    I enjoyed reading your newest poem. My thought was to the beat of self-actualization in all of us that needs
    nurturing, luck, and guidance.

  61. Nivedita Yohana

    Thank you so much for your endearing words. Your words never cease to brighten my soul.

  62. Very peaceful and deep at the same time. The use of short lines is a relief to a lot of poetry with lengthy descriptions that you proved could be conveyed in just minimal words. From your American friend in Mississippi, I really appreciate this. I will go on reading more of your poetry.

  63. Neena Sharma

    So Beautiful profound and such an insightful poesy . The sublime verse “There is a constant purr in your soul…akin to a mother nudging her fledglings forward into the light.” bowled me Scottie sir…We need to tend our prattling mind fondling it like a baby, as a mother tends to her munchkins, fostering them lovingly.

    Yes I do listen to the pangs of my conscience…The silent Soul Music …the purr of my soul as though saying, HAVE FAITH AND SMILE! Sadness is an offence against the blissful nature of Spirit. By being Happy, we the Children of the almighty do please Him.
    As always, this poem too ends on a positive, happy note.Yet the first two verses hold your attention, portraying deep and unfathomable crux of life , depicting the veritable Truth that the nature of Soul is Peace and Love. The inherent attributes of Soul are Peace, Love, Purity, Power, Divine Wisdom or Knowledge ; Happiness and Bliss.
    Let us witness the World Drama as a detached observer, remaining untarnished by the alloys of vices( Lust Anger Greed Attachment and Ego), accompanying the Soul…in order to regain the pristine pure qualities of the Soul.
    Indeed, we all are Spiritual beings on a human journey, evolving spiritually; delving and diving within to understand ourselves better as eternal imperishable, immortal Souls; on an eternal never ending journey.

    Loved reading every line of your unique creative marvel…So authentic and True. Congrats dear poet Friend!
    Much regard

  64. I love the kind of reflection of your poem. The profounding essence of the immortal truth exressing through the simple but firm verse makes me to initiate my previous thought of the immortslity. Thank you for your inspirative poetry. Looking forward to read more of your poems.

  65. Okechukwu Okugo

    I am always amazed at your terrific creativity!
    You have a double-honor: a poet and a fine artist!

  66. Avik Das

    I just read this poem, it is incredible.

  67. Joylynn Ross

    Scott, you truly are the definition of a literary artist. I wish you continued success.

  68. Wow. This is very amazing. It’s as if we both shared the same thoughts and feelings about things. I love your freeverse and rhythm style. Awesome stuff.

  69. Lovely piece of work, I particularly enjoyed the personification of the “tender young tree”. It’s clear that you have a truly poetic voice, I’m intrigued!

  70. Anahit Arustamyan

    Very beautiful site. Thank you for sharing

  71. Your art respects the vast significance of the soul, a truth aligned with my message. May the truth and blessings of your art continue to dawn with ever-growing warmth and radiance for and through you.

  72. Zvezdana Rashkovich

    Really enjoyed your tender poem. Loved the “musicality” the “sound” of each line.
    Thank you for sharing this – Keep in touch

  73. Lynette Barnard

    Inspiring poem. Well done.

  74. seasideauthor

    Great message…still reading.

  75. I have never read anyone to ‘speak’ in such gently muted tones yet fill this space with such grace and beauty, marking life’s journey with remarkable undertones of promise and vision. Scott, you have touched our lives in so many significant ways, all deeply personal, so selfless in giving. Whenever I crave renewed balance I am here. Marvelous.

  76. Luckman Clark

    Another home run, Scott

  77. Yeshi Gemaneh

    is a mind set up or keenness on focusing to a certain action. Not listening
    could be lack of concentration; or destruction of thoughts because of different
    reasons. Correlation of mind and thoughts, plus interest helping to listening
    and to focus attentively. I remember, as a child we used to go to neighbors or friends
    with a piece of message; and our parents warn us in advance: To listen to the
    message carefully so that we should not forget it. Listening is requiring attention
    and habit as well. Yes, listening to one another positively is important.

  78. Lovely expression of the very human impulse to desire.

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